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  1. Registered my Volvo in Washington State back in 2005. The signage and stopping at scale language was not in the statutes back then. Your information is worded like a information brochure and not the actual RCW. May want to see the actual statute. In all my travel around Washington I have stopped at a scale only once and they didn't want to see me at all. I was chased once bobtailed by the Bow Hill station personal and once they saw registration and rv hitch sent me away. I asked him about stopping at scales and was told not to. This has been my personal experience in that state, yours may be different.
  2. Position has been filled. Thanks to all who viewed.
  3. Kirk, it does have a water fill switch that has been turned to the non tank fill direction for over 4 months when this started. I even switched it to fill and then back and still the pump runs. Dave
  4. Currently in a full service RV park and hooked up with water. Unhooked the other night because of below 20 temp. About 320 am the water pump came on with both of us in bed. It kept running until I got up turned the switch off. Upon checking further there is no water leaking out anywhere I can see. Today I uncovered the pump location and I see no signs that water was leaking in that area. It makes no difference if the park water is on or not the pump just keeps running. Should I just bite the bullet and get a new 4088 or? Thanks Dave
  5. Facilities Manager for 340-site adult RV Co-op in Benson, AZ. Plan and conduct maintenance and repair of park buildings, equipment, and infrastructure. Supervise a small staff which may include volunteers, enforce rules and policies. Must have experience in budget preparation, long range planning, and project planning software. Computer skills a must. Knowledge of OSHA, Federal and State regulations. Must have an RV and must reside in the co-op. Full HU RV site w/casita provided and partial support for utilities. Salary DOE. If interested, email resume to Patrick Moore at fmsbenson295@gmail.com.
  6. I have replaced all my slide toppers and with them fullily extended, wound them 13 times. I have had no billowing issue in over 2600 miles. Remember that plastic retention bracket, if you started with the slide in how much more strain is placed on it when you extended the slide. Dave
  7. Where might I find the sensor for the alarm on the truck and any Idea it may look like?
  8. After about 1300 miles after a new governor the alarm sounded twice for about 2 seconds. Today the compressor would cycle about every 9 minutes, much better than the 2 minutes before the governor change. Since the mechanic mentioned a filter in the air dryer, is their such a thing and if so, where might it be located on a 99 VNL610? Dave
  9. 99 Volvo VNL610 with Cummins N14. Drove about 150 miles this morning and all of a sudden the alarm sounds, no red triangle and no red lights on the air pressure gauges. Pressure reading on both gauges about 105 psi. Alarm sounded for a couple minutes then stopped, air pressure increase towards the end of the alarm. Again about 15 minutes later the alarm came on again but lasted for less than 5 seconds, this time pressure reading about 115. Thus happened a total of about 5 times then nothing further. Drove an additional 30 miles until stopping and everything OK. Any idea what may be causing this?
  10. Wenatchee Valley is on the east side of the Cascade range in Washington state. Directly east of Seattle.
  11. scubadave

    Air leak help

    Tracked down to it being the PTC fitting on the back of the gauge. Mine are not repairable so ordered new ones, both were leaking. Then tracked further and ended up repairing all 12 PTC fittings where they go through the firewall and one on the engine side of the firewall. Still some air in tanks after 72 hours, so is now a lot better.
  12. Rigs starting to arrive. Looks like More Dearg and about 5 friends are here this morning.
  13. I had one leak that the hose didn't locate but using the Whisper it was found right away. Sometimes it takes different tools to find the issue.
  14. I have trimmed the line ends and the leaks still remain. I have checked the price of new guages, $275 for the rear and $300 for the front. Will try the cleaning and dielectric to see if that helps. Thanks for the suggestions.
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