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    We are retired so we have no interest what so ever. Whatever comes up is interesting to us. Traveling and staying out of Cold weather is our goal.

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  1. You are correct like I said "Yes you can do it and we have done it. It is a matter of managing your power usage."
  2. Being on 30 amps for a long period would impact our lifestyle and we avoid it if at all possible. You can use 30 amps max on 30 amp service vs 100 amps max on 50 amp service(two legs of 50 amps).Yes you can do it and we have done it. It is a matter of managing your power usage.
  3. We saw that launch from our lot in Florida. We have seen several launches over the years including several shuttle launches at the space center. Everyone is awesome.
  4. We just use our local bank in our hometown. We do all our banking and bill paying on line so we have little use for a physical bank. Cash is easy to get most anywhere.
  5. Our indicator for leaving Northern Ohio for the winter when we do is the weather forecast and the weather history .
  6. I will have to check on when the humminhbirds leave Ohio. They feed right outside our kitchen window.
  7. That is were we are now corrective lens will no longer correct anything cataract surgery this summer,.
  8. When in tow and in travel we look for convivence in fueling such as easy in , easy out and RV friendly . We primarily use FJ/Pilot with the RV plus card. We are truck and 5th wheel 54 feet long so we need some room to fuel. We have never had a issue with FJ/Pilot and many of them have restaurants at a fair price. if needed.
  9. We have had a Home Equity Loan for many years. We use it when we need it. The interest rates are low and $$ can be available in seconds.
  10. We purchased the largest 5th wheel we could afford. It was a new 06 3400 Montana. We now have a 2013 3402 Montana same conditions apply. We decided against full timing but are long timers. We have logged over 150K miles since 2006 but are now slowing down. We now winter in Florida. We had the usual issues with the 5th wheel but Keystone treated us fairly while under warranty and we purchased a ESP plan that as worked well for us over the years. We have not had any what we would consider major issues over the years. We are now considering a park model or single wide for our Florida property We also keep ourselves in moderate climates year round so no problem with to hot or to cold
  11. Here is your first one .I have appositive opinion of Keystone. We have had two Montana's by Keystone both had some issues that were handled by Keystone or our dealer with not a problem.
  12. We do not have a problem with out Norcold double door RV fridg. We did have a cooling unit fail and replaced it with the Quality Amish unit. We had to pay the difference between the OEM unit and the Amish unit our ESP paid the OEM replacement price. We are long timers and have never had a issue with thawing while in travel. The fridge is on all the time except for defrosting and cleaning.
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