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    We are retired so we have no interest what so ever. Whatever comes up is interesting to us. Traveling and staying out of Cold weather is our goal.

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  1. NJ Turnpike

    Ran the NJ tpk last summer .EZ pass no problems.
  2. Boycott Arizona Market Place - Yuma

    We are no flea market fans but it is our choice to go or not to go pay or not to pay. Most of the time it is a parking fee. It still remains a personal choice.
  3. Disney World Quartzsite

    Wife works at WDW as a seasonal.I also worked there as a seasonal. We never heard of WDW hiring work campers. I worked as a seasonal 4 years.Wife has been a seasonal since 2008. The job pays the same no matter what class of cast member you are Full time, Part time, Seasonal.It is true that some jobs are restricted to full time only. Google WDW jobs. The pay is low the hours can be long.
  4. Actually if it is at all possible your best solution to to move out of the very high cost State Many do this and there are States with a much lower cost of living out here.
  5. Staying in a parking lot

    Except of a occasional rally were you have no control over what surface you are parked on we use campgrounds for overnight stays and follow whatever rules are in place.
  6. re-charge deep cycle batteries

    Check your water levels on a regular basis.Every month will not hurt.
  7. Don't Miss Out on Escapade!

    We have been to two of them.They are very informative.
  8. Perfect camping coffee

    Many people do. Both of my grandfathers did .Said it was good for your health.I don't see why not but I never did. We camped with a person who did that every morning. We put eggs in many things why not Coffee.
  9. Perfect camping coffee

    A egg in the coffee is a good thing.
  10. Perfect camping coffee

    Campfire any kind of a pot, add water and coffee to your taste bring to boil separate grounds and have a good cup of camp coffee.
  11. Follow the instructions and there will be no problem.
  12. Tipping

    All of the comments on why we do not tip are informational and revealing however we will still tip as usual.
  13. Ours service address is our S&B although we are not there most of the year. We get the local channels via the bat wing were ever we are. We are not interested in the local weather or local news from our Service address (the S&B) since we are not there.
  14. Tipping

    Many replies show how much many do not know about tipped employees.
  15. Tipping

    We will still tip.