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  1. In our tent trailer not deploying the bed still left us with a partial canvas wall. That was not acceptable. You need a hard side RV to be allowed into that campground. I don't remember if the trailer you are looking at had hard sides once the top was lifted before the beds were deployed. This was many years ago so I don't think Fishing Bridge campground even existed back then. Bears go where they think the food is. My memory of tent camping says we were much more careful to stash food appropriately when we were in a tent than once we moved into a motorhome. But, I hadn't thought about stashing toiletries before a bear stuck his snout into my backpack. Linda
  2. In our first motorhome, by the time we added fuel, water, etc. we only had 800 lbs available for gear so we weighed each thing when deciding what to bring. I had to trade my jeans for cotton slacks, our Corelle plates for plastic ones, and our canned goods for freeze-dried food to get under our limit. Have you actually weighed your gear? Linda
  3. It's like I'm 16 years old again--gas is cheap and I'm grounded.
  4. When we owned a tent trailer I loved that I could park it in our garage. I loved how easily it towed. I did not love that the canvas would leak in the rain whenever one of us touched it making for wet sleeping. And i did not love that we were not allowed to camp in Yellowstone because we were not safe from bears. Linda Sand
  5. If you are willing to post what types of things you want/need there are lots of people on this forum that will give you feedback for free. Just like in reviews of anything, you will need to filter the responses through your own perceptions but then you can ask more questions and we'll give you more of our feedback. We are a very friendly group who wants everyone to find the right rig for them so you can enjoy the lifestyle as much as we do. Linda Sand
  6. I got pulled over in the HOV lane for driving alone. I explained that because of social distancing my passenger was in the vehicle behind me.
  7. sandsys


    Dawn Blue dishwashing soap is formulated to work in cold water so you don't even have to heat water to wash dishes by hand. Linda
  8. Not the best design for me. Might be OK for some young couple's getaway weekends. Linda
  9. I need to social distance myself from my fridge in order to flatten my curve.
  10. We were nowhere near our dealer one time when we needed warranty work. We called the manufacturer and they told us where to take it. Easy peasy. Linda Sand
  11. The best thing to do in your situation is to figure out why you buy clothes you won't wear. For me, it turned out I was buying clothes for who I wanted to be rather than who I am. Once I got that figured out, stopping buying excess was easy. I wish you good luck with your challenge. Linda
  12. The fast flow of a large nozzle would likely overfill a standard-sized tank rather quickly. In my diesel vans I was taught to look for the pump at the end of the row. Linda H's explanation of why that pump makes sense to me. Linda Sand
  13. We did not find that to be true. Most parking spaces are no longer than 20 feet. So our 24-foot motorhome required two spaces front to back. A 35-foot motorhome also requires two spaces front to back. The exception was that we could park in one space IF the back could hang back past the curb. Linda ps. I still have trouble believing we found two curbside parking spaces with drive-through capability between an alley and a bus stop in downtown Chicago. We put money in both meters and walked around the corner to have breakfast at a historic restaurant. That was day one of our drive down Historic Route 66 which got that trip off to a great start!
  14. You skip them even if they are sites friends sent you because they knew of your interest in a topic? Those are the ones I have trouble ignoring. Linda
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