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    We are retired so we have no interest what so ever. Whatever comes up is interesting to us. Traveling and staying out of Cold weather is our goal.

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  1. I never thought of Pop ups as a luxury RV, and I got it d o not trust anyone particularly if they do not agree with you/
  2. The quality of RV's has not changed in years.It would make no sense for RV manufacturers to turn out junk. Wife and I worked the big RV show in Cleveland, Ohio for a few years. The vast majority of buyers have no clue about quality or how to look for it. they just want to know what the monthly payment are and will my truck pull it.
  3. The RV industry is a really good indicator of were the economy is heading. Rv's are a luxury item and luxury items are the first to feel the effects of a slowing economy. We will be in the Elkhart area for a RV rally in 3 weeks and will be able to see what the economy is like there.
  4. We agree with that actually the manufacturer would rather have them SItting at the dealers lot than in a manufacturer's lot. We drove the turnpikes to Nebraska for a rally and the transport traffic was heavy. In the 08 recession the Elkhart area was a ghost town. I recall all of the montana products being built in one plant.
  5. Would not know that by the RV's awaiting transport in the Elkhart, Goshen,ind area. Was there just last week and the lots are overflowing. The RV industry is however among the first to feel a economic downturn.
  6. We have used Garmin stand alone for many years can not tell you why we just do. We have the Garmin 465T .The wife also has a Garmin trucker GPS in her car as we may be in separate vehicles and would sort of like to be both on the same route.
  7. This is a very good site and I like to read it on a regular basis to note how many problems we have never had. We have only been at this for 25 years or so.
  8. We are also a retired Federal Employee and have our health care through the FEHBP. Wife is retired Federal Employee also. It is very good health insurance but it is not as many believe free. The Federal Government is also a employer and as such offers benefits to its employees as many employers they pay a portion and the employee pays a portion. We are also on Medicare that we of course both paid into.
  9. I don't know we have been camping for decades and have stayed in countless campgrounds all over the country. We have been in CG,s with kids running all over the place riding bikes etc they are called family campgrounds our favorite local CG is a family campground.We have never been subject to drunken nearby parties loud generators running next door music blaring out of campers or cars.
  10. Fortunately we do not have these problems.
  11. It is hard to explain. We had problems with the bank for starters, We purchased in a HOA and had problems with the HOA.
  12. Other peoples experiences have nothing to do with yours. It is not normal to ask for a security deposit before running a credit check. They will usually charge you for the cost of a credit check as part of the closing on the purchase of the RV.
  13. The worst experience have ever had was the purchase of a RV lot in Florida,
  14. TST is at about every RV show. We purchased ours at the Tampa RV show. I would look at Amazon for pricing.
  15. We have not had any problem with any of this. I have not smoked since 1980 but have done most everything else.Both medicare and our supplement have paid every bill submitted to them. We have our prescriptions filled at WAlmart both at home and on the road without a single problem
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