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  1. I've been using grocery pickup using apps ever since we returned home early this month...principally Fred Meyer and a regional store called Yokes. I've had very little problem with out of stock items, although I haven't ordered TP (we bought TP last fall at Costco and still have a good supply left).
  2. I don't know the answer to your question, but you can contact Winegard to find out.
  3. I'm sad to hear that many of you don't complete the forms, check all the boxes, or otherwise don't answer truthfully. For people who do genealogy, census forms can provide a wealth of information. They are not released to the public until 70 years after the census year. In 2010, the 1940 census was released. This year, the 1950 census will be released.
  4. We are not. However, we immediately place any boxes, envelopes, or other mail that can be thrown away, in the trash. We then wash our hands and wipe down the surfaces where these items were placed. Same with the newspaper...there's no way to sanitize the newspaper, but it goes in the trash once read, we wash our hands, and sanitize surfaces where it was.
  5. Death Valley's Facebook page said yesterday that, while the park is open, the Visitor's Centers will be closed.
  6. Maybe you meant this tongue-in-cheek, but I really resent this kind of remark because you're talking about ME, my husband, and many, many other Escapees who are in the vulnerable categories. I'm 74, my husband is 80 and had a quadruple bypass in 1995. I'm not ready for either of us to die!
  7. Really? With confirmed cases of COVID-19 in all states now (except Tennessee as I recall, but I'm sure it's there, too)?
  8. The solution was stupid simple -- one of the cables had come undone on the back of the control box. Not knowing that there were two cables in the back, when I looked at it, I didn't know that there was one missing. It took the tech about 5 seconds to find the problem and it didn't cost us a cent.
  9. I'm getting a message "no antenna communication." We raised the dish last night, watched programs, then stowed it again. Now, at our new location, I went to raise the antenna and got the above message. I checked all the connections inside the cabinet where the receiver and interface box reside and didn't see any problems. I pulled the fuse from the back of the box and it "appears" to be OK. We have no way to get up on the roof at the present time, so can't check for connections up there. Any ideas as to what might be wrong? We'll probably have to make an appointment at Satellite Advantage in Quartzsite if we can get in. If we can't get in, any one know of some place in the Henderson/Las Vegas area to have the system checked out? ON EDIT: We have an appointment with Satellite Advantage on Tuesday.
  10. When we first registered in South Dakota, using Alternative Resources in Sioux Falls (now a different name), we were able to do everything except register to vote. Why? Because, unknown to us, was the fact that the RV park we'd chosen to stay at was not in Minnehaha County. We had to move to a different RV park before we could register to vote.
  11. Here's information from Campendium, including GPS coordinates: https://www.campendium.com/american-girl-mine-road You can reach it from either Sidewinder Road or Ogilby Road.
  12. We're on Verizon's unlimited plan which has an actual limit of 20GB (?) per month and 15GB as a hot spot. However, we were no where near either of our limits so shouldn't have been throttled.
  13. We see organic selections in all the major grocery stores we go to. Now, if you're in a small town with a mom-and-pop store, maybe not, but chains like Safeway, Albertsons, Fred Meyer (or any of the Kroger-owned stores), WalMart, etc. all have organic foods.
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