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  1. Nice talking to you the other day and am glad you are still mostly sane after all of this! I did say mostly didn't I... We made it back from our Alaska trip and If you would have been in a plane as long as we were, even a broken down bus would be an improvement. In order to get a good price on tickets we had to go from OKC through Atlanta, to get to Anchorage!! And the planes keep getting smaller (or I'm getting bigger)!! I just have a hard time getting shoe horned into a small space for such a long time. Kind of like an MRI I guess. We did have a nice time in Homer Alaska at Carol's brothers new place, and brought back a cooler full of halibut to show for it. He has a nice 26' fishing boat with an enclosed cabin so it was a lot of fun. I had the weak arm, but still managed to get a nice 30#er in the boat, without tearing anything up. Now if we were just in Q this weekend we could have a Halibut night!! Now all I have to do is get through dental implant surgery and eye surgery this week and I can rest for a while. I was a nice break in the weather going from 100 degrees in OKC to low 60's in Homer, and seeing Carol's brother and his wife in their new digs. It is about a 5 hour drive from Anchorage to Homer and it is a pretty one. I'm glad we took all the pictures on the way down, because on the way back it was raining and we couldn't see anything. All this typing has made me tired so I must take a Steve. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  2. What a bummer Roger. The Beav must have heard you were going to sell her and acted accordingly. Sounds like one of the battery cables may have shorted out against something. Is the battery box with the 300A fuse under the bathroom? It sounds like one of the house battery cables was involved. Steve
  3. Jeff, sorry to hear the Falcon got hurt! A little Texas rest will probably get it going again. Still sitting in Oklahoma rehabbing the shoulder. I think this is worse then the hip replacement, but its definitely coming along. At least I can drive now so that is an improvement. The rehab place is just a block from here so that's a pretty good deal. We are going to fly out to Alaska Aug 2 for a 10 day rest from the heat. Carol's brother bought a place in Homer and has a big fishing boat so somebody has to visit him. Not too much going on around here (102 today), so that's probably why. We did have the grandkids over for Chateaugay spaghetti yesterday so it was a little wild around here for a while. They are sure growing fast, and too fast for me to catch too. Lots of fun though. Happy travels Steve
  4. Jeri, if you've got room on your phone, "go for it"!!
  5. Interesting app in the new issue of escapees magazine. It's called and is available in the apple app store. The android version will be available soon. It is supposed to match the correct tow vehicle to fifth wheel with a realistic towing capacity. Don't have an I phone so I couldn't check it out, but someone just getting set up to tow might find it helpful.
  6. What Toni said about the waste tanks. If you are setting up to dump your tanks and see a group setting up lawn chairs and popping popcorn across from you, you may be doing something wrong!! I'll add something here as we are dumping we let a little gray water out first just in case something is not hooked up right. Better to dump a little gray water on the ground than the black.. A number of our group use the tandem 2K generators and they work out well. Honda, Yamaha and a few others make them and you wind up with a good 30A source of power to run your A/C unit. Then on days when your solar is not working (cloudy), you can use just one to keep your batteries charged up. Pretty versatile set up, and you can carry them easily. You really need to know the actual weight of your travel trailer when it's in loaded condition in order to buy the correct truck for the job. Most any truck will pull the trailer, but stopping is the problem. You definitely want to have enough truck for the job. I'll let someone else add to this as we are in a motorhome and there are people on the forum with a lot more experience than we have. Happy travels Steve
  7. Jeff must be around here somewhere it started raining. Hmmmm We had a line of thunder boomers come through a while ago and now it's just plain raining. Cold front I guess as the temp went from 88 to 67 We did have some straight line winds, but BessyBus just shrugged them off
  8. Congratulations you guys, only sacrificing one wine glass on the maiden trip is not too bad. At least it wasn't full! Main difference in driving one of these things is knowing how wide you are. When we first got ours, I had a spot picked out on the wiper blade where if you lined that up with the white line on the edge of the road you were "centered in the lane". Worked fine until it started raining one day........ Sounds like a great unit.
  9. You're right about the RC flying around here, What you need is one of those "storm chaser" tanks! Had an interesting day today. Went to breakfast prior to a hospital appointment and while eating lost a front tooth! called my dentist (who's office is an hour from here), and she moved another patient to work me in. I had to drive there, get a root canal, the tooth reinstalled then make my original doctors appointment. Made it with 4 minutes to spare. Now I don't have to wear the big pad in the sling anymore and only use the sling outdoors. That's a relief!! Now I don't care what you say I'm taking the rest of the day off.
  10. hey no fair, that was supposed to be our tornado!! must have escaped!! hi to rog and lynn
  11. Some motorhomes with a rear bathroom have the macerator toilet because the waste drop is not straight down and more prone to clogs. we have a sani-con macerator that empties the waste tanks and are happy with it. like kayakbob said you can pump uphill if you need to. it takes longer to dump, but you don't have to hook it up every time and the hose is only 1 1/4" so much easier to store.
  12. Kirk, are you saying you're in a "class by yourself"??
  13. we sold the house in jan of 08, so we became 08ers. we met up with our original bunch in jan 09 in quartzsite, danced around the campfire and burned our mortgages. the 09 people saw us having so much fun that they asked if they could join us. we said ok, so we became the 08,09ers. then we had more from other classes join so we became the classless class, because we didn't seem to have much class anyway..... the main thing is pick a class and start interacting with them on the forum. you will have fun and make some lifelong friends!! ps you would be the class of "17" just submit 5 copies of your application!! oh yeah we don't have applications.......... welcome to the adventure!! Steve
  14. Yeah Dave, turns out it is the compressor so we've got a new unit ordered too!
  15. Jeff, get that driver straightened out! You're too used to driving the RV! Lost one of the A/C units Friday Sure glad we traded busses so we have three units on this one! Had a mobile repair guy out Friday afternoon (still can't drive) and he said it wasn't the compressor. that sounded encouraging, but he had to have another guy come out today and make sure. At least it hasn't been all that hot this weekend so the two remaining units are keeping things comfortable. At least I finally get out of this sling on Thursday (darn rotator cuff anyway) maybe feel a little more human anyways. Happy travels...Steve