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  1. My wife's PT stopped when she reached 120 degrees. That's on both knees. I was her coach when the physio wasn't here. She would have strangled me at the time but after she thanked me for helping her out. It's not fun but the rewards can be great if you cooperate.
  2. I have a friend who ruptured a disc just by simply bending down to pick up a piece of paper. He just left the doctor's office after surgery to repair another ruptured disc and was on his way home. Strange things happen.
  3. Our 50th comes this September. My plans are to take the woman who has been taking care of me all this time, out to dinner. I'm thinking mickey d's, through the drive through and eat in our truck. At least that's what I tell people when they ask what I'm going to do for the 50th.
  4. vas is lose? Nuts and bolts das vas is lose
  5. Are ya from da bay boy, we'll go scarpin today,
  6. For all of you who have smart cars, a heads up. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/fire-smart-car-investigation-1.4367105
  7. Was that with a push mower???????
  8. This could be interesting for you smart owners who like winter weather... http://www.theweathernetwork.com/news/articles/only-in-canada-photo-of-ottawa-car-goes-viral/64475/?ref=msn_article_?wbRef=www.msn.ca&link=mainArticle
  9. Pipeman, VE3PJF

    Backing Up

    Nice to have that spotter helping out....but nice piece of work
  10. My wife has had both hips and knees replaced. As was said, do the physio without fail and you'll be much better off. I yelled at my wife when she was doing the physio....the side of my head took a beating...you'd think I would have learned after the 1st hip was done.
  11. Are you talking about back pressure? That is something you have to take into consideration, so I've been told.
  12. Pipeman, VE3PJF


    Phil, first off let me offer my condolences to you and all those who protect us all over this world. Secondly here's to all those who have given and to those who are still giving, whether they be Military, Firefighters, EMS and Police. Stay safe Brother.
  13. Where's the snow blower????????Global warming will turn paradise into goose bump weather. Snowed in the Calgary area yesterday. Get the woolys out Phoenix. The Old Goat would be prepared.....
  14. 22 is in the foothills and is also called the Cowboy Trail. Very scenic. We use it quite often to go up to Rocky Mountain House from Waterton. 40 from 1 is in the mountains. I think it's called the Peter Lougheed(spelling) Trail. There are campgrounds along 40 also but again I don't know if your rig will fit. You'll come off 40 in Longview and there is a campground there but I don't know the size of rigs it will accommodate. It's right at the corner of 40 & 22 on the south(right) side as you come to the t junction. 40 & 22 are paved hwys. The people who live out that way should be able to give you better info. We've been on those hwys and that drive through the mountains on 40 is great. Now my rig is 35 ft long and my puller is a LDT.
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