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    We are retired so we have no interest what so ever. Whatever comes up is interesting to us. Traveling and staying out of Cold weather is our goal.

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  1. richfaa

    Where are you spending this summer?

    We work as a team always have. She drives, parks, backs hooks and unhooks. She can do the complete set up and tear down if necessary. When backing into a site she is usually at the wheel doing the backing and I am spotting the back in. She is a way better backer that I am. When the back in is complete I will chock the wheels then lower the front jacks in preparation for unhooking she will come out of the truck climb up in the truck bed and pull the hitch level to free the RV She uses a small step ladder to reach over the truck bed..I will then raise the RV off the hitch and continue to level the 5th wheel and bring out the slides. We have done it countless times without incident.This time she slipped while reaching for the hitch handle and came off the truck landed on uneven ground causing a fracture of a bone in her leg. Just one of those things. It is not a serious fracture but a fracture just the same she should be off crutches next week.....We hope.
  2. richfaa

    Where are you spending this summer?

    We are grounded this summer first since 2006 we are at our S &B. Both Helen and I have some minor medical issues that need taken care of. Helen is on crutches as she fractured a bone in her leg while unhooking the 5th wheel. I will have surgery on my left knee in August . We will both be back on the road by October
  3. what they may be saying is how long it takes to do the laundry from the time the washer starts till the load is done. Our Splendide combo takes 30 mins to wash and depending on the type of clothing 60 or 70 mins to dry. It takes maybe 5 mins to load the laundry add detergent spin a knob an push a button for the rest of the time we are doing other things so it takes us 5 mins to do the laundry and maybe 10 mins to remove and fold. I know this because I actually do it although wife does not approve of my folding method..
  4. We are long timers not full timers which means we still Still have a S&B although we are not in it often. We have the same W/D as above since 2006. Yes we have to add laundry soap, spin a dial, push a button and when it buzzes it is done.It was a must have after ourt first 6 months on the road.
  5. richfaa

    roadside assistance

    We signed up with the Escapee road service plan yesterday. Easy to do and the person at Escapees was helpful and knowledgeable. We had coach net a few years ago and had good luck with it. We are coming off the AARP roadside service plan through Allstate. We had that plan for 3 years and used it twice with not a problem. We were however unhappy with their customer service and we don't need to be unhappy about anything. The Escapee plan is comparable with any plan out there. 99.00 for the new user I assume for the first year.
  6. Good information however we have had them for several years and not had the problem.
  7. richfaa

    Cheap places to live...

    Ohio is sort of the same .We do pay State tax but after all the deductibles like retired , etc is not all that bad. I was close on the States that do not have income tax. We researched that when we were considering going Full time.
  8. richfaa

    Cheap places to live...

    There are very few States that do not have a State Income tax just 7 or 8 as I recall.The States that do not have a State income tax usually make it up in other areas. Florida relies on sales taxes, and its property taxes are above the national average. Local /municipal taxes are also not uncommon. The city we live in has a local tax but retirees are exempt.
  9. richfaa

    Cheap places to live...

    That is because Ohio has a State tax and Ashland has a local tax and I believe most of us pay Federal Tax no matter where we are . We live in Ohio.We pay Federal tax, We pay Ohio tax we do not pay local taxes. We get along.
  10. richfaa

    Cheap places to live...

    We have been to half of those cities and Ashland, Ohio is not far from us. We could live in Ashland, Ohio in fact we have several Rv friends that do but we are satisfied with the city we are in.
  11. richfaa

    Quartzsite, RV parks, big rigs, wife retiring.

    Just googled it slab city is still in operation. We were there about 6 years ago. We took a look with the truck and left the Montana at a campground. We had Heard from other Rv'ers what it was like and it was actually far worse. However it is one of those things and places that should bo on every Rv'rs list to see..... at least once.
  12. richfaa

    Quartzsite, RV parks, big rigs, wife retiring.

    Try Slab City...
  13. richfaa

    Quartzsite, RV parks, big rigs, wife retiring.

    We fully agree "Q" was a experience and we enjoyed the experience. We do not boondock and camping on BLM land is not our "cup of tea". I should have said been there 3 times as we stayed at campground one time but IMO staying at a campground does not count.
  14. richfaa

    Drop KOA Value club Membership

    We use KOA a lot not exclusively but a lot. We checked the prices at the KOAs we have stayed at over the last two years and they average around 35 to 40 dollars with the presidents club. Pull through, full hookup, 50 amps . We think that is a reasonable price for the services we want. We have encountered KOA's that advertise "premium" sits for 65/70 $$. We don't need a premium site.
  15. richfaa

    Quartzsite, RV parks, big rigs, wife retiring.

    The idea of going to "Q" is to stay on the BLM land and participate in the activities. IMO it is a experience a Rv'er should have at least once, We have been there twice which was once to many.