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  1. I have a Yamaha EF3000ISEB purchased new in July 2008 and a Progressive Ind. EMS-HW30 purchased new in May 2009. At the time I purchased the EMS I was using the same model Generator purchased in Aug. 2004. The EMS manual did not discuss the bonding issue. After I installed it I noticed it did not function when using the generator. I called Progressive and they told me this was expected because of the open bond and they felt that protecting the output of a generator was not necessary. They did not suggest anything about getting around this by adding a bond at the generator. In fact the "warnings" section of the manual would suggest they specifically did not think the system should be bonded. I later read about RVers doing this to make their Prog. EMS function with their generator. I've never done this but I might do it in the future if I get better information about my particular generator and EMS. Companies often make design changes over the life of a product while keeping the same model numbers and published user information so use caution when generalizing. When I purchased the Yamaha the manual clearly stated that, for safety reasons, the user must connect the Earth Ground terminal on the front panel to an earth ground rod pounded into the ground. That seemed like a big PITA for an RVer on the move. I asked other users on internet forums etc. if anyone was doing this - nope no one was so I never did either and I've never had a related problem. The manual for my Yamaha does not mention a GFCI and the fairly detailed schematic in the manual does not show a GFCI. It does have an overload protection circuit breaker that will trip when the load exceeds the rated output. It also has the safety ground on the output plug tied to the chassis common and the chassis common tied to the ground lug on the control panel. So bottom line is I would advise everyone to really get a good understanding of your generator design and your EMS design before adding bonding to your system. Probably best to rely on technical support from your generator manufacturer and EMS manufacturer. Don't assume that someone giving general advice on the internet understands how this might apply to your particular situation. Note: for some reason I'm unable to delete the duplicate image below???
  2. Carefully review the document at the site below. I don't believe it's safe to bond at the generator unless you have a GFCI. I don't think your generator has GFCI protection and if you don't have something like the Progressive Ind. unit monitoring the generator you may create an unsafe electrical system. Generators and OSHA Construction Standards 3-05.pdf
  4. I did about the same thing but used an aluminum tent stake (⅛" round pin with a hook bent on one end) I picked up in a campsite.
  5. I suspect the someday we may see less demand for oil but I'm personally convinced it's not going to happen anytime on the immediate investing horizon. Demand is still steadily increasing but supply from cheaper sources in recent years (fracking, tar sands etc.) have had a dramatic effect on the economics of the oil industry. But ever since oil was discovered these things have gone in cycles and every cycle brings out the prognosticators who make convincing arguments that "things will never be the same again. When I was still in high school I remember reading about imminent "peak oil" being touted by many scientific "experts". I remember when gasoline prices were so high just a few years ago how many experts said we'd never see gasoline below $3/gal again - I bought it this week for less than $2/gal. Bottom line in my opinion is that NO ONE can predict how these things will evolve. Just invest with the best knowledge available at the time and mostly ignore people who try to predict what will happen several years down the road. It might be fun to speculate but it generally does not lead to profitable investing. No matter which side of an argument one takes he can find "experts" who will confirm his own opinions.
  6. A couple years ago I was looking for a place to store our RV while gone for a couple weeks to Hawaii. I found a three that would have worked out good but didn't use them because a friend offered to let us keep it in their driveway. You might try: ExtraSpace Storage, 10753 Artesia Blvd. Cerritos, CA 90703, 562-865-5128 Pioneer RV Storage, 16703 Pioneer Blvd, Artesia, CA, 562-924-1583 Chapman RV Storage, 7581 Chapman Ave, Garden Grove, CA, 714-799-9338 About 5 years ago we left our trailer at an RV storage place near Disneyland Anaheim but when I checked 2 years ago they were only taking long-term rentals. When we did that it worked out very good for us by arranging to have Super Shuttle pick us up at the RV storage lot and take us directly to LAX. I've used Super Shuttle many times for business travel and also for vacation travel and they've never let me down - always get me to the airport on time. The drivers seem to know all the tricks for getting around bad traffic. With all of the above storage places it's hit or miss - sometimes they have space available that will accommodate your rig and sometimes they don't. If they can't help you ask them for suggestions about other places you might check - they seem to often know al lot about other good possibilities.
  7. I sanitize ours once a year also but I've always wondered why this was really necessary. When we lived in a stick house we never thought to sanitize the house plumbing or the water heater even if we had been gone for several weeks. It's not clear to me why there's any real difference. If you use untreated well water I can understand the need.
  8. Never has such a problem with bananas but anything delicate we place on a towel on the bed. If you do that and they still bruise you must have a very rough riding trailer.
  9. For those who like and use Apple products, or invest in Apple, or just like to have a little better understanding of what's happening in AI and ML the article linked below is very readable and interesting. It just amazes me how much compute power is in today's pocket computers (that also have, what is now an almost trivial, phone app). The rate that this this technology is advancing is astounding.
  10. Sort of what I expected too. Moving it to them increases your AUM which, after EJ gets its cut will reduce your 3% annuity to, I'm guessing, 1.5% to 2%. Maybe not so attractive from that standpoint - but that's what is happening to all of your investments managed by EJ.
  11. It sounds like you are already paying Edward Jones for financial advice - have you asked your advisor the same question? What's his/her advice?
  12. Today the Dow 30, S&P500, and Nasdaq all hit new record highs. Ten years ago today they did the same thing .... before they started a very major decline. I remember that time quite well. We had just sold our house and started our full time life. Our investment portfolio was "underwater" for a number of years. An interesting article brought back the memory today:
  13. .... a pretty good sized BEV truck during the same era:
  14. "Are you still in"? If you are fearful we're in a "bubble" or have jumped out already it's always good to take a look from "60,000 feet" for a different perspective. I ran across this interesting article today:
  15. wheel chocks, leveling blocks, a carpenter's level .... If you need to have AC and don't have electric hookups you'll need a 3 Kw generator and gas can to haul gas to generator. If your friend/host has a way to connect you to electric you'll need a 30A connection and perhaps a 30A extension cord.