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  1. I have an old Verizon Jetpack 5510L. It has served us well but I am ready for an upgrade to the latest technology. As usual, the information on the internet makes my head swim - so, as usual, I turn to your expertise. Should I choose the Jetpack 7730L or Jetpack AC791L? Can you explain the differences in layman's terms and why you suggest your choice? Thanks a lot in advance.
  2. That's correct, however you are not restricted to just those pullouts. As long as you are off the road and not blocking anything, you are free to camp. And YES, that area is very dusty. I also neglected to say in my earlier post that the FCFS campgrounds in the Park are primitive - no hookups. There are central water spigots/pumps and vault toilets, but no actual hookups, so you are boondocking. There are some FHU parks within the Park which are managed by Xanterra. Go HERE to look at all the campgrounds.
  3. Posting Count Changed

    Thanks, Kirk!
  4. For some reason the number of posts for my account has changed. It now shows a little over 300. It used to read in the vicinity of 1500, which is accurate. All other things in my profile remain the same. Not a really big deal but it is fun to see the number. Any ideas???
  5. I forgot to add that there is no disbersed camping inside Yellowstone. Everything is in campgrounds unless a person wants to backpack into the back country. Even then, sites are assigned and permitted. This is a busy time of the year. With the heat, animal activity is less and they have ventured to higher elevations. Having said that, it is also the busiest time as the kiddos are out of school and families are on vacation. If you can delay your arrival until mid-September, the crowds will be down, temps will be down and animals will be more active. The three campgrounds in my area are Pebble Creek, Slough Creek and Tower Fall. They are all first-come first-served. People begin lining up at dawn for open spots. Just today, all three were full by 8:00am. Let me know if you have more questions.
  6. Barbara - There is disbursed camping outside of Gardiner, MT which is the north entrance to the park. The camping is in the Gallatin National Forest. To get there: In Gardiner, locate the Conoco gas station / Subway on the main highway to Livingston. Directly across from the station is Fourth St. Turn onto Fourth St, When you turn onto Fourth St. you will see a sign for Jardine 5 (miles). Follow that road for 2.2 miles until you come to the Eagle Creek campground. You will most likely not be able to get into one of the 15 sites at Eagle Creek, but the entire area past Eagle Creek CG is a disbursed area. You can pull off the road and set up camp - no fees, no permits, no paperwork. This is directly from the Forest Service's mouth at their office in Gardiner. I checked this out personally because I man the the Back Country Office at the Tower Ranger Station and I get people multiple times daily looking to camp when all the facilities in the Park are full. I give them these exact directions. Good Luck - the northern part of the park is my district. Unfortunately, I am not intimately knowledgeable about other areas. Enjoy your trip. Stop by the Tower BCO and say "Hi!" If I am not there I may be on the road herding cats (the wild animals manage themselves!!!) -- Kevin
  7. Thetford Aria Classic Cable Broke

    Isn't that what we're doing???
  8. Thetford Aria Classic Cable Broke

    Thanks for the info folks. I have had only two RVs in my 10 years of full-time. I put this model toilet in each. First one had no issues for 6 years till we traded for the current one 4 years ago. One of the first things I did was install the same model toilet in this one. Four years and this is the first issue. I am very happy with them. Sorry others have not had the same luck. Having said that, I may be back next week boo-hooing over another issue. Ya never know!!!
  9. The cable for my Thetford Aria Classic broke. The Thetford part number is 19835. Any suggestions on a good source for a new one? Anyone ever replaced theirs? How big of a hassle was it? Thanks -- Kevin
  10. We're going to be at Duck Creek RV Park in Las Vegas for a couple nights. Anyone ever stayed there, and if so, how did you get to the strip? If you drove you own vehicle, where did you park?
  11. A note for anyone contemplating a purchase from "Marine Warehouse". The prices on their web site for the Dikinson Mediterranean stove is not the one you will be charged. (http://www.marinewarehouse.net/dickinson.html). The site shows the Mediterranean stove at $1400. but the final price will be $1450.00. I called them about the discrepancy and was told that they know about the wrong price but they are "so busy they cannot get it changed". They said it will be a few months before they can get to it. This was around Jan 19. Today, Feb 15, the site has not been changed. My initial confirmation order showed $1400.00. When I called MW they would not honor that amount. They offered to cancel the order but because it still was the best price I found, I continued with it. Trust me, if I had found any price even close I would have cancelled. The stove arrived with the box pretty beat up. Upon inspection, it appears to be fine. So, if you order anything from Marine Warehouse, beware that you may be billed for more than what is depicted on their web site or what is on the initial invoice. They are "too busy" to get the prices corrected.
  12. We are getting ready to put new carpeting in our Montana 5th wheel. We considered laminate and vinyl but decided to stick with carpet. I am wondering about the actual installation process. Has anyone used the tackless strips that are common in S&B installations? I am concerned about slide clearances. If you did not use it, or do not recommend it, what method is best for attaching it along walls? Along the same thoughts - does anyone have a good and experienced installer they recommend in the southern US from Alabama/west Florida anywhere to Las Vegas and on up to Salt Lake City? We can make arrangements to have it done when we migrate west and north.
  13. Talked to FL Panther National Wildlife Refuge today. Looks promising. Great suggestion, avan.
  14. Headed to Big Bend NP

    Absolutely agree to take US 90 from San Antonio to Alpine. Be sure to stop at Seminole Canyon State Park, 40 miles west of Del Rio, and 10 miles west of Comstock. I led and lectured the walking tours of the ancient rock art for three winters. You will not be disappointed. There is no indicator of how magnificent the canyons throughout the desert are unless you stop and check them out. Take some time to hike the rim trail at Seminole. Easy, level hike, about 7 miles round trip. Spectacular views into the canyon and you end up walking a short ways along the Rio Grande River. While exploring in your car, (do not take your RV on this outing) leave Seminole Canyon State Park and go west on 90. About two miles down you will see on the left side of the road, an abandoned gas station with the island over the pumps collapsed. Turn off the highway and go down the road west of the gas station. You will come to a park/picnic area that overlooks the confluence of the Pecos and Rio Grande Rivers. Very neat area to look around. Check with the visitor center at Seminole to see if there is a Sunday hike to the White Shaman shelter. If you can do it, you will see some of the oldest, most spectacular ancient rock art in North America. Prepare to be mesmerized. As stated, Langry is also neat. Judge Roy Bean ("the Hanging Judge") was quite a character. The desert garden is really nice. On west to Marfa, Alpine and Big Bend. If you have time visit Davis Mountains State Park and also the nearby McDonald Observatory. Southwest Texas does not look too inviting from the roadway, but trust me, explore it and you will be amazed.
  15. Thanks for the responses, folks. I am asking because my multiple volunteer stints have all come about by stopping in at each facility (COE, NPS, TX Parks & Wildlife) and asking if they could use some help. I have not done an "official" application via Volunteer.Gov or any other method. Those visits have all ended with a "when can you start?" . With the unusual introduction to each stint, none seemed to follow conventional time periods or commitments. But, now I am looking down the road for when we finish my seasonal position at Yellowstone this fall. avan - Thanks a lot for your offer to visit and share info. I will look on the web for each proffered park and get back to you if I have specific questions. Working as a docent/interp is right up my alley. I prefer those types of positions over maintenance or camp host slots. Thanks again for your generous offer.