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  1. sandsys

    1993 National Sea Breeze questions

    Um. In my experience frozen things tend to crack. Linda
  2. How is it better to run the generator long enough to get to float instead of running the engine the few minutes it takes to level and put out slides? Most boondockers don't want to hear your generator. Linda
  3. Ours said that, too. And since we would be at fault if we didn't follow the manual and something went wrong, we always did. Those few minutes of leveling and opening slides then doing the reverse on departure should not have been enough to make neighbors angry. Of course, on departure, we also ran the engine long enough to position the unit for hooking up our toad. Linda
  4. sandsys

    Where are you spending this summer?

    Ah, just an every now and then simple accident. I hope she recovers well. Linda
  5. sandsys

    Where are you spending this summer?

    Sounds like there might be a good story behind that. Linda
  6. sandsys

    Cheap places to live...

    You can start by googling "retirement communities" or "ccrc" with your chosen state. Linda
  7. sandsys

    Cheap places to live...

    Lots of places have those amenities without being a CCRC. A CCRC usually has a big buy-in and monthly fee that includes future medical care but they can then never kick you out. They are required to house you for the rest of your life no matter how your individual circumstances change. A portion of our monthly fee can also be redeemed by eating in the cafe/pub/restaurant facilities. Linda
  8. sandsys


    I looked that up on the map so now I'm singing, "away...across the wide Missouri." Linda
  9. sandsys

    Cheap places to live...

    Way to go, Kirk! Is your new place truly a legal CCRC, though? That has ramifications that similar places do not have. Kind of like the word domicile. Linda
  10. sandsys

    When to set up domicile and change address

    That's the way I read WV SKP. WV is where his heart is. Not a good thing if you are trying to convince WV that you no longer live there and convince your new domicile state that you do not plan to return to WV. Linda
  11. sandsys

    When to set up domicile and change address

    So, you are planning to change your domicile from WV to Texas but your license plate will say WV? Ummm. Probably not a good plan. To me, that's a clear indication of where you consider home. Linda
  12. sandsys

    How many dealers do you shop?

    The point I am trying to make is that it doesn't matter if you are comparing apples to oranges. If you determine your minimum requirements and your maximum cost then anything that falls within that range is one you can buy. There is a phrase that says, "The perfect is the enemy of the good." You don't have to drive yourself crazy trying to find the "right" price for the "right" rig. You don't have to adjust your price based on amenities. You don't have to spend time and money checking out numerous rigs. You don't have to find the perfect rig at the perfect price. You just need one you can afford that works for you. Linda
  13. sandsys

    Cheap places to live...

    This is why we feel blessed to have been able to move to a Continuing Care Retirement Community. (CCRC) We live in an independent living apartment at one end of the complex. The club house is in the middle and the care center is at the other end. We can have assistance in our apartment or, if needs become too much, we (one or both of us) can move to the care center. So, even if we eventually need different levels of care the other one is still just down the hall. Yes, it's a very long hall but at least it is still under the same roof. That's a comforting thing to know. Linda Sand
  14. sandsys

    When to set up domicile and change address

    That's because setting up domicile and changing address are two separate things. We encourage changing address early but not setting up domicile until you actually hit the road. And we encourage you to do the latter anytime except year end so you can file part year taxes in the state you are leaving to make it clear you ARE leaving. Linda Sand
  15. sandsys

    How many dealers do you shop?

    What in particular are you having a problem with? You didn't do ANY research online for your most recent purchase? Brands? Floor plans? Specifications? Nothing? We researched brands, floor plans, and specifications on line. Once we made a pick we researched prices for those online. Then we evaluated our budget and decided what we were willing to pay for that unit. Then we found a dealer who had one in stock close enough to make the drive worthwhile. Then we test drove the specific unit and, since it met our criteria, made our offer. They said, "no." So we headed out the door. We didn't quite make it before they changed to, "yes." That's when we bought our Winnebago Journey 34Y. Linda