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  1. The Class-less Class

    Well, we had visitors!! Tom & Mary Jane stopped by on their way through and we had a nice visit. Then we went out to eat at Foothills eatery and spirits, which is just across the road from our park and found it was pretty good! Afterwards we came back to our rig and had a rousing game of Farkle before they shoved off. I was good to see them again as they have been close to us three or four times but we never got to hook up. Sounds like they're still "dancing around the country" and having a great time. Now we had to watch ball games and didn't do so good! Oklahoma University won in a squeaker against Kansas State, but the OKC Thunder and Packers didn't fare so well. We did all we could, but to no avail. Nice 94 degree day in Yuma today with a slight breeze. Oh yeah that's the forecast for the next week or so. Hmmm Not like Oklahoma where they had a tornado or two yesterday. Well time to head over to the pool and see what's going on.. Steve
  2. The Class-less Class

    Jerry, now you can't get away with anything any more!! Glad Janice came out with a positive change. Eyes are a scary thing to deal with, but they sure can do a lot with them now days. Jeff, I had part of it paid for with insurance, but I couldn't use that in Algodones! I have had some dental done down there in the past with good results. Steve
  3. The Class-less Class

    Sounds like a good idea Linda. This implant thing is good, but it takes 3 months to get it all done. I had a broken front tooth and the dentist in Oklahoma (or was it a veterinarian) started the implant process, so I had to find someone here in Yuma to finish the job. Sigh!!
  4. The Class-less Class

    Well, what a few days. We made it to Yuma and are settled in at Fortuna De Oro RV park. Huge place, but no entrance sign of any significance! Of course we came in the wrong way and had to unhook the scout car to find out where the real entrance was! We were given the only site in this place that had a tree blocking out satellite signal. Arrrgghh We finally got permission to move to another site so now all is good. We were in sort of a hurry to get here because I broke off a tooth that was anchoring my bridge and it was a mess. Sharp places to cut the tongue and all. I was able to get an appointment the morning after we got here and they were able to "get er done"! That meant dental surgery yesterday, bone grafts and two implants put in. Today I look like a big chipmunk, and feel like I went a couple of rounds with Mohammad Ali, but at least all the sharp places are gone. Now I have to eat soft things for a couple of months (margaritas) while everything heals up and can get the replacement bridge installed. I got lucky and found a dentist that would get me right in, and do me a good job too. Dr Lemmon at Picacho dental right next to Wal-mart, if you need one for anything. Now I think I'm going to take a steve for a while as I think the pain meds are about to kick in!! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  5. The Class-less Class

    Hmmmm million dollar bacon , sounds like that could cure a cold. If I don't get busted for carrying a cold over two state lines that is! Dave, all you have to do is put your bus on auto pilot and it will drive itself right to Red Bay. There is a secret homing device they put on all of their units that , if activated, will go straight home. I think they started doing that in 2014. It's usually an unlabeled button, so be carefull!! Linda, yep, this is definitely a cold and a doozie at that. Have to go to sam's and get the large bale of Kleenex before this is over. My head hurts, but that's from Carol banging on it for giving her the cold. Toni, sounds like you guys had a great time in merry old England. I too would rather travel by bus than get in a plane. I don't fit in those things any more. You're right Linda, IYQ sure kept us on our toes. I sure miss the old guy. I haven't had to hide the ice cream machine in so long I forgot where I put it. almost Oh yeah, did watch the Packers trounce the Seahawks, and Oklahoma put it on the Buckeyes!! yeeeee haaaaawwwww!!
  6. The Class-less Class

    Whaaaat no-one is posting!! Ok, I'll try one. We finally pulled the stakes loose from Oklahoma and headed to Colorado. We made it to the Elks Lodge in North Glenn and threw out the anchor. Both of us have come down with bad colds and we are just laying here sniffling and sneezing, so not too much going on. This place is a rather full parking lot with electric only and the dump at Cabalas about 5 miles or so down the street. The good part is it's $10 a night and only 9 miles from my sister's house. We did venture out for breakfast one morning and found a place called Delectable Eggs to sniffle our way into. Fantastic array of eggs benedict, crab benedict, salmon benedict and more. Got lucky on that one for sure. My sister just bought a condo near here and we got the grand tour the day before yesterday. Right on a golf course and in a semi gated community. Really nice, but no wheels!! This was a downsize for them as they both decided they didn't want to keep up with house & yard maintenance any more. I told her that we had the same thoughts and that we cruise around until we find a spot that's already mowed and park there. Hmmmm I have to go take some more cough medicine (ugh) so I'll sign off for now. BUT I will return!! Steve
  7. Best RV insurance for full-time

    We have "The general" right now as they gave us the best price this year. One thing that happened last year was a 5th wheel ran into the front of my bus when he was trying to park. He had Gieco insurance on his rig and they took very good care of me. We were in the middle of a trip to a high school reunion and were under a bit of a time constraint. They had a rear view mirror overnighted to us and a local vendor put it on. Then two months later we were in Red Bay Alabama (where tiffin's plant is) and had the rest of the front repaired and painted. Gieco took care of the bill promptly. I'm probably going to give them a try next year. Steve
  8. The Class-less Class

