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  1. canyonier

    Moki Dugway - OK for 30' 5th-wheel?

    It's been several years since I have driven up or down the Moki Dugway. In a few days I will be in the area towing our 30' 5th-wheel South. I would like to know if that road is OK for rigs such as mine? I would be going downhill. Thanks for your info. Glenn
  2. Due to a health issue we (my wife and I) must abandon our pleasure trip and head back home to San Diego. We tow a 30' 5th-wheel and are currently near Saginaw, Michigan. Since I did not plan on going from Michigan to San Diego I haven't had time to work out a good route. For sure I don't want to drive in traffic congestion. (Congestion didn't used to bother me but now it does.) I ask for your suggestions as to what route we should take. Please keep in mind traffic congestion. THANK YOU, Glenn
  3. 1. In early August we plan to tow our 30' 5er from San Diego to the Great Lakes area. So far I have us routed to the general area of Detroit Lakes, Minn. From there we want to get to Marquette, Mich. The obvious route is US-2 which goes thru Duluth, Minn and Superior, Wis. Anymore I really dread driving in any kind of congested traffic, especially when towing our 5-th wheel. (Yeah, I know, San Diego and all that ... .) Is driving thru Duluth & Superior anything to be concerned about, congestion wise? Is there a better route to get from Detroit Lakes area to Marquette? I would rather drive a few more miles if it means less traffic. 2. Earlier in the trip I have us spending 2 nites in West Yellowstone, Mont. It has been many, many years since we have visited Yellowstone and I thought we would maybe spend 1 day in the park. From the standpoint of crowds I know we should wait until around Labor Day to visit the park, but since we'll be in the vicinity anyway, why not? We'll probably be there August 9 or 10. Is this a bad idea? Thanks, Glenn
  4. canyonier

    New propane tank purge - San Diego?

    I am the OP of this topic. Thanks for all of your informative replies. One of the responses was from "lots2see" who said that the tanks sold by Costco had already been purged. I just took a closer look at the labels on the tanks. Nowhere did it say anything about already purged. But it did have a phone number of the tank supplier. I called that number and was told: "The tanks have already been purged and are ready to be filled". Again, thanks for all your replies. Glenn
  5. I just bought two new 30# propane tanks at Costco. Where can I go in eastern San Diego to have the new tanks purged and then filled? Thanx, Glenn
  6. A newly retired friend and his wife have never had a RV of any sort but do want to get one and do some traveling about the country. They ask me for my opinion on what to get. Trouble is, after purchasing our 2004 Laredo 5th-wheel, which we still have, I stopped looking. Based on how shoddy my Laredo was built and the number of chassis problems I would say to not consider anything with a Lippert chassis. But, for all I know, maybe Lippert now makes quality stuff. Several years ago I would have recommended the Artic Fox (and Nash) brand as something to consider. Same for Sunny Brook(seems I read that the company went out of business?). Are they still good quality units? What do you think? So, what I would like is for you folks to let me (and my friend) know what brand(s) of 5th-wheels (and motor homes, too) you think of as being well-made. Thanks in advance. Glenn
  7. canyonier

    Trip planning maps/software?

    Years ago I used MS Streets and Trips to plan our RV trips. Used it for establishing our routes as well as finding campgrounds/RV parks. The campgrounds/RV Parks part of it was pretty weak but it was better than nothing. These days MS Streets and Trips is a thing of the past. Two years ago I used RV Trip Wizard for trip planning. It worked pretty good for me, but, before I resubscribe I wonder if you folks have found something even better? Glenn
  8. My satellite service is with Dish Network. I have an about 4-year old Tailgator antenna and a 2-year old 211z receiver. Used to receive HD progamming OK. Last year while on the road I could always get SD signals but almost never HD. I didn't think much about it at the time, figuring the clouds must be attenuating the signal strength. But now we are home (San Diego) and the weather is definitely clear (absolutely no clouds or rain (darn it)) I still only get SD programming, including the local network stations. Note: I crank up the batwing antenna and receive local stations in HD. I figure either the antenna or receiver or cable is bad. I purchased a new, supposedly high quality RG-6 cable, but still only get SD. So now, how to tell if it's my receiver or my antenna that is the problem. i don't know. Any suggestions as to how to troubleshoot? Also, if it turns out the antenna is bad and needs to be replaced, which of the several portable antennas on the market in the $300-$400 range do you suggest? Glenn
  9. What do you folks use for a computerized address book? That is, can you recommend a software program to keep track of Names, addresses, phone #'s, email, b-dates, etc? And also be able to print envelopes and/or address labels, say for Christmas cards? I used to have a couple of programs that did this, but they have gone by the wayside. Thanks for your suggestions. Glenn
  10. Hi, I hope I am stating this correctly. I plan to get a new 43" TV for our 5th-wheel. I subscribe to Dish and have a 211z receiver and a Tailgater antenna. Quite often I see an on-screen message to the effect the system is switching from HD to SD. It seems to usually occur when the sky is at least a bit cloudy. I assume that the clouds attenuate the signal enough that HD isn't possible. Regardless of whether my assumptions are correct, we often have to watch TV in SD. So, does that mean I should save my money and NOT pay for a new "4k" capable TV? That I should just get a lower-end TV because even if a 4k signal is present, my Dish system can't handle it? Or am I screwed up in my thinking? Thanks for any info. Glenn e
  11. canyonier

