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  1. We have had our current checking account for 15+ years. Most of the transactions are electronic (auto deposit and auto payments). I think we have written a total of 400 check in that time. The last time I ordered checks was 5 years ago and there was no charge?? I just reordered checks and was charged $29.00 for 200. Yikes I have been out of touch with the cost of checks.... I thought accounts with direct deposit received plain checks at no charge? If you use a checking account and have direct deposit are you charged for your printed checks??
  2. Good article, thanks for posting.
  3. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Safe Travels.
  4. I love cast iron skillet cooking but may be getting a glass cook top. Does anyone here use a cast iron skillet on a glass cook top and if so what precautions do you use to protect the cook top? Thanks.
  5. Cast iron cookware - Repairable?

    FWIW......I found a cast iron griddle for $1.99 in a thrift shop in a small town off the beaten track. I have no idea how old it was but was seasoned very well and I love it.
  6. Cleaning as a necessity

    This discussion recently came up in our park in the mountains which is surrounded by lots of open space and critters of all shapes and sizes. The solution to mice and rats "peppermint oil" here is a link to a website explaining how to: Using Peppermint Oil as a Natural Mouse Repellent
  7. Rv haulers

    Here are several services that offer free estimates that may be of assistance to compare prices and maybe find one less expensive for your needs: https://www.google.com/search?q=RV+Hauler+services&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8
  8. Homesick, Help!

    We stayed outside of the small town of Hardeeville, SC in Hardeeville RV Park, http://www.hardeevillerv.com/home1024.htm north of Savannah GA 10 year ago. The park was in the process of building a new office and had just expanded with several new sites, we were the first to stay in our particular site. We had a huge pull thru and the service was terrific. The current rate is listed as $375 a month plus electricity. The park had sites among the trees and out in the open. We opted for the open for our satellite. Here is the link to RV Park Reviews of the park: http://www.rvparkreviews.com/regions/south-carolina/hardeeville/hardeeville-rv?page=1&reviews_by=newest
  9. Homesick, Help!

    Are you trying to avoid snow in the winter? Are you looking for any particular activity?
  10. Online Travel Map

    I am new to Facebook and am concerned about access to the information on my page. If you allow access only to friends you choose, will you show up in their friends list? and people on your friends list will have access to your info? Hope that makes sense?
  11. Love the abundance of shade and privacy screens on the patio.
  12. Thank you all for your comments and suggestions. We found a contractor and are working with the HOA to start our deck and awning. There are no RV ports in this park, we would be the first one if we can get the architectural committee to approve. Have not found explanation yet for their not being approved in the past but have neighbors interested in building one for their RV so will research further. Thanks again, safe travels.
  13. Want to build one and we will be the first in our summer community so need to show ideas to the HOA of some in other RV Parks. If you have stayed in a RV park that has Awnings over RV's would love the URL if possible. If you have built one for your RV would love to hear comments and suggestions for building ie height, length, materials, drainage, wind, rain, snow etc. I know each city/county/state has different building codes but would like to hear all ideas. Thank you.
  14. Water Aerobics and Sun Burns

    Thank you for letting me know. I corrected the link. http://www.uvskinz.com/?Click=4504&gclid=CM3wqvHa79QCFRaTfgodkI8B2A
  15. My bucket list included starting water aerobics. The RV park we are in this summer offers water aerobics 5 mornings a week at 8:30 am. I didn't think about getting sun burn so early in the morning but I did. I don't like lotions and potions floating in the water so thought about protective clothing and found the website UVSkins I ordered two water jackets and love them. I had thought about t-shirts or rash guards as the surfers call them but no fun trying to take off a wet shirt over your head but these jackets have two way zippers and are easy on and off. They have thumb holes for when your exercising so the sleeve don't slip down.