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  1. Do you mean that you "do" have 12.6V battery voltage, but when connected to shore power the converter does not put out 13.4V or greater voltage to charge the batteries and power the fridge as well as all the other 12V devices (lights)? Are you looking for the schematic for the internal wiring of the converter? I have not see a MFG release a schematic for the internal wiring. I think most people consider the converter a throw away item when they break (other than fuses inside the converter).
  2. You might consider using a Voltage Drop Calculator to calculate the voltage drop for each of your wire routing options and pick the one with the least voltage drop.
  3. I found in my RV going down the vent pipe was not as easy as many seem to state. In my RV when I ran the wires from my roof combiner down the black (or gray) tank vent I discovered there is a couple of 30 degree junctions (bends) in the PVC piping. It took some extra pushing and jiggling to get the wires down. If the pipe would have gone straight down it would have been a lot easier. Trying to go from the bottom to the top, I couldn't get the wires pushed up to the top. I used #2 flexible wire. There was a little additional work to fish the wires out the exit hole in the pipe at the bottom. I didn't want to make an overly large hole to seal up once I got the wires routed. I had to get the wires right to the hole and then work to bend them to get them out of the pipe. I think I drilled a 1" hole with a hole saw.
  4. Returning the money doesn't do anyone any good. The money is needed to bolster the economy so needs to be spent (hopefully on american made goods, restaurants, etc) or donated to a charity which is supporting those out of a job right now.
  5. Here is a quote from the IRS website in the FAQ section about stimulus check direct deposit if you paid your taxes electronically.
  6. I found out that since we owed money to the IRS this year, and even though we gave the IRS our bank account info to debit our account, they will not use that address to deposit our stimulus. Note that this same address has been used in the past to deposit a refund. I went to Get-My-Payment and entered my bank info. Hopefully we will soon get our check.
  7. I sure thought that there was a lot of discussion about the mail forwarding not being able to forward the census, or that the Government wasn't going to send one to mail forwarders. Whatever it was we never got a census in the mail. Being that it was 10 years ago and I have a hard time remembering what happened yesterday, I may have the details mixed up.
  8. To those of you who wrote that, in 2010 you had an Escapees address that year, and did not use that address on the census from, what process did you use to complete the census? Did a census taker come by and take your info, or what?
  9. In 2010 we were fulltimeing with the Escapees address as our domicile. As I remember the census form mailing to the Rainbow addresses, Escapees was not allowed to pass on the form to those of us who were not physically at the Rainbow address. As a consequence we were never counted in the 2010 census. As long time residents of Texas, we had no desire to be counted as part of the population in any of the eastern states we traveled through from March to October, so we never made the effort to find a census taker to count us. We moved a lot that summer so were never in a spot where a census taker happened to come by.
  10. To the OP: If the state you still have on your drivers license collected income tax from you in the past, you really should file in that state, since you never really left that state. Just a thought.
  11. If you like beautiful wildlife and scenic photos as well as some travel adventures thrown in, take a look at Bob McQuade's blog. His travels start in July 2013 in this blog entry: http://ramcquade.com/?m=20130806 The blog continues until the fall of 2019 and ends with Bob's passing. Details of his last days are on the home page for the blog: http://ramcquade.com/ I found his trip to Alaska in 2105 most interesting. He crossed into Canada in May: http://ramcquade.com/?m=20150510 and back into the lower 48 in September: http://ramcquade.com/?m=20151001 You can go to the "archive" link and pretty much just jump in anywhere for some interesting places and great photography. I choose to post this in the "Travel" section instead of "Travel Logs" because it is an inactive blog and the "Travel" section does not allow replies.
  12. Good to know. That is better than leaving the pet alone in the RV. Things have changed since 2008.
  13. About 1 fan or two fans, or two different fans. Most likely, one motor with the shaft coming out both sides of the motor. One side goes to the fan for the condenser unit and the other side goes to a squirrel cage fan to circulate the air inside the RV.
  14. I would pull the shroud off of the top of the AC and look. Should be some sheet metal to be removed to access the squirrel cage. I can't see how you could access the set screw attaching the fan to the motor shaft from the bottom.
  15. At least on the long ferry, they let you go down to your RV every 3-4 hours to let your pet out to do it's business, if that would work for you. BTW, the short crossing, from the time you leave your RV at boarding time until you can access it at the destination, may be as much as 5 hours and possibly a little more.
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