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  1. Thanks. I'll make sure Dave sees this. Linda
  2. Our Class C was a Mercedes Benz with a diesel engine and we got 18-20 mpg. Not typical, though. Linda Sand
  3. Minnesota has cameras. https://lb.511mn.org/mnlb/cameras/routeselect.jsf Our 511 is a dot org. https://511mn.org Linda Sand
  4. The question to which I was responding was only posted an hour ago. Who cares when a post originated as long as someone asks a current question? Apparently it is still an item of interest. Linda
  5. Nancy Kissack travels with her parrot but she does it in a motorhome. http://kissackadventures.blogspot.com Linda Sand
  6. Here's an official weather forecast site: https://www.weather.gov/forecastmaps You might want to wander around there and see what you find most helpful. Linda Sand
  7. Not many parks are open along the route at that time of year. It's easier to stay in motels with your RV parked outside while traveling in winter. Mystic Lake Casino's RV park, southwest of Minneapolis, is open year around but it's not exactly on the route. Linda Sand
  8. Like others have said, watch the weather forecasts and pick your driving days. Don't drive your RV on windy days either; 20 mph winds was my maximum and I much preferred lower than that. Do be sure your RV is fully winterized before leaving here but, also, when leaving it in KC, MO. Anything you take with you that might freeze you need to bring back with you. When you leave KC headed on south if you stay places that get at least in the 40s during the daytime you can go down to as low as 20° at night because things will thaw every day. Linda Sand, another Minnesotan
  9. There used to a couple on this forum named Dutch and Di who focused their travels on playing golf. I wish they were still here to give you feedback. We don't play golf so cannot give on any help in that part. As to finding your tribe within this huge group, 2gypsies gave you the best advice I think. Linda Sand
  10. Welcome. We don't have a lot of Roadtrek owners but there is a section in the forum for Class B owners where you might get good feedback on any concerns you have. I have owned two Class Bs but neither was a Roadtrek. Linda Sand
  11. The pre-surgery exercise they had me do most was simply sit down and stand up from a chair several times in a row. You want those muscles working the best they can before you have the surgery. Bicycling, stationery or otherwise, is also good pre-surgery exercise and was part of my outpatient therapy after surgery. Doing arm strengthening exercises pre-surgery is also good since you might need to be able to use your arms to help lift you from seated at the beginning. That may not be as big a deal for those of you doing one knee at a time as it was for me doing both knees the same day. Linda Sand
  12. For you two. The Class C the two of us full-timed in was just fine. It's those statements that don't include disclaimers that get us in trouble. Linda
  13. Correlation is not causation. One of my favorite phrases to remind me that changing one thing does not mean it caused any other thing that happened at the same time. For years I thought I was allergic to milk because after abstaining from all milk products for three months then drinking a glass of milk I had a humongous headache. But I eventually learned that headaches are not a symptom of an allergy. Linda
  14. It is my understanding is that an LLC is a business that would own your truck and that has all types of implications including registration, insurance, truck scales, etc. Please, do lots of research before deciding to go that way. Linda Sand, Class of 2008
  15. My previous RV would not work with a stand alone generator. Something about needing grounding, I think, but I don't speak that language. Another thing I have no experience with but hear on here a lot is a Breville oven. If you have counter space, that is, which many Class Cs don't have. https://www.breville.com/us/en/products/ovens.html Linda Sand
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