    El Paso bypass route?

    In mid-October we will be traveling with our 30' fifth-wheel from Houston to San Diego. Anymore I dread driving in congestion. Last time I was thru El Paso (probably 20 years ago) I hated driving I-10 thru the downtown area. I swore I wouldn't go there again. However, I now see on the map that there is state highway 375 (a bypass route) that goes north of downtown El Paso. Is that route relatively "non-congested"? Is that a good way to avoid the downtown I-10 congestion? Or perhaps you have a better suggestion? Also, any suggested route other than I-10/I-8 to get from Houston to San Diego; say Hobbs to Alamogordo to Las Cruces? I'm planning on about a week to go from Houston to SD. I normally avoid the interstate highways and may do so for at least part of this trip as well. Why I'm at it, I might as well ask a few more questions: What about the LBJ ranch area? Anything interesting to see in that area? Has anyone been to the country music museum in Brady, Tex? Worth a visit? What about Luckenbach, Tex.; how to get there? Thanks for your suggestions. Glenn
  12. canyonier

    Missouri Hwy 60 or I-70?

    I like traveling US-60. Usually take much of it when going between San Diego and central KY. Besides the ice cream stop you can, and should, stop and stand in line, don't worry, this time it is worth it, at Lambert's Restaurant in Sikeston, MO. Where else can you get a plate of hog jowls or chicken gizzards, two delicacies I love. Glenn
  13. Next month we will be towing our 5th wheel from San Diego to the Great Lakes area. I have already planned most of the trip. I'm now working on getting from Aberdeen, SD to Hinckley, MN (I want to visit the Hinckley fire museum). Thinking of taking US-12 east from Aberdeen to near New London, MN and then MN-23 all the way to Hinckley. Any of you been this route? Is it OK? What about traffic congestion or stop lights in St. Cloud? Is that town to be avoided or is its traffic nothing to be concerned about? I was planning to go north to US-2 and taking it east to and thru Duluth. I've been reading there is road construction and detours in the Duluth area so I have decided to avoid that route. Thanks for your help. Glenn
  14. Hi, In August I will be towing our 5th-wheel from central Nebraska to near Ashland, Wis. I generally stay off the interstates and take US and state roads instead. I feel that gives me a better taste of our beautiful country. I especially try to stay away from congestion. Here's the route I'm considering. (Yeah, I know there are shorter and faster routes.): US-83N from North Platte, Neb to I-94 (near Bismark). I-94E to Fargo, ND US-10E from Fargo to Detroit Lakes, Minn Minn.Hwy 34 and Minn Hwy 200 from Detroit Lakes to US-2 (NW of Floodwood, Minn). US-2 thru Duluth & Superior to Ashland. How does that look to you guys? What about going thru Duluth and Superior? Would I run into much congestion? Would I be better off, congestion wise, by going south of Duluth, say to Hinckley before turning east? Also, do you have RV park/Campground suggestions for along this route? Thanks, Glenn
  15. Looking for a RV park just to spend the night in area of Tuba City or Cameron, AZ. I know there used to be a place directly across from the Cameron Trading Post. Every time you go past it seemed to change from real trashy looking to looking OK. How is it now? What about Tuba City? Any RV parks there now? Or do we need to go all the way to Bluff, UT to find a place with at least electric hookup? Glenn