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  1. Try again. Some reps won't give them out, others will. As Koidiak Jack noted, you may not need them but they are good to have if your SIM move locks you out.
  2. While it obviously won't help if your SIM died, I moved my Mobley SIM to a Nighthawk. I'm using it for this post. I did call AT&T to get the PUK codes when I made the change. Here is a tutorial.
  3. I've been tent camping starting in 1950 with my parents, but my first purchased RV was an Escape 17B picked up in 2011. I rented a class A for 2 weeks in 2001, and now travel in an Escape 21.
  4. I've been on the road for a number of years, using laundromats, and rarely found the problems you described. I will say that using Garmin's "Laundry" search will almost always take you to a Laundry/Dry Cleaner, not coin laundries. I agree that asking campground hosts works well. They are also a great source for local attractions.
  5. I've been using a Brother DCP L2550DW on OS 10.14.6 with no problems, although the printer is only 10' from the router. I'm not a heavy user; print 2-3 pages per month. Starts right up after sitting for months, unlike inkjet printers...
  6. My suggestion is to close the size that you are comfortable with. While the larger the trailer, the more likely you will get shut out of a site, particularly at National Parks, mosts of the time you will be able to fit either a 22' or 26' trailer. There really is no trailer too small - I know a few couples that full time in 13' Scamps, and many more that spend months on the road in 16' & 17' fiberglass trailers. I spend between 6 - 8 months on the road. While I'm currently solo in a 21' Escape (and fiberglass trailers do their length measurements from rear bumper to the front of the hitch), I had no problem living in a 17' trailer. The move to a 21 was so I could add an oven!
  7. I'm just pointing out that here is a tool that makes quick work of steel cable.
  8. All it takes is one squeeze. That said, I do tend to run a coated 1/4" wire rope through my portable solar panel & grill propane tank, but often forget & have not had a problem.
  9. I carry a Ryobi 700/900 watt propane only generator that I only use to recharge the batteries if I run into a string of cloudy days. I have not used it since the combination of 320 watts (480 if I add a portable panel) of solar and a pair of 100 amp hour Battleborn lithium batteries has provided plenty of power without it.
  10. The campground maps with the new recreation.gov are a PIA. You can't see all the sites at once, and most of them do not show the bathroom / shower locations.
  11. Gouldings if you need hookups, in the Monument Valley campground if you are willing to dry camp. A couple of other near by dry camping areas are Goosnecks State Park - inexpensive, and Valley of the Gods - free. Both offer great views and are rarely overcrowded.
  12. I'm using a Victron SmartSolar 100/30 with a pair of Battleborn batteries. So far it works great. I did have to set the parameters as suggested by Battleborn...
  13. The last time I was there long enough to fill a couple of tanks (2015), I found some pumps that would not take my Capitol One mastercard, but if I took it inside the station it went through.
  14. I installed a pair of Battleborn batteries and so far am impressed. I documented the change here.
  15. 2X. While not a gimmick, there have been few times I wished I had one. On those rare times the voltage dropped enough that I needed one I simply shut off the AC (nothing else in my trailer is damaged by low voltage) & turned on the fan. I do have a Progressive EMS and have found it useful.
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