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  1. sandsys

    Toll road privacy

    I don't now how it is in Texas but in Minneapolis we have a "Sane Lane" which only charges tolls at certain times of the day. The rest of the day it and its adjoining lanes are free. So transponders here only pick up the one lane of a multilane freeway. As I think about it, what about those toll roads that have EZ Pass lanes and cash lanes? They, obviously, only pick up the lane the vehicle is actually in. Linda Sand
  2. sandsys

    Create a "States I have camped map"

    I always thought of it as a challenge map. But, it is true that we drove through our last state on the way to PPL to sell our full-timing rig. However, I don't think the map had anything to do with Dave deciding he was done traveling. And I bought a snowbird rig and went right on. Linda
  3. sandsys

    Create a "States I have camped map"

    We each have our own rules for using a map. Some say you only have to drive through a state to count it. Some say you have to spend at least one night there. I once read where someone said you could only mark states where you'd had sex. Linda
  4. sandsys

    Classes of 2008 and 2009

    I have fond memories of those meals you cooked for me. Thanks. The buyer of that rig when I sold it thanked me for the curtains you sewed. You are a good friend. Linda
  5. sandsys

    Classes of 2008 and 2009

    I think no one would have been offended if we understood what was happening. But, we didn't back then. So, some people in the Class of "08 just saw me ignoring them and not participating in group activities and were hurt by that. For that, I am sorry. Plus, I am hoping my recent explanation will help others deal with introversion in the future. Yes, we consider you two our friends as well as all the other class members we've met. I'm just sorry an update to my computer has insisted that I can no longer comment on your blog. Be sure I am still reading each post, though. Linda
  6. Do you have a lease lot in an RV park? if so, what is the period of the lease? Is that where you received that mail? Do you have receipts that show you were out of state that long? Since it is close to half time it may look to California as if you live there but travel just enough to make it look like you don't. I always wondered how people at the SKP park in California deal with it being in California. Linda Sand
  7. sandsys

    Classes of 2008 and 2009

    Thanks. I remember that Denny's and their steep driveway. Good thing you guys drove since our View would never have negotiated that driveway. But, the thing for which I am most grateful to you is introducing us to Emerald Cove. I'm pretty sure I've spent more time there than you have. Linda S.
  8. sandsys

    Classes of 2008 and 2009

    Thanks. Linda
  9. sandsys

    Classes of 2008 and 2009

    Kirk, My classmates did their best to accept me; they just didn't understand me. I didn't understand me, either, back then. They did their best to include me not realizing that wasn't what I needed. They are great people and I hope no one faults them for anything. I continued to go to the annual gatherings and some random meet ups but did a better job of preparing myself for those gatherings. The things I learned about myself thanks to them have helped me deal with other social events ever since and I am grateful for that. For those of you who may not know about extroverts vs introverts here's an analogy RVers will understand: extroverts get their batteries charged by being with people; introverts get their batteries depleted by being with people. Thus, introverts need alone time to recharge their batteries. My hope is that by sharing this with you all you will better understand when some of us don't participate in everything. Linda
  10. sandsys

    Classes of 2008 and 2009

    I have recently learned about being an introvert. I never understood why being too social made me physically ill until I learned that happens to those of us who are introverts instead of extroverts. My first intensive experience of this was at our Class of '08 graduation ceremony. After a couple of days of meeting so many people and hanging out with them I became ill. Retreating into our RV helped enormously so my physical symptoms reduced dramatically. But, even then I still didn't understand that it was because I needed a lot of alone time to recover from so much social time. I should have also warned you that Dave is not a good communicator; I did not learn you had moved your circle under my window until I saw someone's photos years later. If I had known then, I would have tried to join you through the window although I'm not sure I could have done even that at that time. I am sorry that my need to retreat offended many of you and even more sorry that I myself did not understand what was happening to me then. I have finally learned to be sure to get enough alone time to allow me to socialize occasionally. But, I am still an introvert who prefers to do my socializing in spurts on line. I hope you all forgive me for not knowing myself better back then and for realizing and accepting that I and other introverts need to go hide sometimes. I apologize to those I hurt. Linda
  11. My bad. Sorry to let my grumpiness escape. Linda
  12. This looks to me more like a blog post than a forum post. Blogs are where we write large posts to share with people what we did when nobody asked. It's my understanding is that the forum is intended to give us a place to answer each other's questions. Linda Sand
  13. sandsys

    Planning Your Route

    Yes, we drove through Oatman in our Winnebago View. Once. https://sandcastle.sandsys.org/2008/11/day-32-route-66/ Linda
  14. I like the diversity of people they chose to interview. While the article admits some full-time out of necessity their interviewees are all people who have freely chosen this lifestyle. That's good to see. Linda
  15. sandsys

    Planning Your Route

    We drove Historic Route 66 in 2008 in a 24' Class C not towing anything. What i did was gather as much info as I could and put it all into a spread sheet. Each day we decided what stops we wanted to make that day. The blog I was writing when we started has disappeared but this one starts at day 7 in case you'd like to read what we did: https://sandcastle.sandsys.org/2008/10/day-7-route-66/. This is the method we used for all our travels: gather data, put it into a spread sheet, decide as we went what we would do and where we would stay. That let us be sure we weren't missing anything significant to us without committing to any specific timetable. After all you can't know in advance if a museum stop is going to be 30 minutes or 3 hours. Linda Sand