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  1. sandsys

    Classes of 2008 and 2009

    Yup, quirky museums tend to be my favorites, too. But, after all these years of living in Minnesota I have still never been to the Spam Museum. What is it about not doing the tourist things close to home? Is it because you can do them anytime so they never get to the top of the list? Linda
  2. sandsys

    5th Wheel vs Travel Trailer

    For me, the most important thing we do when choosing an RV is spend at least an hour inside it and preferably two hours. I like to sit in what I think would become "my" chair long enough to read the RV's manual. Any chair is comfortable for a few minutes but I want to be comfortable longer than that. We also go through the movements of our daily activities. Can I get to the bathroom while Dave is cooking? Do my elbows hit the shower walls when I pretend to wash my hair? Can Dave get his long legs and feet between the toilet and wall? Does he hit his head on anything? Could I remove hot food from the microwave safely? Can we both use our computers at the same time? Can we see the TV without getting a crick in our necks? Can we reach all of the bed to change sheets? Etc. The only of of these that's allowed a "no" answer is the microwave as long as Dave agrees to remove all hot foods from it whenever I need him to do so because most RVs have the microwave too high for me. Linda Sand
  3. sandsys

    Registering a vehicle in Texas

    So does the RV policy cover anything inside the RV? Or does it just treat it like a car? Hmmm. I wonder what I think is the difference? Linda
  4. We had just finished eating and were preparing to wash dishes. Boy did our food bag go back up into a tree quickly! The bear stuck its nose into my pack leaning against a different tree. I wonder if I had toiletries in there? It hadn't occurred to me bears might be attracted by more than food. Another time we were canoe camping with friends who brought a styrofoam cooler. You never want to be awakened by raccoons ripping up styrofoam. Linda Sand
  5. sandsys

    Class A with driver’s seat legroom

    Plus what you liked and didn't like about each one like mirror placement, seatbelt comfort, ability to adjust things on dash, etc. Linda
  6. sandsys

    Classes of 2008 and 2009

    I hope you have a wonderful winter with minimal snow. Linda
  7. Apparently that only works until they have a successful raid. The bear that visited our campsite was not impressed by our banging. The ranger later told us the bear came back that night and stole a few packs. Sure glad we hiked out while we still had our packs to carry our stuff. Linda
  8. sandsys

    5th Wheel vs Travel Trailer

    That was an interesting exercise. Thanks for the links. Linda
  9. sandsys

    Class A with driver’s seat legroom

    Whether or not you can move the base of the seat depends on the floor under it and what is behind the seat. Floor plans will give you some idea of what is behind the seat but not how close it is. I don't know how you can evaluate the floor itself other than going inside to look at a unit you are considering. Yeah, you can call a dealer and ask but the dealer is going to tell you what you want to hear not necessarily what's real. Linda
  10. sandsys

    It can't be this complicated...!!??

    I only have experience with motorhomes but we made driving over a scale part of the test drive requirement so we would know the actual weight of that rig. When I had a 4-wheel weigh done of my van I discovered that not having a passenger made things challenging. I had to store tools and canned goods in the passenger area to balance my weights. There's nothing like having real weighing done to know how to pack a rig. Linda Sand
  11. sandsys

    Class A with driver’s seat legroom

    It depends on where your length is, If mostly torso not as much of a problem as if mostly legs. My Dad was only 6' tall but he could straddle a standing yardstick. Linda Sand
  12. sandsys

    Future Full Timers - We think?

    One of my favorite RV shopping experiences is when Dave and I were looking at an RV and talking about what we liked and what concerned us. When we were leaving, the salesman thanked us for educating him. Linda Sand
  13. Portable heaters have clearance requirements. I have trouble imagining a basement compartment empty enough to have the required clearances. Linda
  14. sandsys

    Disadvantages Of A Class A When Fulltiming

    I experienced that with Freightliner as well. They told me I could park overnight on the shoulder across the road from them. Linda Sand
  15. sandsys

    Classes of 2008 and 2009

    Yesterday I saw a photo of a Harley gathering and immediately thought of Denise. She will live in our memories for a long time to come. Linda