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  1. Gresham Or, RV Park

    Looking for a full service RV within 10 miles or so of Gresham Or. Any thought?
  2. WIFIRanger EliteAC Pack - NEW

    OK, thanks for the information. Would consider $300 and shipped to Seattle? ok then I'm no long interested
  3. WIFIRanger EliteAC Pack - NEW

    OK, thanks for the information. Would consider $300 and shipped to Seattle?
  4. 5 star tuner

    is it sold
  5. Researching Class C Motorhomes

    Linda Sand, here is the link to the Winnebago 4X4, , this is NO toy hauler, check it out and will new.
  6. Route 66

    Thanks for the information, although I am not the one who originally asked for it.
  7. Researching Class C Motorhomes

    Exposed tanks, heated by heat pads, are you sure you want to travel Wyoming in the Winter with a Class C motor home? I use to live in Billings Mt. and sold explosives to the seismic crews looking for oil, and traveling Wyoming in the winter was bad enough in a car, let alone in a motorhome of any kind. Winnebago just came out with a class B 4x4 build on the Mercedes chassis, that might have been just what you were looking for, although the cost might scare many people off.
  8. Minnie Winnie Facebook

    This forum is for ALL class C motor homes, the one I have referred to is specific for Winnebago Minnie Winnies, there is nothing wrong inbeing on more than one site., Thanks for reading though Evan
  9. WIFIRanger EliteAC Pack - NEW

    Would consider $300 and shipped to Seattle?
  10. Minnie Winnie Facebook

    I would like to invite all Minnie Winnie owner to come join the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/974872809311378/ , this is a small group of Minnie Winnie owners group and shares information regarding problem solving and upgrade each of us have had and are doing to our Minnie Winnie Class C's.
  11. Researching Class C Motorhomes

    I own a 2016 Minnie Winnie 22R, it is a short Class C, being 23'10". It has double pain windows and heated holding tanks. My RV was ordered with these features, so some may not have them. This is true for most manufactures, even within the same models some will have these features and some will not, just depends on how they were ordered. A boat a 5000lbs, is quite heavy, I do tow a car with my class c, its weight is about 3500lbs,
  12. 5 star tuner

    with you being a new member mot sure how to proceed?
  13. 5 star tuner

    I'm interested
  14. How Many RV Clubs Poll

    We are members of WIT (Winnebago International Travelers). We are active with a local chapter," Evergreen Winnies" in the Seattle area that has 12 or so outings a year. We are not full timers and probably will never be, so this keeps us active and keeps the RV itself exercised monthly. Below is a link so any Winnebago product owner, motorhome and trailer, can take a look at some of the other clubs around the country and activities each do monthly or so. http://witclub.com/ Evan