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  1. Suggestions of must see's on a road trip from Houston to New York

    So many choices! I'l just add my favorite state park - Ricketts Glen in Northeast Pennsylvania. 2 dry campgrounds (bathrooms with showers) a lake, and my favorite - 5-6 miles of cascading streams, including 22 waterfalls on a loop hike within the park. Some photos from my visits.
  2. The Chandler, AZ post office page is different from some others, and you are right - it doesn't show general delivery as a service. An example of one that works the way I described is for Deming, NM. Their (and others) home page has the link to "Services Offered at This Site). Sorry about Chandler...
  3. I don't know if it works for all of them, but every post office I've looked up doing a google search has a link on their home page "Services Offered at this Location". Click on it & it shows if they have General Delivery.
  4. Wifi booster? or antenna? help!

    Here is one of the better ones.
  5. As of 12:20PM, on Sunday, 1/21, both the water fill & dump stations at La Posa South are open. (There were 17 RVs in line for the dump).
  6. I'm in LaPosa West LTVA (BLM at Quartzsite) and no one has stopped by to tell me to leave!
  7. Since this is the week the "Big Tent" show opens in Quartzsite, the number of RVs in the nearby LTVAs has increased by large numbers. When I arrived in November I was the only trailer in my section of LaPosa West; now there are hundreds. While I was told by one of the volunteers that they will not be chasing people out of the LTVAs if there is a shutdown, obviously the rules can change. I do know that there are enough RVs here that if they started chasing them out, it would take days just to get them out the entrances. As Linda said, LaPosa South is well water, however last year they did go to alternate days during the busiest part of the season to let the well recover.
  8. State Veteran's Benefits

    Some benefits are even at the town level. I get a 30% reduction in town taxes as a Viet Nam combat vet.
  9. How does your state rate for taxes?

    Have to agree with Dutch - I have a 1200 sq ft house on the shore of Lake Ontario in a small town in upstate NY, and with the senior exemptions, Viet Nam Combat exemption my combined property & school taxes are under $2000, and with a pension from a state university, no NY state income tax.
  10. Mobley problems

    Mine has been running 24 hours per day (pin 4 & 16 only) without resets for the last two weeks here at Quartzsite...
  11. Horst Miracle Probes

    Since I've only had the Escape 21 since August, I can't give a qualified opinion. My previous trailer, an Escape 17 rarely gave correct levels on the black & gray tanks using the standard probes, but so far the new trailer has been accurate. I think Reace (the owner of Escape Trailer Industries) got tired of complaints about the indicators using standard probes & switched to cut down the whining! They provide excellent customer service...
  12. Horst Miracle Probes

    After installing many customer provided Horst probes, and listening to the usual complaints about the standard probes, the manufacturer of my trailer (Escape Trailer Industries), has made them standard for all trailers.
  13. What future for our national parks?

    It might be worth looking at a couple of realities concerning the increases & budgets. First, the estimate is the increased fees will bring in $70 million additional dollars. Second, the Deferred Maintenance as of 2016 is $11.331 billion dollars. Third, the proposed budget for 2018 is $2,553 million dollars, a $297 million dollar decrease from 2017. Somehow I don't see the additional $70 million dollars from the proposed fee increase even making up for the proposed 2018 decrease, let alone having much effect on the National Park System's operating budget, and, let alone do much for the deferred maintenance problems. Instead, It will hurt those that make one day stops at the parks with the increased fees, likely cut down the number of visitors, and make it more difficult for low income families. Personally, I don't have to pay the increase since I have a Senior Pass, however even if I had to pay the full fare, I wouldn't complain since I can afford the increase, and far prefer going to our National Parks rather than Disney Land. Still, I don't believe the additional revenues will have much effect on the problems of the National Park System.
  14. What do YOU do?

    I retired in 2001 from a strange, but wonderful job teaching theatre sound design, special effects & electronics. I now spend my time wandering from place to place, taking photographs & keeping a journal of my travels, much in the southwest. While I love both "jobs", I have to say the current one is the best!
  15. Grey Water Dumping

    I've always dumped both grey & black tanks at the dump stations, both at La Posa South in Quartzsite & the Imperial Dam LTVA. I keep hearing about places where the rangers say it is OK to dump grey water at your site, but have never been told myself...