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  1. I have two questions. I have a 10 year old dish V cube that still works but I can't get more than 25% signal reception out of it. Do the new carry out sattalights provide any more reliable signal and if so which one is best. Thank you very much. JB
  2. bags


    I am up for 4. JB
  3. bags

    Ipad Nav App?

    We use the laptop version with a puck now and it works well except an occasional mountain sat block. They recently offered new software that cured a lot of problems. JB
  4. bags

    Ipad Nav App?

    Thanks for the info. we tried putting ours on the dash and still no joy. I also spent an hour with apple getting our location services set up. JB
  5. bags

    Ipad Nav App?

    Do you just plug the puck into the charging port? What model # of puck do you use. We bought copilot for the iPad and have no luck getting it to work inside the truck. Woks fine with clear sat signal as in outside my truck. My iPad does have a GPS chip. Thanks JB
  6. Thanks for all the help. Heading to NAPA tomorrow. JB
  7. I should have been more specifc. For those of us who have air brakes on our trailers how often should you replace the glad hand hoses. JB
  8. Is there any recommended time interval for replacing glad hand hoses? Mine have no wear spots but a failure would be problematic to say the least. Thanks JB
  9. qualit_lv4199mj@members.ebay.com this is the guy on eBay I used and mine has worked fine since last year. 150.00 bucks or a little less. He has a very deep European accent. Did a good job. I got my cluster back. He just rebuilds them. Very pleased but he is a little gruff to deal with. Kept hammering me with emails for a review which I ignored. Upon reviewing my order I actually paid 170.00 turn key. shipping is slow. JB
  10. I have gear driven slides. They have a worm gear that mates with the cog rail that is attached to the slide and the rails in the rig under the slide. A friend of mine suggested I spray the gear cog tracks to lube them up thus working my electric motors less. . I can only spray the tracks I can get to that exposed under the slide. The last thing I want to do is cause a problem. Does anybody have any experience with these? It will make the cog track slick and supposedly make them move more easily. Thank you all very much PS Randy A Good luck with your back. I am taking steroid shots to my spine for my pinched nerves. The surgery they are doing on backs now is giving far superior results and predictability than surgery even in recent years
  11. One of my Bigfoot lines burst when we pulled into camp at Raton. I had to drive 125 miles one way to find a guy who could make me a fitting. Of course without a level trailer the large living room slide would not open. I had him make 2 so I would have a spare. Now if I could just remember where I stashed it ... JB
  12. bags

    Truck battery charger

    which one would you use for a 4 battery truck set up? Thank for everybody's help. JB
  13. bags

    Truck battery charger

    My G7200 finally quite working and I need to replace it. Is this still the best machine for the price. I use it to maintain my 4 truck batteries. The D7200 is up to 99.00 on Amazon which is more than I remember paying before. Thank for any and all help. JB
  14. This is the guy I used. Sorry for being so tardy in replying.https://www.ebay.com/itm/99-00-01-02-03-04-05-06-07-Volvo-S60-S80-V70-XC90-DIM-Instrument-Cluster-REBUILD/280938496869?fits=Make%3AVolvo&epid=1525428949&hash=item41693d4365:g:CtUAAOSwJb9WtRSV
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