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  1. For those over 65 that are on Medicare and haven't been keeping track; according to the Medicare Website the new cards are mailing NOW for South Dakota.
  2. TCW

    RV size limits

    Welcome to the Escapees Forum!! If you use the Recreation.gov website for federal facilities the length of the site is often included in the information provided when you click on the site on the map. This website often provides site size information for National Forest Service Campgrounds. For state parks, Reserve America often has site size information for each site. This is a post by forum member Zulu from another topic on the same subject. Again, Welcome to the Escapees Forum!!
  3. I am not arguing with you or any one else. A question was asked, I tried to provide an answer and links which you apparently did not like. Any changes to TX law should be included in the Texas Administrative Code which is why I posted the link to what appears to be the current version. The note at the bottom of the page states The note at the bottom of the section on Address states: I can find no evidence that Speights vs Willis was settled by the TX Supreme Court in October of 2002. The very opinion that you linked to is from not the Texas Supreme Court.
  4. Here is a link to what I believe is the current TX Administrative Code regarding establishing domicile for the purpose of obtaining a driver's license. Section (g), (2) states Here is a link to the section on Address. I can not find any other section/statement that specifically mentions use of a mail forwarder or that seems to apply specifically to full time RVers.
  5. In case anyone missed it, this was the same day that this thread was started. Despite the announced closing date of July 31, it sounds like mail was already being returned to the senders by the postal service at the time this thread was started.
  6. Putting slides out and leveling aside; I like to plug in right away to let the EMS do its thing and test the voltage, ground, etc. Nothing much more aggravating then getting setup and then finding that there is a problem with the power pedestal that requires a move.
  7. If there are any National Parks, State Parks, Corps of Engineers Lakes, National Forests or other public recreational facilities nearby; I would suggest that the Park District Supervisor talk to the Volunteer Coordinator at one or more of them. He also needs to talk to his agency's legal staff about things like liability for the volunteer's actions and work related injuries incurred by the volunteer(s). If the Park District workers are unionized, that would need to be another topic of discussion with the legal staff. Total dependence on volunteers can have its down side. Even if RV volunteers stay one whole season, there may be need for repeated recruitment and training. There is no guaranty that every volunteer will be any more dedicated, polite or knowledgeable than the current employees. Many public agencies that use RV volunteers also use volunteers from a Cooperating Association or Friends Group started by local residents. These groups are often tax exempt entities which in addition to recruiting and managing volunteers can raise funds to help with projects at the facility. I worked at facilities where some local volunteers had volunteered for more than 10 years. Some volunteered several days a week.
  8. TCW

    Hotspot/Router connections

    I did experience battery swelling from the constant charging. I read that some jetpacks would run with a USB connection without a battery and some others could be hacked to do so. The use of a cradle amplifier also seemed to decrease jetpack battery life/increase swelling due to the heat produced by the amplifier. The USB modems with an external antennae port were at one time a popular solution to this problem. The modem had no battery and the antennae could be placed in/near a cradle amplifier. I am not sure that cell phones like constant charging from a USB either, but in my experience the speed when tethered to the router is consistently better than when connecting to the phone as a hotspot.
  9. TCW

    Dog License

    As has been said, dog licenses are a local issue. Many municipalities and counties require a dog license if the dog is in their jurisdiction for more than a specific length of time. The longer you stay in an area, the greater the chance that you may be asked for license. As mentioned, if your dog gets loose or there is an incident where animal control becomes involved; you may be asked for the current license if there is a requirement for one. We have lived in communities where animal control does neighborhood surveys. They have a list of who purchased licenses and check that against properties where they see or see evidence of a dog. I have hunting dogs. Some states require that dogs in the field be licensed and vaccinated for rabies. I have had Game Wardens ask me for the dogs' licenses and proof of vaccination. Veterinarians in some states that require proof of rabies vaccination do not issue rabies tags as the dog license is proof of vaccination. I always carry a copy of the rabies certificate where ever I take the dogs. The license tag is on their collar.
  10. TCW

    National Parks' New Dog Rules?-Updated

    I think you are mistaken. Many of the regulations on public lands (National Park, Forest Service, US Fish & Wildlife) are strict liability just like traffic laws. It is the visitor's responsibility to know the rules. For example, how far one can park an RV from the travelled portion of a Forest Service Road when boondocking is a prime example. The rules are published in the Travel Maps and Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM) and not posted on the ground and not included in general public information. I believe "Due Process" applies to the implementation of penalties not the initiation of proceedings such as issuing a citation. The citations I am familiar with give an explanation of the accused's right to a trial and due process in the determination of the penalty.
  11. Historic Route 66 is being considered for designation as a National Historic Trail. Here is an article with a nice video and a link to the legislation (H.R.-801) which has passed the House but is waiting for action by the Senate.
  12. TCW

    Hotspot/Router connections

    I think there are probably a number of wireless routers that have ethernet ports. I know that the WIFI Ranger Routers do. They can connect wirelessly to your hotspot and also have the capability to tether a hotspot or phone that has that capability. I have tethered both a hotspot (MIFI) and my phone to their products and connect two computers by ethernet.
  13. TCW


    Thanks for your oh so helpful post. The same could be said about many of the topics started on this forum and also many of the responses! I didn't want to respond and let the sender know that they had a valid address.
  14. I did years ago and never got a response. Did someone have to ask for Escapees to support the 3Ps initiatives or did Escapees take the initiative to create this poll on their own? It will be very interesting to see what if anything Escapees actually does on this issue since most topics on this forum having anything to do with raising the cost/fees on public lands seem to be dominated by those opposed to any increases or claiming that increases will deny a large number of folks access. The use of more concessionaires and requiring them to make infrastructure improvements as part of their contract is very likely to increase the cost of any services they provide. My impression is that many RVers are not that pleased with the operation and cost of current concessions so it will be interesting to see if they support an increase in concession operations. I doubt that Escapees is interested in supporting the excise tax concept that they know RVers and the no fee crowd have historically opposed. In my opinion, small organizations like Escapees, that I doubt have lobbyists and lawyers in Washington, are not as important as individuals contacting their members of Congress.