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  1. LindaH

    Smart Weigh only at Tucson Escapade?

    I don't know the answer to your question, but if the Escapade won't weight for non-attendees, as SWharton says, North Ranch in Congress has the SmartWeigh setup. There are also SmartWeigh setups at Rainbow's End in Livingston, TX and Sumter Oaks in Bushnell, FL.
  2. True, but she did say "lease or deeded lot." None of the co-ops have deeded lots. All you're doing when you buy into one of the co-ops is purchasing a co-op membership which entitles you the use of a specified lot until you leave and sell it back to the co-op. Rainbow parks, on the other hand do have deeded lots (like the ones in both Congress, AZ and Livingston, TX). And then there are the ERPU lots, or renewable leases at some of the Rainbow parks. (I could have sworn that the park in Deming, NM had ERPU lots, but according to the Escapees website, only 3 do...the one in Livingston, TX, Bushnell, FL, and Summerdale, AL. Anyone know what happened to the ERPU lots in Deming?)
  3. LindaH

    Canadian phone for US citizen?

    7-11 in Canada has a pre-pay phone plan called SpeakOut. I looked into it several years ago when we were planning a trip to Alaska, but I haven't looked at it lately to see what the specifics are. It does look like it's still available, though: https://www.speakout7eleven.ca/
  4. Depending on the park, the waiting time can be long. We had our name in for a lot at the Co-op in Sutherlin, OR ($1,000 refundable deposit) and, at that time, the waiting list was 5-6 years. At Sutherlin, you don't get a chance at a lot until you reach #1, unlike the Co-op in Benson, AZ. We got down to about #25 before we finally took our name off the list because we'd come to the conclusion it just wasn't for us.
  5. LindaH

    Generator Noise

    Another advantage of an inverter generator over a contractor generator is the *cleanness* of the power. Much better for running electronic equipment such as computers.
  6. LindaH

    Discontinuing of 3G devices

    No, it's still out there. We just traveled through an area the last couple of days that had only 3G service. A strong 3G signal is *OK;* one or two bars of 3G sucks!
  7. LindaH

    Generator Noise

    According to what I could find on the Champion 5500-watt generator, it has a dBA rating of 74 at 50% power. That is *extremely* loud. You wouldn't make friends running that anywhere around other RVers! I'm with SWharton...if you want to do what you're talking about, get one of the inverter generators from either Honda or Yamaha (there are less expensive inverter generators, but I don't know how reliable they are or how easy/difficult it is to get them repaired if needed).
  8. LindaH

    TV set up

    There are lots of places in the USA where there is no OTA coverage...and we stay at many of them. However, if you stick around major metropolitan areas, picking up OTA shouldn't be a problem. If you're just visiting this country, I'm not sure I'd invest the money in a satellite system and subscription (from either DirecTV or Dish). For a dome, which would be the only practical solution for a rental, you'd spend a few hundred dollars and a basic subscription would cost you around $35 - $60 per month. If you plan on purchasing an RV here, a dome is still a practical solution (even with their limitations), considering a permanently roof-mounted satellite dish can cost you a couple thousand dollars installed. If it were me, I'd rely on OTA and, if you stay at RV parks, many of them have cable available.
  9. LindaH

    Hi everyone I'm new here

    We buy an annual LTVA pass each year ($180 for 7 months, September 15 - April 15). We spend most of our time at the LTVAs north of Blythe, CA and west of Yuma, AZ with short stints in Quartzsite (but not in January!).
  10. LindaH

    Questions about Dish TV

    According to this website, the King Quest dome is made for DirecTV, but can be converted to Dish by the addition of the UC1000 controller. Because you have DNS from both coasts, if it were me, I'd check again with King and make sure this dome couldn't be reprogrammed (by the removal of the UC1000 controller?) back to DirecTV. https://kingconnect.com/product/quest-antenna/
  11. LindaH

    Hwy 190 Across Death Valley

    You might want to get a copy of The Mountain Directory West and see what it has to say about Towne Pass. Besides the L-O-N-G ascents/decents, there are 20, 25, & 30 mph curves. Certainly do-able depending on your comfort driving those types of roads.
  12. LindaH

    New to the forum

    Both US-20 and US-26 are good roads and won't be a problem for your rig...we've driven both numerous times in various RVs. One caution: If you do travel via US-20, once past Sisters, DO NOT, under any circumstances, take what may *appear* to be a "shortcut," OR-242 (McKenzie Pass Scenic Highway). Nice in an automobile; not so much in a large RV! It is closed in winter and vehicles over 50' are prohibited. It's extremely narrow and winding, especially on the west side of the pass.
  13. LindaH

    Volunteer at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge!

    We volunteered there for 3 months back in 2006. It was a great experience!
  14. I'd agree with Linda. This way, you'd only need the one vehicle and, once inside the RV, you wouldn't have any additional steps to contend with...which may or may not be a problem for your friend. Also, you can probably find a lot more travel trailers with bunkhouses than you can fifth wheels, although they're out there. It's at least something to keep in mind while you're out looking at RVs.
  15. I'm confused about what it is you're trying to do. Are you going to use your Escapees address as simply a mailing address, but you're going to get your driver's licenses, vehicle registrations, insurance, and registering to vote elsewhere in Texas? If so, I'm not sure why you would want to complicate your life like that, but I suppose it can be done. The biggest problem you *may* have is in registering to vote or getting insurance outside of Polk County without having an address in the whatever county it is you're planning to make your domicile.