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  1. LindaH

    The Ranch

    Thank you for the report!
  2. LindaH

    The Ranch

    Don't know for sure, but the tornado went through Dexter and Hagerman which are just south of Roswell. Lakewood is farther south, so most likely wasn't affected. It would be nice to hear from someone who lives there.
  3. Thanks for the information!
  4. Yeah, way too much money! Maybe if we were younger and just starting out fulltiming, that would be a great option, including a lot more solar, but at 80 and 73, we have no idea how much longer we'll be able to continue being snowbirds, spending ~5 months in the SW. We're in pretty good health right now, so hopefully, we'll be able to continue for at least another 5 years, but stuff happens, so one never knows.
  5. Oh, no, we have every intention of buying 2 batteries, which is what we have now.
  6. That's why we had stopped in at our local Costco to find out what the amp hours on their AGM batteries were...I kinda thought that they wouldn't have any that were 100 Ah or more, but it turned out to be a moot point since they don't even carry them. I don't know if that's true of Costco generally, or if it was just this store.
  7. Anyone have any good places to purchase batteries online? I was looking at the Fullriver DC115-12 AGM 12V battery yesterday and can get it for $444.23 at Amazon with free shipping. Another place I looked had the batteries for $338.99 each, but wanted $315.56 for shipping 2 of them!!! I have another place to check out that also has the battery for $338.99, but I imagine their shipping charges will be outrageous too. I haven't gotten around to checking prices on some of the other batteries yet, but will do so over the next few days.
  8. Good to know! However, I think we'll have to go with the smaller Group 31 batteries...DH doesn't think that the two of us could lift 130# up into the battery tray. Maybe 10 years ago, but not now!
  9. Unfortunately, our local Costco doesn't carry AGM batteries.
  10. I'm familiar with Group 31 batteries, so this makes sense to me...it's just another "group" size. I'll have to go out and take a look at our battery compartment to refresh my memory, but I'm pretty sure the compartment is open to the ground underneath, so there'd be nothing to set the batteries on if we were to remove the tray. It's not an enclosed compartment like we had on our previous fifth wheel. Thanks, I'll look for the JB Blaster...I'm assuming it's a product that won't attract dirt or grime once used? Of course, that's probably a moot point once the metal is cleaned and painted. What kind of paint did you use to paint the slide out tray. Something like Rustoleum spray paint? Yes, we realize now that we should have pulled out the tray occasionally to keep it from freezing up! Once we get the problem fixed, we'll be sure to do so in the future!
  11. Speaking of battery slide-out trays, since we have AGM batteries, there's been no reason for us to slide out the tray since they were installed in late 2015, and now we're having trouble getting it out. What would you recommend we put on the rails to "unfreeze" them?
  12. I take it they're significantly bigger batteries? I know we have room for taller batteries in our slide-out battery tray and I *think* we could put deeper (front to back) batteries. I'm not sure about width...I'd have to go out to the RV and take a look. OK, this is where my knowledge of batteries fails. Can you explain what a frame size 4D means (guess I could Google it)? 260 pounds would be quite a bit of weight on the side of the RV that's heavier, anyway, although the battery compartment is just ahead of the rear axes, so might not be too bad.
  13. https://wsbt.com/news/local/forest-river-plant-in-elkhart-goes-up-in-flames-dispatch-confirms-explosions-inside
  14. I'll add Fullriver to my search, too. Thanks. We've been RVing since 1996, 12 of those fulltime and most of that time has been spent boondocking/dry camping, so we're not new to solar or batteries (although I know very little about the technical aspect of things). We run two computers, charge 2 phones and a tablet, have a satellite receiver and 12-volt TV. We don't watch TV during the day...it doesn't get turned on until the evening when we watch news, Jeopardy, and prime time. The receiver is disconnected from power when we're not watching TV, so it's not drawing any power during the day/overnight. We're very stingy with other power...we use a battery-powered lantern during the evening while we're watching TV to provide light rather than keeping any of the RV lights on. But with our 80 Ah AGM batteries we currently have, we often find during the winter, that we have to turn on the generator at night to top off the batteries, especially if it's been a cloudy day. Thus the search for batteries with more amp hours.
  15. I suspected as much, which is why I've ignored all batteries in my search that said "dual purpose" or said something about "starting/cranking."
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