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  1. j2catfish

    Staying in a parking lot

    My experience is that some RV parks (even RV Resorts) have rules about not putting your jacks down without padding of some sort; even on concrete. Large MHs and some 5ers concentrate lots of their weight on the jack pads and they have sufficient weight to bust the concrete. Braircliffe RV Resort in Myrtle beach comes to mind. I'm not a big fan of the plastic blocks so mostly use 2"X8" wooden blocks. Asphalt in the south in the summer can be a problem. Catfish
  2. j2catfish

    Flag Day! June 14 2018!

    Flag Day is always a good time to check the condition of your every day flag. I usually replace mine if it shows wear (which is often) due to our brisk winds. A yearly replacement is not that expensive. The local boy scouts or the VFW will usually take your old, damaged flag and retire it with appropriate honors. Catfish
  3. j2catfish


    What would be the correct tip for a drive through window? I have noticed several signs on the pick up window that says "Tips are appreciated". Have not tipped there yet, don't know if I will ever do so. Catfish
  4. j2catfish

    coywolf breed

    Good article that makes a lot of sense to me. I know of a Marine back in 1958 in 29 Palms, California that had a coyote/dog mix. I don't know where the animal came from but thought it was a local. He had a pack made up for the animal and they hiked/walked from the stumps to Palm Springs for some charity. The animal carried mucho water for the trip. Was a small hero for a while. Catfish
  5. j2catfish

    Interesting Teton

    I recommend having the roof repaired using the flex armor stuff. I have had the flex armor applied to my Teton due to leaks discovered during Hurricane Harvey. So far it is great! It is flexible and sprayed on, not the painted on stuff. They removed all the A/Cs, vent caps, etc and applied the flex so that there is no seams left to leak. They have several shops that do the work, mine was done in Texas. It was covered by insurance, except for the $250.00 deductible. JM2CW. Catfish
  6. Has anyone replaced the flex plastic water drain on the back, outside, of their refrigerator? Mine has broken off near the top and no way I have arms long enough nor skinny enough to reach in there to replace it . Bought the replacement hose from one of the RV salvage shops in Elkhart. Right now I have rigged up a funnel and drain hose but water sometimes gets by my rig. Any help greatly appreciated! (two door side by side refer with top and bottom vents outside) Regards, Catfish
  7. j2catfish


    A duplicate/replacement DD214 (DD217?) is available from his branch of service. Any VA rep can provide the correct address. The VA ID card is the best and easiest to carry rather than the DD214/DD217. Hope that helps. Catfish
  8. Brand new in sealed package. Excess to my requirements. Only $13.00 plus postage. Email J2 catfish@juno.com. Will be mailed same day as payment rec,d.
  9. j2catfish

    Another RV fire and explosion!

    It appears that the RVs involved are park models and not what I would call typical RVs. That does not reduce the tragedy. I have noticed that some RV resorts in Myrtle Beach and else where seem to violate any set back/spacing requirement. Makes it had for the fire folk to get to the site and do their most thankful work. Be careful out there. Catfish
  10. j2catfish

    Dometic 15K Air Conditioner

    Currently PPL in Houston has a 15000 BTU (also heat pump) on their website for $850.08 . Shipping to NC is about $130.00, just in case your really need to replace the entire unit. Don't ask how I know. Regards, Catfish
  11. j2catfish

    Elio Motors

    Anyone want to buy a nice long T shirt ? Never been worn. Oh well! Catfish
  12. j2catfish


    Glenn: I have had two Tetons, first, 1997 had electric brakes. They simply sucked. My present unit, 2007, has disks. No way would I go back to 'lectric. just my 2 cents worth. Good luck. "Catfish"
  13. j2catfish

    mini split install

    Glenn: You will have to wire in a split system any way so why not wire it for 220 volts, if the 110vac systems are not available. The wiring is already installed at your main panel. All that is needed is a "handle tied" circuit breaker sized for the wire /load you will install. Seems simple to me. Lots of newer RVs are going to 220v for dryers, etc. Just my thoughts Good luck with your project. Let us know how it works out. Catfish
  14. j2catfish

    Groundhog Day

    It should be a national holiday as it is also our 59th wedding anniversary. Hope the DW sees her shadow! Catfish (&Doady)
  15. j2catfish

    El Paso Loop 375

    Should you decide to take I10 through El Paso, I recommend that you not do it at about sundown. There are places, right in the middle of much traffic, where the sun is low enough to shine directly in your eyes. Not a good experience in my opinion. Catfish