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    We are retired so we have no interest what so ever. Whatever comes up is interesting to us. Traveling and staying out of Cold weather is our goal.

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  1. Diesel Fuel & U

    15 /20 % bio lower MPG less power.
  2. New MORryde Entry Steps

    We saw those early on at our Montana Fall rally.They will work for most but not all. We store our rig along side the house and there would not be room to deploy the steps. They do not work well at a truck stop even if well withing the yellow lines due to them deploying out about 4 feet.Then there is the problem of leveling and damage to the RV. They would not work for us.
  3. Tow vehicle concern

    So many variables. Determine your specs and do the math particularity pin weight which is part of Carry capacity. Yes the dually can be a pain in the butt but we have one because we needed one.
  4. TPMS

    We have used both the PP and the Now the TST systems they both do the job. We used the PP from 2006 to 2012 and when we needed a software upgrade and new sensors we found we could get the TST system for a bit less $$ at the Tampa RV show.. The TST system has been on this 5th wheel since 2012 with no issues. We do not need a repeater.The TPMS is a must for us.
  5. Overnight parking at Costco?

    We have seen the foot print they leave
  6. Staying in a parking lot

    Simple ignore rule number 5 and do what you want to do .
  7. Everything must end . Although not full timers since we maintain our S &B up North .We have been on the road since 2006 and we see the end of our adventure nearing . When we are done we are done the RV will be gone. The S&B is there for us and no adjustment will be necessary. We may downsize as the S&B is far to large for just the two of us .It is the best investment we have. Life is a adventure and there is always another adventure. 100K miles plus and all the lower 48 plus a Provence or two is not bad.It has been a good run. Best of luck in your new adventure.
  8. TPMS Limitations? Opinions??

    We had a similar issue. We had a very high temp reading on the left front truck tire sensor.Turned out to be a brake problem but it allowed us to stop before any damage or worse occurred We have been using the TPMS since 2006 both pressure pro and TST will not be on the road without it.
  9. TPMS Limitations? Opinions??

    Just my opinion but what most folks call a blowout was really a slow loss of PSI undetected if one does not have a TPMS .Once the psi dr opes to level that the tire comes off the rim the results can be the same as blowout lots of noise, Rv damage , etc.I have seen it happen right in front of us . We have been using TPMS for 11 years and it has saved us damage more than once.
  10. TPMS Limitations? Opinions??

    Yes it does but it has already happened... bang ..alarm..it can not alert you that you are going to have a blowout a blow out is a sudden and catastrophic failure .
  11. TPMS Limitations? Opinions??

    If what you are doing works for you then keep it up..We have our TPMS 507 set at factory levels for years. we set the our Rv tires psi at 110psi. the mps rotated through all the tires displaying psi and temp. There are many variables speed, out side temp, temp of the roadway, which side of the Rv is exposed t o the sun.We do watch for a drop before anything alarms . We have never changed the TPMS settings and never will. The only thing any TPMS will not do is alert to a blowout that is a sudden and catastrophic failure .
  12. Insurance Info

    We have used Progressive for several years for all our insurance needs. We do check around for the best rates for the SAME coverage every couple of years .We can always get coverage for less $$ but less $$ is not the primary reason we choose a carrier.Progressive provides us the coverage we feel we need at a price we feel is fair.
  13. We cook everything and anything.
  14. 41 ft 5th wheel

    We are 40 feet 6 inches and have not ever had a problem.We do not stay in State parks, etc and we always tell the campground when making reservations that we are 40"6" with 4 slides.
  15. 50 amp power management

    That is why I did that post however you and I are apparently the only ones who have had that happen so there is no reason for anyone to check. We have not had a problem with both A/C running when on separate legs and we have them set up to both run . In fact they both ran most of last week here in Florida. We do have there start times staggered. We also have a W/D.