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  1. The Class-less Class

    Turkey is high protein low calorie; eat lots of it. My treat this year is the pumpkin pie filling without the crust. Linda
  2. Grey Water Dumping

    La Posa South BLM allows tenters but they must be within so many feet of a port-a-pot. Billdean's comment must be why. Linda Sand
  3. Never say "always". Those of us who have learned to do sponge baths and navy showers but have bladder and/or digestive problems often fill the black water tank first if it and the gray water are the same size. As always in RVing, as in life, the answer is "It depends." Linda Sand
  4. Given your medical need for long showers you also need to be looking at the size of the water heater. I hope you and your wife don't like to shower at the same time of day--one morning and one evening would help with the heating of the water. Linda Sand
  5. Maiden of the Winnie Mini Micro

    Yay! Linda Sand
  6. Buying a cover

    I hear about more damage done by tarps than I do by snow. I doubt I would tarp an RV. But the only one I parked in Minnesota in the winter was a Class B so what do I know? I do know wet snow is heavy when it comes removal time. But, when there was no snow my solar panels worked so I had power. Linda Sand
  7. So How Do We Pack When Moving

    One way to deal with those is to buy a new set of tube socks then slide each glass into a sock. Linda Sand
  8. Maiden of the Winnie Mini Micro

    Even my friends who love fishing take a day off now and then. Probably not that first week, though. Linda Sand
  9. So How Do We Pack When Moving

    You can also put bins in the fridge and cupboards to put things into so they will move less. Linda Sand
  10. So How Do We Pack When Moving

    If you hang anything that goes on the wall with sufficient 3M Command Strips you don't have to take those things down. Do push against them occasionally to be sure the strips are still holding. We also used Corelle dishes and Corning casseroles and didn't do anything special with them except line the shelves with non-slip pads before putting the dishes in the cupboard. We did keep the plastic inserts that came with the casseroles to hold the lids upside down inside the casseroles. My desk chair was on wheels so I used a bungee cord to fasten it to the desk. Anything sitting unanchored beside a sink (soap, lotion. etc.) got tossed into the sink. Laptops and accessories were placed into a soft-sided cooler bag that was strapped behind the driver's seat. When I had my last Class B I had inside storage for bag chairs and mops, etc. and those got bungeed to the back wall of the bathroom; they were usually already in place when it came time to move. Cartons of soft drinks were stored on the floor in front of the sofa bed and allowed to slide back and forth if I needed to accelerate or decelerate suddenly. Condiments on the door shelves in the fridge were rearranged so they couldn't slide with cans of soft drinks added as necessary to fill in spaces. Packing the interior goes quickly once you decide what goes where. Linda Sand
  11. Our Custom Class B!

    How tall is that space behind the drivers seat? Could you build a fence that fits horizontally while driving then stands vertically while parked? Which implies turning the passenger seat morning and evening since you want to keep the dog up front at night. I'm not sure how your dog is about jumping fences. Maybe you need to build a bulkhead type wall out of something see through. But then you couldn't swivel the passenger seat. Hmmm. You have quite the challenge there. Linda Sand
  12. Our Custom Class B!

    Something like this? https://www.amazon.com/Partition-Bulkhead-Divider-Express-1996-2017/dp/B00CIHX618 Linda Sand
  13. Solar & portable heater questions

    I wouldn't cover the solar panels. Just wash them next spring when you get ready to travel again. I used a small space heater I got from Walmart placed where it would do the most good. Be sure you get one that turns off when tipped over. Linda Sand
  14. Getting into Full timing

    This is important and well organized information. The only slight correction I would make is you only need wheel chocks if your RV is a trailer. Linda Sand