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  1. Thanks for the replies. I haven’t selected a Travis County mail service yet. Kirk — That’s interesting, and not what I was told years ago when I joined and started using the 77399 address. I sure wish I could quote chapter and verse the ruling that says in Texas CMRAs are valid for all purposes n case I get push back from the DMV. Do you have a reference? LiveWorkDream: I wouldn’t give up my mail service or Livingston address for mail etc. Like GlennWest, many times in the past I have had two addresses— one where I was living (OR, NC, TX) and a mailing address in 77399. so two addresses is not an issue. I just need to confirm that I can use a CMRA in Travis County for my official Texas address (and hence use that address for health insurance in Travis County). Then I will look very closely at Oscar Health.
  2. Hi -- For many years I have been domiciled at the Escapees Livingston address (great mail service)....like, since 2007. All financial institutions have that address, I file my taxes from that address, and so on. Even when I had periods of sticks-n-bricks residency elsewhere in Texas I used the Escapees address. Never an issue Now I would l like to change my Texas address to Travis County where the health insurance options for pre-Medicare are far better. (In addition that's where my estate lawyer, eye doc, dentist and storage unit are, so I have stronger links to Travis County than Polk County). I would continue to keep all mail flowing to 77399. 2012-2015 when off the road looking after my parents in Texas, I changed my TxDL and registration insurance to their address, but kept everything else in 77399. So this is the same idea, but .... QUESTION: Can I use the address of CMRA (ie mail service) in Travis County for the TxDL, or will that be rejected (we know Livingston is accepted because in theory we could live there). If I can simply register for a Travis County based CMRA and use that address for the State of Texas, then that would be perfect. I have no family left there, so no one's address that I can just "borrow." Thanks
  3. Hi -- I kept an October email from Kyle Hensen with links to the "2020 Health Plan Guide for Rvers" -- but now those links don't work (and I understand that Kyle is no longer associated with RVer Insurance Exchange). Does anyone have a valid link/uirl for this document? As I recall, the 2019 doc was very informative, and we need to consider options for later in 2020 when we are no longer eligible for our current pre-Medicare policies. Thanks
  4. Found it! From TxDMV.GOV Your vehicle registration may be renewed online 90 days before the expiration date or up to six months after the expiration date, if you have not received a citation for expired registration. Your expiration month will not change. So, worst case scenario is that I drive the unregistered vehicle for inspection and then renew online asap. Best case scenario is that I can renew online and then have it inspected.... More google to come....
  5. Thank you for all the replies. I do NOT want to do anything illegal, so I will not fudge the forms and say the vehicle was out of state when it was not. That's why I am trying to find the correct procedure. Texas does not seem to have a non-op registration -- they will issue a title for a non-operated vehicle but not registration. At least, that's my interpretation of the DMV website. There is a 30-day temporary permit which may be applicable: let the registration lapse, get a 30 day permit, and then drive the vehicle to be inspected and get the permanent registration (best done while NOT under severe jet lag). And if it has sat unused for several months, it may need a few days at my excellent Austin mechanic before it will be road-ready anyway. It is registered in Polk County, but I have had it inspected in other counties. I can't recall if they did a smog test or not. I don't mind the smog test; it's a 2017 Transit, so if it fails I clearly have other issues to deal with. I would prefer NOT making a trip to Polk County --- not a place I enjoy at all -- just to get it inspected and reregistered. Unless I find something different, I think I will follow chirakawa's initial response " When you renew the expired registration, you will have to sign an affidavit saying that it had not been on the road during the expired period. They will understand that you had to drive it to get it inspected. " That makes sense, and I didn't know about the affidavit. That can be supported with my plane tickets as well as the storage facility receipts. Thanks again. More Googling in my future on this topic!
  6. Ah, OK. A couple of wrinkles might be that (a) it is our only vehicle, so we would have to drive it first to inspection and then to the tax office to register (unless we could do that bit online, even though the registration would be expired), and (b) the vehicle will be stored in the Austin area (Travis or Williamson counties) not Polk County, which might complicate re-registering? Would we have to drive the unregistered (but inspected) vehicle to Polk County? Or am I totally overthinking this?
