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  1. That makes so much sense. Thank you. I would go late afternoon which is not a particularly popular time for our residents according to the staff there. Since I'm basically wanting to get my joints moving while burning a few calories it is not likely I will do any heavy breathing. Linda
  2. Look for something like the following for your state. The relevant Minnesota statute: Motor home. (a) "Motor home" means a recreational vehicle designed to provide temporary living quarters. The motor home has a living unit built into as an integral part of, or permanently attached to the chassis of, a motor vehicle or van. (b) A motor home must contain permanently installed, independent, life-support systems that meet the American National Standards Institute standard number A119.2 for recreational vehicles and provide at least four of the following facilities, two of which must be from the systems listed in clauses (1), (5), and (6): (1) a cooking facility with liquid propane gas supply, (2) a refrigerator, (3) a self-contained toilet or a toilet connected to a plumbing system with a connection for external water disposal, (4) a heating or air conditioning system separate from the motor vehicle engine, (5) a potable water supply system including a sink with a faucet either self-contained or with connections for an external source, and (6) a separate 110-125 volts electrical power supply. (c) For purposes of this subdivision, "permanently installed" means built into or attached as an integral part of a chassis or van, and designed not to be removed except for repair or replacement. A system that is readily removable or held in place by clamps or tie-downs is not permanently installed. (d) Motor homes include a: (1) type A motor home, which is a raw chassis upon which is built a driver's compartment and an entire body that provides temporary living quarters as described in paragraph (b);
  3. I'm struggling with the going to gym item. The fitness center here is small with every other machine covered to prevent use. You can only go by appointment. Every one is required to wear a mask. Every machine is cleaned between users and touch points are wrapped in plastic wrap. The have been no new cases in the apartments or care center since two each at the very beginning of this pandemic. I have been literally staying home since January but my weight loss is slowing so I feel a need to add exercise. Hall walking is discouraged here because of lack of social distancing. Since I have three comorbidities (none affecting lungs) I am cautious. But, I need to lose another 50 pounds. What do you all think? Should I go? Linda
  4. If worried about odor I would simply put a room deodorizer in the bathroom itself. There is no way to dump any system without releasing some odor so I wouldn't bother trying to do that. Linda
  5. I never left a sewer hose out. Hooked it up, did the dump and rinse, put it away. That said I did have to sometimes walk the hose lifting it as I went to get everything to flow. There's one casino where the dump is a standpipe on a concrete island; I refused to use that one. Hmmm. I wonder if that's why they placed it there? Linda
  6. First you don't need to be very close to a faucet if you have a good-sized hose. Second, It's Flying J that has the RV lanes near the car lanes. That's harder to determine before you pull in now that they have merged with Pilot. Linda
  7. We pulled our toad to just short of our campsite. Unhitch the toad while still of the road. Pull forward and back the motorhome into the site. Move the toad into the site. Then do the reverse when leaving. No one ever complained that we were blocking the road. Maybe because most of them were doing the same thing. Linda Sand
  8. Exterior shades keep the glass from heating up. Interior shade cannot do that.
  9. PPL motorhomes online site is also a good place to get a feel for types of rigs and their prices although nothing is a good as walking through some. https://www.pplmotorhomes.com Linda
  10. Yes dishwashing soap is good. Lots of people use a basin in which to wash dishes then use that water the next time the need to flush the toilet. Linda
  11. I would not use fabric softener; it is designed to coat material so I would be concerned about it coating the tank parts making the seals stop working. Linda Sand
  12. When we moved back into an apartment Dave started dong all our driving, even taking me places he would not need to go. After a couple years of that, I realized I no longer feel my skills are current so I've stopped driving altogether. Since we live in a place where transportation is available (until Covid-19 hit) when Dave needed a driver to a medical procedure we just scheduled a ride in the community van. It's nice to be here. Linda
  13. We all have bad days but the good ones far outweigh the bad ones. Linda
  14. sandsys

    Suggestions for TOAD

    There are lots of towable vehicles out there but I think the two most popular brands are Jeep and Honda. The Honda CR-V is not as easily towable as it used to be so, if you go that way, you might want to buy used. Linda Sand
  15. Dave's father chose to move halfway between where he was and where we were. Then he did it again until he finally wound up in a suburb near us. Having time to adjust to each new place helped him make the transition from his remote acreage facing Lake Superior to 2.5 acres on a huge lake to a large lot in a small town to a city-sized lot in a suburb. Linda Sand
  16. It is getting there though. I suspect it is the boating crowd that started the movement that direction. In my last van I had a Dometic fridge with a compressor that was electric only. Linda
  17. And the same stations all the time. Boring! But good when you want to just get miles behind you. Linda
  18. Welcome to a great way to see our country. Winnebago is a good brand and their Grand National Rally is a hoot if they ever get to hold one again. Linda Sand
  19. Be aware that railroads often run alongside US Highways. We like trains so we actually took one trip going west along US Hwy 2 through Burlington Northern territory then took US 30 back east through Union Pacific territory. We also don't mind camping near Interstate freeways because that traffic sounds like ocean waves to us. Those smaller towns Al mentioned sometimes have city parks with camping sites. They tend to be free or cheap and are quieter than truck stops for overnights. Linda Sand
  20. Welcome to a great way to see our country and a great group of people to help you do it. When traveling solo I liked to sleep in, have a leisurely breakfast, then pack and depart somewhere between 10 am and noon, stop for lunch between 1 and 2 pm and maybe take a nap, then fill the fuel tank just before stopping for the night somewhere between 4-5 pm. That doesn't cover a lot of miles per day but it does keep me from going to sleep at the wheel. The places we stopped along the way when it was the two of us depended on the trip. Driving Historical Route 66 meant stopping at lots of diners and museums but driving the Blue Ridge Parkway meant meandering along with stops at historical sights between overnight stops. My favorite places to visit are living history museums but Dave's are nature sites so we did a blend of those most of the time. Some people are into sports so tour from one stadium to another. Some are into collecting National Park passport stamps so go wherever they need to to visit as many of those as possible. If you travel interstate highways, I recommend stopping at the visitor center at each new state to get a current map and brochures of places you might want to see along the way. Stopping early for the night gives you time to peruse those. Only you can decide what those places to stop would be for you but, if you tell us about your interests, we can then make recommendations of places we think you might like. Linda Sand
  21. Except you don't have to get your mandatory rest hours. Linda
  22. At this time of year stays are free but limits are 14 days then you must move at least 25 miles. The easiest way to do this is to move back and forth between Quartzsite and the Midland LTVA north of Blythe, CA, two towns which are, conveniently, 25 miles apart along I-10. Neither is offering any services at this point in time but their websites list places you can dump. Camping fees begin being charged September 15th. Linda
  23. Depends on how long you run the microwave. I mostly was just heating for a minute or two. Even boiling a cup of water to add to instant foods worked for me. But, I had a big system on my van so your milage may vary. I did run my 2.5 gallon water heater for 10 minutes while on battery, though. That brought it to perfect shower temperature as long as I never turned on the cold faucet. Linda
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