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  1. I was going to send you to cheap rv living but rm.w/aview beat me to it. They are another friendly, helpful group but they are focused more closely on the type of RVing you want to do. So many Escapees have no idea about living small or cheap that we don't always give good advice here regarding that. I'm good at small but not so good at cheap. Linda Sand
  2. Graduation in this case usually refers to moving from whatever house/apartment in which you've been living into the full time RV lifestyle. Whatever year you go fulltime, thus becomes your graduation year. No application needed; just an announcement which you did above. Welcome to a great lifestyle. Linda Sand, Class of 2008
  3. I liked my AGM batteries because they could go anywhere and did not require maintenance. But, that was before Lithium became popular. I would probably go lithium if I was buying today. Renogy has a great reputation and is popular with people living in small rigs. Linda Sand
  4. X2. I thought about listing this museum and submarine but was sure someone else would. Linda
  5. We enjoyed the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and the CN Tower in Toronto. Gettysburg had a huge impact on me. The RV Museum and Hall of Fame is in Indiana. We enjoyed so many places along the East Coast I would have to go look at our blog to remember them all. But, we traveled a lot slower than you appear to be planing on doing. If you let us know what types of places you like to visit we might be able to give you better feedback. For instance, we like nature trails, science museums, and living history sites. Linda
  6. If it was valuable to us it must be just as valuable to you, right? Finding out how little the furniture we paid so much for sold for at the estate sale was a big let down. Linda
  7. My van had no generator. But it had lots of solar and batteries. I could boondock for a week using my microwave and electric water heater. Your Class B is not set up for that. Our previous Class A had a generator that we would only use when we needed to exercise it once a month. I am not a fan of generators but not having one has implications with which you need to be comfortable. Linda
  8. Think of all the goodwill they are creating.
  9. That way it is your responsibility if they don't fit. Linda
  10. It must have been some of the new Corelle. The old stuff bounces but the new stuff, if it lands on it's edge, shatters. The process in making it changed several years ago. That's why I think your best source is looking for "vintage" on eBay. Linda
  11. My friend, a retired sheriff's deputy, still backs in as well. It makes an emergency departure must faster. When I took the RV Driving School class my first request was to learn how to back my particular rig into a parking spot. Linda Sand
  12. I relate. Sometimes I think Dave takes care of me too well. It's too easy to let him do things I could do myself. Linda
  13. In case you decide to go that way, outlet malls almost always have a Corning store where you can buy Corelle at reduced prices. It's also sold on eBay. The newer stuff is not the same as the older stuff but it still holds up just fine; you just can't put casseroles on the stove top anymore nor cups in the microwave unless you get the vintage ones with the open handles. Linda
  14. The RV Museum and Hall of Fame in Elkhart has one I think is a Model T. Linda
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