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  1. Not being as comfortable is a predictor of not enjoying your travels. I suggest you go for perfect. Linda
  2. It takes an hour of prep before you put in in the sous vide?!!! Not my style, thanks. Linda
  3. We use ZipLoc brand bags because we trust them. Freezer weight because we trust them, too. We do not make it a point to keep the zip top out of the water. But we do use a rack that keeps them standing upright. Linda
  4. No. Stews and chilis are best done in a crockpot. Sous Vide is best for things that have individual pieces--like meats. It's important that the water surrounds all pieces so I'd be worried that stews might not cook in the middle. Linda
  5. I'm not sure my entire wardrobe would fill a 40G tub. I am, indeed, a minimalist. Linda
  6. We started out with vacuum bags but more often use freezer grade zip-top bags now. If you mostly sink the bag in the water before zipping it closed, the water will force out most of the air. Linda
  7. Correct. My word substitution skills are amazing. Linda
  8. Most people (including restaurants) throw it on a grill for a short period of time to get that sear. If you do that you might want to cook it to a bit lower temperature in the sous vide--maybe 135° if you like yours done medium like I do. Be sure your grill is very hot when you throw the steak on for finishing as you don't really want it to cook anymore. Linda
  9. "sous vide" means "under pressure" You put your food in an airtight bag while removing any excess air from it. Then you drop that bag into a pot of water with the cooking unit set to your preferred temperature. I like my steaks done to 140°. The heating element will take the water to that temperature then hold it there for hours. So no matter how many hours I leave in my steaks, they are always done just right. It's nice to not have to pay attention to timing when cooking perfect food. Linda
  10. I agree with all of the above. However, sitting around a group campfire after dark in the Arizona desert in the winter gets COLD! That where I appreciated my silk long johns as one of my layers. The difference between daytime temperatures and nighttime temperatures surprised me. Linda
  11. Silk long underwear makes an excellent layer when it's really cold and takes almost no storage space. Linda
  12. We had the RV Water Filter Store make us a very short hose to go from the bib to our filters so the filters could sit on the ground and do their thing before the water even went into the longer hoses they made for us. The pressure regulator could go anywhere along the line since the hoses are rated for such high pressure. I liked knowing nothing bad was going into the hoses as well as into the tank. Linda
  13. If you go to http://catalog.winnebagoind.com/menu/Parts.htm and click on the year of your model you can see what they are offering there. Linda
  14. I have a third one. The ones you refuse to ask because you think you know the answer. Linda (Who bought the wrong first rig because I thought we had researched it to death.)
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