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  1. FT Cooking/Baking

    Generally ovens in RV's are quite a bit smaller than in a house, so that needs to be considered. Most cooktops are 3 burners and the space between the burners is less. One large pot/pan on the front burner limits you to a 1-2 quart pot in the back burners. Most RV's these days come with a microwave convection oven. Gas ovens are pretty much a thing of the past unless you order a new RV with the gas oven. We really dislike not having a gas oven, but we seem to be the exception based on many, many comments in forums from folks who wouldn't use the gas oven even if it came in the RV. Counter space, we had a 35' 5th wheel and it had at least twice the counter space of the 40 diesel pusher we had. BTW we are in a 29' class A and have almost no counter space. You learn to work around the lack of counter space. As far as cooking goes, in our day to day life we cook about the same in the RV as we do in at house. While we don't full time, we do spend from 6 months to over 10 months each year in the RV. Flour, sugar, etc we don't buy 10 pound packages, we buy smaller containers saves a lot of space. We also store the 4-5 pound packages away and only keep smaller containers (pint to quart size) in easy to access places for day to day cooking.
  2. question about coyotes

    "Just don't bother me with documented FACTS, or published information from trained sources. I know what I know, and no amount of FACTS will every change my mind." Videos with no follow up information, "reports", eye witness reports, and the like are not documentation. Just like the huge "coyote" in Missouri turned out to be a wolf.
  3. question about coyotes

    Reference the videos. The first video, taken at night on a game camera. There is no way a healthy mature buck is going to lay down just because the animals are chomping on his hindquarters. No indication of any type of lethal injuries to the neck to cause bleeding to weaken the buck. The only thing I see is an already weak and probably exhausted collapses and dies. The eventual end is quickened by the harassment of the animals. The second video. Again if this killing of healthy deer on Antelope Island (just N of Salt Lake City) the island would be overrun by coyotes until they decimated the deer population and the coyotes dies off because of lack of food. To me the logical explanation is a old buck or one which is sick and already weak. The third video. Seems to be the most credible. However I go back what I wrote above. If it is so easy for two coyotes to take down an otherwise healthy deer, there wouldn't be many deer left but a huge population of coyotes.
  4. question about coyotes

    Thanks for the link. Makes more sense to me than 30-40 pound dog like animals taking down a healthy horse. Now a sick and weak horse being nipped at the legs and after some time exhausting the horse and damaging ligaments could cause the horse to go to the ground, sure I could see that happen.
  5. question about coyotes

    Wikipedia disagrees with you. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coyote They show no more than 44 pounds for a male & 40 for a female. Not that an exceptional male couldn't weigh 50 pounds. But 100 pounds, no way. Do you have some references for the 100 pounds plus???? I totally agree with the coyote being an opportunistic hunter. On top of that they will eat anything editable, just like humans.
  6. question about coyotes

    Well, I found two reports that do appear to be credible: http://www.mlive.com/news/flint/index.ssf/2015/01/dnr_wildlife_technician_offers.html http://www.mlive.com/news/flint/index.ssf/2015/01/coyotes_attack_kill_horse_from.html Extenuating circumstances. Winter time, Jan 25th, very hungry coyotes. Horse was 20 years old. Health and strength of the horse was not detailed. However the coyotes didn't get much for their efforts. The horse owners dogs chased off the coyotes. The poor horse apparently died later from her wounds. No details on just why the horse didn't fight back more, or just how 5-6 coyotes took down the horse and what they did to so quickly injure the horse enough for it to die later. The only thing I can think of that a 30 pound dog like animal could do to a large horse, would be to rip open the neck.
  7. question about coyotes

    Well, like I asked, "Where are the details about the coyotes taking down a horse?" NONE to be found so far. I guess I must accept the reply from an none hunter that according to the MI DNR that it never happened. Fake News I guess about coyotes killing a horse. Anyone want to supply credible news reports that it really happened???
  8. question about coyotes

    Lets don't confuse dogs and coyotes. Dogs, especially large aggressive pet dogs, are much larger and dangerous then coyotes. Large dogs at 60-100 pounds weight 2-3 times as much as coyotes at about 30-40 pounds.
  9. Solar Energy Questions

    Good design and planning works wonders on solar & battery systems.
  10. question about coyotes

    Would that be a healthy horse w/o any extenuating circumstances (deep snow)? Any details on how the coyotes got the horse down on the ground and/or other details on how the coyotes accomplished the task. I have heard of wolfs taking down horse sized weak animals, but it would be really rare for wolfs to take down a horse sized healthy elk, moose, etc, and wolfs are much larger than a coyote.
  11. Solar Energy Questions

    I missed the "available". Takes pretty close reading to catch that. The word is there though. Thanks for clearing it up.
  12. I guess the info is in the video.
  13. You don't have a domicile to give them an address? I was in the post office in Borrego Springs, CA to pick up my general delivery mail and the PO Boxes were available for 3 months and I think for 2 months. Of course it could vary by location. If the individual post office doesn't have PO Boxes, then hopefully they won't restrict longer term general delivery.
  14. If this is about the volunteer position near Huntington, UT. The guy posting gave his email address, email him. Many places provide propane, in 100 pound (25 gallon) tanks or sometimes even larger tanks. BTW, I am pretty sure you have 25 and 40 pound tanks. 25 gallons of propane is 100 pounds and another 50 pounds or so for the tank. (That is a guess on the weight of the tank, don't hold me to it. Bottom line, it is one heavy dude.)
  15. Solar Energy Questions

    3:1 seems to be a wonderful overkill to me. If I have 400AH of battery, then 1200 watts of Solar (if my roof had the room) would be far more than I would plan for. I have 400AH of lithium and 650watts of solar witch works very well for me. On thing to keep in mind even my 650 watts will drop down to 4-5 amps or lower in heavy clouds. Double that for 1200watts still doesn't give you much charging to your batteries. As far as hazy skies, it varies a tremendous amount from place to place, really hard to give accurate info.