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  1. Look at Arctic Fox and Wolf Creek, both from Northwood and Bigfoot.
  2. I'd have to agree with this. At the very minimum, you need to know what you want and what you should be paying for it. Case in point: Many years ago, we were looking for a particular brand of fifth wheel. Saw it at a dealer in Phoenix and that dealer had the original factory-provided MSRP sheet inside, so we knew what that price was. Saw the exact same fifth wheel in Quartzsite -- for $10,000 MORE than the MSRP! Of course, this dealer didn't have the MSRP sheet in it, so if you didn't know better, you might think you were getting a good deal. Also, many of the salespeople in Q are just hired for the season, so they don't necessarily know anything about RVs or RVing....they're just warm bodies there to make a sale.
  3. The OP already has a 9" plate holder. He's looking for a 10" plate holder.
  4. If you've ever had a pet and have cleaned her water bowl, the "gunk" at the bottom of the pan is biofilm.
  5. We do have 3 devices, so up to 30GB hotspot usage. But I'm pretty much of the same mind as you...streaming simply wouldn't work for us given the amount of TV we watch.
  6. OK, another question: What programs can you get streaming? During the season when the new shows come on, we mostly watch programming on CBS and occasionally the other 3 major stations. We also watch a lot on NatGeoWild, Travel, MSNBC, and movies on stations such as TCM and Stars Encore Westerns. Could we get all of these channels by streaming? I'm not sure I'd give up Dish because we are sometimes in areas where we have no Internet Access (Mesquite Springs Campground in DVNP, for instance). And, while we do have Verizon's unlimited plan, I would imagine that streaming would quickly use up the 22GB monthly "soft" limit, wouldn't it?
  7. So what was the solution? Might help other people in the same situation.
  8. We did it when we bought the motorhome in my signature in Arizona during our winter visit, licensed it in Washington State, and received the plates in the mail when we were in Henderson, NV. Call the DMV in Florida and find out what they'll need in order to send you plates on a new vehicle.
  9. Depends on what you already have. You'll need a satellite dish of some type -- either a roof-mounted dome or an open-faced, multiple-LNB dish such as the Winegard Trav'ler, or a ground-mounted portable dome or open-faced, multiple-LNB dish on a tripod -- and it will need to be wired to the location of your TV. You'll also need a satellite receiver. How much this is going to cost depends on what you already have and, if you have to purchase a satellite dish, which way you plan to go (portable, roof-mounted, dome, open-faced, etc.). It's doubtful that anyone from Dish will install on an RV, but you can always ask. If you were in Quartzsite, I'd recommend Satellite Advantage. Most RV service centers *should* be able to do the work (Camping World, etc.), or contact a satellite dealer in your area. Yes, it's simple. When you arrive at an RV park, simply plug your electrical cord into the park's electrical outlet. Voila! You have electricity! Yes, you simply call (or use Chat on Dish's website) to change your SERVICE address in order to pick up the locals in your current location. I'm not sure the CSR's can handle GPS coordinates -- I always give them the address of an RV park in the area even if we're not staying there (we mostly boondock). If by "convertor box" you mean the satellite receiver, then the answer is "yes," you can simply take it from your home and put it in your RV. It's what we do every winter when we head south. Of course, as mentioned above, you'll have to have a satellite dish of some sort wired to your TV location (or, if you have a portable dish, you could just run the cable through a window to your satellite receiver).
  10. The car is "garaged" in Illinois, right? IMO, it should then be licensed and insured in Illinois and you should have Illinois driver's licenses since you are living in the state. The truck is "garaged" in MA, so it should have MA plates and insurance.
  11. We've made the trip to Alaska twice, both times with dogs and have never been asked to produce any kind of record for the dog...either a health certificate or rabies certificate. Unless you're stopped for a traffic violation or are involved in an accident and the police question you about this matter, I don't see how the state would even know about it since you don't have to go through an inspection station when entering Alaska. There *may* be some RV parks that will ask for this information, but we never ran into any. I know of no such'd probably have to search each state independently. But, there again, although we haven't been to all 50 states, we've been to most of them, and California is the only state we've run into that has inspection stations. And they're agricultural inspection stations...we've never been asked about animals of any sort (when they even bother stopping and asking questions, which the ones on I-10 and I-8 rarely do). You said that when you have your dog checked annually, you "leave with a ... new rabies certification." I hope that doesn't mean you actually have your dog vaccinated for rabies every year! There are 3-year vaccines, which is allowed in Texas -- (The Rabies Challenge Fund has determined that rabies vaccines last for at least 7 years and they're trying to get the law changed to this period of vaccination. I'd like to see the time when a titer test for rabies would be acceptable rather than having to automatically vaccinate. )
  12. We don't record programs and having them in SD would be a tradeoff we'd be willing to make in order to be able to watch programming earlier than we can with the locals. Does anyone know yet whether or not Dish is still going to allow service address changes in order to pick up locals in a new location?
  13. If they add NYC and do like they used to do -- offer BOTH coasts -- I'd sign up! But LA channels won't cut it for us since Prime Time doesn't start until 8:00 PM. Which means, when we're in AZ during the winter, Prime Time wouldn't start until 9:00 PM, just the time when we take our final walk with the dogs and head off to bed! I hope this doesn't mean they'll stop changing service addresses so we can pick up local stations!
  14. That is my understanding, too: The 22GB "soft" limit speed *may* be throttled back depending on how busy the tower is, but the 10GB hotspot usage is a "hard" limit and speeds *will* go down. I though the speeds went down to 2G rather than 3G on the hotspot usage, but perhaps not. We have 3 devices, so have a potential of 30GB of hotspot usage. So far, I've only had to switch to the second device for hotspot usage near the end of the billing period.