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  1. Here's information from Campendium, including GPS coordinates: https://www.campendium.com/american-girl-mine-road You can reach it from either Sidewinder Road or Ogilby Road.
  2. We're on Verizon's unlimited plan which has an actual limit of 20GB (?) per month and 15GB as a hot spot. However, we were no where near either of our limits so shouldn't have been throttled.
  3. We see organic selections in all the major grocery stores we go to. Now, if you're in a small town with a mom-and-pop store, maybe not, but chains like Safeway, Albertsons, Fred Meyer (or any of the Kroger-owned stores), WalMart, etc. all have organic foods.
  4. Thanks everyone. I've ordered this one.
  5. I've been having problems with charging my phone and tablet...when plugged in to charge, sometimes it would be charging, sometimes not. At first, I thought it was the cable, so I got a spare brand-new cable out and it seemed to be working, but today my phone wasn't charging again. So now I'm thinking it's the dual USB wall charger that's going TU...I did read on an Amazon review that they apparently are meant to last 3 or so years. My question is, when I'm looking at the wall chargers on Amazon, the description will say something like suitable for I-phones, I-pads, etc. My phone and tablet are Samsung...does it really make a difference? That is, do I need a wall charger that's specifically for Samsung (or android) products? I can't see that it would make any difference at all, but I'd like to know for sure before ordering one.
  6. That probably has more to do with the overloading of the towers during the winter than it does the strength of the signal there. We were in Q in November for an overnight at an RV park in town...good signal, but very, very slow even that early in the season. It's got to be agonizingly slow during January!
  7. They do. However, it costs $15, so...since we have small tanks (approximately 30/30/30) and have to dump once a week...we drive into Yuma and dump and get fresh water for free. We also get our drinking water in Yuma at a RO filtered water dispenser than charges 50 cents for 5 gallons (we carry 3 5-gallon jugs to fill our fresh water tank in between dumps and 6 1-gallon jugs for drinking/cooking water).
  8. Well, I hope the powers that be here do the update or whatever it takes to make the condensed/expanded views work. I, too, have always used the condensed view and it's annoying to have it in expanded view.
  9. Except the Pilot Knob LTVA west of Yuma, just into California (about 7 miles to Yuma). It has dumpsters, but no water or dump.
  10. What email service are you using? Are you trying to use an email client to get your email, or going directly to the website? And exactly what type of problem are you having with your email?
  11. There are trips up the Columbia River, too. This one has always sounded interesting to me, but there are others: Road Scholar Columbia and Snake River Cruises
  12. That's what I was trying to say, above, but you said it better! However, in Ray's case, at least, it sounds like he has a permanent place of abode and when they travel, they put in a forwarding request with the USPS. We do the same thing when we head south for the winter. I'm not clear on whether or not that's the OP's case, or if he's having all his mail sent directly to his Escapees' address like a fulltimer would do.
  13. But, if the OP is having all his mail sent directly to his Escapees' address, it's not being forwarded. Now, it might be that the bank has a problem with using the Escapees' address since it does show up as a business address, but that's a different matter altogether.
  14. Any idea as to how much monthly service might run?
  15. Chewy does the same thing; i.e., you don't have to return the item, they just ask you to donate it.
  16. There are several parks in the Mission area that have deeded lots where you can park your RV and/or build a house. Have no idea what they cost.
  17. The towers are already overwhelmed it seems. We spent an overnight in Q on our way to Yuma a little over a week ago and data was slower than molasses on a cold morning.
  18. Each of these appears to need Internet access, so how does it work when you leave the rig? When we leave our rig, we take our phones with us, which we use as hotspots, so our Internet access goes with us.
  19. The original post was from 2015 and the OP hasn't been back here since October 2015.
  20. Same here...I do not have a Dish Outdoor account but have never had a problem changing my service address. I use the chat function on the Dish website and use a script similar to those above, except I make no mention of being in an RV. Sometimes I'm asked if I'm in an RV and I reply "yes," but usually the CSR doesn't ask.
  21. I just went through this, changing from an Advantage plan to a Supplement. I had to go through a broker because there was no way to sign up online with Humana, the company I decided on because their Plan G was the least expensive in my area (Washington State). The broker was in Florida.
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