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  1. sandsys

    The Class-less Class

    Sounds like something I would do. I have three email accounts and am not always in the one I think I'm in. Makes a mess every time that happens. Linda
  2. sandsys

    Class B with driver leg room?

    You're welcome. Helping one another is what the Escapees are all about. Linda
  3. sandsys

    Excellent, but easy, cooking technique

    Sous vide is the BEST way to cook steak! We cook it to the prefect temperature for me then Dave throws his in a skillet to cook it a bit more. The rest of them get put in the fridge for eating later. I love that we can cook a whole bunch at once then eat them whenever we want and every one will be done perfectly. Hmmm. Must be time to put steak on the grocery shopping list again. Linda Sand
  4. sandsys

    Class B with driver leg room?

    We started with a Leisure Travel but while there was enough leg room in the driver seat there wasn't enough head room in the cabin. When Dave would walk under the air conditioner his hair would move. Our second Sprinter was a Winnebago View which is a class C. Lots more headroom in that one and it was 24' long. Our last Sprinter was my custom conversion. I used it for snowbirding when Dave decided he was OK with spending winters in Minnesota again. It was also 24' long with the high top. Dave basically drove it to and from getting fuel at the ends of my trips. RoadTrek and others make Class Bs on the Sprinter base but they have some pretty small tanks which is why I went with a custom build. That's an expensive way to go, though, unless you can buy a used one that fits for you. Sportsmobile.com is a good place to look for used ones. Enjoy your search. Linda
  5. sandsys

    Class C with higher interior height

    Dave is 6'2" tall and was comfortable in our 2008 Winnebago View. I doubt the View has become shorter in the intervening years. Linda Sand
  6. sandsys

    Class B with driver leg room?

    Dave is 6'2" tall and was comfortable driving all our Sprinter-based RVs. Linda Sand
  7. sandsys

    RV Golfers

    Emerald Cove Resort, across the river from Parker, AZ, has a 9 hole course in the desert. I don't golf but I have seen others out there playing. http://www.emeraldcoveresort.com Linda Sand
  8. sandsys


    All I can say is that we loved our EuroChairs. But my Dave hangs his feet off the end of the bed sometimes so he would not like the placement of the bedroom TV. I still love the desk but I would change the chair there. Linda Sand
  9. sandsys

    Is a R Pod 176T to Small to Start with?

    People full time in anything. Technomadia started out in a T@B trailer and we full timed in a Class B for 4 months before we admitted it really was too small for us so went to a 24' motor home with one slide. It mostly depends on what you can talk yourself into getting rid of. Personally, if I was going to buy an R Pod I would buy the 179 because I would find it too irritating to try to prepare meals in any of the other galleys. Yet I would also find it irritating to have a bed where one of us has to crawl over the other to get in and out of it. Life is a trade off, right? Linda Sand
  10. sandsys

    Navigation App.

    Ah, another compulsive planner! I made a spread sheet for each state and entered data about campgrounds, diners, museums. living history sites, etc. in it so when we were ready to move we could see what might be along our route. Unfortunately, that was ten years ago so my data has expired. We also used a Garmin dezl 560 GPS and loaded data into if from sites like those trailertraveler linked to. Ten years later that GPS still works in our car now that we are no longer RVing. Linda Sand
  11. sandsys

    Cheap places to live...

    Next I would check crime rates and weather patterns. As you quickly learn in RVing cheap is often not best. Linda
  12. sandsys

    Beginner's Guide to RV Trailers

    The author talked about having limited funds to spend then why a trailer was best for that since you could pull one with a vehicle you already own if you choose wisely. That made sense to me. I suspect most of us started with a trailer of some sort back in the day. I know Kirk and I both owned Bethany tent trailers. How easily we forget where we came from; neither of US bought a motorhome right out of the gate although we both chose to go that way by the time we were ready to go full time. Linda
  13. sandsys

    Beginner's Guide to RV Trailers

    I thought the article was mostly well done. There was no picture of a hybrid trailer and their description didn't make clear to me what they meant. And they included truck campers. I hope I never see anyone towing a truck camper. Linda
  14. sandsys

    Length Limits in Campgrounds

    That works too. As long as you are willing to keep an eye on changing conditions. But, if you are going to do that anyway, might as well get paid for it. Linda
  15. sandsys

    Keeping RV Fridge Cool While Driving

    Mine was one of those designed for boats/RVs. And it was in my conversion van so space was indeed a consideration although I had plenty of weight capacity which made it doable for me. I hope you are not accusing me of saying there is only one way of doing anything related to RVing. Have you not been reading my posts which often begin with, "It depends."? And I was being somewhat facetious with my post about level. It seemed appropriate for these discussions that go round and round without ever really saying anything. I'm sorry I posted it, though. Linda