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  1. sandsys

    What About Jury Duty?

    Some states have an age limit. For instance, if you are over 70 you might be excused just for that. I think all states and probably federal have a medical excuse option. You might want to check out the options in your community before you need them. I suspect if you Google your location with the words "jury duty" you could find out pretty easily. Linda Sand
  2. sandsys

    Classes of 2008 and 2009

    Sandie posted a new blog which I can read but not post comments. So, I'll say here it was good to see Freddie and Delcie in the pictures. The rest of you I see in photos more often. Linda
  3. sandsys

    What About Jury Duty?

    When you call, some places ask you to check in when you are at home in case they need you then. Linda Sand
  4. sandsys

    What is a reasonable price to pay for setting up a towed?

    Dave is thinking about replacing our 2010 CRV with car with all those driver help gadgets. The CRV still has its base plate and the under hood portion of an Air Force One braking system. If anyone here is interested you might want to check in before he gets around to actually trading it in. Linda
  5. Maybe I should buy one my local dealer has in stock since they may become harder to get in the future? One is an SS Agile with the E-trek package that sure appeals to me. Linda Sand
  6. sandsys

    Goodbye Good Sam Club!

    One of my friends once commented that they get work done at CW because there is always another one down the road to fix what the first one broke. Linda
  7. sandsys

    Parking 5th wheel on grass

    Those blocks in your link are meant to reduce how far you have to extend the jacks. They are not designed to spread the weight. I would not buy them unless you have to park on a steep enough slope to need supports under one end. Linda Sand
  8. sandsys

    Taxation w/o representation

    We rent an apartment in a Continuing Care Retirement Center. In Minnesota, at least, that is a special type of housing. The company pays the property taxes but we are required to file for a homestead exemption. If we don't file for the exemption we have to pay the difference. That sounded so weird to me that I actually looked up the statute for myself since I'd never heard of filing for an exemption on rental property. But it is true. Linda Sand
  9. sandsys

    Goodbye Good Sam Club!

    So you see no value in this forum provided by Escapees? Or in the fact that Escapees have gone to court on our behalf to be sure member retain their right to vote? Or any of their other advocacy programs? Linda Sand
  10. sandsys

    Dreaming and planning... would love advice!

    Welcome to a great way of life. I have heard Texas is a great domicile in terms of home schooling but, as others have said, you'd likely get better information regarding that from the X-scapers branch of Escapees. We sold our home back in 2008 so this may no longer be a viable choice but what we did was take out a home equity loan to buy the RV then pay it off when we sold the home. That took away the worry about timing but we did have to pay both the loan and the mortgage during the interim. Linda Sand
  11. sandsys

    OH NO!!

    Child locks are good for pets, too? Linda
  12. sandsys

    Need a Fuel Heater,Any brand or advice?

    My last rig was all electric or diesel. But I would never buy a stand alone diesel heater. Too risky. My diesel furnace was one designed to heat a semi-truck cab so ran off my conversion van's fuel tank. Is your rig small enough to have one of those installed? Linda Sand
  13. sandsys

    OH NO!!

    In a car, a friend left his keys in the ignition while doing a walk around to check tire pressures. His dog tried to follow him out the door with the result that the dog put its paws on the door handle which pushed the door lock button. Linda
  14. sandsys

    Research phase pop up vs class c

    If you go to an RV show, make the first photo of each rig one of the rig's name on the outside of it or the front of the brochure so you know which photos go to which rigs. We learned that lesson the hard way. We had lots of pictures of things we liked or didn't like but no way to remember which items went with which brands. I do remember a dealer laughing when I took a photo of Dave sitting on a closed toilet to show how little leg room there was for my tall man. Linda Sand
  15. sandsys

    What is a reasonable price to pay for setting up a towed?

    Yup. It depends. There are cheap systems and expensive systems. If you don't mind having to get centered and level to hook up you can get cheap. If you are willing to install your brake system every time you move you can get cheap. We got expensive because it was easier to use and we could afford it. Linda