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  1. We use our generator a lot, but we mostly boondock, so we use it to run the microwave or to get a head start in the morning charging the batteries.
  2. It's too bad that the only CONUS HD stations are on satellites we don't receive (77 & 61.5) except for Sacramento. We don't want Pacific time zone stations since prime time doesn't start until 8:00 PM, making it too late for us.
  3. This is the main reason we drive into a space, not back in. We have to load groceries, or whatever, into the back and it's very difficult to do if we've backed into a space and have another car behind us.
  4. Wow, you actually have to OWN property in Sioux Falls to get a library card? Guess that leaves out all the people who rent! We both have Kindles and, besides BookBub, I use several other free/cheap ($.99, $1.99) services that send me an email every morning. Plus, we use Prime free first-of-the-month book pick.
  5. Have you already made arrangements for getting your mail? If not, you might want to join the Escapees now, sign up for their mail service and start the process of getting all your mail changed over to your new address.
  6. That's similar to our experience in SD. We had registered our vehicles via mail with the help of our mail forwarding service and then went to SD to get our DL's and register to vote. We had no problem getting our DL's, but we were, unknowingly to us, staying in an RV park that was in a different county than our mail forwarding service. I suppose we could have gone ahead and registered to vote in the county where the RV park was and then later changed our address, but we just came back another time and made sure we were in an RV park that was in the same county.
  7. The proof of having spent at least one night in SD pertains to getting a driver's license, not vehicle registration which can be done via mail. I don't know if Escapees' SD mail service offers services besides just mail, but the other mail forwarding services in the state will help with getting vehicles registered (for a small fee, of course).
  8. LindaH


    I wanted to emphasis what Kirk said. If you plan on doing this, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you do NOT cash out your Maine IRA and then take that money to open another IRA! If you have control of the money at any time, you will be taxed on the money if you do this! The best way to handle it is to do as Kirk suggests...open a new IRA and fill out the paperwork to have your new IRA transfer the money from your old IRA. However, I agree with others that you are unlikely to be taxed by Maine for any money you withdraw, but contact the company the IRA is with to be 100% certain.
  9. X2 on I-8/AZ-85/I-10. We travel US-95 usually at least twice a year. We normally travel west on I-10 to Blythe and take US-95 all the way to Las Vegas (actually, we get off at Henderson since we boondock at Lake Mead NRA). Other than having to go through a portion of Needles and through Searchlight, there's nothing to slow you down between Blythe and Las Vegas. If you travel north on AZ-95 from Quartzsite, I'd suggest going west on SR-62 at Parker to Vidal Junction in California and then taking US-95 north from there. If you continue north on AZ-95, you have to go through Lake Havasu City which is a very long town north/south with lots of stop lights. Depending on the traffic and how you hit the lights, it can take at least half an hour to traverse through town.
  10. If you are an Escapees member, pay the nominal $15 to download a copy of the Day's End Directory...there is an extensive listing of boondocking sites in Canada. https://daysenddirectory.com/#/
  11. You may want to change the title of your post to something other than your name. Give people an idea what it is that you're selling.
  12. You will want fulltimers insurance on the fifth wheel which provides the liability insurance you'd have with a homeowner's policy (which, of course, you will no longer have once you sell your house). Not all insurance companies offer fulltimers insurance, including Farmers. I'd suggest contacting an insurance agency that specializes in RV insurance...someone like Miller's RV Insurance http://www.millerrvinsurance.com/products/rv/index.php
  13. Glad you got your problem solved. In addition to wiping dishes & pans before washing, stainless steel sink strainers will really help to keep food particles from going down the drain. Used in the shower drain, it also helps keep hair from going down the drain.
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