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  1. I can understand that some people can be discourteous. With a simple chat request to change the service address it is hard for me to understand how someone could be discourteous. Personally I end my chat with a thank you for your assistance and for them to have a good day.
  2. Mark and Dale, you seem to have some great knowledge about Dish operations, perhaps you can supply some insight into why I and some others have trouble changing our local channels. We also have problems getting the new locals when we change our service address. I always use chat. About 40-60% of the time I have to start a new chat session to get the new locals to download. The second chat session has never failed to get my new locals activated. It is like they do something that the first contact doesn't do. OR perhaps the "Computer System" doesn't automatically do what it is supposed to do, and a human has to intervene and issue a special command. Once or twice I have even had the program guide for the old locals download. Here is an example of the script I use to change my service address. Long ago I gave up worrying about my billing address. Since the customer service rep screen defaults the billing address to the service address, the CRS must take an extra step to NOT change the billing address. I really don't fault low paid employees to pay close attention to small details. Besides they are probably dinged for spending to much time with one call. So far I have not had a problem with Dish charging my credit card even though the wrong address is on the account. Now, speculation about why I (and others) have problems changing locals and some others apparently don't. Also, the process I go though to change my locals and verify that they have downloaded to my -- I have an 8 year old receiver, a VIP 722. Yes it has been replaced a couple of times, but I doubt the hardware or software has changed, at least as far as reacting to changing local channels. -- Once the CSR says they have changed my service address, I monitor my program guide for the old locals to go away, usually obvious when on the program guide screen. Sometimes they go away in less than 5 minutes. Sometimes they don't change. After about 5-10 minutes I do a "Check Switch" test. This almost always forces a download of a new program guide. As I noted earlier, a couple of times the old guide is downloaded. -- I really think there are some glitches which keeps the change to new locals from happening w/o a human forcing a refresh. As you have said, more than once, we RV'ers are not a big part of Dish's customer base. So these problems would not be a high priority. -- Perhaps the solution would be for an update to the CSR's screen to tell them to do a manual refresh (reset?). I'm not holding my breath. But, hey we (my wife and I) really want the locals wherever we travel. I just deal with the irritation of getting the locals changed. I think it is kind of cool, to be able to receive the local channels for Fairbanks, AK when we were in Yukon, Canada up near the AK border. Especially when we don't have cell coverage and want to see the weather for the area. One thing I keep in mind. Frequently I am asked to participate in a survey after contact with a CSR. The surveys are almost always to rate the CSR, NOT to rate the service the company gives. No point in giving the CSR a bad rating when it is the company at fault.
  3. Makes sense, as long as the program guide update is not sent through the spot beam connection. I'll have to give it a try the next time we are moving to a new local channel area. It sure would beat needing to stop for 30 minutes or so in route to make the change.
  4. A number of times, when I know we will not have cell service in our new location, and we will be out of range of the old locals, I stop along the way and put up the dish and change to the new locals. I also make sure the receiver has downloaded then new program guide. This is one advantage of having a Winegard Trav'ler, push a button and it finds the satellite. I doubt the program guide will download the new local channels if you are not in the new locals footprint. I never tried to do this.
  5. Very interesting when you look up the three words in the online dictionary. Highbred: From good stock, or pedigree Hybrid: Coming from two different species or varieties. Highbread: ??????
  6. Giving a real address is a bit of a pain, but what I do is to go to RVParkReviews.com, go to the city I want my locals to come from, find a RV Park in that city and use that RV Parks address.
  7. Al F

    Dallas TX What Can You Tell Me About ...

    Would you provide a link to your " Roadtrips AndCampfires ". I did a search on YouTube and came up with several hits, but not much of it made sense as far as finding your video. I have no experience with YouTube, other than going to links that people post.
  8. Al F

    Fredericksburg tx

    Cool, your trailer has an engine and doesn't need a tow vehicle. 😁 Seriously though, we have taken many trips from San Antonio to Lubbock and the route I would recommend is: -- I-29 to Lubbock -- US-84 to I-20, then a few miles east on I-20 to Sweetwater and south on SR-70. US-84 is all 4 lane divided highway from Lubbock to I-20. The rest of the route is all good 2 lane hwy with paved shoulders. -- SR-70 to Bronte where you pick up SR-158 to Ballinger. -- In Ballinger, pick up US-83 to Eden where you take US-87, east and south to Fredericksburg. All good road. An alternate route some people like is to pick up US-87 in Lubbock and follow it to Fredericksburg.
  9. $1160 for Trav'ler for Dish Network is a really good price at PPL. DirectTV is a really good price as well. I bought ours at Amazon about 7 years ago for about $1200 or $1250.
  10. Al F


    If you are asking because you are going to build a trailer, Big5er has your answer. If are you just want to know how most trailer RV's come up with the GVWR, it usually is the gross axle weight plus the hitch weight. That is why you see trailers with a 2 axle setup of 7000 pounds each coming up with a GVWR of around 16,000-17,000 pounds. 14,000 for axle and 2000-3000 for hitch.
  11. You might change your subject line to "Looking for locations for Christmas in Rio Grande Valley" instead of Locations in Texas. You will probably get more replies. It looks like you settled on the RGV area and not all of Texas.
  12. Al F

    Dallas TX What Can You Tell Me About ...

    Livingston, is well beyond the Houston Metro area, so should not be affected by Houston auto insurance rates. Also Livingston doesn't have the auto emissions testing required by either Dallas or Houston.
  13. Al F

    Dallas TX What Can You Tell Me About ...

    I don't know the process of changing the title of a commercial trailer to an RV. However, plenty of people on the HDT section of this forum have gone through the process of changing the title of a commercial truck to an RV. If you start a new topic in the HDT section and ask for help in how to change your trailer, they will most likely be happy to help. You might start off your topic with something like "I know this not exactly a HDT topic but I hear this area has lots of experience in titling a vehicle as an RV". As others have stated, to be an RV, it has to have living quarters type amenities, such as toilet, cooking, drinking water and sleeping.
  14. Did the cost of the Nova Kool help you to look at installing the venting for LPG again? 😀
  15. Al F

    Inflatable Pontoon Boat

    This fulltiming couple, Howard & Linda http://www.rv-dreams.typepad.com/ have been using both a kayak and pontoon boat for several years. They have even taken a multi day trip down a river in the pontoon boat w/o concern about air leaks. Use the following Google search to find some of their blog entries about their experiences. "sea eagle: http://www.rv-dreams.typepad.com/" You may have to do more searching on their website for more of their experiences with the boats.