    Dave, glad you got the extra time on the warranty, it may really come in handy. I guess Red Bay is on the way to Arizona.......... So you've been over feeding your gremlins? Naughty boy, we don't want to let those things get out of hand! Jeff, snow tires, chains, snow shovel and I suppose an ice scraper too?? Waaaay too much stuff, the first flake that touches the bus will auto start the engine and head us south! Roger, I do have a dilithium crystal polisher somewhere in the bus and that's probably what the flux capacitor needs to get it back in top shape. Now all I have to do is find it. Hmmmmmm
  9. The Class-less Class

    Good old motorhomes, always ready to try you for some reason. We are currently camped at a fairgrounds, and the annual fair is coming up. Well, we were in a section that you can't be in when the fair rolls around, so we had to move. As we were moving the bus, I had the dash air turned on to make sure everything is working ok, well it was 99 degrees too. When I was backing into the new spot, all of a sudden I realized the dash air quit. Hmmm, must be a blown fuse. I tried it a few more times while settling the motor home and figured I'd wait a couple of days and then find out where the fuse was and replace it. Today was the day to look for the fuse and I just turned on the system to see if anything had changed. Of course it worked fine!! I ran it for the better part of an hour and it was still working fine when I gave up and shut it off. Was I dreaming the other day when nothing would work?? Well, we are getting ready to head for Colorado in a couple of weeks, so that will make or break the system for sure. Just another adventure!!
  10. The Class-less Class

    Nice talking to you the other day and am glad you are still mostly sane after all of this! I did say mostly didn't I... We made it back from our Alaska trip and If you would have been in a plane as long as we were, even a broken down bus would be an improvement. In order to get a good price on tickets we had to go from OKC through Atlanta, to get to Anchorage!! And the planes keep getting smaller (or I'm getting bigger)!! I just have a hard time getting shoe horned into a small space for such a long time. Kind of like an MRI I guess. We did have a nice time in Homer Alaska at Carol's brothers new place, and brought back a cooler full of halibut to show for it. He has a nice 26' fishing boat with an enclosed cabin so it was a lot of fun. I had the weak arm, but still managed to get a nice 30#er in the boat, without tearing anything up. Now if we were just in Q this weekend we could have a Halibut night!! Now all I have to do is get through dental implant surgery and eye surgery this week and I can rest for a while. I was a nice break in the weather going from 100 degrees in OKC to low 60's in Homer, and seeing Carol's brother and his wife in their new digs. It is about a 5 hour drive from Anchorage to Homer and it is a pretty one. I'm glad we took all the pictures on the way down, because on the way back it was raining and we couldn't see anything. All this typing has made me tired so I must take a Steve. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  11. The Class-less Class

    What a bummer Roger. The Beav must have heard you were going to sell her and acted accordingly. Sounds like one of the battery cables may have shorted out against something. Is the battery box with the 300A fuse under the bathroom? It sounds like one of the house battery cables was involved. Steve
  12. The Class-less Class

    Jeff, sorry to hear the Falcon got hurt! A little Texas rest will probably get it going again. Still sitting in Oklahoma rehabbing the shoulder. I think this is worse then the hip replacement, but its definitely coming along. At least I can drive now so that is an improvement. The rehab place is just a block from here so that's a pretty good deal. We are going to fly out to Alaska Aug 2 for a 10 day rest from the heat. Carol's brother bought a place in Homer and has a big fishing boat so somebody has to visit him. Not too much going on around here (102 today), so that's probably why. We did have the grandkids over for Chateaugay spaghetti yesterday so it was a little wild around here for a while. They are sure growing fast, and too fast for me to catch too. Lots of fun though. Happy travels Steve
  13. The Class-less Class

    Jeri, if you've got room on your phone, "go for it"!!
  14. The Class-less Class

    Interesting app in the new issue of escapees magazine. It's called fifthwheelstreet.com and is available in the apple app store. The android version will be available soon. It is supposed to match the correct tow vehicle to fifth wheel with a realistic towing capacity. Don't have an I phone so I couldn't check it out, but someone just getting set up to tow might find it helpful.
  15. The Class-less Class

    What Toni said about the waste tanks. If you are setting up to dump your tanks and see a group setting up lawn chairs and popping popcorn across from you, you may be doing something wrong!! I'll add something here as we are dumping we let a little gray water out first just in case something is not hooked up right. Better to dump a little gray water on the ground than the black.. A number of our group use the tandem 2K generators and they work out well. Honda, Yamaha and a few others make them and you wind up with a good 30A source of power to run your A/C unit. Then on days when your solar is not working (cloudy), you can use just one to keep your batteries charged up. Pretty versatile set up, and you can carry them easily. You really need to know the actual weight of your travel trailer when it's in loaded condition in order to buy the correct truck for the job. Most any truck will pull the trailer, but stopping is the problem. You definitely want to have enough truck for the job. I'll let someone else add to this as we are in a motorhome and there are people on the forum with a lot more experience than we have. Happy travels Steve