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  1. sandsys

    Classes of 2008 and 2009

    It's my experience that if we have a lot of rain the trees go right from green to brown. No color to admire. Linda
  2. The only one I know fur sure is open all year in Minnesota is at a casino. Maybe you can search for casinos to see what they say. Linda
  3. sandsys

    Sooner than I thought

    A friend bought a rig with twin beds at the rear. She replaced one bed with a desk. Be sure you look under anything you think you might remodel to see what's under there. Linda Sand
  4. sandsys

    Rock chip in front window

    That's what we had. They wanted the chip repaired quickly before it had a chance to spread. Linda Sand
  5. sandsys

    Change To Federal Reservation System

    New hardware cannot always use old software. Both can become obsolete. My current computer cannot run a program I used to use a lot. Fortunately, I no longer participate in the old activity so I am all right with that. But my current operating system also can not run a bunch of games I enjoyed; I miss them. Linda Sand
  6. Back to finding a place to winter. We attended Life on Wheels, kind of like Boot Camp, before we bought our first full-timing rig in 2008. While there the late Gaylord Maxwell told us to not stop in the first place we like or we might miss out on a better one just down the road. In fact he recommended we spend the whole first winter traveling coast to coast staying below I-10 since that's where most of the snowbird parks are. So we did that. We didn't like the critters in Florida. We didn't like the humidity on the Gulf Coast. We didn't like the traffic in the Rio Grande area. We didn't like the mountain weather in New Mexico. We liked Arizona. Which is good because that's where most of our SKP class members liked it, too, which made it easy to attend class reunions every year. I know the OP has decided to stay in the Phoenix area but there's a lot of territory included in most people's idea of Phoenix. So they could probably spend the winter just moving from one park to another to determine what part of Phoenix best suits them. Even just staying in the various Maricopa County parks would give them a sense of the general areas then they could start checking out private parks. Linda
  7. sandsys

    Change To Federal Reservation System

    Just because you used a system by that name does not mean they have not developed a new system but decided not to change its name to make it easier for campers to find it. Kind of like the Escapee's forum did? Linda Sand
  8. Our three week rental trip started in Minnesota. We took Hwy 2 west following the Burlington Northern tracks all the way to the West Coast then we came back along HWY 30 following the Union Pacific tracks back to Minnesota. Starting in Florida would make driving all the way to the west coast more than we would want to do in three weeks especially since I wouldn't want to stay south in the summer. Four weeks would at least give you time to go a bit north before heading west but would still make for more long days than I like to travel. Yes, you can drive that many miles in that time but what's the point of doing it if you don't have time to stop and enjoy the sights along the way? Linda Sand
  9. sandsys

    Sooner than I thought

    The "eggs" (Casita, Scamp, Oliver.etc.) tend to not have a lot of height inside them so be sure to check that out if you are over 6' tall. I loved my wet bath because a quick wipe down with a microfiber cloth after every shower meant the bathroom was always clean. Arctic Fox is a popular brand in several configurations. All the blogs I read by owners of them are always positive about their experiences with them. I know nothings about Keystone. Doesn't mean it isn't a good rig; just that I don't know anyone who has one. Linda Sand
  10. sandsys

    Buying Advice Needed - Class A

    The largest Class A is about half the size of most studio apartments. Many Class C's are about half that again. We tried living in a Class B as a couple and failed so I cannot recommend you do that. I did solo, winter only, living in a Class B but I didn't have to haul nearly as much stuff since Dave and all our extra things stayed in Minnesota then. When we had our Class A we took driving lessons that we think are well worth doing. Winnebago is a good brand and your top listing looks good to me but, like Kirk said, you need to actually go see and evaluate if for yourself. Linda Sand
  11. sandsys

    Dead Battery on Toad

    Yup. I'd replace that one. Linda Sand
  12. A lot of those tourism sites are online now as well. Just Google "tourism" and the state's name and see what you get. Arizona just gave me a bunch of responses. Linda Sand
  13. When we rented a Class C for three weeks we did it from a local RV dealer who hoped we would then buy one. It was brand new when we picked it up. I budget drive time for 4 hours. By the time we add in meals, fuel stops, etc. I'm ready to be done driving then even if it's Dave doing the actual driving. Picking the unit up close to home lets you take it home to pack it so you can determine what actually fits. We then spent the first night in a campground near home so we could go pick up things we missed. We didn't reserve any sites but that was a long time ago and things have changed a lot in just the last few years. Our last trip was in 2014. We've been off the road since then. Linda Sand
  14. sandsys

    Propane use while traveling

    In our three years of full-timing we drove through all 48 contiguous states. The only time we turned off our propane was for the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel which required it. But, I hated hunting for propane so on my snowbird rig I didn't have any propane at all. Linda Sand