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  1. vermilye

    BLM Fees?

    The fees, stay length, and time out of area all differ with the different BLM regions. For example, at the Long Term Visitor Areas in Arizona & California, you can renew 14 day, $40.00 permits without moving, or pay $180.00 for 7 months. Next door to the LTVAs are 14 day dispersed areas with the following requirement: "Dispersed camping is allowed on Public Lands in Arizona for no more than a period of 14 days within any period of 28 consecutive days" Again, the rules are up to the local BLM management.
  2. vermilye

    Alaska 2019

    I prefer Churches' book Traveler's Guide to Alaska... over the Milepost. Also, if you stop at Dawson Creek, the visitor center has a very up-to-date listing of campgrounds, fuel, etc along the Canadian part of the Alaskan Highway. Here is the journal of a trip we made in 2015.
  3. In NY - $23.24 per month
  4. vermilye

    Service Dogs?

    I have no problem with service dogs that are actually used for that purpose, but I don't think much of some of the examples I've seen. For example, I have a neighbor here at the Q that has a 100 pound + German Shepard with a Service Dog vest. Since I travel alone, he suggested that I get a dog. I mentioned that I spend lots of time hiking in the National Parks where dogs are not allowed on the trails. His answer - That's why you put a Service Dog vest on the dog. You can take it anywhere!
  5. vermilye

    Full-size fiberglass TT?

    Escape makes a 21' 5th wheel (as well as a 21' pull behind), but as Kirk and others mentioned, Bigfoot makes the largest 2 piece fiberglass trailer. In the late 80's, Bigfoot made around a dozen 28' Silver Cloud fiberglass trailers. They are a rare, but still sought after fiberglass "egg". I saw one at the Quartzsite fiberglass trailer rally 2 years ago & it was/is a beautiful trailer. The 25' models by Bigfoot are currently the largest production trailer.
  6. vermilye

    Government shut down

    I'm currently in the La Posa West Long Term Visitor Area at Quartzsite. As of yesterday evening, the vault toilets, dump station & water fill stations were all open, and no one checking to see if you have stickers. The entry stations are closed, so you can't get a sticker, but entrances are open. People are still arriving & setting up. Last year they eventually closed both the dump station & water fill stations, so who knows how long they will stay open? I would suggest bringing your own toilet paper if you are heading to a vault toilet!
  7. vermilye

    Government Shutdown

    For those interested, the Long Term Visitor Areas at Quartzsite have closed the entrance stations (the entrances themselves are open), and as of this morning (Saturday) the vault toilets are open, as are the dump station & water fill stations at La Posa South. I guess camping is free until things are back to normal
  8. vermilye

    2 axle light weight travel trailes

    One note - the $ for the Escape trailer is Canadian. Current exchange rate is 74%. They are still more expensive than stick built trailers, but tend to last much longer.
  9. vermilye

    2 axle light weight travel trailes

    If you can live without the slide & another 2', check out an Escape 19. The also make 21', a 21' fifth wheel, and a single axle 17'.
  10. vermilye

    Escape trailer owners community

    As LindaH stated, the Escape website is a users forum for owners of Escape Trailers. Escape Trailer Industries is a small Canadian company making fiberglass trailers. I've traveled in one of their 17' "eggs" for 6 years before upsizing to their 21' trailer. Great trailers for those looking for small tow behinds (although they do also make a 21' 5th wheel).
  11. vermilye

    Lake Pleasant Regional Park

    I believe they are locating Lost Dutchman State Park, my favorite Arizona SP.
  12. vermilye

    Texas in Feruary....Where To Go??

    2X on a stop at the Caverns of Sonora. Some photos from a 2012 visit. My all time favorite cave.
  13. vermilye

    Saws - Chain and Pole

    Last year, in a TN county park I watched a neighbor cutting firewood with a gas powered pole saw. His kid held the branch while he cut between the kid's hands. Just the kind of person the campground maintenance people would want trimming trees...
  14. A couple of pages (and years) back in this thread I stated I don't use electronic readers. Well, times change! I still prefer paper books, and still purchase & trade them, but I am now the owner of a Kindle, and about 1/2 the books I read are on it. For me the biggest advantage is the size - easy to use when reading in bed, stick in a pocket when heading to the laundromat, etc. Hard to do with hard cover or large paperbacks. It is also easier on the eyes reading at night. By the way, the book count database is up to 2083...