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    We are retired so we have no interest what so ever. Whatever comes up is interesting to us. Traveling and staying out of Cold weather is our goal.

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  1. Well we have a annual routine medical checkup every year and have for decades. We will continue to do so, others can continue to do whatever they wish. There are many occupations that require annual checkups .
  2. It was not on our local news and we never heard the story except here on this forum...What is the big deal.
  3. We never use auto pay on anything.
  4. We have two propane tanks that changeover when one is empty and a red indicator shows which one is empty. We use our eyes to check which one is empty .After years of RV'ing we kind of have a feel for when we should look. This system has been flawless for many years.
  5. Our first stay at the Q was in 2007 there were no real bargains then. We attend rallies of like minded folks during every year but 2, 162 miles is a stretch to just attend a rally.
  6. Our S&B is 2,162 miles from Quartzsite so we would not hook up just for a trip to Quartzsite .We were in the general area on our two winter stays in the SW so spent a few days there .We are not boon dockers not that Quartzsite is pure boondocking. The big tent and the various vendors were a disappointment as we had a short list of things to buy because of the reports that prices were very good. That did not turn out be true as the prices were in general much higher. If we were in the area again during the time frame we would probably spend some time there again.
  7. Quartzsite is IMO a bucket list item for very RV'er .It is a interesting experience. We have been there twice as we just happened to be in the general area. We would not make a special trip just to be there.
  8. Stinking facts again...… "906 people are moving to the state of Florida every day. 330,605 people are moving to Florida every year. That's equal to adding a city slightly larger than Orlando every year, according to a report released online this week by state economist.Jul 26, 2019"
  9. We don't need no stinking facts.
  10. We have never lived in CA but have been there many times and have family and friends there. We are glad we do not live in a State such as you describe.
  11. Not a hard question for us our Domicile is Ohio were we maintain a S&B. We have a residence in Florida.
  12. Traveling with firearm is like traveling with anything else adhere to the various laws and you will be good.
  13. We use handgunlaws us they are fairly good at being up to date if in any doubt call the State in question. We have a Ohio permit that is not honored in 11 states California included. we have been all over California. The permit not being honored does not keep us from going were we chose to go. California and others have strict laws regarding bringing in Exotic birds. We have both.
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