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  1. LindaH

    Trojan T-105 vs T-105 Plus

    TreyandSusan, this is the Pro-Fill system I'm looking at: https://flow-rite.com/battery-watering/marine-rv/pro-fill-rv/kits I do have an email into Flow-Rite making sure that this is the correct kit for the T-105. Amazon has them available and I'm waiting until Monday to see if they're on sale. I'll do some price checking before purchasing. We're not in a big hurry as we won't need the batteries until this fall, so have lots of time to look around.
  2. LindaH

    Trojan T-105 vs T-105 Plus

    I called Trojan's Technical Service department yesterday to inquire about the differences between these two batteries. While there are some slight differences between the two, as noted in my OP, the main difference are the caps. As noteven said, the T-105 has screw-on caps while the Plus has flip top caps. Technical Service said that the Plus also has a water level indicator. I think we've decided on the T-105 mainly because we can get a watering system for it, if we decide later on to get one. While Trojan has their own HydroLink watering system, the total kit (including the squeeze bulb and tubing) costs over $200. I can get the Flow-Rite Pro-Fill complete system for less than $100.
  3. LindaH

    Trojan T-105 vs T-105 Plus

    Noteven, thanks for the explanation. I may call Trojen tomorrow to see if there are other differences.
  4. LindaH

    Trojan T-105 vs T-105 Plus

    I appreciate everyone's concern about our batteries, but unless you're willing to cough up the difference between what we'd pay on the Trojans and what AGMs cost, we're going to stick with the Trojans. That being said, does anyone have an answer to my question?
  5. LindaH

    Trojan T-105 vs T-105 Plus

    Our battery tray is not in a bay...it pulls out into the sunlight and is high enough not to need getting on knees to put water in the cells. Still don't want to pay the money for AGMs.
  6. LindaH

    Rv Insurance Recommendations???

    If this is true, what is the fulltimer to do about insurance on his or her RV?!
  7. LindaH

    Trojan T-105 vs T-105 Plus

    Except we don't want to pay the money for AGMs.
  8. We'll be purchasing Trojan batteries for our RV...the only question now is T-105 or T-105 Plus. I've downloaded the Data Sheets for both and note a few differences between the two: T-105 has the Embedded Universal Terminal (EUT) available; the Plus doesn't The T-105 is slightly larger in width and height than the Plus The T-105 has the HydroLink Watering System available; the Plus doesn't These don't seem like important differences (we'd probably go with the Embedded High Profile Terminal (EHPT) which are available on both batteries and our battery tray pulls out far enough to make getting to the cells for watering easy). The main difference seems to be in the top of the battery and the cap design, as the diagram on page 2 of the Data Sheets makes clear (see links below). The T-105 has "bayonet caps" and the Plus has "SureVent Flip Top" caps. I have no idea what either of these cap styles are or whether one might be better than the other. Can someone explain the difference to me? Thanks! Trojan T-105: https://www.trojanbattery.com/pdf/datasheets/T105_Trojan_Data_Sheets.pdf Trojan T-105 Plus: https://www.trojanbattery.com/pdf/datasheets/T105Plus_Trojan_Data_Sheets.pdf
  9. LindaH

    Rv Insurance Recommendations???

    Does Safeco offer fulltimers insuance?? I know of no companies that will combine both RV and auto insurance into one policy...two separate policies, two separate payments. If you do find such a company, let us know. I used Miller Insurance, an insurance agency specializing in RV insurance and who works with many different insurance companies. They currently have us with Nationwide for the RV. Although Miller Insurance also offers auto insurance, in our case, we have our auto insurance with State Farm because we also have an umbrella policy with them, and it's cheaper to continue with them than it is to switch insurance companies for the car and get a different, higher priced, umbrella policy with someone else.
  10. LindaH

    Water Tank Sanitization

    We use liquid chlorine bleach...1/4 cup for every 5 gallons of fresh water capacity (including the water heater). Haven't ever had a problem with spilling it on myself. (On edit: I use the same method as Linda Sand.)
  11. LindaH

    Dog License

    We never licensed our dog when we were fulltimers. Now that we have a sticks & bricks, we do license our dogs. However, the licence is not connected to any vaccinations...at least where we live. Which is good since we do not vaccinate our dogs each year. After their puppy shots, we have titers done every 3 years. We won't have them vaccinated again until, or unless, the titers are low.
  12. LindaH

    Just For Fun

  13. LindaH

    So Dakota Drivers Liscense Renewal

    While SD does now allow renewal of DL's by mail, you, as a fulltime, must show a receipt from a motel or RV park that's been dated within the last year. So, at some point, you will have to go to SD in person...either when it's due, or within the prior 12 months.
  14. LindaH

    Quartzsite, RV parks, big rigs, wife retiring.

    I've read the same thing, but I don't know what the current status is.