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  1. Flat Towing

    You can also go to Remco Towing, http://www.remcotowing.com/Towing/Store.php, and enter the information for your Pilot to see if it can be towed 4-down.
  2. google security

  3. Rv financing as full timers

    One would still need an address in SD in order to claim domicile. The Escapees' mail service in SD provides just that.
  4. The Trav'ler is an open-faced, triple-LNB dish that can "see" all 3 satellites at the same time. A dome, like the Carryout you mention, has only one LNB and, thus, can only "see" one satellite at a time. If you are a DirecTV customer, you won't be able to get HD programming with a dome. While you will be able to receive HD programming with a dome and Dish, you will not be able to watch 2 different programs on 2 different TVs or watch one program while recording another unless those 2 programs are on the same satellite. For us, the Trav'ler was worth the expense. YMMV.
  5. No, our refrigerator does not have an ice maker.
  6. Solar installer wanted - Arizona

    These would be my recommendations, too. AM Solar has installed all of the solar on all of the RVs we've owned all the way back to 1999 before Greg ever had a shop like he has now.
  7. How do I figure tow rate on a truck??

    So, is the 29,000# the towing capacity or the GCWR? Very different things! If it's the GCWR, that does NOT mean the truck can tow a fiver that weighs 29,000#!
  8. "Reason for edit" caused other issues

    Whenever I get the "saving" message, I do an Fn/F5 and my message immediately posts.
  9. It isn't just the larger rigs. Our Class C noted in my signature is wired that way. Since we boondock most of the time, we make sure the refrigerator is on LP, not Auto.
  10. Rv financing as full timers

    We did just as Biker56 said. We owned the RV we lived in fulltime so we checked the "own" box.
  11. NPS Proposes Fee Increase at 17 National Parks

    If the *daily* fee was $70, yes, it would keep out many people. Heck, it would keep *us* out if we didn't have our Senior Passes. Now, if you're talking about, say, $10 per day...which for the week would be the same $70 currently being discussed, that might be something different, especially for those people who don't want to spend 7 days in a park. I found this Opinion piece from today's Spokesman-Review to be interesting: http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2017/oct/27/70-park-fee-doesnt-add-up/
  12. NPS Proposes Fee Increase at 17 National Parks

    That would *really* keep out many moderate to low income families from visiting!
  13. NPS Proposes Fee Increase at 17 National Parks

    There's no need for vouchers since the NPS offers free entry days several times a year. Unless they're going to do away with this as part of the fee increase.
  14. Stacking Equipment

    I'm still not clear on why I can't just put the Trav'ler control box directly on top of the 612 receiver since it (the receiver) doesn't have any vent holes on top that would be obstructed by the control box. At any rate, I can't use racks, which would be ideal, because of the odd shape of the cabinet...I tried that with the smaller 211k receiver and I couldn't get all four legs of the rack inside the cabinet, so I know it won't work with the larger 612 receiver. I'm going to try using some felt glide pads that are about 1/4" thick and see if that works. If not, I'll have to come up with some other solution.
  15. Full Timer Insurance

    When you talk to insurance companies about replacement cost coverage, be sure to inquire about the length of that coverage. We've had replacement cost coverage on all of our RVs and it's always been for 5 years and then reverts to the price you paid. When we were shopping for insurance for the RV in my signature, I was talking to one insurance company and they offered replacement cost coverage for only 18 months! Needless to say, we didn't go with that company.