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  1. It was even better than that; at one end was an alley and at the other end was a bus stop so it was a pull-through parking spot just around the corner from our destination! Some days you win. Linda
  2. They also host an annual gathering of Winnebago owners where they demonstrate new products and ask for feedback on existing products. We went one year when we owned the View and it was worth making the trip to Iowa to do so. Linda Sand
  3. We took our Winnebago View 24H to all those places. We parked in downtown Chicago by finding 2 meters on the street and paying both of them. We parked in Miami by finding a spot in front of an unloading area and letting our tail end intrude a couple inches into that spot. We parked at museums by finding a spot in a parking lot where we could back up so our tail end hung over grass. If you decide that's the unit you want, don't let the length deter you. After all, we drove our View the entire length of Historic Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica stopping at all kinds of sights along the way. Linda Sand
  4. In the MPLS/St Paul metro area we had a heat index of 101° Thursday. That's the day this place decided to hold their cookout inside. They didn't even use the outdoor grill to cook the burgers and brats. Linda
  5. A Medicare wellness visit is not the same things as an annual physical. When I first started on Medicare my doctor said I could do one or the other as the wellness visit restricted what we could discuss. My doctor now does both in the same visit but they are billed as two different codes. Linda
  6. sandsys

    WE DID IT!

    Looks good from here. Linda
  7. Sorry, we never stayed that long in one spot so have no idea how you find them. Most of us who do stay that long are work camping for their spot so I'm not sure who here is going to be able to help you. I know there are parks with monthly rates in the Phoenix area, the Yuma area, and the Rockport, TX, area but we never stayed in any of them. I hope someone who has done so comes along to help you. Linda
  8. Would all the anti-gravity systems make it too heavy?
  9. Buy a new, white water hose and sanitize it and the fresh water tank.
  10. Apparently I either misinterpreted what I read or misremembered it. That's been known to happen when I'm tired and our apartment's fire alarm went off at 6:40 am today even though there was no fire. Sorry if I confused anyone. Maybe I should go to bed now. Linda
  11. The motto of this organization is "caring and sharing" so that's what we try to do here. I hope everything works out well for you. I think your family will love it once you get on the road. Linda
  12. That's pretty cool. We always used a dish pan instead of a litter box. Much less kicking out from the deeper pan and we never had trouble with a cat getting too close to the edge thus missing the pan. Takes up less floor space as well which is a good thing in an RV. Linda
  13. While that used to be true, Technomadia has found a better source of data and updated the app appropriately. The old data only promised to be correct within 1 mile. A mile can be too far off when looking for a boondocking spot. Linda
  14. But pay attention to vehicle registration fees as you make your decision. In Minnesota registering a Sprinter van is very expensive, since it is based on the value of the vehicle, but registering an RV is a flat $25. The clerk about fell through the floor when he realized I was registering a brand new 2012 Mercedes Sprinter van for $25. You do have to have the minimum number of amenities to register as an RV, though. Linda
  15. Technomadia's app Public Lands will help you locate ones you can then research further. Linda Sand
  16. I think of Lee often and miss him a lot. He was one of a kind. I was telling someone about his current bush just the other day. Linda
  17. My father was a sheet metal worker and we were weekend campers. But none of the adults in our group drank. I'm sure glad I never noticed anyone looking down on us. I'm sure as kids we were sometimes noisy but it was fun noise which is better in my mind than adults whining. Linda
  18. In our three years of full-timing we did not run into any of that so I feel I can safely say it's not like that everywhere. I did stop in one park as a snowbird that was having a gathering of like-minded people who were there to party but they warned me of that before I parked so I moved on down the road. Linda
  19. Is that because the ones sitting around are visible while the ones out hiking and biking are not? Even when it comes to swimming the ones who actually swim are usually at the pool during off hours, not in the middle of the day. Linda
  20. sandsys

    Bug Out Bag

    That's what made us decide hard copies were best. If you can't get to the cloud what you have stored there (and we have a lot stored there) is useless. Many storms cause power outages and our electronic's batteries will only last so long if we can even get online. Linda
  21. We no longer have ours but it was ~35'. Linda
  22. We didn't have the option of family because none of ours stay put. Linda
  23. sandsys

    Bug Out Bag

    I just read Jack's list and want to add this. Your $20 should be in small bills. If the guy selling bottles of water doesn't make change one bottle could cost you $20. Linda
  24. sandsys

    Bug Out Bag

    Ours is not an end of the world bag. It is for when mother nature or local official decides we should leave home. Thus, it holds documents we might need in a hurry, three days worth of food and medicine, solar powered flashlights, and electronics if we can grab them in time, but no armaments. Living in Minnesota the likely scenario is a tornado or fire in which case we would grab everything we could and head immediately to the closet long-term stay hotel in hopes they haven't filled up yet. Once we are safe there we can go about getting more food and meds or whatever. This building is well built, though, and fire alarms are by zones within the building. The policy is to stay in your apartment unless smoke comes in. We had a kitchen fire two floors directly below us and our alarms went off but the only way we knew its location is because Dave went out on our balcony and saw the smoke coming from their windows. There was a fire in a different part of the building and our alarm never went off. We found out about that one when admin sent a global email telling us it was over. I really like this place! Linda
  25. I had a sudden vision of one simply sitting beside a garage inside a garbage can with no lid on it. Who would think to look there? Linda
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