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  1. Bleeding brakes

    I have pulled the emergency brake switch in the past then just bled the brakes.
  2. Buying an RV out of state

    Bought a rig in 2013 from La Masa RV in Tucson. They did all the paper work to register in SD.
  3. Standalone Fifth Wheel Insurance

    I insure the RV through National Interstate and the truck with USAA. National wanted more per year than USAA.
  4. Low Waterpressure

    Thanks Kirk, Ill check it out. I do use a whole house sediment filter at the riser and a whole house charcoal filter inside the rig.
  5. Low Waterpressure

    Since the pressure is so low, I dont use a regulator. If I use the regular position I dont think the pump adds any water to the system. It just pumps water from the water tank and since the pressure from the pump is higher than the water coming, no water comes in and I have to keep adding water to the tank. I have tried this once at a park that had really low pressure and it was a help. I was wondering how the pump would long term using this method. I think that whole rig RO systems offer an extra pump to keep the pressure up for the filter to work properly so there must be some logic there.
  6. Slide out scratching the floor

    I helps if the floor has been cleaned well, before the slide is moved.
  7. Low Waterpressure

    My unit has a winterization position on the water control valve. In the winterization position the water pump sucks from the city water inlet. I have stayed in parks where the water pressure was less than desirable. How about connecting to the park water using the winterization position and using the pump to increase pressure? What do you think?
  8. 2017 Ram brake control not activating trailer

    Not all controllers are compatible with all RV brake systems. Can you try to lower the power setting on the controller to see if you can find a position that works? At least one truck manufacture's controller provides no braking below 5 mph.
  9. Fueling up

    I understand. Had I chosen the truck station, there would have been no problem because I would have had enough room, which is what the OP was asking about.
  10. Fueling up

    Truck type places are the only way to go. Many times they cost more but well worth it, in my opinion. Last week I chose a regular station to avoid the hustle and bustle at the truck stop. Big mistake. First estimate to fix the fight with an island protection device is about $7K. You do the math.
  11. Energy Management System Question

    Sparky, What you are describing is not an Energy Management System, but a surgprotector. Not important really, but might help you when doing searches for products.
  12. Macerator pump and septic tanks

    Ask a septic tank company. I think: what happens in the first chamber anyway? Doesnt it get broken down?
  13. holding tank treatment

  14. Dump Stations

    This topic is not about KOAs but I am glad you do.