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  1. Thanks guys, I just ordered the BF Goodrich KO2 at Costco today. They were on sale. Still 943 dollars for a set of four. I did learn lots about the Costco warranty....or should I say...the lack of it. When I complained about the mileage on the Michelin tires, the first question was "did you rotate the tires every 6000 miles". Yes, but at Les Schwab.....that invalidated the mileage warranty. Costco had no record most of the tire rotations. BTW....when I had a warrenty issue with Dodge....same thing. No oil changes. I pointed out ALL my oil changes were done at a Dodge dealer.....BUT the dealers did NOT put them in the database!! So it might be worthwhile to keep a paper record of your tire rotations and have the Costco employee sign and date it. Next issue.....set of four Costco tires. One failed on the road and I had the tire replaced. NOPE, not covered by the Costco warranty since I no longer had the tire!!! Guess I will keep the tire next time until I can get to a Costco store. I did talk to a guy that ran a tire shop and his quick comment was "yep, we all run the same warranty practices". So heads up on that warranty!!! Thanks to everybody for the info on BF Goodrich.....
  2. I used one for snow on our 5th wheel. It worked well. There was a door opening so you could get into the 5th wheel without taking the cover off. It did hold on in the wind. Gave it away when the 5th wheel moved to Arizona. It is rather large to store. As others have said....a structural cover is a much better solution if you can do it.
  3. Not your bad. The different agencies that manage the public lands are different. Having worked for the BLM, FS, and NPS I can tell who has management responsibility just by looking at the road standards. It does make it confusing for the public, but knowing who is the managing agency will pay dividends in allowing you to enjoy your public lands without interruption. It is the FIRST thing I check when I encounter public lands. That pretty much tells me what I can do and where!! THANKS...for linking to the Coconino forest site. I learned some new stuff. Vladimir
  4. Thanks for the update.....BUT The area in question is Forest Service NOT BLM. Folks can get the travel plan maps from the Coconino National Forest. The Avencia site might have the Coconino travel plan maps for a free download.
  5. One “temporary” solution to the internet connection problem is to go HIGH. Get a phone amplifier. When you need a internet connection find a HIGH PEAK or RIDGE and camp there. I have my “fly-fishing” lakes. Current batch of good fishing lakes...zip for data. My up high astronomy sites....great TV, great FM, and great data service. But I have to drive if I fish.
  6. In Canada, they didn't take VISA only MasterCard. In US, they don't take MasterCard only VISA. For years, they wanted me to stop everything and get my picture taken. I finally told them that my religion did not believe in pictures, except in the case of government regulations. Give Caesar his due!! For awhile, they asked for my drivers license and then finally gave that up. SmartFood Service stores have basically replaced Costco for us. They provide food and supplies for restaurants. You can get that special desert....without going to a restaurant. Our other grocery store is Grocery Outlet. Those two have replaced Costco for us for shopping.
  7. I have a friend that bought his FIRST RV and put it into the rental pool with a company. Full Disclosure....he had connections to a friend whose family owned the rental company. It pretty much is similar to renting your vacation home. In his case, he lives in a urban area with no room for an RV. So the rental company ends up being his "free" parking site. He is high income in retirement, so the tax breaks are significant in his case. The rental company takes care of his maintenance and it is split between warranty, rental, or his responsibility. Which he can deduct on his taxes. He has had some interesting discoveries. It really has not been that different than with our vacation home. His wife insisted on a larger RV than could haul their grandchildren, well that is more attractive for larger rental groups. All our vacation home problems come with large groups. So IF I were to do it I would get a small RV that limited the rental to ONE couple. Your mileage and experience may vary....the real benefits in his case. FREE STORAGE and quick on site repairs. I have not seen his tax return to comment on that aspect. My sense, if you don't need to tax benefits...have plenty of parking for your RV...and maintenance is not an issue. I would pass.
  8. I don't know for sure...but the Census is gearing up for next year. They collect a list of HOMES and full-time residents so next year those are the sites they visit for the COUNT. They also GPS the new roads which become part of YOUR GPS system in a few years. In 2021, they will re-visit the sites that they did NOT have returns from people. In the 2010 cycle, I did the whole thing....since my wife was working for them and I figured I might as well do it too. The re-visit sites are the most fun. In my case, I got the National Forest areas and there was ONE cabin that ceased to exist. It was a mining claim that the Forest Service finally "removed" and demolished the cabin. Hey, I said...."I remember that one". They wouldn't take my word...had to go get a "current" FS employee to say that demolished the cabin. Just because your paranoid......doesn't mean that somebody is NOT out to get you. I suspect thought it isn't the government. But really folks.....the government doesn't really cares about a bunch of old farts living out their years. "
  9. yep, need a snowflake rating.....not critical, but very helpful.
