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  1. Do you follow the clean fifteen and the dirty dozen? Obviously, you want to avoid the dirty dozen but can you eat the clean fifteen? Linda Sand
  2. I didn't see anything about you. I did decide this chain probably started in Denver based on the number of stores there. Linda
  3. I have a friend who wears leg braces due to having polio as a kid. One day she sat on the side of the swimming pool at her apartment complex to take off her braces to do her exercises. A kid came over with big eyes and said. "Lady, are you bionic?" Linda Sand
  4. I often followed trucks in urban areas to know what lane to be in but I stayed back where I could always see his mirrors. I didn't care if other drivers got between us because I could still see him and that's all I needed. Of course, I almost got caught once when my navigator took an exit I didn't really want. Oops. Linda Sand
  5. At age ten I caught the Asian flu and was out of school for an entire month. For most of that time I have no memory because I was too sick to know I was sick. I've been told my mother and both brothers also became sick and recovered during that time so Dad had to take off work to care for us. I have no memory of that, either. What I do remember is being bedded down on the sofa bed which had been moved right next to the bathroom and being hot but made to stay under the covers anyway. And that my entire class wrote me get well letters when I was finally recovering. I never want to be that sick again. Flu vaccine? Yes, please. Linda Sand
  6. It depends on what you mean by "toad". When we didn't tow a car we would rent one for sightseeing but not to tow behind our RV. We used Enterprise because they would deliver the rental to our campsite. Then we would give the delivery person a ride back to the office and head on out. Linda Sand
  7. When using the micro part your pans cannot be metal. When using the convection part they can. Corning/Pyrex bakeware can be used in either mode. Silicone bakeware can be used in either mode but tends to be floppy so needs to sit on a plate or something to provide structure. Linda Sand
  8. I've never understood the need to clean a black tank. How often did you clean the sewer pipes in your house? We only did that once and it was because tree roots invaded the pipe creating a blockage that had to be cleared and then we only cleaned the pipe near the tree not the pipes in the house itself. Unless you plan to store the RV during very hot weather, why would you feel a need to do that? Even then I would just flush the tank a few times until the water ran clear through the dump hose. Water is, after all, the universal solvent for this type of application. Linda Sand
  9. Our 2010 CR-V had a shorter time than that I think. I'm pretty sure we never towed eight hours but we did kill the battery once by not repeating the procedure soon enough. Fortunately, we were in a rest area near a major city when we realized what happened so CoachNet quickly sent someone out to jump start the car. Linda Sand
  10. The general rule of thumb for dealing with heat is to go up in either direction or elevation--north or into the mountains. The mountains are more reliable as you might have to go a long way north to get much cool weather whereas some mountain passes won't even be open yet in June. For a short trip you might check out Usery Mountain County Park just east of Phoenix. https://www.maricopacountyparks.net/park-locator/usery-mountain-regional-park/ Linda Sand
  11. When our daughter was learning blacksmithing she bought a "small" anvil. I would not want to carry that in an RV. Linda
  12. Dave's brother lives in White Bird, ID. (All you truckers know White Bird Hill?) It's way north of Caldwell yet it gets so hot there we go sit in the creek to cool off. If it's not hot in Caldwell, why do you need to sit in the pool? Linda Sand
  13. If you pick a good area for you annual doctor visits you don't have to hang around waiting for followup appointments. Dermatology tends to have a 30 day lead time at our clinic. When my doctor prescribes a new medicine she like to see me again after I take it for 30 days. One time between visits we went up to the Mississippi River headwaters and followed the Great River Road back down to Mpls for the next visit. Another time we headed down to Iowa to the Winnebago factory for some maintenance issues then back to Minnesota for the followup appointment. Nothing says you have to stay parked when visits are spaced out over time. Linda Sand
  14. When we went on the road I expected to find someplace with less winter than Minnesota in which to eventually settle. We decided to keep our previous primary doctors until that time rather than change multiple times. After 3 years, during which time we visited all 48 contiguous states, Dave declared he only wanted to live in Minnesota. So, we are back here with me staying inside all winter as my way of coping with the cold and ice and I'm once again seeing the same doctor. Dave's doctor retired during those years of travel so he has a new one now. I don't recommend doing what we did, though, as changing doctors to our domicile location while traveling would have been a safer thing to do in case we were ever challenged. More states are issuing more challenges as the years go by. Linda Sand
  15. If you start out on US Highway 90 heading west you will see lots of interesting things along the way. It more or less parallels I-10 but is much more scenic and calmer than freeway driving tends to be. As you drive through Texas make note of the small town courthouse buildings--some beautiful architecture there. Linda Sand
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