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  1. We've boondocked at several places along the Oregon side of the river, mainly around the Rufus area. If you stay on the Oregon side, trains and Interstate noise shouldn't be a problem -- the trains are on the other side of the river and don't toot their horns...in fact, we can barely hear them...the Interstate in the area where we park is above the camping area, so Interstate noise is negligible. If you travel the Columbia River corridor, whether on the Oregon side or the Washington side, you'll likely run into wind since there are hills on either side of the river that act like a wind tunnel. The wind doesn't always blow, but does so frequently. In the direction you're traveling, if there is wind, it will more than likely be behind you; i.e., the wind blows from west to east...great for fuel mileage!
  2. It depends on the TV. Our RV came with a 12-volt TV so we don't need to run the generator or turn on the inverter if all we're doing is watching OTA programs. However, if we want to watch programs on our satellite system, then we do need some source of A/C power...inverter, generator, or hooked up to electricity in an RV park.
  3. Different BOFs hold get togethers in Q during the winter, usually in January. Find a BOF or two or three and find out where their get together will be located. The Escapees also hold a get together during January for a day (maybe longer?). All this is assuming that it will still be business as usual in Q this winter due to COVID.
  4. Yes, we are aware of that, and it's one of the reasons we haven't made a final determination as to whether or not we'll head south (to Arizona). As I explained in my previous post, physical distancing won't be a problem for us, we'll order online for curbside pickup of groceries, and won't be going inside any stores, including restaurants. The only thing that concerns us, and may ultimately be the reason we don't go, is the hospital situation in Yuma. We've never had to use any medical facilities when we've been there, but stuff happens and with the ERs filled to overflowing with COVID patients, a heart attack, an auto accident, or other situation where one of us would have to go to the hospital could be deadly over and above the medical condition that brought us there.
  5. That's why we wash our hands with non-antibacterial soap and save the hand sanitizer only for those times we don't have access to water.
  6. Although we haven't made a final decision yet, and won't until probably sometime in October, we're leaning toward heading south for the winter as we usually do. We normally stay at one of the LTVAs (not in Q), so physical distancing isn't a problem, and we can order groceries for pick up just like we're doing now. The biggest hurdle is laundry, but the laundromat we go to also has a wash and fold service, so we would use that instead of being inside for an hour or more surrounded by people. A lot of this will depend on what is open. LTVA's? Laundromats? Dumps?
  7. The Motorhome Magazine's Dinghy Towing Guides that miniedmo gave the link to, above, is a good place to start. Keep in mind, though, that these towing guides list only those vehicles that are approved by the manufacturer for towing 4-down. There are others that can be towed 4-down either as is, or with the addition of equipment such as a lube pump. To find out whether or not a specific vehicle can be towed 4-down if it's not listed in the towing guides, go to Remco Towing's website.
  8. Yes, it is, and that's how the USPS likes things addressed rather than spelling them out. I'm surprised that the Escapees doesn't know this. Here are the USPS Postal Addressing Standards: https://pe.usps.com/text/pub28/welcome.htm
  9. When insurance companies use the term "vacant," they usually mean empty. None of the insurance companies we've had experience with have had a 30-day limit when our house has been "unoccupied" for a period of 4-5 months while we're away from our home traveling. Certainly, this is something that should be discussed with the insurance company, but is likely not to be a problem.
  10. We boondock almost exclusively. When chatting with Dish, I give them an address of an RV park in the spot beam we want to receive. For example, when we're in Arizona during the winter staying at an LTVA, we use a Tucson address so we can get Tucson locals (we could use a Yuma address, but Yuma locals come only in SD).
  11. We are staying home for the summer, trying to determine whether or not to make the trip south this winter as we usually do. I'm leaning toward going. We boondock, so physical distancing will not be a problem. We can order groceries online for curbside pickup, and if we want something to eat other than our own cooking, we can order that for pickup, too. The biggest problem I foresee is doing laundry, but I think if we use a wash and fold service we should be fine...we would be inside only long enough to drop off and pick up the laundry, not an hour or more if we did the laundry ourselves. We have a few more months to make the final decision, so we shall see what happens.
  12. This thread is a year old, so COVID-19 had nothing to do with this problem.
  13. We boondock almost exclusively. Our Class C has tank sizes of approximately 30/30/30. We carry 3 5-gallon jugs to refill the fresh water tank between dumps. We can go 7 days before we need to dump tanks. We have an on-board generator and solar to recharge batteries. The propane tanks needs to be refilled about once a month, sometimes less depending on how much we've had to use the forced-air furnace.
  14. That's good to know. We normally stay at the Pilot Knob LTVA just west of there and go across the border at least once or twice during the season, so use that lot each time we go. What with the virus, I'm not sure we'll be making the trip to Algodones this coming winter season, assuming we even head south (yet to be determined).
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