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  1. Thank you for the suggestions. We have stayed in Casa Grande before and enjoy the area. Unfortunately this stay has come and gone and our story ending is not a positive one. I do hope to take the opportunity to prevent others for experiencing the same inconvenience and researching the offsite owners of the property to let them know of our experience as they may not be aware that their business is not currently being conducted as claimed on their website. I believe all business owners can run their business as they see fit but accurate and transparent disclosure of their generally accepted practices is something their customers/clients deserve. I would like a to change the end of our story with Casa Grande RV Resort and Cottages to a positive one.
  2. We chose to stay at Casa Grande RV Resort as it was convenient to meet up with friends and we both had stayed in the RV section in the past. I have been Googling reviews on the park and found this recent one that seems to indicate a negative trend at the park: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g31182-d9862980-Reviews-Casa_Grande_RV_Resort_Cottages-Casa_Grande_Arizona.html
  3. Sadly I think you are right. Many places we have stayed recently there were a lot more conversations about inconsiderate dog owners. I wish I had an answer? Posting signs, disclosing at check in and even handing out a dog treat and poo bag at check in hasn't had much of effect. We have taken several short trips this past year staying in hotels and VRBO's instead of our RV and more are accepting pets but sadly even in their pet areas people don't seem to scoop even when the poop is right next to a fully supplied waste station:(.
  4. Thank you for asking, I just checked online and do not see the RV Park listed https://www.escapees.com/benefits/rv-parking/discount-park-directory/maps/ but as you can see by the screen shot attached the park is still listing it as an option on their online reservation form. I just checked http://www.campgroundreviews.com/regions/arizona/casa-grande/casa-grande-rv-resort-3370 and it appears that they are trying to discourage pets in the park altogether as a recent RVer posted they are now charging $3.00 a day for dogs.
  5. FYI, We stayed at Casa Grande RV Resort and Cottages in Casa Grande, AZ earlier this month and they no longer accept the Escapees Discount. Though when we made our reservations online 2 weeks prior my receipt listed the discount? I checked their website https://casagrandervresort.com/ today they still offer the discount when registering online so I don't know when they will be updating their website. They do offer various other discounts that may apply to many reading here. Also not listed on the website if you have someone visiting you and they want to rent a cottage during their visit, dogs our welcome but they do not offer linens in the cottage rented to dog owners. That also is not disclosed on their website. I am hoping they were just having a bad day after a long winter visitor season.
  6. Thank you for your suggestions. We have reserved a food tour in Carlsbad have never done that before but family members making the reservations have done so in other vacation spots and had a great time. Making a tee time in Oceanside, Carlsbad courses were a little pricey. We will be close to the beach so hoping for good weather to get some exercise and one family member is renting a convertible so plan to ride down the coast hwy to San Diego. I found this disclosure on a LEGO website not sure if it is for all LEGO lands or just this location Legoland: Adults must be accompanied by children to enter LEGOLAND Discovery Centre. We will host exclusive adult nights for our Adult Fans of LEGO without children the first Wednesday of every other month. An adult is classed as aged 18 and over. Children are classed as aged 17 and under. Children under the age of 3 do not need to buy a ticket.
  7. I went to Best Buy and they have a free 15 minute "nerd session", learn something new every day. They weren't able to help me and said since I didn't have extended warranty from Best Buy they couldn't help but to try Amazon. Don't know why my Kindle only had a 90 days and not 1 year as posted on the website but I got on their customer service chat and retried the reboot several times. Amazon chat confirmed I do have a defective unit but they wouldn't replace it but did give me several discounts after my extensive questioning. I hadn't bought the accident insurance and don't usually but they said for $19 for 2 years if my next one is defective, or up to 3 defective units in 2 years, I would get a new one free of charge. The chat session was very informative so not a total loss.
  8. We are gathering with family for a week next month in Carlsbad and Oceanside CA. Haven't been to CA in over 20 years and not familiar with this particular area. I've been "googling" and found a couple of Ideas. www.VisitOceanside.org http://www.theflowerfields.com/ http://carlsbadlagoon.com/media/ ยท https://www.mainstreetoceanside.com/farmers-market https://visitoceanside.org/golfing/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIttWN1-3P4QIVlqDsCh0gXwEoEAAYASACEgJoQPD_BwE If anyone has been in the area recently or has some suggestions of things to do or see I would greatly appreciate your input. Thank you and safe travels.
  9. Thank you for the Amazon website help link, I will give it a try. FYI: My attempt to let the battery run out and recharge didn't help
  10. I bought a Kindle in November after getting good advice from several readers here. DH loves it for reading. Unfortunately it froze this am? I Googled "Kindle Freezing Up" and found this info https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=200829000 I tried turning it off and on and holding for 40 seconds. I thought about unplugging the battery and found a video for that but I don't have the tool to open the case. So far I am not able to reset as I can't get to a screen to give me options. Right now I am leaving it on and waiting for the battery to run out then recharge it and see if it will work. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.
  11. Unable to upload rally info sheet jpeg or rally registration form jpeg E-mail the Teton Homes webmaster for more info: webmaster@tetoners.org
  12. We have both cards that we share with another family member so we only pay 1/2 the annual fees. We are primary on Costco so get the cash back on purchases on that card and are secondary on the Sams Club card so they get the benefits. We recently bought a truck through the Costco Auto Program, first time we have used the service. The convenience, money and time savings will keep us Costco members as long as they are around.
  13. As there are many Teton Homes Fifth Wheel owners and former owners in the Escapees RV Club I thought I would share this here: The TCI Club is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year September 24th, 2019 through October 1st 2019 at Twin Fountains RV Resort in Oklahoma City, OK and would like to open this special event event to ALL previous club members. See attached information sheet below. For previous members no longer traveling in an RV there are several hotels conveniently located near the rally site. If you know any previous club members that would be interested in attending feel free to share the info with them. If you own a Teton Homes 5th Wheel and are not currently a member of the club and would like to join or renew your membership online click here: http://www.tetoners.org/ Safe Travels,
  14. Who is your satellite provider? Since AT&T bought/merged with DirecTV they no longer offer the turn off/turn on service.
  15. Followup. My friend chatted 5 different times with Direct to try and get the matter corrected. He printed out the chats that said he would not be charged to have the service turned back on but when service guy from Directv came to get TV's working said there would be a charge. My friend said no thank you you can take your equipment back. Service guy was apologetic and said since the ATT has taken over he has never been busier with people canceling their service. My friend had Dish come the next day and so far all is good.
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