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  1. HDT Tires

    Hi Padraic, I bought Goodyear Kelly tires at Wingfoot located at a Pilot/Flying J two different locations, Dalton, Ga and Winslow, AZ. In 2013 paid $1500 out the door for 4 drives and a pair of Centramatics. In 2015 paid $756 out the door for 2 steers and a pair of Centramatics. Just happened to catch sales. I also shopped Hancook and Samson tires. Went with the Kellys's because I felt more comfortable with Goodyear. Glad you are getting back on the road. Hope this helps Brad and Cindy
  2. Runaway Truck

    Wanted to follow up and let you guys know what was wrong. The clutch master cylinder failed and the clutch slave cylinder was close behind. Also had a hydraulic line that was cracked but not yet leaking. Took the tuck to Vanguard in Adairsville, GA for the repair. Cost for the repair was $1,300.00. They replaced both cylinders, hydraulic line, refreshed the hydraulic fluid, test drove. So far so good. Never saw that one coming. If you have a Gen 2 auto-shift may want to have the clutch hydraulics looked at. Could save you a catastrophic failure like I had. Brad
  3. Runaway Truck

    We are currently in North Georgia getting ready to head toward Orlando/Tampa......or so I thought. Warmed up the truck (2001 770 with an Eaton auto-shift) and put the truck in reverse, feathering the clutch to gently back toward the trailer. All the sudden the truck fully engages in reverse (I barely released the clutch). I mashed clutch pedal to the floor....still going.....hit the brake still moving then finally had to turn off the engine to get it stopped. After I collected myself pulled well ahead thinking maybe my foot wasn't on the clutch correctly. Same thing happened. Clutch went to the floor, truck still going in reverse had to shut off the engine to get stopped. No error codes or service lights went off. Any ideas on what the heck may have happened???
  4. Montana to WI-Hwy 2 or 94?

    Todd, Checked my truckers Atlas (2010 version)....Hwy 2 is a designated truck route. Only one clearance issue I saw at Butte, MT. Hwy 2 through MN and WI not a big deal. 2 lane Hwy mostly. Check other resources for fuel and pull offs Brad
  5. Steer tires?

    You may want to take a look at Kelly (by Goodyear). I picked up our steers a couple years ago on sale....$313.00 ea. With all the additional costs...$750 ish out the door.
  6. Purogene for Potable Water Systems?

    Wow! such a nice group of people. Never said not to use bleach to sanitize.....actually mentioned prior posts in which the process was discussed very well (thank you Kirk).....Bleach does degrade seals, plastics, metals etc if left in contact with them in high doses (short time) or low doses (long time). Barbaraok with his knowledge of chemistry confirms this (it is an oxidizer). So sanitize with bleach if you wish.....I do...just flush the system well. I would not suggest a small dose of bleach in the tank to keep it fresh. Like I mentioned it is a poison and there are safer chemicals to use. That just might be what the OP was looking for.
  7. Purogene for Potable Water Systems?

    Zulu, I don't see any misinformation. Did not intend to go into the details of sanitizing a water system which includes plumbing and water in my definition. Just trying to answer the question at high level. The sanitizing procedure has been discussed in prior posts. Bleach/chlorine is poison/toxic and need not be ingested at all if possible. With public water that is impossible to avoid unless it is filtered out. Bleach is highly corrosive and although "plastic" parts are resistant (they do become brittle, seals breakdown), metal plumbing fixtures are not. I choose to avoid chlorinated water.. Purogene in my water system/ tank storage is a safe alternative to chlorine. A good carbon filter helps reduce the chlorine in city water. As far as dosing your tank every time you fill up the tank, that would depend on how often you do that. To me not a big deal when we store the unit for a time or refresh the holding tank water monthly.. Some folks run exclusively off their tanks and I would agree that there are much better systems to use than an additive R.O comes to mind.
  8. Purogene for Potable Water Systems?

    Hi Johnny, We use it all the time. It can be purchased at Rvwaterfilterstore.com. One 32 oz. bottle will last a long time. 3oz treats 100 gallons. Bleach is a poison and very corrosive. The only time we use it is to sanitize and then flush the entire system including the water heater. If we decide to store water in our 100 gallon tank we then add the purogene. No odor, bad taste or funky stuff growing in the tanks. Brad
  9. Sleepers for actual sleeping!

