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  1. School Shootings - The New Generation

    And one of those TV stay at home moms once pointed out in an interview that every one of them, in reality, was a working mom. They wold not have been on TV if they were staying at home. Linda Sand
  2. Death while full timing

    x2. I could not have said it better. Linda Sand
  3. Van or Truck Camper?

    I never felt unsafe anyplace I spent the night. We did drive into one place where we drove right out again because I would not have felt safe overnighting there. One place is not bad for six years of RVing. Linda Sand
  4. Paul Evert RV fire

    I agree that a fire extinguisher is less likely to be needed for a residential refrigerator. But, most RVs don't have those yet. Linda
  5. School Shootings - The New Generation

    All the road runner cartoons never made me think violence was OK. I think it's the reality of today's animations that blur the fantasy part of the message. Linda Sand
  6. Paul Evert RV fire

    So, do you all have an automatic fire extinguisher in your refrigerator compartment? Linda Sand
  7. Van or Truck Camper?

    The top third of Doug's camper in that picture is a canvas sided pop-up. You, obviously, lower that before dismounting the camper. Linda
  8. Van or Truck Camper?

    No. It is a truck camper but it is not easily removable. Even the pros had trouble getting the camper centered in the bed when they put it back in. So the idea that you can just take it off and put it back on whenever you want to do so is not always true so should not be presented as an always option. Linda Sand
  9. Van or Truck Camper?

    Doug, of https://strollingamok.blog, has a truck camper. He has to have it professionally mounted. There is no lift it off the truck to drive into town. Linda Sand
  10. Van or Truck Camper?

    I guess I'm the lone voter for a van. I liked having everything inside. I could camp in forests and deserts even with my limited ground clearance. I had my van custom converted so my tank capacities and refrigerator were larger than most vans. I liked to move a lot so doing errands was something to do on the way to my next destination. I had a lot of solar panels so unplugging to move wasn't something I needed to do when not in an RV park and even then it meant just pulling and storing an electrical cord and TRYING to remember to bring in my door mat. And I loved seldom having to worry about low tree branches. If you are interested, my van's buyer has put it up for sale again at https://sportsmobile.com/preowned-sportsmobile-texas-inc/. It's the 2012 Sprinter that is the top listing today. Linda Sand
  11. FT Cooking/Baking

    I don't cook a lot but even in my conversion van I brought my Cuisinart. Mine stored in a cabinet when not in use. If you have better knife skills than I do that may not be as much needed. I also bought knife blade safes so I could throw my knives in a drawer--a knife block on the counter did not feel at all safe to me. https://www.amazon.com/Victorinox-BladeSafe-Knife-Case-8/dp/B0054752W0/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1518909003&sr=8-2&keywords=blade+safe+knife+guards Linda Sand
  12. Slides

    X2. Ours was a super slide so that might also be part of the reason ours preferred to have the door open--larger slide creates more vacuum? Linda Sand
  13. Free Pancakes at IHOP

    We've had both good and bad experiences at iHOP. Good in Phoenix at Christmas time one year. Linda Sand
  14. The Class-less Class

    My experience is all the ones that come out to RV parks do a good job. I suspect they'd go out of business really fast if that did a bad job in such a close community. Linda
  15. Used RV Models to stay away from

    This is not a model answer but, with the hurricanes we've had in recent years, I would be looking for water damage. Not just in hurricane territory, either, as some dealers move their inventory away from storm areas to decrease the number of people who will think to look for this type of damage. Linda Sand
  16. Slides

    We noticed a difference in the ease of movement when the door was open on our Winnebago Class A. Maybe Winnebago builds tighter than some other manufacturers? Linda Sand
  17. RV Mattress Best Choices

    My favorite answer: It depends! We tried a sleep number and didn't like it. We tried a thick memory foam and didn't like it. What suits us is a regular firm mattress with a 1 1/2" memory foam topper. So just like which floor plan is best, the answer is whichever one suits you. Linda Sand
  18. The Class-less Class

    And to you Doug & Toni. It's amazing if you think about it how many of our class succeeded in finding a soul mate. Linda
  19. Basics to get started

    Or make baconnaise. Stir together equal amounts of cold bacon grease and mayonnaise to spread on your hamburger. Yum. Linda Sand
  20. Hair Stylist or Barber or Other

    I also go to Great Clips. Or Super Cuts if there is no Great Clips in the area. Dave also goes to Great Clips for haircuts but he trims his own beard using Wahl clippers. We're too frugal to pay more for a "salon" cut and we like not having to make appointments. Great Clips now has a system where you sign in on-line to decrease any wait when you get there. Linda Sand
  21. Getting Organized

    I love it! I think I have finally conquered mine. There are only two things in my pile right now. Linda Sand
  22. Getting Organized

    I used a spread sheet with colored fonts to represent different types of facilities then I ranked them according to our preferences. The challenge was deciding what city to use as a marker for places not in any city since I gathered so much data I wound up with a sheet for each state. Linda Sand
  23. Those L-shaped couches with the TV on an angle look good until you try actually sitting there. Would you sit on the left side and look to your right or would you sit on the right side and look to your left or would you try to sit in the corner where you'd probably have to put your feet on the floor but still not comfortably? I highly recommend you try it before you buy it. Unless you either never watch TV or only watch sitting in bed. Linda Sand
  24. New documentary about fulltiming

    It also depends on what you are calling an RV. I know people who live in unconverted vans and cars. OK the car I'm thinking about most is not a full timing vehicle--only a few months at a time--but she has a bed, toilet, cooking facilities, heating and cooling in it. Is that an RV? Linda Sand
  25. If you think you might want to tow a car some time you need to pay attention to hitch weights and gross vehicle weights in your purchase. If you decide to go with a travel trailer look into anti-sway hitches then pay attention to weather reports. Dave's uncle retired from the air force and they drove away from Topeka pulling a TT. They only got a few miles down the road when the wind blew their trailer over. That was the end of their RV travels. Linda Sand