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  1. I assume that by "RV Port Metal Cover" you are talking about a large "carport" type structure that covers and shades the RV. We have a lot in a "resort" in Texas where about half of the folks stay year-round. All of them have invested in a large carport type cover that gives shade to their RV throughout the day. Many have included either solid or shade-cloth sides as well, especially on the west, and sometimes south side. For them it makes an otherwise unbearable situation much more comfortable. And, it allows them to have natural light coming into the RV rather than the black-out situation that comes from covering all of the windows. That being said, a cover tall enough and large enough to shade an RV is not a trivial thing, and not cheap. But if I were going to be in that situation I would get one without hesitation.
  2. I haven't received my pin but got online and completed it anyway. As stated above, you just need to put in your address and you will be allowed to proceed.
  3. We were planning to hit the road this week, heading up to Northern Michigan for our summer volunteer gig. Nothing is going to happen in the next few weeks, and we are happy to stay put. We still hope to get up there, but both we and the agency are playing the "wait and see" game. Better safe than sorry.
  4. I think this is the key thing to remember. We do have a non-conventional lifestyle, and our "residence" reflects this. It is sometimes necessary to adapt our address to the specific forms required, not out of dishonesty, but out of need to accomplish the task.
  5. I've seen references to folks having problems as well, but at the same time many (most?) people with an SKP's address continue to have no issues opening bank or brokerage accounts. Again, it seems to depend on the entity that you are dealing with.
  6. The Credit Union that I've used for decades, as well as the investment service that I've used for over ten years (Vanguard) have no issue with using my SKP's address as the sole address that they have on file for me. I varies greatly from institution to institution.
  7. It's a little tough to pin down, and undoubtedly varies by region. But a 2014 Car and Driver article gave the breakdown on full-sized pickups at 73% 4WD vs. 27% 2WD. And for mid-sized pickups, it was 56%/44%. A lot of trucks are purchased by businesses as service and/or delivery vehicles, and they are not going to pay the extra up-front and operating cost for 4WD trucks unless they need it. I suspect that personal use trucks could trend a bit more toward 4WD, at least in "farm country". I did a quick inventory search of my local Ford dealer. This is VERY much cowboy country so 4WD is popular. All 24 Superduty trucks (F-250 & F-350) currently on their lot are 4WD. No wonder I had to order my 2WD! However, of the 56 F-150 trucks in stock, 27 are 4WD with the remaining 29 in 2WD. So folks that are buying F-150's, often as their commuter vehicle in this part of the world, aren't necessarily wanting 4WD. This dealership moves a ton of trucks, and they know what sells for them. No doubt the distribution in other parts of the country are different.
  8. Things change. The current Ford Superduty trucks (since at least 2017) use heavier rear axle assembly in the F-350. The diesel SRW F-350 uses the Dana M275, while the standard F-250's use the Sterling. The gas F-250 uses a lighter transmission than the gas F-350. If you get the heavy duty tow package and the diesel in the F-250 you are getting close to the equivalent F-350, but there are differences in the spring pack and the diesel F-250 has a very low carrying capacity on the rear axle. .
  9. Many folks order the snow plow package to get the highest rated front springs and a higher output alternator. They never intend to mount a plow. There are a lot of twists and turns available when special ordering a truck, and some folks put a ton of time and effort into getting theirs "just so". And you really have to work hard to get the invoice on a truck up to $90K, let alone pay that much. I special ordered my 2019 F-350 2WD Diesel which is nicely trimmed out but not top of the line. Sticker was $58K and I paid a few thousand less than that.
  10. I can see Colorado not stocking any 2WD pickups due to snow and ice concerns. But I know one could be ordered if desired. In the area where I bought my truck (Texas Hill Country) I'd wager that 80+% of pick-ups are 4WD. Not because everyone needs or uses it, but because it is "the thing to have". I know several folks with 4WD trucks that have never even put them into 4WD. Dealers will tell you that resale on a 2WD truck is lower, but so is the initial cost, I've not had any problem at all selling my last two trucks (1999 and 2010 2WD Superduties). As always, different strokes...
  11. I bought a 2019 Ford Superduty in 2WD. As far as I know every manufacturer continues to produce 2WD trucks. They simply aren't as popular, and therefore not as common, as the 4WD trucks.
  12. I never considered Good Sam to be anything other than a business enterprise. And while Camping World was a fun place to pop into once in a while, I haven't been there in years. Frankly, I look at other RV related businesses, including (gasp) SKP's the same way. They offer some useful services (for a price) and if they deliver what I want/need, I am happy to pay the price. If not, I'll take my money elsewhere. The club and rally aspects of organizations has never been a driver for us.
  13. We not only don't have a dishwasher in our RV, we removed the apartment sized dishwasher from the Park Model home that we bought. As noted by many, two folks generally don't generate an awful lot of dishes, and the room may be better utilized for something else. That being said, in our previous sticks-n-bricks home we had a dishwasher and never even considered hand washing. I guess it's all what you get used to!
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