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  1. We had a foggy window repaired at ProRV in Dallas (actually near Grapevine). https://www.prorv.com/fog-window-repair/ We were passing though the Dallas area, spent the night at Walmart just a couple miles north of ProRV. We had an appointment for the next morning and pulled in a few minutes after 8am and were out that afternoon. We just stayed in the RV while they did the work. Or we could have left for the day. The cost was $300 for the big window in the entrance door next to the passenger chair at the front of the RV. There are RV parks in the area if you don't like spending the night at WM
  2. Be sure to go online to medicare and go to the section to compare plans: http:// https://www.medicare.gov/plan-compare/#/?lang=en The "Plan-Compare" area allows you to compare, in great detail, the different medicare supplement plans Kirk mentioned. You also get good info on the costs and your out of pocket expenses. The same goes for Medicare plan D for prescriptions. Be sure to enter each Rx your husband takes. With the Rx's entered you will see a detailed price list including costs for each month of the year. Lots and lots of info. I would suggest having or buying an inexpensive laser printer($90-$100) and a ream (500 sheets) of paper and print out each of the options that look the best for you. I find it very difficult to compare plans looking at a computer screen.
  3. A new card is free if you have the old senior pass. In August 2019, the gate keeper at the south entrance to Yellowstone NP asked if we wanted a new card and we said sure. Within 2 minutes we had a brand new card. No charge.
  4. If you travel by yourself in your RV to other places, Big Bend isn't that much different and probably safer than traveling through cities. For an easy and comfortable drive: go from Houston to San Antonio, stay a few days. On to Del Rio for a couple of days. From Del Rio an easy drive to Sanderson and stay at http://www.campgroundreviews.com/regions/texas/sanderson/canyons-rv-park-8188. Be sure to stop a the TX Hwy visitor center in Langtry. Not much in Sanderson but a good place to spend the night to break up the drive. Or go on to Marathon to the RV Park there. Then on down into the park for a couple of weeks. Great dry camping inside the park at Rio Grande Village and at Cottonwood CG's.
  5. As you are doing, I very much prefer to do things online or via email instead of phone call. With email, or online you usually have a verifiable record of what you or others did or attempted to do. So when things go wrong you, most of the time, don't have the "she said he said" problem. Or the "you must have misunderstood the customer service person". Additionally you usually have a email or confirmation screen when ordering something.
  6. About the furnace sending warm air to the water tanks: The fresh water tank is hanging out in the open air in a medal enclosed frame. I don't think it has any way for warm air to get to the tank. The rest of my tanks are internal and have warm air to them. Yes, draining the tanks and having no running water for the time is the safest option. Rather not to have to do that. If we were going to be here for many weeks or a few months I would insulate the outside water hose, etc, etc. But not going to be there that long. We may be forced into the no running water option IF it gets cold enough. I like the idea of putting whiskey in the tank. Hate to run it down the toilet or sink though.
  7. We have a 2006 Journey, 36G with the 90 gallon fresh water tank located in the lower center of the RV between the front and rear axles. This tank is housed in a medal frame mostly exposed to the outside air.We are planning a trip this winter to spend 7-9 days, where we have a chance to be in well below freezing temps for 24-48 hours. Chances are we won't be exposed to this cold of temperatures for this long, but there is still a chance.Questions:-- Is there any insulation between the water tank and the medal frame?-- Does anyone have any experience a RV with this kind of exposed water tank.I know 90 gallons of water is not going to freeze to the point of damage in just 4-6 hours of 15* temps. But if the temps hover between 30* and 15* for 24-36 hours I am not sure what will happen.As far as the water pipes in the storage compartments and living areas, I am prepared to take care of them to keep them from freezing.
  8. Dealers (salesman???) have been known to "tell" buyers most anything the buyer may want to hear. Most any sales man would respond to a buyers question about checking out the rig with something like the quote above. It would be very difficult to verify that the dealer actually did spend a week going through the trailer. That is not to say the dealer didn't have a tech spend 20-30 minutes looking through the rig for any glaring problems and/or having a non technical worker(s) clean the rig so it looks pretty. Another thought is: With a walk through, it is likely the slides were not actually brought all the way in, or maybe not even a little way in. Probably, "here is the button you press to bring the slide all the way in or out". Unless the buyer insisted the slides be operated all the way in and out, maybe even several times, chances are the slides were not operated during the walk through.
  9. Did anyone else get a PM from member "natash223" not wanted a reply via PM, just via email. No question from her to answer, just wanted a reply. Also no member content in the member info area. I am wondering if she is phishing for email addresses? I did "report" the PM.
  10. From my experience over the last 7 years, the "hold mail" is local to your post office and mail carrier. When you go online and submit your hold mail request someone prints out a 8x11 sheet of paper to put where your carrier picks up your mail. If that doesn't happen then your carrier doesn't know you submitted a hold mail request. About mail forwarding. The yellow sticker with your new address gets put on your mail at one of the automated mail sorting facilities close to the origin point of the mailing. I believe there is an exception when mail originates in the same local area and doesn't get to an automated sorting facility. Then it would get to your local post office.
  11. In late August 2019, we stayed O/N at the WM in southern Colorado Springs on I-25 Exit 135. Called and asked permission and lady that answered the phone said: We parked back by the auto service area. There was quiet a bit of room back there. Three 18 wheelers joined us for the night. They parked a little ways away from our RV so there wasn't a noise issue. There are signs all over the main parking area about no O/N parking, but no one bothered us. Also this WM is shown on at least 2 lists as allowing O/N parking. BTW, the WM we stayed at is the only one in CS that shows as allowing O/N parking.
  12. For as least the the last 5-7 years USPS has charged the $1(or $1.05) to your credit card to set up mail forwarding as a way to verify identity. They charged me the $1.05 last May (2019) even though I am signed up for informed delivery.
  13. Yep, the individual postal carriers and post offices, can and do give very poor service sometimes. The online system sends some sort of notice to the individual post office. However, somehow the notice needs to get that notice to your carrier so they know to hold the mail. I think service is even worst when you live in a neighborhood that has centrally located clusters of mail boxes, instead of a mail box at each house. I make it a point to meet and get to know our mail carrier. As a precaution I also personally tell our carrier that I have submitted a hold mail request and when we set up mail forwarding I let him/her know that as well. Once I submitted a hold mail or forwarding request (I forget which it was) to start a couple of days before we left. Our regular mail carrier was on vacation. I caught the backup mail carrier putting mail in our mail box and when I told him I submitted a hold or forward request, his response was, well your regular carrier is on vacation. I just stared at him, until it dawned on him that he should have paid better attention when he was picking up the mail that morning. He then told me he would be sure to take care of it. Screw ups happen. However it is really great that the post office holds or forwards the mail for free. Also, all it takes is a couple of minutes on my computer to set it up. It is also easy to change the end date when I need to.
  14. The sign up page asks for your zip code to verify if that zip code is eligible for informed delivery, so maybe your zip code isn't eligible. There is no requirement to have a mobile phone, that I know of. I have informed delivery notification come to my computer via email.
  15. If you don't know what the USPS "Hold Mail" is: The post office will hold all the mail for your address for up to 30 days. When you return they will deliver all the held mail to your house, or you can pick it up at the post office. If you return early or your return is delayed, you can change your return date online. Just be sure the save the confirmation email you receive when you sign up for the hold mail. There is a link in the email to click on to take you to the change process.
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