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  1. Thank you for the suggestion, it appears broader that I am looking for but will keep it in mind.
  2. Thank you, Facebook is always changing I will look into that. My goal is to find an electronic space to communicate and store photos and files for a finite group.
  3. Yes the groups are changing effective December 14th, 2019, emails will still be available but uploading photos and files will no longer be an option according to the each Yahoo Group home page : Attention: Starting December 14, 2019 Yahoo Groups will no longer host user created content on its sites. New content can no longer be uploaded after October 28, 2019. Sending/Receiving email functionality is not going away, you can continue to communicate via any email client with your group members.
  4. I just visited one of my Yahoo Group’s home page and found this announcement: Attention: Starting December 14, 2019 Yahoo Groups will no longer host user created content on its sites. New content can no longer be uploaded after October 28, 2019. Sending/Receiving email functionality is not going away, you can continue to communicate via any email client with your group members. The announcement refers users to this link https://help.yahoo.com/kb/groups/SLN31010.html?impressions=true *** I really enjoyed Yahoo Groups for my various group discussions and am sorry to see it go. I am not a fan of Facebook because anyone can add anyone to the group. With the Yahoo groups there was an owner and a moderator (s) that screened new subscribers to make sure they were looking for the right group and also kept the discussions on topic with the group description/mission statement. Does anyone have some suggestions for a replacement to continue the Yahoo Group type of communications? Thank you. ***Here is a summary of the links contents: Understand what's changing in Yahoo Groups Yahoo has made the decision to no longer allow users to upload content to the Yahoo Groups site. Beginning October 28 you won't be able to upload any more content to the site, and as of December 14 all previously posted content on the site will be permanently removed. You'll have until that date to save anything you've uploaded. What features will go away? What will happen to the site? What will happen on October 28? How can I keep my Yahoo Groups content? Will I be able to use Yahoo Groups going forward? In a nutshell I understand that we will still be able to email the group but no photos or files etc. will be uploaded. If there are any files, photos or other content on the site that you would like to save from the group please download it to your computer before December 14th, 2019.
  5. Our vehicles are registered in Texas and we have purchased vehicles in Oregon and North Carolina while on the road and the bookkeeper in each dealership was familiar with out of state registrations, downloaded the forms and completed them for us; very helpful. Most recently we purchased a new tow vehicle in Arizona and will not do that again. The salesman was great but the bookkeeper incompetent, never had any customer service training or just plain didn't like his job. I understand the purpose of e-title but it is most inconvenient for the purchaser and especially and out of state purchase. We eventually received our refunds and paperwork thanks to Livingston. There are several states that use E-title: https://santanderconsumerusa.com/support/faqs/i-have-been-informed-my-title-is-electronic-what-does-that-mean I would recommend the Costco Auto program to purchase a new vehicle. I hate the back an forth with the salesmen, always have. Since this was the first time we tried Costco, on the recommendation of another Escapee, we went to another dealer first to compare pricing then went to the Costco authorized dealer. The Costco dealer asked us what we wanted, showed us several vehicles then showed us the price of the one we wanted no negotiation necessary and $1,000 less that the other dealer and in a lot less time. DH loves the back and forth but was very happy with the Costco program convenience. Also Costco gives various discounts on accessories and service after the sale. We added several things to our truck at substantial savings.
  6. Thank you Kirk, good to know. Safe Travels,
  7. I received a notice that my drivers license is due to renew in 2 years. If I don't have a gold star in the upper right hand corner then it is not compliant with the REAL ID act. I don't plan to fly but do have a current passport so don't see any reason to renew before my renewal date? Have you renewed your TEXAS drivers license or are you planning to renew before October 1st, 2020? I am surprised that I don't have the gold star as I remember having to renew in person and show my birth certificate, social security card, passport vehicle registration and vehicle insurance but I see i renewed it last in 2014 before the 2016 date to initiate the program. https://www.dhs.gov/real-id
  8. This discussion has branched out from my original post "RV'ers and Prescription Refills? and provided much food for thought. Thank you. I found this article that may answer some questions about seniors health "Patients over 60? Screen for STIs" (Disease and Infections are used interchangeably) With the increased availability and use of the internet combined with the casualizing of social norms over the last century, information now travels at the speed of light and some topics never dreamed of being discussed in a Dr's office let alone in public are now daily headlines. A few years ago while taking mom to her dr in Florida he made the comment that he has a high volume of patients (retirees from all over the US) that were products of the 60's having smoked pot and experimented with recreational drugs.
  9. Our HOA has decided to create a community Facebook page and in doing so they have found two page tabs on the home page that they do not want "Join this List" and "Community". I found this link Constant Contact Knowledge Base for how to remove the "Join the List" as I was concerned the data base for lot owners informatio that the HOA uses, Constant Contact, would get connected to the page potentially compromising lot owners information. I don't have Admin access to the page but the one who does has not had success so I thought I would try to learn about Facebook to assist. The other tab (Community) the Admin has had no has luck finding how to remove it and after I found this article*** I was concerned that Facebook could possibly take over the page. I can't imagine that our small 528 lot RV community would have "thousands of fans" but you never know? ***“Now, initially, your new Community Page will look, feel and function exactly the same as an Official Page. The big challenge, though, is if your Community Page becomes “very popular;” that is, “attracting thousand of fans.” As Facebook says, you will lose all admin rights and your Community Page will automatically be converted into a Facebook-administered, Wikipedia-type Community Page.” Source: https://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/facebook-community-pages-what-your-business-needs-to-know/ Thought I would try this group to see if anyone here might have some work arounds for either the "Join this List" or "Community" tabs removal? Thank you.
