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  1. Glad to hear they have a plan, tho. I worked the entrance at Foscue a few years ago. Love the area. Is Anne still running the volunteers?
  2. We chose to take this summer off from Yellowstone and travel to Alaska. Still hoping the US/Canada border opens so we can head up. When we are in bear country we each have two cans of bear spray. I know we can take properly labeled bear spray across the border but I have not seen guidelines on how many canisters one can take across. Anyone have input on this?
  3. Thanks everyone. Yah, I am going to have a fun day underneath the rig - again! I replaced the valve seals recently. The black is smooth and fine, the gray is extremely hard to push in and out and the tank is not holding fluids. I think the seals did not seat properly. That's what prompted my question. I figured that since I will be under there I'd upgrade if possible. The really high end units, New Horizon, Spacecraft etc, come to mind. Do they use the Valterra devices too? I don't think a macerator is in the stars for me at this time.
  4. I have the ubiquitous Valterra dump valves on my 2013 Montana. The seals need replacing. If I'm gonna crawl around under there I may as well upgrade if there are better options. Any suggestions for higher quality valves?
  5. I, like everyone else, was shocked to get my email today. I've read quite a few postings from fellow RVers who will be inconvenienced by this. Many folks are angry as they list the steps involved to get their mail and personal business back in order. Even a cry for someone to be jailed. We may all lose some funds in our postage accounts and account fees. But you know what, my inconvenience is a pittance of what Terri and her crew must be facing right now. Imagine suddenlyl loosing your job in a little town like Madison... I am going to use my energy to pray and hope for their recovery from this. My inconvenience pales in comparison. Just saying...
  6. Thanks everyone. Your answers confirmed what I figured. Nice to get other opinions tho. Halfway through the summer. Kinda getting used to it. Weekends are like going to Shangri la when we go to town
  7. I spend a lot of time in remote places such as Yellowstone. I can get a pretty good signal but there is very little bandwidth. I can go to a spot in direct line of sight to the cell tower. Get 4 bars of signal but still do a LOT of clocking and slow service. What options does a person like me have? Satellite internet? I am not aware of any type of booster for bandwidth. I'm open to all possibilities as I am out here frequently. Thanks!
  8. Lots of good info here, folks. So here's what I did: Charged batteries all the way to float. Floated for about 12 hours. Turned off charger/inverter -- system sat about 4 hours until I got home from work. Disconnected via disconnect switch Waited and hour and added water. Used very little. Turned disconnect switch back on. Heading out tomorrow for my weekend!!f Thanks again, everyone. As usual, Escapees provides the expertise I am looking for. -- Kevin
  9. Good info, Sehc. These have not gotten below 80%. The single point watering system will keep them topped off but I do not know how low they will get. I plan to check/add water once per month. We are not heavy power users. This is in a Sprinter van. All lights are LED. The system is completely independent from the chassis. Every circuit is hard wired pos and neg back to the fuse box. Cables connecting the batteries in series/parallel are 0000. Other than my CPAP, there really is not much draw. The inverter/charger uses some power but negligible. Wife uses an Instant Pot for cooking (very low power draw for short period) and coffee pot. Thanks for your feedback.
  10. Thanks John. I've read that the charging process causes heat and thus the electrolyte to expand. If one tops off when the temps are cool, the heating causes expansion and possibly over-flow. So your suggestion is to: charge the batteries, when they are topped off (float) remove any loads (I have a disconnect switch) and let them rest for 30 or more minutes and THEN add the water via the bulb. Is that correct? Thanks again for your reply.
  11. I put together a battery bank of six Sam's golf cart batteries. I installed a single point watering system. When is the optimum time to add water: at the end of bulk charge and beginning of absorb or at the end of absorb and the beginning of float? Want to do it as perfectly as possible. Thanks!
  12. I am putting together a solar system for my van. Considering 400 watts. Looking at solar panels and looking for ideas. Is it better to have a single large panel or multiple smaller panels? One thing I am not clear on: Shade - why does shading a small portion of a panel compromise so much of the entire panel's output?
  13. I have an old Verizon Jetpack 5510L. It has served us well but I am ready for an upgrade to the latest technology. As usual, the information on the internet makes my head swim - so, as usual, I turn to your expertise. Should I choose the Jetpack 7730L or Jetpack AC791L? Can you explain the differences in layman's terms and why you suggest your choice? Thanks a lot in advance.
  14. For some reason the number of posts for my account has changed. It now shows a little over 300. It used to read in the vicinity of 1500, which is accurate. All other things in my profile remain the same. Not a really big deal but it is fun to see the number. Any ideas???
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