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  1. No power to rangetop or washer

    L1 at 3 and l2 at 120: I am assuming that is the voltage on each leg of your 50amp power source. (You need to consult your owners manual for the EMS to be sure about what the reading mean.) It seems in this case you have lost one leg of shore power. In a 50amp power service RV each leg (L1 L2) coming from shore power has 120V available at a max of 50amps. Each leg powers approximately half of your 120V devices in the RV, i.e. 1 air conditioner on one leg and the other on the other leg. It sounds like your cooktop and washer are on the leg that lost power. Starting the generator and the EMS reading 45 on both legs: That doesn't make much sense, but again assuming the EMS is showing the voltage on each leg of your 120V AC power, it seems you have a problem which may, or may not be related to the first problem. With the generator running, and both legs reading 45, I would be surprised if ANY 120V devices work, i.e. air conditioner, microwave, stove, etc. Of course, as suggested earlier, it is not always possible to tell if a C/B is tripped by looking. Turn off each C/B and then back on. You might unplug from shore power and then start the generator to see if that makes a difference. If you are still having the problem you need a volt meter and someone experienced in measuring 120V power and start troubleshooting. 120V AC power can be dangerous or even deadly.
  2. Yep the construction process leaves a lot to be desired. Especially combined with NO quality control at a lot of the assembly plants.
  3. Cheyenne, WY to Amarillo, TX-Aviod Denver

    Would that be, from Greeley, US-34 to I-76 to Brush, then SR-71 to Limon, then US-40 to Kit Carson & US-287 to Amarillo? Directions when traveling on less used roads, such as SR-71 are much easier to understand when the hwy numbers are given. The above route given is a very good route to bypass Denver. On the other hand, if you can arrange your travel time to go through Denver in I-25 on a Saturday or Sunday morning, traffic should be light. It is a quicker drive to take I-25 to Raton, NM then US-64/US-87 to Dalhart, TX then US-87 to Amarillo.
  4. DuneElliot, Be sure you read through Jack's link he gave above. Especially the section on Solar Panels and attaching same: http://www.jackdanmayer.com/Solar_panels_and_controllers.html
  5. Sorry. I didn't realize you were starting a political discussion w/o actually stating that fact.
  6. How Long Will Refrigerator Run

    Idle current with a typical RV inverter of 1000-3000 watts can vary with several conditions. -- Inverter off. Probably almost nothing. My 2000 Watt Magnum doesn't register any current draw on my Trimetric monitor when off -- Inverter on, but all 120V AC devices powered off. This varies considerably. My Magnum pulls about 1.5 amp DC if I turn off all C/B's going to AC devices. If I don't trip the C/B's the microwave pulls a 1/2 amp of 12V DC. If I leave the satellite TV DVR on it pulls about 4-5 amps. If you have a automatic coffee pot that may pull a little bit. Other devices will pull various amounts. Keep in mind all these little current draws add up and you have to multiply them by 24 to get your daily usage that you have to replace every day. For me, if I left my inverter on and the C/B to the microwave on, that is 2amps or 48AH a day and I am not actively using any 120V AC devices. This is one of the issues with a residential fridge, you have to have the inverter on all the time. Some RV's may have 2 inverters. One for the fridge and one for the rest of the house. That sounds like a good solution, 2 inverters. One a small as possible for the fridge and another for all the rest of the RV.
  7. Oregon Coast Summer 2018 Ideas?

    We have stayed in several of the State Parks along the coast. You may have to be careful when selecting a camping spot since you are towing with a HDT. Some of the interior roads get a little tight for really large rigs. I do note that your 5th wheel is only around 35'-38' and not 40' plus, so you may be OK. I have to admit that I really don't spend any amount of time trying to evaluate how easy/hard it may be to maneuver a HDT & trailer. It is just that many of the interior roads seem to be tight to drive & park a 38-40' Class A. Additionally there is very little overflow parking in the state parks. So if you can't get the HDT & trailer in the campsite you have a problem.
  8. Oregon Coast Summer 2018 Ideas?

    We have driven by the Sea Perch RV Park a couple of time. The ocean front sites have a fantastic view of the water, however they cost around $90/night in summer. A bit pricey!
  9. Tricare for Life and Medicare

    Excellent advice! Go to the sources website and read what is there. You may have to read it 3-4 times to understand it, but work at it. Many times this is much to important to you to just accept what "someone" says. For example, we have a friend who contributed to Social Security for 31 years, then worked for a school district for 12 years, not paying into SS. Her "friends" and sister and sister had her scared to death that she would not be eligible for a dime of SS because she worked in a job which did not contribute to SS. I went to SS website and found out that is false. There are reductions for fewer than 30 years of paying into SS, but you still get some of the SS. Our friend got 100% of the SS, just as though she never worked for the school district. She also gets all of the school system retirement as well.
  10. Oregon Coast Summer 2018 Ideas?

    Your statement seems to state you want one place to stay for 2 months without changing locations, correct?
  11. OK. A quick check shows ZDNet is part of CBS Interactive and something called TechRepublic. Is the issue that ZDNet is not, non partisan, or that the person writing the article referenced by RV is wrong with his statements about FCC and Net Neutrality? It is frustrating when a person throws out a bomb and doesn't want to provide some info about their concerns.
  12. How Long Will Refrigerator Run

    Before your change out your batteries and throw on a solar panel or two, read and understand the links below. It will save you lots of headaches when you do decide add battery power & solar. Also practice you boondocking skills when you have hookups. All you need to do is disconnect from the shore facilities. The 12volt Side of Life (Part 1) Batteries The 12volt Side of Life Part Solar & Inverters Jack Mayer RV Electrical Jack Mayer Battery & Charging RV Dreams Electrical Information site RV Dreams Electrical System HandyBob's Blog Solar & Elect
  13. Good or Bad Idea?

    My thoughts exactly!!
  14. Good or Bad Idea?

    As a teenager of about 15 years old, I took a small can about the size of the typical canned vegetable or soup can, filled it about 1/4 full of gasoline. I was simply amazed when I dropped a lighted match from about 10 inches above the can and it went straight down into the can and fizzled out, just like I had dropped the match into a can of water. I even tried to light it a 2nd and third time. Most likely if I had dropped the match down beside the can, the gas would have ignited.
  15. When we went on vacations (before our retire days) at the end of the vacation, heading home, we would push hard, sometimes driving for 14 hours (in a car/truck not RV), because we were ready to "just get home". Different folks have different likes and desires. Being retired and liking to travel, in 2016 we were in the RV for a little over 10 months total. That included a 8 month trip from the sticks and bricks in San Antonio to Dallas to visit DD (dear daughter) for 4 weeks, about 3 weeks in Oregon to visit grandsons & their parents, then 4 1/2 months to Alaska and back to Oregon, then a repeat of the travels earlier. Other years we spend 5-6 months total in the RV. In the 2006-2010 time frame we spend 4 1/2 years with the RV as our only home. When we are in the RV, that is our "home". We have little thought about needing or wanting to be in the sticks and bricks. Many other folks don't feel like their RV is their "home", so it gets tiring for them.