  7. How do I go about renewing the registration of a vehicle which is in storage while we are out of the country? The registration will be due for renewal in June 2020. However, the vehicle will be in storage from Nov 2019 to August 2020 as we travel the world. (and, I hope, on just comprehensive insurance). I called the Travis County Tax Office (because I was in Austin and they are very efficient). The person said that, as usual for registration/reregistration, inspection could be postponed if the vehicle is out of state, and it must be inspected within 3 days of returning to the state. Self-certify with Form 270. Yep, we all know that. However, when I said the vehicle would be IN state, but in storage and not being driven, she had no clue. All she could suggest was letting the registration lapse in June 2020, and re-registering and inspecting when we return....but she noted that would mean driving an unregistered and uninspected vehicle at least as far as an inspection station! I suppose I could phone Polk County TA and ask, but I won't be back in the US for another couple of weeks (Alaska roadtrip, now in Canada). So...has anyone faced this issue before with a stored vehicle? Google is NOT my friend here! Thanks!
  8. Per my original request, can someone please supply links/urls in support of the statements I quoted in the OP? Thanks!
  9. In another thread Zulu posted a link to ACA FAQs The ACA is concerned where you actually reside (see this 2016 Residency FAQ from the Dept of Health & Human Services), not your domicile, mailing address, etc. Elsewhere on the same thread was the statement: Healthcare.gov has provisions for homeless people without an address, and for snowbirds who have two different houses (emphasis mine). QUESTIONS: 1) It looks like the FAQs apply only to policies purchased ON-EXCHANGE, correct? If one buys a policy OFF-EXCHANGE -- say a BCBS-FL policy -- do the same FAQs apply? Can someone please supply a link/reference for this situation so I can research this further? 2) can someone please provide the link to the healthcare.gov information on snowbirds with two houses? I can't find it, and again, I am specifically interested in the rules for purchase of OFF_EXCHANGE insurance. Thank you.
  10. I recent,y received an email from RV Insurance Benefits (Kerville TX, the broker used to work with Kyle I believe) about a new nationwide PPO plan “designed by RVers” . It appears to be sponsored by FMCA. — perhaps only for their members (which I am not) does anyone one know about this?
  11. Right, all I can find on the website is the 2017 schedule. And some broken links. I went to "Life on Wheels" in 2006 -- and the restrooms/showers were on the other side of the unversity campus (in Idaho) from the boondocking area., in the gym. So just wondering about layout .... EDITED to add: the link to the 2018 schedule seems to work: https://www.escapees.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Seminar-Schedule-2018.pdf
  12. Hi -- Any update on when the program/schedule will be released? I'm sitting on the fence about attending, which would delay my departure for the Yukon by about two weeks from current plan. Also, who can give me information about availability of showers and restrooms for boondockers? Using my Class B outdoor boondocking shower doesn't bother wildlife, but at the fairgounds ..... not so much. Thanks
  13. I find myself in an RV park for 5 weeks, in a row with very poor Wifi reception. My iPad can get a signal, but my laptop (Dell XPS13, 1 yr old) and my new Moto 5g phone cannot, though they find the park network. I do not run any router -- just independent pieces of equipment. I check email and surf the net, but do not stream. My T-Mobile hotspot works reasonably well -- when I can get a T-Mobile signal. And I will be throttled at 10GB. So I need a wifi booster? antenna? I would ideally like something that plugs into one of the USB ports on my laptop. And I do not want to make a major $$$ investment as this is something I need only once in a while. I don't even know the vocabulary for what I need to buy. Recommendations? BTW, I am hunkered down in a Starbucks right now to get Wifi... Thanks for the help. I really need to order something today or tomorrow so that I can get out of this crippoing WiFi situation asap.
  14. mkc, I agree with you: too many sketchy aspects to this union deal. I will stick with my FLBlue plan, which gives me out-of-network coverage, and the Blue Card program (PPO) when I am not in FL. Also has limited worldwide coverage when I travel. Though I admit that it feels a bit iffy having changed my domicile to FL in 2017 wtih no intention of spending much time in the state. At least I used to spend about two weeks a year in Texas (though not in Polk County).
  15. Kyle -- the summary doc that you linked to (Thanks!) is the 2017 doc. Is the 2018 doc available? cheers!
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