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  1. I purchased my Dish Network Trav'ler 7 years ago this month, installed in on our RV. I have since moved it to our 3rd RV and it has worked flawlessly. I know some other folks have had problems but ours has worked very well. Our travels have included lots of bumpy roads including 600 miles of gravel dirt roads we voluntarily took in Alaska and the Yukon. Currently up to about 55,000 miles of travel with the Trav'ler on our RV's.
  2. Our Dish Network Trav'ler worked just fine as far north as the arctic circle, a few hundred miles north of Fairbanks. North of there we didn't get to test it, hills in the way. I really wonder if the CONUS local channels have the same coverage as the rest of Dish Network channels, which work all the way into Alaska. If so then, with the Trav'ler, you could have USA TV all through western Canada and Alaska.
  3. Glad you checked the rig closely. Always aggravating when people don't tell the truth in sales ads.
  4. What do I have to do to get one of the above CONUS locals? Start a chat session with Dish and change my service address to the town I want the CONUS locals for?
  5. Had to Google Hot Damm Chaser: Hot Damn Cinnamon Schnapps 🙂 Sounds good. Except for the Bud Light. We prefer "real" beer. 🙂 Meat sounds good as well. That is why we have canine teeth!
  6. Not totally sure how to respond. In the examples given the issue and cost is "Location, Location, Location". If I wanted to buy a house or condo in a rich fancy neighborhood and had the money to do so then I would expect the price of the house go along with the neighborhood. If I was unable to afford a big expensive house I would look for a house I could afford. It would be an older house in an older neighborhood, as well as a smaller house. BTW this is what we did all of our life. We could have stretched our budget and bought more house, as well as sold that house after some years and moved up. However doing that would have significantly reduced our life time savings. Or with a housing downturn, left us with a house we couldn't sell for what we owed. Same with the RV's we have owned. Always bought RV's which are older 8-12 years old. Had to do some work to make them our home, but much less expensive than buying new. But back to the issue of paying $100 or more for one night in an RV Park. Other than really wanting to be in a location such as just a few minutes from NYC and Manhattan Island I know of no reason why I personally would spend $100 a night to stay in an RV Park. There are very popular tourist spots with fancy RV Parks that command $100/night. Florida and California come to mind. I can't think of a reason I would pay that much. There are other much lower priced options available. Even in New Orleans, there are much cheaper options that let you pretty easily visit the sights without staying withing a few blocks of the French Quarter. There are even very nice State Parks about within 15 miles of the French Quarter. It is everyone's option to decide what is best for them. It is called freedom of choice. I also consider what it costs to operate a RV Park. For the one right near downtown NYC,I'm sure the cost of the land fees, taxes and whatever, has a major affect on the price to rent a site. No biggie deal. Out of your price range, just don't go. But "disgusting" I don't find it so.
  7. Mark & Dale covered the differences. More info/comments: -- The domes have smaller dishes, so they have lower signal strength. That means rain fade is more pronounced, and in northern latitudes you will even have less of a signal. We had good reception all the way up to the Arctic Circle, north of Fairbanks, AK. Beyond the Arctic Circle we had hills and mountains blocking the view of the satellite. We talked with an RV'er in Homer, AK who said they couldn't even detect a signal with their dome. -- The Trav'ler receives the full spectrum of all the satellite channels from either Direct TV or Dish Network, depending on which version of the Trav'ler you buy and service you subscribe to. -- With Dish and I think Direct TV the receivers can record up to 16 channels at the same time. Some modification has to be done for the Dish Trav'ler to accomplish this. You also have to have the "Hopper" receiver for Dish to record all those channels at the same time.
  8. Sling TV looks like it would work well as long as you have a good cell tower signal and are close enough to broadcast TV towers for a good OTA signal. There are important trade offs for Sling TV versus satellite TV. -- Local channels: From an OTA (Over the Air) antenna only. There are lots of places, especially in the West where you are to far away to get good OTA reception. -- You must have a decently strong cell service signal to be able to stream data for TV. -- Satellite TV: Anywhere you have an open view of the sky to the south you get very good reception. Even many miles from a cell tower signal. Example: We had excellent satellite TV with our Dish Trav'ler in Alaska and Canada. In Canada the local channels were limited to the places the spot beam for Juneau or Fairbanks reached into adjacent parts of Canada.
  9. I found the second link: https://marinehowto.com/how-fast-can-an-agm-battery-be-charged/ to be extremely beneficial to read. Great detail on exactly why you can't charge a battery from 50% SOC to 100% in just a couple of hours. It is a very technical write up, but a must read for anyone dry camping or boondocking for more than just a few days in a week or any period of time before connecting back to shore power for an extended period. Bottom line, it takes at least 5 or probably many more hours of charging to get the battery from 50% SOC to 100%. Depending on your charger, it may take 8-12 hours to charge the battery to 100%. The article confirms, with extensive detail, what I have read about battery charging for the last 12 years.
  10. Al F


    I know many websites I visit or forums I am active on have advertising, but I almost never actually see the advertising. As I am typing this I do notice that along the right side of the screen are some ads. Quite frankly if I wasn't replying about advertising I wouldn't even know about the advertising. I guess I have tunnel vision.
  11. Barb & Docj, Thank you for keeping me straight. I really messed up on my math. This time I created a spread sheet and entered all the numbers and came up with a total of a little over $8000 for the two of us. Or roughly $4K each. -- Medicare Part B deducted from SS -- Medicare Part F -- Medicare Part D
  12. Yes it includes Part B costs. I don't know just why some folks would think that Part B is free. But then I guess some just don't pay attention. I guess "not paying attention" comes from so many folks always making "payments" and never looking at the true cost of stuff. I guess, like having a monthly payment for a car. Once the payments end, then that is either more money to spend on whatever, or it is time to buy a new car. To build wealth, you keep the car as long as possible and when your initial payment period is over you keep making the payments to yourself.
  13. I should have made it clear. The $4K cost is for BOTH of us. I'll update my original post.
  14. Our medicare plan B plus Medicare supplement Part "F" plus Prescription drug plan Part D total right at $4000 year total for both of us. Basically $2000 each. Last year we had over $5000 out of pocket copays for Rx. Sharon has some expensive Rx that pushed her into and beyond the Donut Hole. The only good thing about going beyond the donut hole is the drugs get pretty cheap. On edit I made it clear the $4K is for both of us. 2nd edit. Barb & Docj are keeping me straight. Redid my figures, this time on a spread sheet instead of just a calculator. The total for both of us is a little over $8000. Medicare Part B Medicare Part F Medicare Part D
  15. I was thinking if you rented the RV it would be like an apartment. But I guess on the other hand if you rented a single family home that would still be considered "living in a single family home".
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