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  1. I spent the last 9 years traveling without a generator, including as long as 91 days of dry camping (in a row). Depending on the trailer, either 200 watts or as much as 480 watts of solar, and a pair of 232 amp hour 6V batteries. I usually make a 5 cup pot of drip coffee each morning, sometimes an electric toaster, and short runs of the microwave (all with a 1500 watt inverter). That said, after a string of cloudy days, even at Quartzsite in the winter, and a fair amount of furnace operation, I've had to go back to heating water on the stove for coffee and other electrically conservative steps. My reluctant solution - a month ago I purchased a Ryobi 900/700 propane only generator. It won't run the AC, in fact I have to put the refrigerator on propane when running it, but it does provide enough to recharge the batteries. I've used it once after 3 days in the rain, shade & heavy clouds here in the east. The ultimate solution will arrive today via FedEx - a pair of Battleborn lithium batteries. Hopefully, I won't need the generator in the future.
  2. My local library in Oswego, NY is part of the North Country Libraries network, which requires renewing your card every year. They use the Overdrive system for reserving books, etc, and use the Libby app.
  3. I follow a number of forums owned by Social Knowledge, and have not found the management to be heavy handed over the content. Let's hope that continues now that they own one of the more popular campground review sites... At to RVForum.net, the acquisition has not changed my status on that forum. I made the "mistake" of posting a link to my web page with photos of a campground when answering a question & received a notice that I was now banned for life: Sorry vermilye, you are banned from posting and sending personal messages on this forum. This ban is not set to expire.
  4. For orders from Amazon, check the shipping options for Amazon Lockers. While not available in most rural areas, if there is one near you or one of your stops, they are easier than general delivery. As other have mentioned, almost anything can be ordered from Walmart & shipped to one nearby for pick up. Same for many of the big box hardware stores.
  5. I saw one at Henry Horton State Park in TN. Unfortunately, my photos are a bit larger than allowed - here is a link to a photo of the outside & thru the door: 19 Trip, Day 243
  6. While I'll agree that the Airstream is a bit overpriced, they are a long way from the most expensive aluminum trailer made in the US. Check out the Bowlus Road Chief - Their Endless Highways model is 26' with a 4000 gross weight trailer for only $185,000.00! On the other hand, it does sleep 4...
  7. Sorry for the confusion. I was going from Washington to California, but the inspection was at the Oregon/California border (sorta skipped over Oregon!) It was in 2011 so I don't remember exactly which road I was on, but I suspect it was US 101.
  8. While I've always been waved through at the Blythe inspection station, I've had someone inspect the bottom of my trailer using creeper and check the vegetables in the refrigerator crossing into CA from Washington state.
  9. Its was dozens, but it was a 12,000 mile trip with many stops well away from cities & interstates. The most recent 3G or 1X only site was one bar at Ricketts Glen State Park in PA. That was with an outside antenna & an amplifier. The band problems could be a possibility, although the phones were an iPhone 10 & 7+. It was an older Jetpack...
  10. So what happens after December to the dozens of locations on my recent trip across the US that only had 3G coverage?
  11. Just a reminder - there are still many magnificent parts of the US & Canada where there is no over the air TV or internet available. If you are addicted to live TV, satellite is about your only option. While I don't have a TV, I do find XM Radio a solution at places like Big Bend NP...
  12. My last Quartzsite winter at the LTVA was dry camping for 71 days (91 days the previous year). Two trips to the dump station & water fill, so it can be done...
  13. I discovered the same problem at the Matagorda post office in Texas (a small PO), luckily, before I had something delivered. I called to ask it they did general delivery, and the post master (well, mistress) said I would have to come in and fill out a form. I explained that I only wanted one letter delivered, and that I was only going to be in the area for a day or two in a week, but she said it didn't matter, filling out the form was the only way they would accept a delivery. I had the letter sent general delivery at the near by Bay City post office without problems.
  14. While I always carry paper maps, one of the places a GPS is hard to beat is for county roads. Most of the free or AAA maps & atlases don't have the detail that a GPS provides. Trying to carry county level maps for the entire country is difficult, at least on paper; not difficult on a GPS. Both have their advantages...
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