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  1. Apparently, many of you have been receiving private messages from the above-referenced person, although only one of the numerous reports I've received mentioned private messages. I've checked, however, and this person has not made a post to the forums. Natash223 has been prevented from posting to the group, but that apparently doesn't stop him/her from sending private messages. In order for that to happen, this person needs to be banned from the group -- something we weekend moderators can't do (at least I haven't found any way of doing so). That means one of the administrators has to handle this. In the meantime, DO NOT RESPOND to this person!
  2. Just tried to sign into my USPS account again this morning. Still getting the same message.
  3. Some dump stations don't have a pressurized water fill, just gravity feed. I'm thinking, in particular, of the dump station at Las Vegas Bay Campground in Lake Mead NRA, but we've come across others, too.
  4. I'd actually start making the changes of address now. That way, you can make sure everything is running smoothly and you haven't missed any correspondents when making the changes of address.
  5. I just tried to sign up this morning, but I keep getting a 405 error when I try to sign in to my account. Hopefully, they'll get this problem fixed soon.
  6. LindaH


    I would suggest you change the subject line of your post to reflect your question rather than using your name.
  7. This was my thought, too, when I read the OP. If this really happened, it was a scam...just like when people get telephone calls from the "IRS" saying they owe money and to pay right now or they'd send the cops after them.
  8. Well, if you re-read my response, above, you will see where we *were* separated from our rig that was searched. I do not remember now whether we were directed to be inside the building or whether we stood outside, but we were not in a position to see what was happening inside the rig.
  9. At one time, at least before DirecTV was bought out by AT&T, the prices for the various packages weren't all that different between the two companies. I haven't checked recently to see what the current pricing structure is for DirecTV. One of the reasons that Dish may be more popular is because they're much more RVer friendly, especially since DirecTV's billing was migrated to AT&T. You can still call up Dish, or do an online chat, and change your service address to pick up new locals. That's apparently very difficult to do now with DirecTV from everything I've read here. DirecTV does have DNS from either NYC or L.A. (I guess these are still available since the merger with AT&T?). Dish's DNS is currently only from L.A.
  10. We were searched on our first trip to Alaska in 1998. We were not allowed inside the slide-in camper while they searched...as I recall, we were in the office or maybe we stood outside (too long ago to remember details). The funny thing is, we had a dog and I was carrying a file box of all the files I thought we'd need while on our trip. The border guards never asked for any information about the dog, nor did they ask to look in the file box -- which was large enough to hold a hand gun or two or stash drugs. They did, however, leave the refrigerator door open -- a fact we didn't discover until after we'd left, stopped, and found the contents strewn over the floor. They also broke the front of a drawer off trying to open it (you'd think they would have searched enough RVs to know that you have to lift UP and *then* pull the drawer OUT in order to open it). The lesson here is that BEFORE you leave the border station after being searched, go inside and check everything out.
  11. I've never heard of them, either, so spent a little bit of time looking at their website. It doesn't appear to me that they are competitors of RVCG -- as far as I could tell, they don't rate RVs (but I didn't look at the website in depth, so may have missed it if they do). They do offer a lot of services which would be helpful for RVers. I'm going to spend more time looking at their website in depth and may join just to try it out.
  12. Use this calculator to help you match a travel trailer to your tow vehicle: http://changingears.com/rv-sec-calc-trailer-weight-tt.shtml
  13. That would be my suggestion, too, unless you've already posted over there. https://www.nroa2003.com/forum/
  14. If you stick with I-94/I-90, you shouldn't have a problem as the interstates are kept well-plowed. Just keep an eye on the weather, and if a snow storm blows through, find a place to stay until the roads are clear again.
  15. LindaH


    Passport America has an android app (I assume there's also one for iPhones) that one can download and use without being a member. It gives all the information on all the parks in their system that the directory does. (Do they even have a paper directory any more? Other than when we first joined, we've never received a directory, even when we've renewed.)
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