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  1. This isn't the exact chair, but it looks very similar: https://www.campingworld.com/venture-forward-rocking-chair-with-removable-pad-643991.html?cgid=rockers-2#start=5&cgid=outdoor-camping%2Fchairs-rockers-recliners%2Frockers
  2. Here is Ford's Towing Guide for 2016: https://www.fleet.ford.com/resources/ford/general/pdf/towingguides/Ford_Linc_16RVTTgde_r4_Jul27.pdf Find your truck based on cab configuration, axle ratio, 4x2 or 4x4, etc. You can also use the Changing Gears Fifth Wheel Weight Calculator: http://changingears.com/rv-sec-calc-trailer-weight-fw.shtml
  3. I doubt there are many Class C's with 50-amp service, at least I've never seen one. We have a Class C with no oven, too, and we have a microwave/convection oven. It works just fine on our 30-amp service whether we're plugged into power at an RV park or running the generator when boondocking.
  4. The biggest problem with Advantage plans, IMO, is the large out-of-pocket you may have to pay in the event of an illness. It's like rolling the dice -- pay $0 premium and hope you don't have an illness or accident where you have to end up paying the out-of-pocket, or pay monthly premium for a Supplement plan that totals for the entire year a LOT less than the out-of-pocket. The Advantage plan I was on had an out-of-pocket of $6,300. That's a big chunk of money that we could ill afford to pay and it was making me nervous the older I get. I haven't had any problems, but we can't predict the future. I did check a bunch of other Advantage plans when I was going through this exercise and found that most of the out-of-pockets were around the same amount -- a few were less, a few were more, but not significantly so.
  5. We both switched to Humana's Supplement -- it was the least expensive that I found for Plan G in our area and we got a small monthly discount for both of us signing up (DH had already been with another supplement plan). Underwriting called us and asked a few questions. I have no pre-existing conditions, but DH does. However, they only go as far back as 2 years so that wasn't a problem. We both got approved, got our cards, and are now on the new plan effective today, 11/1.
  6. So that means that you have to be outside with them, otherwise you wouldn't be able to recall them, right? What I want to know is do you watch for them to poop and then go pick it up? I've seen too many people who just open the door, let their dog out to poop where ever and the owners have no way of knowing where they did their business and, of course, don't pick it up -- leaving it for someone else out walking their dog to step in it.
  7. I never call. Instead, I use the form provided in the Member's area on the Escapees' website. That way, I don't have to hold and I know that there's nothing lost in translation that can often happen when talking with someone on the phone.
  8. No, we don't use them. When we're traveling, whether we're boondocking (which we do most of the time) or in an RV park, our dogs are on a leash with us holding the other end. We do NOT let our dogs run free. Also, when we're out walking the dogs, we don't want an unleashed dog running up to us. Not only do we not know what the intentions of the other dog is, but one of our dogs is not dog friendly.
  9. I don't know what affidavit you're talking about (or, for that matter, what the "ten commandments of Texas domicile" is), but if getting a driver's license in Livingston, TX (home of the Escapees) is going to be a problem for you, then I can't imagine that South Dakota would be any easier -- and, personally, I wouldn't want to be in South Dakota in January! You can call the Livingston Driver's License office and ask questions of them: (936) 327-6806
  10. I have no idea what any of this means, but my phone isn't affected and neither is my husband's older phone.
  11. One of the problems with an invisible fence in a boondocking situation is that, even if your dog doesn't charge through it after irresistible prey, other animals -- like coyotes -- can cross over and snatch your dog. There's no way I'd ever use one for that very reason (ignoring the fact that one of our dogs is a Basenji that are very prey-driven). We spend most of our time boondocking and when the dogs are outside, they're on a leash with us at the other end.
  12. Could you explain, please? I've heard nothing about CoachNet going out of business.
  13. We have friends who were in a wreck with their less than 5-year-old fifth wheel which the insurance company totaled. They had Total Loss Replacement Coverage on their fifth wheel and the insurance company replaced it with a new model of the same brand. Here's what my policy says, in part, under Total Loss Replacement/Purchase Price Coverage: "In the event of a total loss, if your recreational vehicle is, at the time of the loss, the current model year, or through the fourth preceding model year, out limit of liability will be: a) replacement of your recreational vehicle with a recreational vehicle that is, to the extent possible, the same make, size and type, contains comparable equipment to your recreational vehicle, and has not previously had a title issued or recorded to any person or entity other than a dealer or manufacturer; b) the actual cash value of your recreational vehicle at the time of the loss minus the applicable deductible; or c) the cost, up to the purchase price, to repair or replace the damaged parts of your recreational vehicle minus he applicable deductible; whichever you choose." It goes on to explain what happens in the event of a total loss after five years.
  14. I can never understand an RV park that has a webpage that doesn't include the rates! That's one of the reasons I visit an RV park's website -- to find out how much it will cost. If they don't have that information, I pass.
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