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  1. thank you for the great information....i am not really worried about requirements. the little bit of research i have done, many states dont even require any type of license so i am confident with our background. I think as gjhunter01 said, schools are desperate for subs in any capacity so being in an area for a limited time shouldnt be a big deal. i can see the income tax thing being an issue some. i would hope to just substitute for 5 or so years to give my SS more time before i take it out. I like what Coleen mentioned about maybe some type of deal for "housing" in an RV park with the school districts. I teach in a school district with 5 high schools or 2000+ students in each and we are desperate for subs so i would think smaller communities are just as bad if not worse so they maybe open to experience teachers being willing to help out. but i still have 13 years to prepare and research thank you
  2. Hello, I am still a number of years away from retirement as a teacher but I have had an idea running in my head for a while and wanted to see if anyone has any opinions or experience. it is very common for teachers to become substitutes when they retire. this allows them to make some money and avoid using some of their retirement for awhile. Often they begin retiring in the school district they taught in. I would like to travel around the US once I retire and I figure if i am going to be a substitute, why substitute in the same area i have lived for 30 years? So my thought has been for my wife and I (she is an english teacher) to live in a 5th wheel and go to different parts of the country and live there for 3 or 4 months and substitute to make extra money and yet be able to explore areas. i would like to visit areas that have a number of smaller towns or cities within 60 miles or something of each other so i have options to substitute often if i wanted. My wife would do the same or being and English teacher she could teach online. Anyway, I am wondering if this seems like something that could be a possibility for retirement? What would the cost, i realize depending on area, of a monthly RV spot in a park cost? What else am I not thinking of? Anyway, any thoughts would be helpful thank you Garry
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