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  1. GOOD NEWS update: Stewed in my juices overnight, then Saturday morning, revisited Google search results and Trey's references... Premium Truck Parts, in Toledo, OH (shows is Google search),Volvo Fuel Pump Kit 85104373 Core: Core Add On - $126.00 Called Trey's Denver reference, they referred me to local Volvo dealer (he's a diesel guy, not specifically a Volvo shop); Called Syverson's in MN and the parts guy was extremely helpful; he did a search that revealed nearly a dozen Volvo shops across the country showing inventory of the needed fuel pump kit, including TEC-Seattle (a branch of the one holding us hostage), and Western Truck Center (Volvo shop in West Sacramento). This guy was so helpful, he'll be my go-to-person if ever such a parts shortage happens. Needless to say, we drove to Sac, picked up the part and delivered it to Oakland for them to complete the job (finalized on Wed), and we left for our "summer" journey on Thursday! TEC-Oakland was appropriately embarrassed and apologetic about the parts SNAFU, and kept the cost down to the original estimate despite extra work they did to confirm the diagnosis (they did share that the gauge showed lacking fuel pressure, despite intermittent alerts to that effect). IF EVER you get stuck lacking such a critical part, consider doing your own search. Another saving grace was getting a copy of the parts list before we learned of the back-order issue.
  2. And it gets worse --- the fuel pump (kit) is on back-order, they've escalated via "VOR" to Sweden, so far no ETA,,, so, we be stuck until "who knows when". So, off to parts "scavengers" and Google; found a couple possible sources, both on the east coast, closed until Monday so I will "chill" until then; sure would like to have someone useful to holler at (besides the poor sap that ran my RO)!
  3. This is to update the latest on this subject -- California prices... Same components as Trey's (see his post in 2015), total for us comes to about DOUBLE -- $3600: $107 - Regulator control $191 - Fan $40 - Gasket $575 - Fuel Pump kit $973 - Accessory driving device $1886 -- parts total Labor was 4 hrs diag + 4 hrs to repair ($1400); total = $3286 (excl. tax & other shop charges, approx. $500)
  4. donf888

    National Interstate Insurance

    Hey Valerie, We got our HDT & NH 5'er covered thru FCIS -- Farm & City (in Iowa), when Trese was still there... she knew how to get'er done with "agreed value" coverage on both! This happened (in 2013?) when Nat. Interstate discontinued 3-axle HDT coverage. I priced out Blue Sky as well, they were competitive; issues with Miller and others had to do with our LLC ownership in MT. Good luck, glad to learn you're okay & using your rig! Miss seeing you guys! Cheers,
  5. donf888

    BluDot adjust brake pressure & maintenance

    Jack -- Thanks for that info; it's encouraging to learn that a set of pads should last ~50k miles. For me, the concern wasn't the potential for blow-out (of the calipers), it's with the short life span of the brake pads I've seen... around 10-15k miles uses over half of the pad's thickness. I've now(?) learned (from Glenn) that there is likely a 4psi application pressure with zero braking pressure -- which might be the source of the reduced life span... just trying to find a solution that will help increase the life expectancy to (at least) the 30-40k miles range. FYI, we are, generally, religious about bleeding down the tank when parked... occasionally, may have parked one night without bleeding (but rarely). -Don
  6. donf888

    BluDot adjust brake pressure & maintenance

    As I mentioned earlier, my limiting valve is the RV-1 --- and it is set to 80 psi. My concern parallels Dick T's experience, where there seems to be premature wear on the disc pads. I didn't know about the LQ-4 valve having a hold-off feature where it would only respond when tractor braking pressure exceeds 4 psi. The RV-1 applies the brakes in-sync with the brake pedal,,,, which has a definite and most-reassuring feel as all 14 wheels apply braking pressure at the same time and the same force. BUT methinks there may be some degree of constant pressure (in the under 4 psi range) that is causing the brake pads to have continuous, small-psi contact leading to the pads needing to be replaced every 10-15k miles (regardless of brake usage). AND, NOW, Scrap has me thinking maybe we need to consider placing the RV-1 on the control line (not the supply-to-the-tank)... to ensure capping the braking force. Hmmm? -Don
  7. donf888

    BluDot adjust brake pressure & maintenance

    Dick, Per Jack's tutorial (back in 2011, same as now) the LQ-4 was the "original" advice for Kodiak, but is superseded by the RV-1 --- and that's the one we have installed. It limits the RV's air tank to 80psi, and my main question is about reducing its application pressure so the pads will last longer. (I sent you PM, so you can share what you have with me directly --- my email is donf.sjc@gmail.com Thanks,
  8. donf888

    BluDot adjust brake pressure & maintenance

    Interesting... (Note to self: find a hold-off valve to keep at 0psi until I apply at least some braking pressure; any specific advice on what valve to get, and where?!?) Thanks, Dick. -Don
  9. donf888

    BluDot adjust brake pressure & maintenance

    Always,,, like a religion!
  10. donf888

    BluDot adjust brake pressure & maintenance

    Thanks to Jack & Henry, we learned the Bendix RV-1 pressure reducing valve was the way to go for my Kodiak brakes (they stipulated 100psi or less); mine was set to 80psi (outta the box) so left it alone. The RV-1 was in lieu of the previous advice to use LQ-4 reducer (per Kodiak). Now, some 6 years later (and several brake pad changes), it seems the pads wear down faster than I'd expect -- only 10k miles the last set to less than half material. Just thinking they're getting more pressure than needed, looking to extend their lifespan to (at least?) 20k miles. On original install with Henry, we followed Jack's advice, here: http://www.jackdanmayer.com/rv_projects_and_improvements.htm#Blu Dot -Don
  11. donf888

    BluDot adjust brake pressure & maintenance

    Ceramic pads -- not sure, whatever came from Kodiak (or Mor\Ryde)... will need to check.
  12. Hi All, Sorry for the long absence -- family & personal issues have had a major impact on my presence for awhile! I've had the BluDot conversion since 2011, and it works very well -- it seems abit too much/well. Brake pads on my disc brakes seem to be 50% worn around 8-10K miles. That seems abit more aggressive than needed (given the truck (23k) well out-weighs the trailer (19k)); our RV-1 regulator keeps the tank below 80psi. I'd like to reduce the wear-and-tear on brake pads, so am wondering if reducing the RV-1 to 70psi would accomplish that (or not!). Secondly, I recently noticed there is a maintenance advice in the documentation for the RV-1 valve; has anyone followed this advice -- if so, how often?!? We do about 10-15k miles per year (since we tend to go coast-to-coast), am thinking (like wheel bearing) this level of use would dictact once a year maintenance. Comments??? -Don
  13. donf888

    HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    Driving Hwy 1 (PCH) north from Morro Bay to Carmel. Is a sweet ride -- okay for us many times, at 64' it's no biggie! -Don
  14. donf888

    HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    Main St Station casino (in Vegas) has RV park, FHU, $25/nite, walking distance to Fremont St Experience. http://www.mainstreetcasino.com/ Monterey has Elks lodge with RV parking (members only); same deal in Salinas. Or, Watsonville has fairgrounds with camping spaces (if no big event is going on). Alternatively, check Day's End directory (SKP only subscription, $12/yr)... Contact Guy Gipson or the website ... http://www.daysenddirectory.com/ HTH! -Don
  15. donf888

    The Class-less Class

    P.s. We miss Yoda,,, wish you were here -- hope all is well! Don & Fannie