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  1. Hi! We have traveled from PA to Big Meadows many times. Our route was I-81 and pick up Route 33 east at Harrisonburg. You will enter the park at the Swift Run entrance. Then go north on Skyline Drive to Big Meadows. The switchbacks going from Elkton to SNP entrance is not bad. Once you are at the park, you are at the top of the mountain. We have a 36' class A - 12' high. The tunnels on Skyline Drive would be doable (maybe), if you could travel down the middle of them. We figured we would not make it so did this route instead. Good luck. Big Meadows is one of my favorite places and hope to get there again in the late summer.
  2. Hi Barb and Dave (and everyone else), I apologize.... We have a 2003 Fleetwood Bounder 36D. Tire size is 19.5". We are located in Pennsylvania, We had a blowout on our Goodyear coming back from AZ. It was the passenger side inside dually. To be honest, those tires are 7 years old so we technically are "aged out". Our front tires are Goodyear, replaced 2 years ago. Delaware also has no sales tax and since my daughter lives there, we figured we would visit and then get them replaced there - :-). So, of course, we were thinking that Goodyear and Michelin are the top BUT have things changed in the past few years. Thus the research and the questions here. Thanks and Happy Easter to all. Diane
  3. Hi All, We are needing new rear tires (4) and have just started doing research. The Double Coin Tires is a new one to us. Doing internet reviews turns up a mixed bag. Has anyone ever used them and what do you think about them? Thanks, Diane Hitzel
  4. Thanks Stan, I would also like to see the older Alaska 2XXX added - lots of info there too.. Will go to the link you added..
  5. Thank you all. You have given me more to think about and other scenerios to go thru. I appreciate it.. Diane
  6. Thanks so much for your replies and info - great perspective on the medical evacuation. I think I need to check out what our insurances cover for the transportation and FMCA Assist for the return of the RV. Our discussion now is where would we want to return to??? Sheesh - Hate thinking about these things! Thanks again - :-) Diane
  7. Good Morning All, Yesterday I was at a presentation about MASA and am looking for information for those who have it. How do you like it? Have you had to use it? Any praise or complaints? How is it different from FMAC Assist? Thanks bunches in advance. If you prefer to email me - gardenhavens@gmail.com and put MASA in the subject line. Diane and Andy Hitzel
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