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  1. I thought the thing was that you could be a carrier a few days before you start showing symptoms. That's how my friend got exposed. She has now safely passed the 14 day self-isolating period without developing symptoms. But, her town is now on lock-down so she's stuck at home anyway. Linda
  2. What is NIRVC? I don't follow IRV2 so was reluctant to let them download to my computer as your link required. Linda
  3. I am always amused to remember one RVer saying something like she liked getting work done at Camping World because there is always another one down the road to fix whatever isn't yet fixed. Linda
  4. Agreed. Funding for projects like road repair. South Dakota winters make their need more critical than that of Texas. How do you, as an individual, decide which state needs the money more? Do you do that analysis then move to that state just before April first so you can be sure they get the money you decide they need? There are poor and hungry people in EVERY state. Yes, in Minnesota we have homeless living on the streets in the winter. Do they not deserve government funded programs as much as any other people? Linda Sand
  5. It looks like we'll have to agree to disagree. The original purpose of the census, which continues to this day, was to determine how many congressional representatives should be assigned to each state. Which is why some people here have said they only list how many people live at that location without answering any other questions. I want to be counted where I vote so I can vote for people who would represent me. I did not want California to get representatives just because I happened to be in their state that day. Linda
  6. But your representation in government is determined by where you vote so put that address if you want to be represented in future governmental decisions. In 2010 we were in California on the magical date but we sure didn't want our representation there. Linda Sand
  7. Which may mean meeting face to face. Although I read about one who placed the item in the back of a pickup truck then got back in the cab. The buyer then picked it up and left the money there. Social distancing business style. Linda
  8. I suspect the challenge with selling things online is delivery. Will you meet with buyers? Is your local post office accepting packages? Do you have a UPS store still open? Please, check out that before listing. Otherwise, I think your plan is a good one. Linda Sand
  9. Excellent! It is good to get the right care when you need it. The challenge is to help Dave realize they rarely send you home with the same pain killers they give you while in so he should stay put as long as they let him do so. He might not feel as good once he goes home. I often lie in bed thinking about all I feel like doing. Then I get up and have to re-evaluate. 🙂 Linda
  10. By RV type refrigerator so you mean an absorption one? I had a compressor one made for RVs and wonder if that needed a fire suppressor as well. Linda
  11. Minnesota state parks are open for camping but facilities are closed so check-in is by an iron ranger type system. Linda
  12. If I was looking at heritage, Dave's would have been easy since he is mostly Swedish with a little Norwegian thrown in. Years ago, when I asked my dad about our heritage he said Heinz 57. I know at least some of my ancestors were adults during the Civil War here. That why I decided to go with USA. I don't like to say American because that implies the USA is all of America and we know that's not true. Linda
  13. Dave just told me some truckers are having trouble getting meals because SOME drive-throughs are not allowing walk-up customers at the drive-throughs. That could affect RVers, too, so I decided to pass that along. Linda
  14. sandsys

    Becoming Hermits

    Really? There is enough space on a sub to isolate? Linda
  15. I put USA in the origin box. I decided everything else was too many generations ago to matter. OUR origins are here. Linda Sand
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