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  1. LindaH

    Propane use while traveling

    We have always traveled with the propane on, including 12 years as fulltimers. The only time we had to turn it off was when we boarded a ferry or when we're having the propane tank refilled (at a gas station, we just turn off the refrigerator). And, as already mentioned, there are some tunnels where it is required (as far as I am aware, they're all back East).
  2. LindaH

    Curt Q25 or B&W Companion OEM 25K

    We had the B&W Companion in our Dodge 3500 and really liked it. The reason we went with it was that we also had a slide-in truck camper, so it left a clean bed when removed.
  3. So State Farm is providing you with liability on your RV like you would get with a homeowner's policy?
  4. LindaH

    Nutritional Yeast Seasoning

    Yes, I've used it. It does have a cheesy taste. I've used it *in* recipes, not sprinkled on foods, but you could certainly do so. The cheapest place I've found to buy it is in the bulk section at WinCo. You might be able to find it in the bulk section at other grocery stores, too.
  5. LindaH

    Highway 95 Reno to Las Vegas.NV

    Also, if you want to fuel up in Tonopah, the gas station with the best prices has always been the one *in* town on the east side of US-95, Giggle Springs/Gasoline Alley.
  6. LindaH

    Seneca Lake recreation area, az

    Thanks, Trailertraveler!
  7. LindaH

    Highway 95 Reno to Las Vegas.NV

    We take US-95 at least once a year going south or coming back north. It's a good road (semis travel it regularly), as are most of the paved roads in Nevada. We mostly boondock or dry camp and the places we've stayed along US-95 south of Reno are Churchill County Fairgrounds in Fallon (they do have electric and water hookups plus dry camping), 20-Mile Beach along Walker Lake, El Capitan Casino in Hawthorne, Millers Rest Area west of Tonopah, and an RV park in Beatty...not all in the same trip, of course. We spend some time at a free camping area in Lake Mead NRA for awhile before heading south into AZ, usually on US-95, but sometimes on US-93. Snow should not be a problem. When we've taken US-95 south in the fall at the end of October/first of November, we've never run into snow anywhere along the route.
  8. LindaH

    Seneca Lake recreation area, az

    Trailertraveler, do you know which areas on the map indicate places one can camp? From the legend, I'm assuming it's the "unleased parcels," but don't know for sure.
  9. LindaH

    new to USA

    Yes, if you stayed in a national park (or other federal places noted at the website I noted in my previous post), you would get free entry, but you would pay full price for the campsite. The Annual Pass in this discussion is for federal sites only, not state parks.
  10. LindaH

    new to USA

    A Senior Pass (and an Access Pass) are only for U.S. citizens and permanent residents. However, the OP can buy the Annual Pass, details here: Annual Pass
  11. LindaH

    Co-op questions

    A lot depends on where you plan on getting your lot. The co-ops in Wahington and Oregon would not be as hot during the summer as those in Arizona, for example.
  12. LindaH

    problem with Chrome

    I have, and use, Chrome on my android phone and haven't had any problems with either Facebook or this forum...I've been able to post on both. Maybe there's some setting on your phone that's been changed?
  13. LindaH

    tire lifespan and year markings

    I would at least start inspecting the tires at the 5-year age, if not sooner. The tires on our rig were 5 years old. Our intention this year was to move the front tires to the outside duals (because they needed to be replaced) and buy new front tires. Then next year, buy 4 rear tires. However, upon inspection, we realized that the front tires needed to be replaced, so our plan went up in smoke. We ended up buying 6 new tires...ouch!
  14. LindaH

    Where did you land?

    We landed in Washington State. Yes, we get snow during the winter, but we head south then.
  15. Yes, and I had about 15 emails in my inbox to get rid of!