  10. I need to buy new tires for the one-ton Dodge Ram. In the past, I had Goodyear Wranglers.....I really liked them. The did delaminate after seven years and did some damage to the rig. I also think they are only made in China these days. Les Schwab....Open Country All-Terrain Tires...bought these from Schwab and in Canada from a independent tire dealer. Ok, tires, but wore out quickly. Michelin.....LTX M/S....These came standard on the Dodge. Good tires....really liked them. They went to 70,000 miles. So I bought the same tires from Costco 40,000 miles later they are toast. So any advice on tires....given the two I liked?? Thanks.
  11. Sometimes not. For years I had no issues going back and forth across the Canadian/US border. Living within a 100 miles of the border I did it fairly often......and then the trips to the little rooms started. I for the life of me couldn't figure why suddenly in my senior years I became a threat to the BOTH the United States and Canada. I took several years, but I finally determined it had to do with my birthplace......Venezuela. But I could never figure out what was special about Venezuela.....well, it turns out the Obama Administration put restrictions on Venezuelan's entering the US. Even though, I had a US passport....right there on the front facing page.....birthplace= Venezuela. That was fine, but I kept asking the border folks. I am fine, with the inspection, the little room, and special treatment, but why me?? NOBODY ever mentioned Obama's Executive Order. That was a public record, that granted most people were not aware of, but at least I finally understood why. BTW...found that out in the comment section of a newspaper article on immigration. The part I did to myself.....my favorite jacket, given to me by Columbia Sportsware. A camo jacket. My favorite hat....from Dave Smith Motors....a camo hat. Then I couldn't find my favorite polarized safety glasses in black...all out...so I bought the camo glasses since it was all they had. Then I crossed the Canadian border in my one-ton diesel truck, dressed up in camo for the spring fishing trip in BC. Yep, a real special trip to the little room. After a 45 minute wait after the Canadians searched for ALL THE CRIMES I had committed in my life I was allowed entry into Canada. They were really disappointed I had NEVER been arrested in my life!!! But I learned my lesson, ditch the camo when crossing the border.
  12. Well, that pushed your button. I will ALWAYS drive to the right particularly on two lane roads so the person behind me can see if it is safe to pass. We all drive tired. At the end of a four hour drive everybody is tired....whether they think so or not. Nope, don't think the LEO's are "dead wrong" they are doing their job based on what they see. I am fine with them pulling me over for driving the speed limit and along the right fog line. I FINALLY understand WHY I got pulled over....that won't change my behavior....unless, of course, I have been drinking and then I am going to drive like a bat in the passing lane!!!
  13. I was driving 55 MPH in a 60 zone. It is a scenic drive. What's the hurry?? I remember in Montana following a guy (along with 30 other cars) on a Sunday drive on a Forest Service road. He never did pull over. But he was enjoying the scenery and we kinda felt like yeah...maybe we should slow down!! BUT, thanks for confirming my story about driving slow. When did driving slow and being courterous about it become socially undesirable behavior??
  14. Great story.....the following is a TRUE story. I was driving up to the cabin in no particular hurry. So drove along the right fog line at slightly below the speed limit. Quickly a car pulled up behind me....and then he turned on the lights. After we went through the "mating" dance and my license plate and license were cleared he told me I was free to go. I said, "wait, I have a question. I am not mad or anything, but why did you pull me over? I am just curious.". His comment was that drunk drivers typically, drive along the right fog line. I guess it helps to keep the car on the road and also drive a couple of miles under the speed limit. I told him I was in no hurry, and I drove along the fog line, to give the vehicle behind a clear view if he/she wanted to pass. So we are driving to the cabin from a fishing trip at night. Both myself and my fishing buddy, who was driving, were tired. He had a car behind him so he drifted towards the fog line and slowed down. He then got madder and madder when the car behind refused to pass him. I warned him, and just as I was finishing my story......the lights came on!!! This guy was not as friendly as the previous officer. However, if your driving under the influence.......get in the left lane and drive like a bat out of hell. You will be go to go!!
  15. Anything an employer provides is for the "convenience of the employer". Even as a volunteer, you are an "employee". I oversaw the volunteer program for a Federal agency, but two levels removed from the initial supervision. Volunteers are great. I made it a point to see that volunteers got the best assignments and living conditions possible. The advantage to the agency was that we had members of the public that understood our mission and could communicate that to the rest of the public. That was a huge benefit of volunteers. Lots of people in government think volunteers are "free". Their not, they do cost the agency lots of money. The ADVANTAGE to volunteers is that in almost in all cases you get REALLY GOOD EMPLOYEES!! One of my points was always was that it is a good pool to find future temporary employees!!! The best Ranger Districts for volunteers knew this. The worst....well, they treated the volunteers as someone that was there. The best Ranger Districts paid their volunteers the per diem rate. It wasn't much, but it helped the volunteers and definitely sent a message that they were valued, and got per diem just like an employee. One thing about volunteering. Do what you love. We had "volunteers" doing trail maintenace, butterfly surveys, photographing of historic sites, etc. Volunteering is more than campground hosts. BTW...IF you have handy man skills and can fix things like water systems, doors, tables, etc. note that on your application. Those are the folks that are really difficult to find. And thanks.....to everybody that has volunteered.
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