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    We are retired so we have no interest what so ever. Whatever comes up is interesting to us. Traveling and staying out of Cold weather is our goal.

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  1. We have the 365.We purchased one a few months ago after seeing it in action at our local shooting range. It is well suited for CC. It has become my firearm of choice for CC.
  2. Our Domicile is Ohio and we have purchased our firearm's here. Background checks or other purchase procedures do not bother me.
  3. Not counting tents and pop ups it was a Coachman hard side in 1983.
  4. When we went long timer we purchased what best suited our travel needs and our budget .It was a 40 foot 5th wheel ,4 slides and a F-350, diesel,CC.LB dually.
  5. we are seeing many people who are full-timing are downsizing to smaller RVs because of the problems and "scary situations" some of the bigger ones encounter"...…. We are in a 40 foot Montana. We do not know what that statement means. We purchased the biggest 5th wheel we could afford a 40 foot, 4 sides Montana. Wife had never driven anything that big but was a pro in a very short time. We are not "full timers: as we have a S&B but spend most of the year in the 5th wheel.
  6. We did Arizona Apache Junction, Tucson , lake Havasu .It was OK but can get a bit chilly at night in the desert. We tried Central Florida and have been wintering there ever since being from Northern Ohio that climate fits us perfectly. It has been eternal spring and summer for us.
  7. Every State has residency test. It is generally 6 months or so and that can be a problem for RV'ers . We domicile in Ohio we pay taxes here, we vote here. We pay property taxes here. We also now have a residence in Florida. It is not our domicile we do not vote there. Florida does not have a State income tax. We do pay property taxes in Florida. We now spend 5 months in Florida in past years we spent more than 6 months out of the State of Ohio. Ohio was still our domicile We paid property taxes . We paid State income taxes. We never had a tax issue with any level of Governmnet. BTW California is a beautiful State we have travelled the entire State. We never lived there. We do not prefer large cities no matter what State they are in but that does not keep us from visiting them. This is a wonderful country and beauty abounds.
  8. We have never purchased a RV from CW because they did not have the brand.model we wanted and their prices were way out of line. We purchase other items from CW if they have what we need and the price is right. We have had repair work done at CW with not a problem. CW is not our first choice for anything simply because they are usually far to busy and IMO the prices are high. We do ead the horror stories about CW on these forums but have experienced none.
  9. As a result of the hurricane heavy rains can be a problem in North and South Carolina. Interstates washed out, high water.
  10. We winter in Florida near WDW. We do not leave until the 3rd or 4th week of Oct after the threat of hurricanes are over . I would not even attempt it t with the conditions now. I would not even try Myrtle Beach. It is difficult to get a campground long the way under normal conditions. Fuel may be in short supply. I would stay home for a few days,
  11. Haven't been to Canada as of late and only twice since 9/11. We have crossed the border many times both with and without the RV. We have never been stopped or searched both ways just asked the usual questions and on our way .
  12. These factory reps are professionals no one knows how the unit was treated in those two years or how it occurred.These guys are professionals and have seen it all;They will be able to determine what caused the failure.They have seen it all. If it is a design flaw they would want to know.I see it as positive that they are sending factory reps out.
  13. We are under 65 feet total length. We do not tow anything behind the RV ever.I think that will keep us out of trouble with the length police.
  14. We winter in the Disney world area in Florida and we understand why many communities are becoming not RV friendly.We see RV's parked everywhere to avoid a overnight stay at a campground in many cases for days.
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