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  1. We have volunteered at Goose Island State Park as well as Laguna Atascosa NWR. In both cases our sites were not immediately adjacent to water, but were within a half-mile of the sea. With the winter winds in those areas the salt spray carries a surprising distance, and our bikes really took a hit regarding rust. The hosts that we worked with who actually hosted on the bayside area of Goose Island has salt spray driven directly onto their rigs and suffered some significant rust damage. Salt spray is no joke when it comes to corrosion of vehicles. The car washes along the coast do a very good business for that reason!
  2. By all means take it to the dealer. It's what they do, and with the increasingly complex vehicles we have today they are most likely to be able to diagnose the issue.
  3. https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/96816?hl=en
  4. I have my credit card set to send me an instant e-mail with purchase location, amount, time, etc. I usually have it before I am even back in the vehicle. So I have no need for paper receipts, or to worry about unauthorized credit card use going undetected.
  5. Right now it is 55 degrees here in Ellsworth, Maine. We're waking up to mid-to-high 40's. Great sleeping temps!
  6. Good to know! It would be many months before we could find out for ourselves.
  7. We had both the E & W DNS feeds when we first got it ten years ago. But it seems that within a year we were shifted to the East feed only. We prefer the east feed as any shows we watch come on "earlier" and can be DVR'd. We were also getting locals when we were back in Central Texas. I wouldn't be surprised if those have gone away in our transition to a mobile account.
  8. For some reason I don't think that is the primary reason in the circumstances described above. But maybe I'm wrong...
  9. But why the desire to video someone that is having problems and perhaps damaging their equipment? Spite because they didn't accept your offer of assistance? You can't just let people be? This tendency of folks to whip out their phone and video unfortunate situations in the hope that their video "goes viral" doesn't say much for those folks.
  10. I agree with all of this. We don't go inside of the store to pay for gas. We pay at the pump or find another station. We too have had the occasion to sit waiting for the pump that we'll fit into, only to have the vacant car at the pump sit for far too long. Eventually the owner will drift out of the store with a fountain drink, some snacks, maybe a lotto ticket or two while checking their phone. When they finally get to their car they seem totally oblivious to the fact that they've blocked a pump for several minutes. The moral of this story: Please clear the pump when you've finished fueling. Pretty please...
  11. I don't think that Roadtrek is seeking information for his own use as much as he is seeking conversation. I'll bet we all know someone who like to start conversations with a somewhat provocative statement just to get folks wound up. I've decided to more or less ignore his posts as I don't care for that sort of discussion simply for the sake of discussion.
  12. Back when gas was higher I'd simply run the card a second time.
  13. FWIW - You would also see us plug into the 50 amp receptacle without "any visible surge protection". Our unit is hard wired and so an observer would never know what we had, or didn't have. Just the way I like it...
  14. I'll bet this helped a lot. Once someone has indicated that they don't want your help (for whatever reason), leave them the heck alone. I've had situations where someone came over to offer help when I either didn't need it or simply didn't want it from them. That is just human nature. Were you going to give them some unsolicited advice on pressure regulators and surge protectors once you got them unhooked?
  15. We e-mailed our forms in on May 14th and just received notification that our DNS service was approved to continue, and also that they'd converted our residential account over to a mobile account, which is appropriate. Easy peasy...
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