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  1. Mobley Warning Message

    I received it as a text message
  2. I received the following message from AT&T: "Your automotive Wi-Fi data usage this month has reached 16.5GB. If you exceed 22GB before your next cycle on 06/02/2017, you can still use unlimited data however your speeds may be reduced at times and in areas with network congestion. To check your data use visit att.com/myatt or call 866.344.7584 for more info." Anyone received this?
  3. Smart Car Bed

    Looking for a shop to do the chassis extension & build the Smart car bed. I checked the Resource Guide but it seems it has not been updated recently as Henry is still listed as being in New Hampshire. We are located in the Philadelphia area. Can anyone recommend a shop on the east coast?
  4. Freightliner head lights

    Glenn I sent you a PM
  5. HDT Modular Smart Car Bed For Sale

    bmzero I sent you a PM
  6. Dell 13 inch 2 in 1 Touch Screen, I5 CPU @ 2.3 GHz, 8gb mem, 128gb SSD, Win 10. I created a new partition for duel booting WIN XP Pro, turned off EUFI mode in BIOS. Boot from the Win XP disk, it chugs along then I get a BLUE SCREEN:with "The BIOS in this system is not fully ACPI compliant. Contact system vendor for updated BIOS". I updated BIOS and tried again, same error. I called Dell TSup and they are down for system maintainence for 24 hours. I'm thinking it may be a Win XP Setup problem acessing SSD. Has anyone had this problem?
  7. Is trailer weight a problem for parking places?

    Link to RVIA standards http://www.rvia.org/?ESID=standards
  8. HDT Wish List

    Cameras on truck and trailer.
  9. Teton SlideOut Seals

    The living room slideout seal on our Teton has seperated from the trailer flange. Teton did not seal the top of the seal. Rain entered and caused the metal clasps inside the seal to rust. Has anyone replaced these seals and do you have a manufacture and part numbers?
  10. GPS Question

    Last week I encountered a 13ft 3in low bridge warning after passing the last turn off. Waited at the bridge 1/2 hour for 911 police response for assistence to stop traffic to allow me to make a U-turn on this busy highway. Its time for a new GPS. --------- I'm considering Garmin Dezl-760LMT Garmin RV-760LMT Both 760s have free life time map updates. Includes traffic receiver & free traffic info. Rand McNally's RVND 7730 which is an improved 7720. Has free life time map updates. Traffic receiver extra cost & annual subscription for traffic info. Anyone using these or similar units with height & tunnel restriction warnings ?