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  1. The couple of times we've had the stinky water heater we've followed the sanitizing procedure of putting a 1/4 cup of chlorine bleach into 15 gallons of water in the fresh water tank and then running the hot water faucets (using the pump from the fresh water tank) until smelling the chlorine coming through. Once you've got the water heater full of sanitizing solution leave it for an hour or so and then flush the entire system of the chlorinated water. You might as well open the cold water faucets and sanitize the entire system while you are at it. Might be worth a try before following the more involved procedure outlined above.
  2. This woman came on several of the bird walks that we led and was definitely not homeless. She was previously in the military and had found this alternative lifestyle that suited her well. She had a very expensive bike that she enjoyed riding daily, as well as quality binoculars and a camera that she birded with. While she was certainly outside of "the norm" she seemed very happy and well adjusted.
  3. We were hosting at Goose Island State Park last fall and met a young woman who was full-timing in a tent, and had been doing so for several years. She drove her small hatchback from park-to-park and set up camp for a week or two at a time. She was very comfortable with what she was doing, but it certainly isn't our cup of tea!!
  4. We are on the East Coast (only) plan and got the notice as well.
  5. I thought that the current SKP offering of Roadside Assistance was a fairly recent development, like the last year or so. Is the service you had "back then" the same as the current offering?
  6. Single axle trailers are more prone to the "wagging tail" issue where they oscillate side-to-side with increasing amplitude. It can be managed with proper loading and sway control devices, but if you've seen it happen it can get scary fast!
  7. This is disappointing to hear, as our GS Roadside Assistance is up for renewal soon and I was considering SKP's. The only two times we ever called GS Roadside Assistance was for the truck, and there was never a question regarding coverage. Guess I'll stick with them until SKP's get it sorted out.
  8. Roadtrek has done this in the other sub-forums as well, so don't feel singled out!! My favorite is his thread asking why people fulltime, in which he almost immediately began explaining why it was such a bad idea and why he doesn't do it. His other favorite subject is what a terrible "investment" RVs are compared to his beloved sticks-and-bricks property. He hints at it a bit with the "... and equity..." statement in his post above, and I'm frankly surprised he didn't go whole hog with it. Starting to show a bit of restraint!! I really don't understand what he is looking for on these forums, other than a soapbox to let others know about his specific life choices. Odd behavior indeed...
  9. Got a little garbled. You sent a picture of your license plate?
  10. Question: DirectTV is asking for the form to be filled out (easy enough) and a photocopy of the "Vehicle Registration Forms". In Texas there is the title (which we don't carry with us) and the vehicle registration which is a windshield or license plate sticker. Any thoughts on what to send in that will satisfy them?? Thanks.
  11. Got ours today as well. Must be book keeping time over at DirectTV!!
  12. Exactly! We've seen some big changes in the 9+ years that we've been full-time. What we were able to do in 2011 and 2012 doesn't work nearly as well in 2019. State parks especially have gone to reservation systems that often make it impossible to just "drop in" on a Friday or Saturday night. And they are often booked months in advance. We don't worry too much about reservations during the week, but try to look ahead to weekends and get something locked in. The OP is pulling a 35' fifth wheel and doesn't mention being set up to boondock, so might prefer campgrounds with hookups rather than winging it...
  13. Nope, that is a serious system, no doubt. I just think it is a no-brainer to spec and run heavier wire from roof to basement if that is a factory option. As I noted, in my case it was less than $50 to upsize from 10 AWG to 4 AWG. Given the cost of the rest of the system I can't imagine compromising on the wire feeding the panels to the controller. I chose to set my 24V (nominal) panels up in parallel to better tolerate partial shading so I am running higher amperage down from the roof. Different strokes...
  14. I disagree with your assertion that a 10 AWG wire is fine for any serious solar system. Voltage drop on these relatively low voltage systems can really impact efficiency, and adding heavier wire at the time of build is practically free. When we had our Hitchiker built we specified 4 AWG wire and it cost us less than $50 extra. Using a DC voltage drop calculator, with the system you've outlined above (1340 watts at 24 volts nominal, say 50 amps) you will be losing a full volt in just a ten foot run of 10 AWG wire. And it is hard to get from panels to controller in less than 10 feet. It may not seem like much, and does satisfy the "less than 10%" rule that is sometimes thrown around, but jumping up to 4 AWG wire lowers that voltage drop to around .25 volts. That is significant efficiency that you would take advantage for the entire life of the trailer, assuming that you are looking to use solar regularly. OP - My answer to #2 above is YES. If it is available and you are considering a solar installation in the future, get the 2 or 4 AWG wire if it is offered. It will never be easier than now to upsize those conductors.
  15. On our trailer we had to fill the fresh water tank all the way up, open the low-point drain valves (on the bottom of the trailer) and then turn the pump on. The combination of high water level in the tank and open low-point drains helped get the water moving toward the pump and eventually it re-primed. Took a couple of minutes though. I would turn off the water heater when you do this just in case it partially empties through the low-point drain. You don't want to burn up an element. Another thing that can cause the problem is an air leak on the intake side of the pump, which causes it to draw air and lose prime. Good luck!
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