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  1. Velos

    Oriental text

    I just blocked Escapees Discussion Forum in my Outlook Email as the messages kept coming and that seemed to have stopped the notifications.
  2. Velos

    Oriental text

    FYI, I just turned off my notifications and received 5 more Chinese SPAM during and after completing the turn off?
  3. Velos

    10 Year Rule

    I never liked wearing a name badge in my work a day world because the pin holes ruined my clothes. Now they have magnetic backs and snap on backs that slip on the pin so you can clip the name tag onto your collar or pocket so I look at it differently. Also having attended several RV Rallies over the years, many have crafting classes that created conversation starting lanyards to put your name tag on. The older (and wiser) we get the harder it is to remember names, I appreciate having name badges in our socially active RV park so everyone has the opportunity to have a friendly first impression and especially second and third until you can remember their name:)😁 On the dark side there are those that try to get something for nothing, and sneak into events or activities in larger RV parks without paying. Yep, saw it this summer at a RV park with a honor golf course after 1:30 in the afternoon and people waited till the pro-shop closed and played in an unmarked golf cart. Having a name badge (or numbered golf cart) helps employees prevent potential confrontations with unconfirmed visitors. Another reason for badges especially in a 55+ community with transient visitors is to identify individuals in an emergency situation where one may not be able to speak for themselves. IMHO if it comes to enlisting the "badge police" communication of the reason for name badges unfortunately wasn't communicated effectively in the first place.
  4. I have participated in several Yahoo groups over the years and liked their convenience to communicate with a group instead of maintaining an email list that some users forget to use the BCC to send emails. The last one I created would not let people join without using a yahoo email and then it would not let them change to their main email account. I have joined a new group that wants to create an electronic means of communication. One suggestion was Facebook but many people didn't feel comfortable with their security and the fact that anyone could add someone to the group. One feature of Yahoo Groups that I like is that you have an owner and moderators that could access the membership periodically to make sure only current members of the group were subscribed and the feature of being able to approve new subscribers before they could access the group information. Does anyone here have experience with Google Groups? Does it work the same way? Do you like them better that Yahoo Groups? Has Yahoo changed the ability to use whatever email address you want? Any other suggestions for a free email list for a closed group? Thank you.
  5. Velos

    10 Year Rule

    We stayed in a park this summer that appeared not to want "Tiny Homes" in their park so required an RVIA sticker when you checked in then later adopted the 10 year rule. As the "Tiny Home" movement seems to have grown more of their manufactures are obtaining the RVIA sticker. It seems like most parks have the rule to give them a way to prevent unkempt RV's from entering or more importantly from staying indefinitely in their park.
  6. Velos

    10 Year Rule

    We have visited several parks that have 10 year rules but curious if anyone has seen written guidelines for RV Park employees inspecting a rig that is over 10 years old?
  7. Velos

    New to Medicare

    Here is an article discussing the "alphabet soup" https://medicare.com/medicare-supplement/medigap-plan-benefits-chart/ We have used an insurance broker to handle our health insurance for 20 years so when DH turned 65 we asked him what was best for us. Each person is different and though the alphabet soup is supposed to be the same coverage in any state the price is different among the various companies that offer them so you need to shop around. If you have access to an insurance broker in SD they will compare the products available for you and match you to what is best for your circumstances. There is no charge to you and since brokers service several companies they have access to more information than a proprietary service that only handles one brand. Donut Hole, Medicare Prescription Drug Definition: https://www.healthcare.gov/glossary/donut-hole-medicare-prescription-drug/ "Most plans with Medicare prescription drug coverage (Part D) have a coverage gap (called a "donut hole"). This means that after you and your drug plan have spent a certain amount of money for covered drugs, you have to pay all costs out-of-pocket for your prescriptions up to a yearly limit. Once you have spent up to the yearly limit, your coverage gap ends and your drug plan helps pay for covered drugs again."
  8. Velos

    Essential pots/pans

    We have been fulltiming since 2001. We don't have a built in bbq and I didn't like the mess of carrying one so I have a large cast iron skillet to do burgers, steaks, chops etc. and a teflon spatter lid. During the summer I use a crock pot vs the oven to prevent heating up the rv. We also eat out a lot. We have gotten in the habit if eating our main meal mid day instead of having a big dinner. We have short travel days and like to get set up in a park before the crowds arrive and enjoy the early bird specials in local restaurants. Most people know "your not from around here are you" and strike up interesting conversations. When we first started on the road we bought one of the first editions of Roadfood USA by Jane and Michael Stern now a website https://roadfood.com/ and used some of the suggestions for our destinations to eat across the USA and would look for suggestions in the different towns we visited along the way. They specialize in Mom and Pop and one of a kind eateries not chain restaurants.
  9. There are many good laundromats out there in RV parks and out and lots of opportunity to meet interesting people. You just need to observe one questionable experience and you think twice about what has been in the washing machine before you. We have had a w/d since 2004 and really enjoy the convenience. We can do our wash during dinner and the evening news or early morning before we head out for the day and not have to spend time waiting in a laundromat. We are pleased with the capacity of our compact units. We did make sure to get steel braided hoses instead of using the rubber ones that come with. DH keep track of all the wash and drys and they paid for themselves in 2 years now it is just gravy.
  10. Tried to upload photo, it was much less than .1MB so don't know what happened?
  11. Update. Being the first of its kind in our RV park we had to get approval from the HOA so it took awhile but finally hammered the last nail last month. Have had much interest by other RV'ers in the park to build one of their own. The roof is composed of insulated roofing panels (IRP's) Love the shade and sound insulation, no steps from fiver to the deck lots of storage under the deck. Great protection for the fiver from the elements and keeps RV cooler so less AC costs but we are at 6100 feet so don't use AC that often anyway. We had a great view of the parks July 4th golf cart parade. When the weather cools off we just hook up and go. Thanks again for all your suggestions, Safe Travels
  12. I just saw this on NBC news last night. Buprenorphine comes in a patch (transdermal System) form though expensive is more convenient than pill form. As mentioned in the report not all doctors can prescribe it additional training and paperwork is required to be able to prescribe it but it has helped many people. Could be very good new for those needing an opioid replacement or assistance. https://www.nbcnews.com/nightly-news/video/this-opioid-addiction-treatment-helped-france-combat-its-own-epidemic-1268114499857 or FACEBOOK Format:
  13. Velos

    RV Park Website

    Thank you for the suggestions, I appreciate you checking for me. Safe Travels,
  14. Velos

    RV Park Website

    Thank you, that will be a big help.