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    We are retired so we have no interest what so ever. Whatever comes up is interesting to us. Traveling and staying out of Cold weather is our goal.

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  1. We do not normally use the big truck pumps but do on occasion . Strange that we have not had a problem at the big truck pumps with flow although they do fill very fast.
  2. Don't know what we have got but we have had them for years some are yellow and some are orange and none of them have ever broken. We had the levelers on both of our Montana's and found that the RV had to be sort of level before starting the auto level.
  3. If we are traveling down the road in our 5th wheel we are not watching TV so we would not know if there was a signal or not. If we are in a spot for more than overnight we set up our portable satellite dish .We are actually from western PA and understand how mountains and hills can block TV signals. What I said was "Strange as it may seem we have never been in an area were we could not get a OTA signal there have been times' when we could only get 2 or three channels. We use the bat for the locals wherever we are. We use directv
  4. We left Florida April 2nd this year. We stay at KOA campgrounds and had reservations they were open but only 25 maybe 30 % filled. We got at far as S.C when the Governors of VA and WVA shut everything down and we lost our reservation the rest of the way home to Ohio. We decided to not make any travel plans this summer due to the uncertainty. We will stay local when the CG open. We are using the down time to do much need maint on the S&B and the Montana. We are not full timers in that we do have a S&B.
  5. Strange as it may seem we have never been in an area were we could not get a OTA signal there have been times' when we could only get 2 or three channels. We use the bat for the locals wherever we are. We use directv .
  6. When we are on the road we want the local channels were we are at and we just crank up the Bat wing antenna. If we are in Arizona we do not want to see the local weather in Northern Ohio. We want to know what is going on where we are not where we are not.
  7. The standard queen size mattress is 60X80. We hade the OEM mattress in both our Montana 3400 and our now 13 3402. We are long timers spending most of the year living in the RV and the OEM mattress was not satisfactory;. There are plenty of good quality 60X80 products out there and I am sure you can find one that suites you. We went with the standard sleep number in our 06 3400 and transferred it to our 13 3402 upon purchase . It fits perfectly with no modifications and no problem with slide closing.
  8. Thy took a chance they lost they paid the price.
  9. We have never had that happen. We have wintered in Arizona, Mexico for long periods of time with no issues and now Florida. Florida of course has out of state plates from everywhere.
  10. We did not paint our 2013 3402.It was full body paint from Keystone. There were two color schemes both dark. Maple city painted it I had no control over who did it. The front panel chipped badly in about 6 months of travel .We applied bedliner yes we had mud flaps.
  11. We have used wall mart for many years primarily because they are everywhere across the country. We do all refills on line and have very good prescription coverage . We have not had a problem .We do have to remember where we are and to change the pharmacy address so it gets to the right place. We ordered a refill Monday at our local wall mart and picked it up Tuesday .We have our Doctor do 90 day refills with 3 refills.
  12. We are not going anywhere. We will be staying at our S&B for the first summer since 2006.We have plenty to do around here. We may do a local trip or two if the C.Gs are open.
  13. Not sure I was a new member or not our membership had expired by a couple of months , my bad. The membership number is the same as the one that expired. There was no mention of new membership status in our conversation with GS.
  14. We file our returns electronically and we have for several years.We usually have a small refund. We direct the IRS direct deposit the refund in our bank savings account and they always have. We did file our 2019 federal tax and had received our refund. The stimulus check (2400) was deposited in our Bank savings account 4-16-2020. We did get a letter from WH a couple of days ago dated April 15th stating that we would be receiving a economic impact payment of 2400.00 $$ which we already had. Everything seemed to work out according to plan.
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