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  1. I just do not understand the infatuation with the idea in the first place.
  2. Not sure why the OP has to renew DL in person every 5 yrs.. The SD DL is renewed every 5 years. After the first 5 online the second in person and so on.
  3. I have had people from the ESP SAY that they dont cover shipping or tax when in fact the "fine print" said they would.
  4. Fulltimer51


    There is an area where a person can test posts. Just saying.
  5. I say it depends. I had a 2013 Lifestyle with full body paint, but the colors were all dark. Browns, tans, and black. Not colors you want in the summer. It was hot. I now have a partial paint on my 2015 DRV. Lite colors make all the difference.
  6. Fulltimer51


    Im thinking he is making a solar water heater that runs through a car like heater core, blowing warmer air like in a car/truck.??
  7. Glad that you are enjoying your trip. I did not know that the Mississippi river ran through Custer, SD.
  8. I agree with you. How could a slide not be in and through the wall? Thats why they are "slide outs". Even a slide in slide will be through the wall.
  9. I heard that South Dakota does not share vehicle information. Good news for tolls if true.
  10. The windup reel is also an electric contact point. As is the transfer switch if generator prepped. Anything is possible in a new rig. I would check the voltages at the circuit breaker panel.
  11. Not that the gauge is all that accurate, even over loaded as you say, the temp was still within operational limits. Any vehicle under those conditions will get hot. The ideas mentioned appear to be things done from personal experience and should be considered very valuable.
  12. Go to Google.com., Type in Redwood RV.
  13. I would want to know whats wrong with the unit that is causing the fuse to blow( If it is in fact blown). You may be spending a lot of time for a final fix only to find that you need more fuses during trouble shooting.
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