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  1. Price $275, new ones are $550. 50 amp Hughes Autoformer to protect against low/high voltage situations and spikes that can damage all your electronic Autoformers are used in industries to stabilize voltage and lower the operating cost of equipment. The Autoformer has 5 windings: 2 primary and 3 secondary. All models have surge and spike protection. When the unit is in Automatic and the park or input voltage is 116 volts or below, the output is 10% over the input. When the input is over 118 volts, the output is 2% over the input. The Autoformer DOES NOT take power from the park. It does not affect the park or input voltage, or make electricity. What it is doing is changing the voltage – amperage relationship, lowering the amperage and raising the voltage. Since appliances run better on higher voltage, lower amperage, less overall power is used from the park, and better service is enjoyed from your RV An Autoformer running at full output (50amps) will use 1 amp, but will cause appliances to cycle more often and run cooler. This will use less total power from the park. Enjoy Your Autoformer Knowing You Are Doing Your Part For The Environment. Currently located in Seattle, WA area Telephone: 972 315-3771
  2. Is this lot #221 still for sale or has it been sold?? If avaliable send a PM to silverb@pipeline,com
  3. silverb

    Phaeton or Journey?

    One MAJOR concern, you have a problem with the WB and you have to take it to a Dealer, no factory service. If you have the Tiffin, you can take it to a dealer OR you can take it to Tiffin in Red Bay, AL and they have a HUGE repair shop, plus many of the current and retired Tiffin workers will do repairs after hours and they do Excellant work. In many cases even if out of warrenty they will do repairs for $$$ .00. While there in Red Bay you can go talk to Bob Tiffin at his office, No Door, or catch him at lunch at Peggly Wiggle. Silverb
  4. I have one that I don't need. If still interested send me a PM and make offer. Silverb.
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