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  1. My guess is from what we have observed that the use of the majority of "emotional support animals" are viewed as abusing the privilege there for they are all lumped into that category. Work needs to be done it that area.
  2. This is also true.There is a legitimate reason for an emotional support animal.They should be covered under the ADA with the proper certification. They are not therefore the abuse.
  3. I am sure we all know this If you have an emotional disability, you can legally qualify for an ESA, short for emotional support animal. You must be certified as emotionally disabled by a psychologist, therapist, psychiatrist or other duly-licensed and/or certified mental health professional."You can purchase a "vest" online qualified or not.
  4. That is true Disney does not like to upset a paying guest. The persons using these animals knew they we not service animals and in complete disregard for the disabled used them to gain entrance.
  5. The hall of presidents is a large theatre seating over 700 people just like a movie theater anywhere. Wheelchairs can not be seated in the theater proper it was as I recall a safety issue regarding being able to exit in the event of a emergency. The wheelchairs and disabled were seated in a special area in the rear of the the theater a few feet from the exit doors of the theater and the hall itself. The emotional support animals were not service animals and the folks using them misrepresented themselves as disabled preventing the disabled with a service animal entrance.
  6. We are long time members of Lions international. We support and contribute to the training of Service dogs. I posted earlier that we were cast members at WDW Hall of Presidents, Magic Kingdoms, Liberty square. HOP is a popular attraction with a large theater. The theater has an area in the rear of the theater reserved for the disabled including those who use service dogs. It is a large area but can only hold so many people. We count wheelchairs, etc and when the limit is reached had no choice but to turn folks away to wait for the next show. We can not recall a problem with service animals ever but as posted before these so call Emotional support animals were a problem but we were obliged to admit them and sit them in the disabled area which in many cases filled up that area and we had to turn away folks with service animals. We also spent a lot of time in Nursing homes and recognize the value of emotional support animals and they could be any animal .
  7. Let us know where you might want to land in Florida. We are in central Florida near Disney world. If you may need to find employment it is usually pretty easy to land a job at WDW. We can also help you find a affordable CG in that part of Florida although it won't be real cheap. Both wife and I worked at WDW for a while and although the pay is not high it paid for our most of our Florida winter stay of 6 months. This C.G is a example .We stayed there for a couple of years. It is clean, well managed and @ 20 mins from WDW http://mousemountainrvresort.com/the-park/pricing
  8. We are planners. When on the road we make reservations as we like to have a place to stay kick back and relax shower have a nice meal, etc. When at a destination we usually stay for a week or so using Passport America when we can but it is still pull through full hookup, 50 amp service We do not boondock use parking lots for stay overs. Our choice. We did purchase a lot in Central Florida for our summer stay. We have not in 14 years of travel as long timers had a problem with finding a C.G but we do plan ahead.
  9. We have had 4TT's and are now on our 2nd 5th wheel. We had TT's ranging from 22 feet to 30 feet when we were both working and primarily week end RV'ers with may be a week vacation. We pulled the TT's with a 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton gas truck. We consider that low end use. We both retired and our goal was to see the USA. By this time we had a feel for travel in a RV. We had taken a 3 week trip in out last TT , no slides and were constantly in one another's way and being blown around by the big trucks was no fun. We purchase the biggest truck and 5th wheel Rv we could afford for our new travels. The truck was a one ton, Long bed, Crew cab,Dually diesel. The RV was a 40 foot, 4 slide @ 16K GVW 5th wheel. We are now on our second truck and second 5th wheel same configuration 14 years and over 130K of travel For this kind of travel the dually diesel is a very good choice. We spend a lot of time in the 5th wheel so " as big as we could afford" was also a very good choice. We normally do not exceed 300 miles a day travel and stability is very important. Backing is also easier with a 5th wheel.
  10. I tend to agree with JimK although it is not as much fun. We did a lot of travel all over the country when we were working and stayed in countless Hotels and Motels across the country. Wife and I have taken several trips without the RV and used Hotels and Motels. They do change linens , towels, etc usually every day and the standards of cleaning are not unknown. Of course we are not full timers but long timers so we have a bed in both our S&B and the RV. So our perspective is the same as JimK.
  11. Good advise from many experienced folks here. Do what you can afford and what you choose to do.We are all different our first 5th wheel was our 4th RV the others all TT's .We were still working and pretty much week end rv'ers and maybe a two week vacation. We retired and our goal was to see the country. We chose to be long timers and purchased the biggest truck and biggest 5th wheel we could afford.If we were going to see the country it was going to be at the highest level of comfort we could afford. We did tents, backpacks, popups , boon docking when we were younger. We are now older . We been there, done that now we are going to pamper ourselves..... and we are. Do your own thing and it will be the right thing.
  12. We are long timers not full timers as we have our S&B although we are rarely there when it comes time to vote. We have not missed a vote at any level in over 50 years.
  13. Answer..I have no idea. IMO the primary factor is the financial consideration. How much can you spend,How much debt can you absorb. IMO that determines everything. We have over 125K in the F-350 Truck and 2013 Montana 3402 Big sky both purchased new, We had the Ford X plan discount and 30% off sticker on the Montana. That is just A truck and a Empty RV. Furnish the RV.. silverware, dishes , cook ware, toaster everything you have in your S &B you will need in the RV. Hitch,, EMT hoses. My guess another 5 K.It was over 2.5K for the Trailersaver BD3 hitch , rails, etc What ever your budget allows is what it will take get you on the road
  14. We have personally never known anyone who has done this.We would not do this even if we were low end users and the RV was available. I would guess the insurance would be high.
  15. We worked at Disney world in Florida for a few years during our winter stay. We worked at a very popular attraction in the Magic Kingdom. There is a problem with "Fake service animals" I don't know what the solution is to that problem but it is a problem.
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