  10. Just thinking "outside the box" I looked up the definition (s) of dwelling: An RV can be considered a "shelter" or "place of habitation". No wonder lawyers have job security; when it comes to the use of the English language there are many terms that can represent many things. Further complicating definitions is the rapid pace of new ideas and options for housing that appear every day changing the paradigm for how we live. Merriam-Webster : Definition of dwelling : a shelter (such as a house) in which people live Dictionary.com : noun: dwelling; plural noun: dwellings; noun: dwelling place; plural noun: dwelling places a house, apartment, or other place of residence. "the proposed dwelling is out of keeping with those nearby" synonyms: residence, place of residence, place of habitation, home, house, accommodation, lodging place, billet; lodgings, quarters, rooms; informalplace, pad; informaldigs; formaldwelling place, dwelling house, abode, domicile, habitation "she had been invited to his dwelling"
  11. That is the problem. The overreaction by well intending law makers and the medical community to the 2016 recommendations. While traveling in Oregon 2 years ago we were considering settling there long term. It took 6 weeks to get into the dr (Family practitioner and not a specialist) as a new patient then the DR said I would highly recommend you look elsewhere as Oregon's interpretation of the CDC guidelines was to limit pain meds to 2 weeks after surgery. She would help us during our visit but there would be no long term Scheduled pain meds issued. We appreciated the candor and glad to get the advice before we spent the time and incurred the cost of settling there. Many people have had success with CBD oil as a substitute for opioids but big pharma is not rushing to supports its competitor. Also because of its schedule substance status long term studies are not available on the effectiveness, the appropriate doses or the most beneficial means to administer CBD. With the rapid advancements in technology and medicine our lawmakers haven't been able or made the effort to keep up with patients needs.
  12. Traveling out of your home state and still trying to get meds is just part of the problem. Hopefully medical care in the future will not be hampered by state lines. "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in new guidance for opioid prescribing, said many physicians were guilty of a "misapplication" of 2016 guidelines that clamped down on the use of opioids. The new guidelines, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, was the latest federal acknowledgement that many physicians' responses to the opioid crisis went too far." Source: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2019/04/24/opioid-pain-pills-crackdown-doctors-prescriptions-cdc-fda/3562373002/ IMHO one size all medical care does not work each individual is different and that is between you and your Dr. Dr's began reducing doses or quit prescribing necessary pain meds altogether in 2016. Insurance companies started acting as dr's monitoring what doses and particularly the frequency patients could receive their meds. Many patients were left without Pain Management Drs to assist them and the few that stayed in the field are overwhelmed with patients and turning legitimate patients away. Most Family Practitioners won't prescribe pain meds because of the extra bureaucracy involved to handle them and for fear of legal repercussions. " Prescription opioids can be used to treat moderate-to-severe pain and are often prescribed following surgery or injury. Opioids also are used to treat chronic pain, such as in people with terminal illness (like cancer) or nonterminal pain conditions (like certain long-term back problems) and loss of limbs." "It takes 11-14 years to become a doctor in the United States, including earning a bachelor's degree, attending 4 years of medical school, and completing a 3- to 7-year residency program after medical school. After residency, doctors may apply for a state license to practice medicine" Yes there has been abuse of opioids on both sides, patients and doctors, but don't penalize the majority for the abuse of a few.
  13. I know several fulltime RV'ers that have had to curtail many travel plans because of the challenges in getting their RX's refilled. I hope these two news items will be of assistance or at least reassuring that the medical community is hearing from patients that have had success with opoids for many years and and are now being punished by the CDC's over-correcting answer to the opioid epidemic. I saw this news clip yesterday: Did the government overcorrect on the opioid epidemic? Jun. 26, 2019 - 4:32 - CDC guidelines have led to doctors cutting back on painkiller subscriptions, leaving patients fighting to get the medication they need. https://video.foxnews.com/v/6052464437001/#sp=show-clips In Googling the topic I found this article from April 2019: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2019/04/24/opioid-pain-pills-crackdown-doctors-prescriptions-cdc-fda/3562373002/
  14. We like to play hand and foot and as many of you know it can get breezy outside. I looked up magnetic cards and they were $20+ a deck so I looked for alternatives as we play with either 5 or 7 decks. I found these metal pegboard racks and magnets on Amazon. The racks come in all sorts of colors: yellow, red, green, orange, blue, silver. I set the cards up on my patio this afternoon to try them out and so far so good. I just bought 2 wall pegboards as we usually play a 4some but if you want 6 you will need another pegboard. (1) Skilled Crafter Craft Magnets 1 inch. 25mm/4mm Ferrite Disc Magnet. 100 Pieces for Best Value. Strong Ceramic Grade 5 Strength. Ideal for Fridge, Whiteboard, Industrial, Scientific & Home (2) Wall Control Narrow Pegboard Rack 8in x 32in Black Metal Pegboard Runner Tool Board
  15. We found this place 2 years ago. https://juniperridgeresort.com/home/about-us-2/. Easy access, cool summers and lots to do in the area. They are deeded lots (most are 40 x 60 a few are larger) so you rent directly from the owner https://www.juniperridgerealestate.com/rental/ White Mountain Lake is 1/2 mile from the entrance of the park. Things to do around Show Low: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attractions-g31356-Activities-Show_Low_Arizona.html https://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=Things+To+Do&find_loc=Show+Low%2C+AZ+85901
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