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  1. Dave enjoyed his work, too. The new management--not so much. They are why he retired at age 60. Linda
  2. I agree that there are small gyms nearly everywhere but the OP was asking about chains and they aren't everywhere. Different chains seem to have different territories so finding one chain that works everywhere may not be possible. That said, I find stretch band workouts easy to do in nearly any size RV and the bands are easily packable. Add a decent daily walk to the bands and you have a fairly comprehensive workout program. Then, when you do find a gym near you it is a bonus. Linda
  3. Some urban van dwellers use such places to take showers but most RVers don't travel where health clubs exist. Linda Sand
  4. Not many RVers are inactive. May be why RVers tend to live long and happy (read stress free) lives? Linda
  5. sandsys

    The Class-less Class

    Sure wish I was there. Any of your theres. Linda
  6. sandsys

    AZ LTVA permits now available online

    "La Posa LTVA - Tyson Wash Contact Station" That's located in the BLM area just south of Quartzsite on the west side of HWY 95 . So, coming from I-10 it would be a right hand turn. Coming from Yuma it would be a left hand turn. Any size rig can go there and turn around, if desired, to come right back out with no problem. Linda Sand
  7. sandsys

    Buying Advice

    As is my usual method I looked first at the floor plan. I much prefer the Lance for two reasons. 1. the seats face the TV which is important to Dave and me. 2. There are counter tops on each side of the sink which greatly improves the ability to wash dishes. However, the ORV can have counter on each side of the sink if you leave the cover on the right hand sink. The ORV has much greater capacities but that makes me wonder if it has less sturdy construction. Hopefully you can find that out as you tour them tomorrow. Linda Sand
  8. sandsys

    Towing Course

    That driving course is wonderful! I have taken it with two different rigs. But, I recommend you buy your trailer before taking it as they will teach you skills you can't learn by just driving the tow vehicle--like how to determine how far to pull into an intersection so your trailer doesn't cut the corner. Linda Sand
  9. sandsys

    4X4 VW California camper

    Not available in the USA. Bummer. Linda Sand
  10. sandsys

    Class C with higher interior height

    I'd be cautious about that one. Manufacturers don't tend to adjust their advertised numbers for things the hang below the ceiling--like part of a roof A/C unit. Linda Sand
  11. sandsys

    Buying Advice

    The Arctic Fox line of campers are built for the weather: http://northwoodmfg.com Sportsmobile has used van campers that might interest you:http://northwoodmfg.com Linda Sand
  12. sandsys

    Battery Drain

    I'm also glad you are home safe. If you ever find the cause, it would be good to post it here. Linda Sand
  13. But will you have enough acreage in Colorado for self-sufficiency? Linda
  14. sandsys

    TV set up

    Short holiday trips require down time to keep from burning out. Sure you could study the brochures for your next destination but that's not true downtime. The brain needs a break as much as the body does. Movies can provide both. Linda
  15. sandsys

    Fulltimer moving into new rig?

    It was at a dealer's lot I saw this. The scaffolding was not as wide as the doorway so you could still go up and down the edge of the steps. Plus, for the bottom storage part you would already be on the ground so why would you think that would be an obstacle? Linda