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  1. mptjelgin

    KOA Mt. Pleasant SC

    We found this issue at many of the parks we stayed in traveling from Maine back to Texas. A lot of the 50 amp circuits are were showing significant voltage drop with as little as 20 - 30 amps on a leg. It looked like many of the parks were older, and the electrical services were old as well. I imagine that when they were installed the assumed "draw" across the park was much lower than they are seeing these days with more modern, "power hungry" RV's. I doubt that 75% of the 50 amp services we were on would have supported 3 A/C's running at the same time. Some of them had issues with an A/C, and electric water heater, and the microwave running simultaneously.
  2. mptjelgin

    Saving energy during cold temps

    No doubt that air can move through those vents. When we turn on the Fantastic Fan in our bathroom to vent moisture, most of the incoming air comes through the A/C vent in the ceiling and the heat vent in the floor, as our bathroom door has practically no gap at the bottom.
  3. And, if you are going to add DRV to the list, you'll be needing to look at a very capable tow vehicle. At least the most robust dual-rear wheel (DRW) pick-ups and very likely something heavier than that. DRV's are built well, and are very heavy because of it. Frankly they are in a league (and price range) that is different than the other two you've listed.
  4. I think that you got your best answer in the very first response. There is simply no way to study this issue to the point that you get the "perfect" RV for your needs. The good news is that many different options are available, and all of them will work just fine. But all of them involve compromises. As you can see from just the responses above some folks put crash worthiness at the top of their list, others convenience in setting up in the rain, and others overall cost of ownership. We would never consider the first two as top-priorities, but certainly agree that cost of ownership is an important criteria for most. Make an reasonably informed decision, and then enjoy yourself.
  5. mptjelgin

    2015 F550 vs 2019 F550

    In 2015, the 6.7L diesel was rated at 440 HP and 860 lb.-ft.. In 2019 the engine is rated 450 HP and 935 lb.-ft.. Beyond that, I don't know what changes may have occurred.
  6. mptjelgin

    Park pricing on the way up

    Wow. I had no idea that this existed! Thanks!
  7. mptjelgin

    I’ll admit it I’m scared.

    It's probably the first time I've been around the trailer long enough to be approached. We tend to leave early in the morning to go sightseeing, birding, etc. But once back we don't often spend much time standing around outdoors!
  8. mptjelgin

    I’ll admit it I’m scared.

    I agree. So why is it that during breakdown is when I am most often approached?? I can be on a site for several days, but only the morning that I'm breaking down does the neighbor come over to ask where we're from, where we're going, etc. Never fails!!
  9. mptjelgin

    Clean Up That DoDo

    We were interested to note that Gifford Pinchot State Park in Pennsylvania restricted campers with pets to a relatively small set of campground loops, leaving most of the campground areas pet free. It was nice to be away from barking dogs, little "gifts" on the ground, etc.
  10. Agree that this is typical of the check valve on your water pump not closing completely, especially since it started after you accidentally ran the pump. A tiny bit of dirt or perhaps a little curl of pipe material left over from installation has probably gotten caught in the check valve. As noted above, running the pump for a bit may flush it out. I'd switch over to the pump and turn the water on and off a few times to pulse water through the valve. Hopefully that will dislodge whatever is causing your problem. When you took the pump out and gently cleaned it did you remove the head, check the diagrams, etc.?
  11. mptjelgin

    I’ll admit it I’m scared.

    Three things have steered us away from front living rooms. First is convenience. We spend most of our time in the living room, and having it on the lower level with easy (level) access to the kitchen, fridge, etc. is desirable. Second is headroom. I am 6'-1" tall, and our bedroom (upper level) is just over my head. Our living room, on the other hand, is much higher than my head, allowing for a ceiling fan to be used and generally just giving a more open feeling. Third is heating/cooling. The upstairs (bedroom) in our trailer tends to be warmer than the lower levels. In some cases distinctly warmer. I suppose that depending on where you are that could be a good thing or a bad thing, but for us we would find it stuffy much of the time during the day.
  12. mptjelgin

    I’ll admit it I’m scared.

    DRV makes a fine trailer, but they are very heavy, and quite expensive. Don't let anyone tell you that you "need" a DRV to fulltime. You simply do not! 99+% of fulltimers are in something "less" than a DRV and doing fine.
  13. mptjelgin

    A good GPS unit?

    Our Garmin RV760LMT can be used in RV mode or Auto mode. The routing is considerably more conservative in RV mode, and sometimes leads to the "go around the block" scenario when just turning right would have worked. I wonder if the Trucker GPS is doing the same thing. So while they are not 100% perfect, ours has made our travels so much easier and enjoyable. My wife likes not having to try to decipher the maps while I'm going a little nuts after missing an exit!!
  14. mptjelgin

    RGV Cheap RV lots

    Agree. We spent two weeks at a Winter Texas resort last March visiting friends in the area and checking out some old haunts. It was a slightly run down, mid-level resort that was full of Winter Texans who had been coming there for years. Every evening they'd gather for drinks, cards, and an occasional dance. Mornings were shuffleboard, crafts, or some other activity. So while they seemed to stay busy, none of it appealed to my wife or I. Different strokes... And while there is a lot of Spanish spoken in the area, the primarily language is still undoubtedly English and you'll have no problem getting along with no Spanish at all. A couple of the "off the beaten path" restaurants that my wife and I like are straight Spanish, with menus and waiters using 100% Spanish. But that can be part of the charm of the area. As far as a "pick up load of Mexicans" coming up to the RV and offering to wash it, there are definitely services like that and they are very affordable. But we've never received anything but a polite "thank you" when turning them down. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there are large numbers of alligators in South Texas and along the Texas coast. They may not be quite as prevalent in the local ponds as they perhaps are in Florida, but I consider every body of water in that part of Texas to be alligator habitat. We volunteered for two winters at Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge and there were hundreds of alligators on their tracts. But as long as your dog isn't splashing around near the water's edge there is nothing to be afraid of.
  15. mptjelgin

    RGV Cheap RV lots

    I agree completely. We have some friends that wanted a lot in the RGV a couple of years ago, and insisted on a deeded lot. So that found a nice resort that had a section with deeded lots along with several sections of leased lots. Now they are thinking of moving to a different area and guess what? Rather than just allowing a simple lease to terminate, they are faced with putting their deeded lot on the market in an area with thousands and thousands of other options. In retrospect they'd have saved money and had exactly the same amenities and experience had they simply leased one of the lots in the exact same community.