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  1. Al F

    Life remaining in Trojans

    Thanks for the kind words Smitty. I agree about replacing damaged batteries....It depends on how much you use and depend on your batteries as to just how soon you need to replace them. Your experience with inadvertently damaging your batteries is why I tend to shy away from the more expensive brands of batteries. You can seriously damage an expensive battery just as easily, quickly and severely as a big box golf cart battery. Glad they came though with replacement batteries at a good price.
  2. Yesterday (1/13/19) was my renewal day and in mid morning my 6620 jetpack started showing "no internet secured" on my laptop. Rebooting the jetpack and it would work for several minutes and then I would loose the internet. Rebooted 3 times and same thing. No messages or indication of a problem on the jetpack. Switched to my ph hotspot and then came back to the jetpack in a few hours and all worked OK. We'll see if this repeats next month.
  3. Al F

    Life remaining in Trojans

    If you have a 2000 watt inverter and battery monitor, such as the Trimetric, which shows the number of AH (Amp Hours) used you can do this test: -- Make sure the batteries are fully charged. Being on shore power for 2-3 days will do it. -- To be sure your batteries are fully charged let the batteries sit with a discharge of less than 1-2 amps for a couple of hours and check the voltage. It should be around 12.6-12.7V. If it lower, say 12.5V, then your batteries are probably damaged. -- Disconnect from shore power and take a 1500 watt electric space heater and run it through the inverter. This provides a very constant drain on the batteries. -- After using 25% of the total AH of your battery pack turn off the heater and turn off the inverter. Turn off everything in the RV which uses 12V so that the battery monitor is showing less than 2-3 amps of discharge. -- Let the battery pack rest for an hour or so to stabilize. -- Measure the voltage of your battery pack and compare that voltage to a voltage to battery SOC chart. Do an internet search for "12v battery voltage state of charge" to find the charts. If the voltage of the battery is reasonably close to the voltage for a battery 75% full your batteries should be good for several more years. On the other hand if the battery voltage is down around the 50% level you are a candidate for new batteries. However if you only dry camp overnight and don't use a lot of high power devices, such as microwave, coffee pot, toaster, etc those batteries will still serve you for a few more years.
  4. You might consider putting in GPS coordinates so interested folks can view the place from internet map satellite views. Did the realtor create a MLS listing?
  5. Suggestions: -- Create a blog at: https://www.blogger.com/blogger.g#welcome -- Take lots of pictures and write up a description of the RV and post it along with the pictures in the blog. -- Post the blog in this forum, create adds in Craigslist and RVtrader.com -- If you don't want to bother with that stuff, PPL Motorhomes has a consignment lot in Cleburne, TX, take it there.
  6. Must be photo shopped? Can't see all that stuff hanging on driving down the road.
  7. Al F

    Firefly battery technology

    With lithium batteries the topic of not charging in freezing temps comes up frequently. Bottom line: It is the temperature of the battery that dictates if the battery can be charged or not. Not the air temperature. If you have the batteries in an enclosed compartment you should be good down into the mid to lower teens, overnight,w/o a problem. Keep in mind if you are using the batteries they generate some heat, also when charging the generate some heat. Also all lithium batteries should come with a BMS (battery monitor system) with a remote you can check the battery temp. You can use (discharge) the battery down to 0 F or lower. Are you really going to be happy dry camping or boondocking in your RV at those temps?
  8. About caster wobble. The swivelwheels made by http://www.cruiserlift.com/swivelwheel in the Houston, TX are have an adjustable swivel brake built into the swivel. You can adjust it as tight or loose as you need it. I always kept mine just a little tight. Never saw any abnormal wear on the tire.
  9. Take a look at the swivelwheel at this link: http://www.cruiserlift.com/swivelwheel Note that when towing the wheel extends out the back. If you are to push it, the wheel tucks under the trailer. This is problematic as it allows the part that sticks out in front to dip very low and will scrape when approaching a driveway or entrance to anywhere with a short steep incline. I know from trying to back up into a steep place. If there is a little lip you run into it will jam the front of the trailer and stop your truck. Don't ignore the geometry of the swivelwheel may have a problem being pushed at highway speed. Don't know this for a fact, but you won't know until you get setup and drive down the hwy at 60mph. You can always try it and see if it works.
  10. Al F

    Buying from Private Seller - Texas

    Also there is the payment of the 6.25% vehicle sales tax, based on the purchase price or standard presumptive value (SPV), whichever is the highest value. http://www.txdmv.gov/spv-calculator I don't remember the details of title transfer. You can probably do a search on Texas title transfer.
  11. That also works out to be 1/2 PSI (Pounds Sq Inch). Very, very low pressure, especially compared to the pressure in your motorhome or tow vehicle engine fuel line.
  12. The Olympian only works off of low pressure propane. You must have a regulator between the propane bottle/tank and the heater.
  13. Should be under warranty, give Olympian support a call. Phone # should be in your owners manual.
  14. I have 3 smart phones and a jetpack on my prepaid account. I just switched from postpaid to prepaid on 11/14/18 to get the true unlimited on the jetpack.
  15. Al F

    Control the Federal Dept?

    Yep, I voted. My wife voted, our son & daughter voted. About voting. For those who didn't vote, just remember, since we voted, if you didn't you are stuck with how I voted and you didn't get a say about if we are right or wrong in your opinion.