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  1. vermilye

    Lake Pleasant Regional Park

    I believe they are locating Lost Dutchman State Park, my favorite Arizona SP.
  2. vermilye

    Texas in Feruary....Where To Go??

    2X on a stop at the Caverns of Sonora. Some photos from a 2012 visit. My all time favorite cave.
  3. vermilye

    Saws - Chain and Pole

    Last year, in a TN county park I watched a neighbor cutting firewood with a gas powered pole saw. His kid held the branch while he cut between the kid's hands. Just the kind of person the campground maintenance people would want trimming trees...
  4. A couple of pages (and years) back in this thread I stated I don't use electronic readers. Well, times change! I still prefer paper books, and still purchase & trade them, but I am now the owner of a Kindle, and about 1/2 the books I read are on it. For me the biggest advantage is the size - easy to use when reading in bed, stick in a pocket when heading to the laundromat, etc. Hard to do with hard cover or large paperbacks. It is also easier on the eyes reading at night. By the way, the book count database is up to 2083...
  5. vermilye

    Walmart vs. Amazon

    For those ordering from Amazon, there is another delivery method available that you may not have discovered - Amazon Lockers. Not available in all cities, but when you check out look for the option for one near your location. I believe they have added them to all the Whole Foods stores...
  6. vermilye

    Prescriptions while on the road.

    Just a small heads up - while Rite Aid (now many are Walgreens) will do a refill that was first filled at another store, they seem to be required to get permission from the first issued pharmacists. I've been told that at about 3/4 of the refills I've had done on the road. That can be a problem when time zones or weekends find the original pharmacy closed.
  7. Living in the snow belt of upstate NY on the shores of Lake Ontario, it looks like we have 49 "pleasant" days a year. While that is probably why I head for Arizona for the winters, those summertime 49 days along the lake are wonderful! Too bad about the 200" of snow over the winter!
  8. vermilye

    Quartzsite, RV parks, big rigs, wife retiring.

    Well, I'm just a bit smaller than you, but I've spent the last 3 winters at one of the Quartzsite BLM areas, usually at LaPosa West. When I want a break from Quartzsite, I hook up & head down 95 to Imperial Dam, about 30 miles from Yuma. Both are part of the Long Term Visitor Areas, $180.00 for 7 months, with access to fresh water, dumpsters & a dump station. You can move between any of 8 sites in AZ & CA with the same pass. I keep a daily blog of my travels; here is last year's. If you just want a place to stay for up to 2 weeks, and don't need hookups, there are a number of free BLM "pieces of the desert" surrounding Quartzsite such as Dome Rock & Scaddon Wash along I 10, & Road Runner, Hi Jolly, & Plomosa Road along 95.
  9. vermilye

    Walmart vs. Amazon

    2X, although mine will let me do a "Vacation" fill, i.e. an additional 90 day refill before the current ends. They only allow one per 365 days...
  10. vermilye

    Walmart vs. Amazon

    If you want a real challenge, get a package delivered to Quartzsite, AZ. No deliveries to street addresses (even for the few permanent residents), and FedEx & UPS won't deliver to a BLM site (if they could find you). The Post Office general delivery window is only open for a couple of hours per day with a long line (in winter). The solution is to have packages sent to Quiet Times, a business that receives packages for a small fee. Even then, the addressing must be exact or it will never get delivered...
  11. vermilye

    Free eBooks

    While I now have and use a Kindle Paper White, I stuck with paper books for years. I still do at least half my reading on paper - I trade books at campground laundries & libraries, hit the used book stores, often trading at them. Most offers a 2 for one trade on books. I can't pass a used book stall at Quartzsite!
  12. vermilye

    National Park Week free admission

    The pass did go up to $80.00, but you can purchase a 1 year Senior Pass for $20.00. Do that 4 times (I believe in a row, but not sure) and it turns into the standard $80.00 Senior Pass.
  13. vermilye

    Suggestions of must see's on a road trip from Houston to New York

    So many choices! I'l just add my favorite state park - Ricketts Glen in Northeast Pennsylvania. 2 dry campgrounds (bathrooms with showers) a lake, and my favorite - 5-6 miles of cascading streams, including 22 waterfalls on a loop hike within the park. Some photos from my visits.
  14. The Chandler, AZ post office page is different from some others, and you are right - it doesn't show general delivery as a service. An example of one that works the way I described is for Deming, NM. Their (and others) home page has the link to "Services Offered at This Site). Sorry about Chandler...