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  1. Max Signal

    MaximumSignal Update?

    hosting company having issues. Issues resolved . Site back up
  2. Max Signal

    MaximumSignal Update?

    Cyber Monday - Christmas special . $100 of all systems . Call us to get in on this deal 716-818-5896.
  3. Max Signal

    MaximumSignal Update?

    At this point the only carrier that will be using the Band 71 - 600 mhz is Tmobile . They bought the majority of it at the last auction. The amplifier we are currently prototyping for T mobile will cover all frequencies they cover . The design of the boards currently only support 5 bands . The cost of covering more than that would greatly increase costs. Depends what frequencies Verizon is broadcasting on .
  4. Max Signal

    MaximumSignal Update?

    The sensitivity on the amplifier sees signal that other devices or amplifiers cannot see. The antennas receive and rebroadcast the signal but it is the amplifier that enhances the signal and sends it back to the antennas to do such. An antenna cannot amplify signal on its own or even see a signal at very low levels without the amplifier. Sorry you do not understand how the technology works.
  5. Max Signal

    MaximumSignal Update?

    No the amplifier sees the signal . It has greater signal sensitivity. And this amplifier power source supplies it with 12 volts . Less than 12 volts hurts performance.
  6. Max Signal

    MaximumSignal Update?

    Yes , Working directly with Tmobile to develop amplifier for them . I appreciate all the support folks .
  7. Max Signal

    Maximum Signal works great

    That is strange . Call me tomorrow . We will send you out a 15 foot extension Gord
  8. Max Signal

    MaximumSignal Update?

    Call me on Monday . We will go over your setup , And troubleshoot . We will get you working. As per new FCC rules the booster must turn itself down in decent reception areas. The FCC is going to get around to enforcing that I am told . If it were up to us it will be full all the time . That is not how they wrote the new rules Where are product excels is in the fringe areas where you really need improvement . With the Digital signals you do not need a booster in medium to good signal areas like you used to . It is aggravating when others have not adhered to the new standards and self tested .Our amplifier will see signal when others will not . After all that is when you need a booster.
  9. That is why I appreciate your understanding of the rules Jack and how our product does conform. Others do not care whether you are in compliance with the new rules. Or features we do have that others do not .
  10. Thanks for your explanation Jack .It is very frustrating when concerned with the FCC rules.We at Maximum Signal are proud that we build to FCC standards. And By doing such the Maximum Signal booster will keep lowering its output to be a passive device ,.when in moderate to good signal areas. It is fortunate that when a less desirable coverage areas our booster will receive a signal down to a negative -127 and no signal indicated on the device and it will take you to a 4G signal . Isn't that the point of a booster? The reality is if you are in a moderate signal area why do you need a booster, when that is the point of the new FCC rules.
  11. Max Signal

    MaximumSignal Update?

    Gives true 12 volt and the amplifier works better . Previous cords were not working to spec and underpowered the amplifier
  12. Max Signal

    MaximumSignal Update?

    Our amplifier does what is supposed to according to new FCC standards. Finds signals when others cannot and turns itself right down when near a tower . Ours sees signals others do not . Does multiple carriers and multiple devices with all getting full amplification .And much larger coverage area . You do not have to stand next to the antenna Those are things they are not testing for.
  13. Max Signal

    MaximumSignal Update?

    Give me a buzz , Have our new dual purpose 12/ 110 volt power cord . . Should give more boost
  14. Max Signal

    MaximumSignal Update?

    Nice Professional Storm Chaser Review Who Just purchased Max Amp Mobile system I will say I had this installed on Monday and so far have been very impressed. I make the drive from Kearney, NE to Grand Island NE very often... With no booster the entire middle part of this drive is 3G... With the cradles I used previously there would be 2 or 3 spots that was 3G rest 4G.. Where I live in Gibbon which is in between Kearney and Grand Island it as always 3G even with the cradles... So far with this new unit I have traveled 4 times back and forth and all 4 times the signal stayed for 4g and the signal at my house is 4G.. Happy customer so far.. cant wait to take it on some chases. nmoore125