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  1. That's called lying by omission (you know, that whole "the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth" bit) and it seems to me that's a good way to give the insurance company deniability of any of your claims. Why bother getting insurance at all if it's not going to cover you anyway? Linda Sand
  2. The Minnesota State Fair is a really good one. It starts the end of this week and runs through Labor Day. Linda Sand
  3. US Highway 2 runs alongside a BNSF main line so if you like trains it's wonderful! If not, buy good earplugs. Linda Sand
  4. RV insurance does not equal fulltimer's insurance. Be sure you are getting what you actually need. Linda Sand
  5. And we and our hobbies change with those times. I'm sorry I offended you; I try not to do that but human means not perfect. Linda Sand Btw, Dave is still active in the model railroad hobby both in person and online. But, he doesn't post to my blog.
  6. But it's only 9" wide so it still won't hold 10" plates. Linda Sand
  7. We bought directly from Foremost. Which means we might have overpaid but that wasn't our primary consideration. A reputable company was. And at that time that basically meant Foremost or Progressive. Progressive wouldn't insure us without a toad so Foremost it was. I suspect it's a more complicated decision now that others are in the business. Linda Sand
  8. A link, please? I couldn't find one that holds the bigger plates.
  9. We watch a lot of Netflix so I would pick the 36Y where we could both sit facing the TV. I realize that's only one consideration but it is a big one for us. Linda Sand
  10. When I was snowbirding without my husband I was ready to go home (Minnesota) before the weather would let me do so. I hung out at Rainbow's End until the weather finally warmed up enough to not have to winterize to make the drive. Plus I had to leave in the fall a bit before I would have liked because northern campgrounds close. Just something us northerners have to consider. Hopefully your homesickness will not get as strong as mine did. Linda Sand
  11. Given that, I highly recommend you travel the Great River Road along the mighty Mississippi River. Lots of locks to stop at along the way. Linda Sand
  12. I'll admit to having most of those in the past. But I no longer "hike" or ski nor do I spend much time outside in the winter. So, all of those have gone away. But I never did have Uggs. Canadian Sorrels, yes. Linda
  13. This was my question, too. It felt to me like someone doing a product marketing survey. Which is against Escapee's forum policy. So, I'm not ready yet to welcome this new poster. I hope I'm wrong, though. Linda Sand
  14. I guess I'm not really female. I wear my Crocs 99% of the time. I do have a pair of sandals I wore to a funeral while fulltime RVing and I have my water aerobic shoes. And my slippers. Is that too many? Linda
  15. Speaking as another introvert, the RV lifestyle lends itself well to that. Dave and I were weekend and vacation campers for many years. Then we fulltimed together for three years with no home base. Then Dave was done traveling so I was a snowbird for three more years as a solo. When I could no longer pull the dump valve, I settled down with him again. So, I've pretty much had the whole gamut of experience when it comes to RVing. I would still be out there if my body and mind would cooperate. Linda Sand