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    We are retired so we have no interest what so ever. Whatever comes up is interesting to us. Traveling and staying out of Cold weather is our goal.

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  1. richfaa

    Saving energy during cold temps

    We never heard of that but if it works that is good. We never stay in really cold areas. We set the heating and cooling system for our comfortable settings and we use what we use.
  2. Reality ..We tow about 15K of 5th wheel, maybe a bit more, with a 08 F350 Dually Diesel. We can count on around 10MPG at the end of the average day sometimes a bit less not very often more. The run 62 /65 MPH. The Fords are heavy but sturdy trucks .The truck weighs 9K lbs or a bit more ready to tow that means we are pulling @ 24 K or more. We will be leaving for our Florida residence soon which is in excess of 1200 miles from our Driveway. We will use 120 gallons of diesel or more at todays price of 3.29.9 per gallon. We will get discounts at FJ/pilot or other stations . We do not drive miles off the interstate or TPK to save 2 or 3 cents per gallon.The trip will cost us @ 360 or more $$$ maybe more. Fuel and lodgings will be your greatest expense. RV'ing no matter how you do it is not cheap. This is why I keep emphasizing to determine what your income will allow you to do then stay within that determination. Other folks are always very generous with your money.
  3. richfaa

    Social Security to increase in 2019

    We have a employee provided BC/BS plan in retirement and Medicare. We are happy with both.
  4. Folks Rv , full time, long time in all brands and all price ranges of RV's.To the user customer service usually means your dealer or a dealer and there are good ones and not so good ones. Choose the RV you can afford and meets your travel and living needs. Both the grand design and the alpine are excellent units choose the one that is best for you. I like to look at the unit weight and if one weighs considerable more than the other i look to see were the difference in weight is. Our budget puts us in the Mid Range RV pricing. None of our 6 RV's were Grand Design so can not speak to dealer service. Both our 5th wheels were Keystone products(Montana's) as they fell within our budget our purchasing dealer on both of them is excellent. Alpine is also a Keystone product considered to be at the top of their line. Keystone has a service center in Goshen Ind that is IMO and dealings excellent. Since we travel the county we always call the service center if we need work done on the road and let them find us a dealer or repair center.We would do the same with any brand.
  5. We are not actual full timers but close to it as we still own a S&B.The determining factors were affordability that is what could be afford to spend on a RV and what could we get for that money.We do not buy used. How will we use the RV and which RV is best suited for that use. Interior storage space was critical for Helen and exterior storage space as well as ease of set up and maintenance was critical for me. If purchased today you can easily have 140 K or more invested in a mid level 5th wheel and truck to pull it. My question today would be what could we get for 140K in a class A MH vs the truck and 5th wheel.We faced the same question in 2006 and 2013 but of course the money was a bit lower. I preferred a MH as we drove school bus and over the road charter bus after our retirement and was convinced that the MH was easier to drive park, etc as we parked these buses in places you would not believe. Helen's tape measure indicated more interior storage space in a 40 foot 5th wheel that a 40 foot MH . The MH would have to be a diesel pusher with air brakes as I was well aware of what it took to stop the weight of a 40 foot MH. Our choice was based primary on affordability as we could not get what we wanted in a MH for the $$$ we could spend. That is our story others will vary.
  6. . We have directv. We have not requested a service address change for some time but we did for a few years and never had a problem.The locals would come in while we were still on the phone with directv. We realized that it was easier to get the local channels via the bat wing with no problem at all.I think we can remember two or three times since 2006 when we were over nighting and could not get a good local channel. Perhaps since we do not boon dock in out of the way places is the reason we have little trouble will OTA locals. When on the road we use the OTA antenna instead of setting up our G2+ dome. We can not remember the last time we could not get OTA locals.
  7. We have two satellites and one is the winegard G2+.we called Directv about the up coming changes and they were not eager to share information. we called called winegard and to be short they indicated software change that will make everything OK so we are not concerned about it..
  8. richfaa

    I’ll admit it I’m scared.

    We are not in that group.We can not remember being bothered by another rv'er when setting up or taking down in all the years we have been RV'ing/
  9. richfaa

    I’ll admit it I’m scared.

    We do not have a checklist in terms of we check off items as we do them but we do have a list of things to check before going on the road call it what you will and we follow it even after years and years of RV,ing. Helen's primary responsibility is interior and mine exterior although we both can do and do either one. If you do not have a routine way of making sure you are clear to set up or take down you will make a expensive mistake sooner or later.
  10. richfaa

    I’ll admit it I’m scared.

  11. richfaa

    I’ll admit it I’m scared.

    We were at the plants in Goshen at a rally last week.Keystone is installing the G rated Salun tire on its heavier hi end units. The salun is a very good tire and most folks are changing to the Salun or Goodyear G614 tires if they are not installed on the unit. Not all G rated tires are of the same quality.
  12. richfaa

    I’ll admit it I’m scared.

    If you full time or long time you will carry around more stuff as compared to weekenders or low use Rv'ers.We picked the Montana 06 3400 and the 13 3402 which are pretty much the same floor plan .The counter space and inside storage apace was critical to Helen and the outside storage space was critical to me. We do run heavy but not over weight. We have good friends that we do a lot of traveling with and winter in Florida . They have the Montana version of the front living room. There does seem to be less storage space up front but they carry a lot of stuff and have not complained.One learns to adapt to the RV they have. BTW the 6 point leveling system is nearly a must for the full timer and good tires Saluns or G6 14's . ChecK the tire brand on the Alpine.
  13. richfaa

    I’ll admit it I’m scared.

    We presently tow a 13 3402 Montana big sky with a F-350 Diesel dully. It is a bit over 53 feet long truck and Montana. We long time which is just short of full timing as we still have the S&B. We have been doing this since 2006 with the same size rig. Yes there will be some State and Federal as well as other CG's that you will not fit into or have trouble getting into 53 feet of truck and camper is not small however we have never had a problem finding a CG that we can fit into. Folks full time in all makes, models and price ranges of Rv's the Keystone Alpine 37FL is a good Rv perhaps better than the Montana 3402.We have over 100K miles on two Montana's this 13 3402 has over 50K highway miles and we live in it at least 9 months of the year. I would take a tape measure to the Alpine 37RL as my guess is it will be closer to 40 feet very front to very back meaning the part you have to park. We have toured the Alpine plant in Goshen, Ind as it is very near the Montana plant. We prefer new units .We have never purchased used. IMO you are making good choices. Montana makes a Front living room similar to the Alpine and we have several friends that have them. My guess is the Alpine will have two A/C's and the cooling will be fine. BTW Rv's are not designed for tall folks.
  14. When we no longer see signs that say "bridge surface freezes before road surface " was are far enough south to start looking. We have wintered in Arizona , Texas and for the last few years central Florida. Central Florida near Disney world winters are very much like Northern Ohio summers so we have eternal summer.We also liked Az and Texas anywhere warm was good for us.
  15. We do not overnight at any store or any where else except a campground. We Do appreciative the opportunity to do so if needed.