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    Nothing, not that I don't enjoy anything. I enjoying doing nothin'. Like sittin' and watching the sunset. Have recently retired and am beginning to explore "FULL TIMING" and travel.<br />

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  1. looking to get back into travelling (camping). Thinking about a pick up, truck camper and an old jeep on a car trailer. Need some recommendations
  2. OK Guys, Are the OLD EYES decieving me? WHEN and Where is the HDT rally this year. Seems we are about ready to make the somewhat large move..from a pop up to a HDT/Fiver or a Renegade/Car Hauler type and are looking to "go to school". We drove a couple this last weekend and as soon as the DW found the air horn cable, as they say the rest was history. As the shoulders and kneeds get a little stiffer seems like time to find a few more "comforts" in life. Any suggestions on the two would be appreciated. We are now in our 60s getting close to that magic date when "full time" work is nothing but a memory...and with the current economy...it might not be a fond memory...but that is another story. Guess we have about decided to spend what we have and if we run out of $$ then Uncle Barrack can support us