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  1. Dish set up issue

    I found out quite by accident a couple of years ago that a call to Dish is not necessary to reinitialize a receiver that's been sitting idle (not connected to the satellites) for a few months. All that is required is to plug it back into power, connect it to the satellite, and let it sit. We did just that last spring when we returned home...plugged the receiver back into power when we returned home late morning/early afternoon, and by evening when we were ready to watch TV, it was ready to go. Of course, if you don't have the time to let the receiver do its own thing, then a call to Dish would be required.
  2. Hair Stylist or Barber or Other

    DH cuts my hair.
  3. We are snowbirds. Don't think we're going to leave our phones at home when we leave for 4-5 months! And what about fulltimers...are they not supposed to have phones at all? I always have my phone with me...and it's turned on. If someone wants to track where I go, more power to them. I'm sure I'm way down on the list of people the government, or anyone else wants to track!
  4. Ford publishes a brochure for each year of their pickups with this type of information...here's the one for 2002: https://www.fleet.ford.com/truckbbas/non-html/2002/fsersdcd.pdf However, as I'm sure you know, these numbers are for a basic truck with a partial tank of fuel, no options, and a 150# driver. As trailertraveler said, the best way to determine the payload of your truck is to weigh it.
  5. In Town Today

  6. Help Not sure how to proceed

    That certainly could present a problem, then, for people who start their fulltiming life in the winter! We got our vehicles registered in January or February and went there in the spring to get DL's. There's no way I would have gone to SD in January or February!
  7. Help Not sure how to proceed

    Then things must have changed since we were domiciled in South Dakota. We registered our vehicles by mail with the help of our mail forwarder and then went to SD within 90 days afterward to get our driver's licenses.
  8. Domicile is very confusing to me

    You do not have to return to Texas each year just for the inspection. There is a form to fill out that is available online that will tell the state you are out of state...someone here can give you the link. You do not have to be in South Dakota during the winter! Vehicle registration can be done by mail with the help of your mail forwarding service. It used to be that you then had 90 days to make it to the state to get your driver's licenses, although this may have changed since we domiciled in SD. Driver's license renewals can be done up to 180 days prior to the renewal date or you can request an extension. That way, both of you can go to SD during the spring/summer/fall to renew licenses. Download the Escapees brochure, "How To Become A Real Texan." https://www.escapees.com/images/pdfs/texan.pdf While this is written specifically for Texas, the first part about what domicile is will be applicable to any state. Here's the Escapees page about domiciling in TX using the Escapees mail service: https://escapees.com/support/mail-service/get-started?id=199 The Escapees mail service in South Dakota is not in Sioux Falls, it's in Box Elder (near Rapid City). Here's the Escapees page about domiciling in SD using the Escapees mail service: https://escapees.com/support/mail-service/get-started?id=221 There are lots of other, non-Escapees related, mail services in SD, too I'd start by contacting the insurance company that is insuring your motorhome. You often can get a multiple-vehicle discount. (I assume you have fulltimers insurance on the motorhome, right?) As for medicare, you can go to the Medicare website and find out which Medicare Supplements are available for whatever state you choose as a domicile. https://www.medicare.gov/ It depends. If you are currently banking with a local, California-only bank, I'd change to a national bank. If you are already banking with a national bank, there's really no need to change banks...just change your address. Lots of people have doctors in the area where they spend the winter (or summer). If you have to see your doctor 3 times a year, that will limit your traveling. However, if the only reason you have to see him or her that often is to have lab tests run, perhaps you can arrange with your doctor to have lab tests done elsewhere and the results sent to him/her. I'll let others get into more detail about this issue since, at least presently, we only see our doctors once a year for our annual wellness exam. They are similar in some respects; neither has a state income tax; licensing fees are reasonable; you can use a mail forwarding service for establishing domicile. There are some differences, however, as there is in any state. You will need to do some of your own research to determine which better fits your needs.
  9. Exactly (this section can be found under "Quick Tools")! Then you can go to "Quick Tools" again and click on "Find USPS Locations." Under "Location Types," select "Post Offices." and then put in the Zip Code you found in the first step. That will bring up a list of Post Offices, but only one will have the Zip Code you entered, usually the first one in the list. It will give you the address of the PO and if you then click on the blue city name, you'll find their phone number so you can call and confirm that they do, indeed, accept General Delivery and if there are any restrictions (for example, the Post Office in Winterhaven, CA allows GD pickup only between the hours of 2:30PM - 4:30PM Arizona time).
  10. I don't know about other national wildlife refuges, but Malheur doesn't have any kind of campground, other than the full hookup sites for the volunteers.
  11. Escapees Roadside Assistance

    We, too, have had both Good Sam ERS and Coach Net ERS and have had excellent service from each of them. But, when our Coach Net is up for renewal later this year, I think we'll give the Escapees ERS a try.
  12. We've done only two volunteering stints...one as a campground host and one at a national wildlife refuge (Malheur). We would never do the camp host thing again, but we really enjoyed the wildlife refuge!
  13. There are a lot of lazy, inconsiderate people out there whose only thought is of themselves. It's just like at the grocery store where some people can't be bothered to put their carts back in the cart corral, even when it's just a couple of steps from them.
  14. So far, the dumpsters at Pilot Knob have not been padlocked. What will happen on Monday is anyone's guess. Stay tuned.
  15. I agree with the others -- make sure your batteries are fully charged, the electrolyte levels are good, then use your battery kill switch to turn everything off. If you have solar, there may be a fuse that you'll need to pull, too.