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  1. So more people visit Tall Grass Prairie than Rocky Mountain or Acadia National Parks?? I doubt it. But if it's on the Internet it must be true!!
  2. Miller Insurance specializes in coverage for full-time RV'ers and can definitely help you out. In addition to full-timers coverage they write umbrella policies if you need additional liability coverage. Miller Insurance
  3. On my slides the hydraulic ram is attached to one of the beams supporting the slide, with the other beam actuated through the geared shaft. So the end with the ram is always the end that moves. If either of the bolts is sheared on the connecting shaft the other end does not. So on my setup at least, the end that is not moving does not indicate which bolt is sheared.
  4. When you do the work make sure that the slide is square in the opening. What I do is extend the slide just a couple of inches and measure both sides relative to the outside wall. Get it as even as you can. Once you figure out which bolt is sheared, you will likely need someone to bump the switch to move the working side in or out a tiny bit to get the shear bolt holes lined up. Once the bolt is in run the slide in and out a couple of times to be certain that it is tracking correctly. Depending on what slack you have in the system you could end up removing the bolt and adding (or subtracting) half a turn or more to get it running squarely. It's best to do the checking and adjusting before you button the bottom back up!!
  5. The 2016 Ford Towing Guide shows an F-350 with the 6.2L gasoline engine and the 3.73 rear end as being rated to tow between 12,000 and 12,900 pounds, depending on the configuration of the truck. Simpler trucks (Standard cab, 2WD) are lighter so you'll be able to tow slightly more than a heavier crew cab, 4x4 (for instance).
  6. Danandfreda hit the nail on the head. There is very likely a single hydraulic jack or electric motor, and a geared shaft with a shear bolt. There are often two shear bolts, one near each end of the geared shaft. You'll need to open the belly to figure out which one (or rarely both) has sheared. A very simple repair once you've gained access to the shaft. I've had to replace a couple on my Hitchhiker. Luckily Hitchhiker made it easy to drop the plastic belly pan to get to the bolts and then re-attach it. Some trailers will require cutting the bottom open and then trying to figure out how to close it back up.
  7. When I replaced my big awning motor the spring was wound with the slide retracted. Looking at the AE Topper instructions it appears that all work is done with the slide room in the retracted position. In fact, in the instruction sheet the assumption is that the topper is off of the slide and wound on a bench, pinned, and then installed onto the slide room. So if the topper is not removed I would still wind the prescribed number of turns with the slide in. AE Topper Instructions
  8. Nothing new there. AFAIK the Honda 3000 watt gens have always had that 30 amp receptacle.
  9. Did you look at the 30 amp outlet on the 3000 watt Honda generator? I did...
  10. A very simple and inexpensive adapter is all that you need. Not even a "dog bone". 30 amp Twist lock to RV Adapter
  11. I believe that this is correct only for A/C current at high voltages. For our DC systems in the 12V - 48V range there is no so-called "skin effect". However, lots of small wires does make for good flexibility, so there is that...
  12. The max inflation pressure shown on the side of an LT or ST tire corresponds to the maximum load the tire is rated for. As the load decreases below the maximum load, the recommended tire pressure also decreases. So if you choose to run max. pressure (which is the safe default if you don't know the weight) but your weight is actually well below max, the center of the tire will wear more quickly. So the tire is over-inflated for that load.
  13. Nada. Typical thread drift. Not a new thing on the internet...šŸ˜€
  14. We've seen those convoys of junkers headed south to Mexico for twenty years. I agree that it is highly unlikely that they had braking systems on the towed cars. Even the tow vehicles themselves often look like they barely run...
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