    We bought our mattress from airdream.net Go to the parts section and look at the air chambers and inflator. I ordered a twin chamber ($99) and the inflator ($55). I use it on the top bunk. The lite weight makes it easy to lift the bunk out of the way (Volvo 770). I had one of the "truck stop" mattresses that were thick and heavy. Made it very difficult to lift and secure the bunk. The airdream mattress chamber can be adjusted for comfort (like a Select Comfort). I bought a mattress pad and foam topper at Costco to go over the airchamber . Very comfortable.
  10. Waxing roof of truck

    I have a Volvo 770 and I can tell you it is a tough job. I do the work from the top of my drom to reach the highest parts and ladders for the rest. If you don't have a drom, a ladder can be used back of cab on a sheet of plywood secured so it doesn't move out from under the ladder. The ladder I use is a little giant knock off I bought at wal-mart. Put rubber caps on the feet that will come in contact with the truck. To reach the spot above/below the skylight I have climbed onto the hood and laid on the roof with my feet braced against the visor so as not to fall. No fun at all. The older I get, less agile, less athletic etc. hiring out the job is looking like the way to go.
  11. Crossing the Canadian Border with a HDT

    LongWay, Entered with our HDT/LLC no issues. We did bring a copy of our LLC Operating Agreement just in case it became an issue. Finn
  12. Sewer flies

    Be careful not to put to much bleach in your septic as it will kill the good bacteria. When we get bugs I spray yard guard into the toilet with the bowl valve open then close it when I think the little buggers have had enough. Takes care of them. If they come back...repeat. Like you we only open black tank valve to dump.
  13. Fresh Water Tank Sanitation

    Freestone, After you sanitize your system consider adding a product called "Purogene". It can be purchased online at rvwaterfilterstore.com. Follow the directions and you should be good to go. Finn
  14. Ideal Singled WB

    LongWay, When we bought our truck I was looking for data to help make the decision to single or not. All I could find was opinion....it was helpful but in God I Trust, everyone else show me data. I took our truck (Volvo 770) to a school parking lot on a Sunday. The truck was still tandem of course. I cut the steering wheel as far as it would go and made a 360* turn, measured the inside track left by the tires scrubbing the pavement. Took the chance and had it singled short as they say (leaving the axle closest to the cab in place). Actually we moved the rear axle to that position. We then repeated the school parking lot test. The inside track radius was reduced by 10' or 25% +/- or from 43' to 33'.. About what we estimated. We have found the reduced radius very helpful, particularly in tight campgrounds and when backing just the truck .Seems that the geometry backing a tandem is far different than going forward. It did cost us about $2k for the work but have gotten that money back in cost avoidance i.e 4 tires, brakes, shocks, airbags......fuel savings?? really difficult to measure that one. To be honest with you....If I were to do over again, I would look at something like Jack Mayer's Volvo 610 set up for hauler/daily driver. Outstanding turning radius. low enough you don't need to be to concerned with overhead obstacles (daily driver) pulls and stops strong, comfortable enough for overnights. BTW.... I am convinced we would have been in a bad way had we not had our HDT. Seems our trailer brakes failed (air over hydraulic) and we did not know it. Our trailer weighs in the neighborhood of 24K. We went up and down a mountain pass (Mt Eagle TN) and a couple hills down to a stop light. Still here to tell you about it. A pickup can pull the bigger trailers as can a forklift at the dealer but simple physics proves they can't stop it. Brad
  15. Weed Burner or Stack?

    Dick, You asked for any comments so thought I would share my experience. Might help others. Our truck is 2001 770 powered by Cummins so our routing of muffler etc is likely different than what you face. Our muffler is attached to the top frame under the passenger part of the cab. Heat shield etc in place. The mistake I made during conversion was to daylight the tailpipe pointed at the ground. Rooster would kick up so much dust on non-paved surfaces it was embarrassing, not to mention annoying to others. I had the tailpipe redirected horizontally.