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  1. For us, this is the biggest issue. We travel extensively and are often in our "home area" for only a few weeks a year. With our current system requiring a PCP and a referral to anyone else, the time it takes to run those traps often exceeds the time we have planned to be in the area. Some of the folks commenting on this thread are essentially off the road or in a fixed location for months at a time, not to mention being on Medicare, which makes a difference in how you pursue medical care.
  2. You bet. What care of care you want. What kind of care is available in your area. What kind of care you can afford. Etc. Life is complex.
  3. Kirk- Have you followed any of the national stories/prosecutions regarding doctors running pill mills and prescribing huge amounts of medications without so much as an office visit? Online "doctors" who will write/fill prescriptions based on a questionnaire? Of course there are doctors who will prescribe medications without doing their own due diligence/testing. I'm not endorsing it but I am aware of it. Your statement that most will not do so because of malpractice insurance is correct, but that is not an absolute.
  4. I'm not talking about how I handle my own healthcare. But to think that all doctors handle everything exactly the same way is naive. And for what it's worth, the last two times I needed healthcare on short notice my PCP was booked and I was shunted to two different doctors in the same "practice". Frankly the sanctity of seeing the same doctor for "continuity of care" is a bit overblown in my mind. Thank you for the detailed description of your doctors visit for your cough. I'm sure that every physician would have handled things exactly the same way. Right?
  5. There are doctors all over America who will prescribe a wide variety of medications with just a short conversation and no testing at all. Have you been following any of the stories related to the opioid crisis?
  6. I agree that $900 for fuel is closer. 2500 miles at 8 mpg (should be close, you could do a bit better depending on how you drive) will require 312 gallons of fuel. The current average price of regular unleaded fuel in the US is $2.57 so the total is a bit over $800. Depending on how much gasoline you buy in different states (California being much higher than average, Texas considerably lower) you'll find that estimate will vary. As far as costs for overnight accommodations, that will also vary widely. If you plan to stay in commercial, full hookup campgrounds you could easily average $45 per night. State parks are generally less expensive, but often not by a great deal. And many have reservation systems that make them difficult to "drop in" to, especially on Friday/Saturday nights. If you really want to pinch pennies overnighting at Wal-Mart or other cooperative businesses will save you plenty, but (in my opinion) at the expensive of significantly less relaxing and less scenic overnights. It's a big country and you'll be covering a lot of ground! Five weeks really isn't a huge amount of time to cover that distance and all of the sights offered along the way, so I would try to prioritize what areas might interest you the most (oceans, mountains, national parks, etc.) and figure out where to spend your free days.
  7. About half of our volunteering (not work camping) positions at State Parks and National Wildlife Refuges are on 30 amp services. It isn't a make or break consideration for us. If we like the area and the work we adapt. We have to be a bit more careful with managing appliances but it doesn't really impact our lifestyle. Now if we were going to be in a very hot or cold climate where we needed to be running the A/C constantly or our heat pump and ceramic heaters a good bit we might consider it more critically, but it hasn't been an issue for us. The biggest issue with your coach would likely be the inability to run two A/C's simultaneously.
  8. As far as I know, the entire east side of the island, including the fishing pier are closed due to hurricane damage. As of October they are also closing areas on the west end of the island because of construction to repair the road, campsites, utilities, etc. You'd need to call the park to find out exactly how much is closed at this time. (361) 729-2858
  9. Most of my Amazon deliveries, as recently as this week have come by USPS. May depend on where you are.
  10. That is amazing. I had no idea that amazon had made those sorts of inroads as a shipper. I get all of my deliveries from Amazon out in very rural locations, and thus far all have come either USPS or UPS. Maybe someday I'll see an Amazon truck pull up with a package. Sorry for your troubles regarding your documents.
  11. I'm finding the USPS tracking leaves something to be desired. I sent a camera to Canon to be cleaned. The package was insured and tracked. The USPS tracking showed the camera out for delivery last Friday, and after that shows only an "ALERT" status noting that the delivery has been delayed, with no updates since January 4th. Long story short the camera was in fact delivered to Canon and I've since received it back via Fed-Ex. Yet the USPS tracking on my original shipment still shows "ALERT", undelivered, with no updates. Not particularly useful... I hope that you are able to track down your Certified Mail.
  12. The wooded sites in Goose Island State Park are open. The Bayside sites remain closed for repairs.
  13. Well it looks like Groundhog went to the trouble to edit all of his posts to "not validated'. Sort of took his ball and went home... Not sure what he expected with his "I am the most expert boondocker (with a travel trailer, less than 30', no couch, only one A/C)" approach, but apparently he didn't find it here.
  14. It looks to me like a 2015 crew cab 1500 with the hemi and 3.92 rear end has a GCWR of 15,850 or 15,950 depending on box length and 2WD vs. 4WD. So a rated tow capacity in the 10,000 pound range isn't out of the question. As far as looking at the new trailer, I'd disregard the listed empty weight and concentrate instead on the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) which is likely to more closely reflect the weight of the trailer in use, loaded up and ready to go. I've towed with half ton, 3/4 ton, and (mostly) one-ton pickups and prefer the heavy-duty trucks for towing as they are stiffer, more resistant to sway, better brakes, etc. That being said you've got a capable truck, and should be able to find a suitable travel trailer to tow safely behind it. The 80% number gets tossed around quite a lot and it is a decent enough guideline, but not gospel. I've been well beyond it with my last two trucks and have been completely satisfied going down the road, with no maintenance or performance issues. Most gasoline RV's, (which generally use the same drivetrain as the heavy-duty trucks) are well over 80% of the GVWR sitting on the lot, and often quite close to 100% 0f GCWR when loaded up and pulling a toad.
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