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  1. LindaH

    System Error on Windows 10 Mail

    Bill, not that I recall. However, I did get the problem solved with help from Microsoft. They took control of my computer remotely and she worked for probably 2 or 3 hours. I have no idea what she did -- someone more computer savvy than me might have been able to tell from what was happening on the screen -- but I think she may have reinstalled Windows 10? At any rate, although all my information is still on the computer, I've had to log in to sites, like this one, where I stay logged in. I also lost all my saved emails (not a really big deal, but...) and I've lost historical information on some of my games (again, not a big deal). Internet Explorer disappeared as a pinned item in the task bar, so I had to do that and my touchpad, which I had disabled, is back on, so I'm going to have to go figure out how to turn it off again. Fortunately, all my Favorites on Internet Explorer are still there (I think it's saved in the cloud?) which is a big relief because I though I was going to have to recreate them. But my email is working again!
  2. LindaH

    Mountain Directory Driving Guide for BC?

    This isn't exactly like the Mountain Directory -- it's set up more along the lines of the Milepost -- but it does give some information on steep grades, plus lots of other useful information for a particular route: https://www.milebymile.com/
  3. LindaH

    Florida Residency Assistance

    I'm not sure what the letters are you're talking about...something you received when you joined the Escapees RV Club? Or did you sign up for the Escapees Florida mail service? If the latter, then that would certainly give you the address you need to register your vehicles. What else you might need as a Canadian, I don't know...hopefully, a fellow Canadian who has done what you want to do will comment.
  4. Today all of my GMail accounts on Windows 10 Mail say "System Error" and "Can't get mail" (Windows 10 laptop -- my phone and tablet have no problems with getting emails). I tried doing a Restart on the computer, but that did no good. I then went into the app's settings and clicked on the Reset button with the same results; i.e., it didn't fix the problem. I've done a Google search for the problem without results. How do I get my email working again on Windows 10 Mail?!
  5. I'm confused. You say that you need a policy for where you are living in Florida, but you need another policy while you're in Texas? What is your domicile state (where are your vehicles registered, what is the address on your driver's license, where are you registered to vote)? That's the address you should use for insurance purposes, and you don't need new policies as you move from state to state. But you also state that you are living in Florida. Is that on a permanent basis, or are you just a visitor to the state? If it's on a permanent basis, then, yes, everything should be in Florida (driver's licenses, vehicle registration, etc.).
  6. https://www.dish.com/programming/channels/nfl-redzone/
  7. This article is pretty much over my head. I don't understand where we are supposed to "move our data" or where it's supposed to be moved. Or, perhaps more importantly, *how* to move it.
  8. LindaH

    Keeping RV Fridge Cool While Driving

    We've been RVing since 1996, 12 of those fulltime, and we've always driven with the propane (and the refrigerator) on.
  9. LindaH

    Roadside assistance

    We've used both Good Sam and CoachNet with good results. However, when our CoachNet is up for renewal later this summer, I'm seriously considering switching to the new Escapees ERS.
  10. LindaH

    W/10 Still can't get it Right!

    Is this it? https://www.zdnet.com/article/windows-critical-flaw-this-security-bug-is-under-attack-right-now-says-microsoft/
  11. LindaH

    Directv vs. Dish

    We don't have any type of anemometer in our RV to measure the wind speed at our location, and I'm not sure the wind speeds that show on various weather apps is correct for where our actual location may be, so I probably err on the side of caution and put down the Trav'ler when I can see it moving in the wind. A lot will depend on the direction of the wind in relationship to the face of the dish, too.
  12. LindaH

    Directv vs. Dish

    The only reason we want local over-the-air channels is to watch prime time programming when the wind is too strong to have our Trav'ler up. Doesn't happen very often, but it does happen. We don't watch local channels for the local news or weather...we can get those online if we're interested. Unfortunately, although we have a DVR receiver (not a Hopper), we can't watch programs we've recorded unless the dish is up and tuned into the satellites. That was a real bummer when I found that out because if we have to put the dish down due to wind, it would be nice to watch some of the stuff I've recorded. With Dish, the Yuma channels only come in SD. That's why we subscribe to the Tucson channels which we can get all over the state, as far north as Pioche, NV and as far east as Pahrump, NV (although in SD).
  13. LindaH

    Directv vs. Dish

    Because not everyone stays in areas where there is good, or even existing, over-the-air reception. For example, where we stay on LTVA land west of Yuma during the winter, the only over-the-air channels we can pull in are the Spanish-language channels, which I assume are coming from Mexico. Apparently, Pilot Knob blocks our reception of the Yuma channels. When traveling, we're usually spending the night out away from any city where over-the-air reception is non-existant.
  14. LindaH

    Directv vs. Dish

    Which is what the Winegard Trav'ler that the OP has does.