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  1. Thanks for this... Yes, I definitely think going with a 3/4 ton would be a real plus... About 20+ years ago I had a TT briefly and tried towing it with my Jeep Grand Cherokee... Was not a match made in heaven! Even though technically I was well within the towing capacity of the Jeep with this trailer, it was a chore, and I felt like I was abusing the poor Jeep on hills. Given that I don't anticipate being anything near a full-timer (more of a hopefully somewhat frequent vacationer), I'll probably stick to gas vs. diesel... not only the expense of maintenance, but I just don't know anything about how to take care of a diesel. If it was really important I guess I could learn... but I think gas will be fine for what I'll be doing. Btw, Kirk & Pam, I enjoyed looking at your website. My old family farm is about 10 miles from Swan Lake... Just a couple miles west of Avalon/Bedford on the gravel road. The postal code was Hale, MO. My great uncle was born in the house that still stood until about 15 years ago in 1880, the youngest of 7 boys all born in that little one bedroom frontier home. I spent a lot of time up there with him during the summers as a kid/teenager. He lived until the ripe old age of 93, and was still driving at 90! Also, I'm prior Air Force, so enjoyed your soldier's story. I sure appreciate y'all's help! Keith
  2. Thanks for this... I was questioning myself re. whether I really need a 4x4... could probably get a nicer truck for same money if I didn't, and truthfully I don't see many situations where I'd need it. How do you like the diesel? I know there are some pros... mileage, engines last virtually forever... but what about maintenance? Thanks!
  3. That's a great idea! I know a couple of folks with a decent sized hauling trailer I could borrow, one being a car trailer. Last night I signed up for RVers Online University... I can't really do any in-person training right now because I'm in the midst of cancer treatment which requires me to be at the hospital M-F for radiation and chemo... (Great prognosis, no worries. But the treatment sucks... I much prefer being on my side of the stethoscope, but this is a good learning experience. lol!) So online is a good place to start right now. I watched several modules last night and feel like I learned a ton! For me a good value for $79. Consumer Reports rates used Dodge Ram pickup trucks pretty highly. Any thoughts for this as a tow vehicle? 2WD vs 4WD? 1500 vs. 2500? Used 1500s are more plentiful and cheaper... and the TT I'm looking at has a UVW of 4985 lbs and a CCC of 1563 lbs. Thank you all again... I appreciate all your help. Keith
  4. That's great advice... and my brother (soon to be 80) is great at backing campers/trailers, and is a sweet and patient teacher. And I also really like the idea of the driving school... I'm bookmarking that site! And a big yes to the rear camera! My Prius has one, and it's a big help for gauging where and how far.
  5. Thank you all! 2gypsies, I'm going to look over these links right now... Kirk, I wonder if places are still doing RV shows with COVID going on... that's a great idea, though, if I can find one! Rod, that's a great story! Racoons are pretty wily and determined, for sure. So I have a general question: How likely is it that a 66 year old with very limited towing experience can become comfortable hauling a small TT, backing up, etc? Years ago I bought a 1956 25' Airstream... never really learned to back it well, never really used it except as a guest house... finally sold it. But I was still working then, taking call 50% of the time, etc., so didn't really have the time/energy to put into the endeavor. I'm more committed and able to spend the time now... but am I hopeless? 😉
  6. You guys are great! Thank you! Rick, I come from a long line of farmers and consider myself an old country doc! We moved back to the St. Louis side of the Mississippi when I mostly retired 4 years ago, but before that we were on a little farmlet across the river in Southern IL (18 acres) with chickens, grew a lot of our own veg, etc. I was wondering if a double tandem would feel more stable and secure, and appreciate your and Kirk's observation that that is the case. I do also like the greater cargo weight, not because I plan to travel over packed, but just like engineering reduncandcy. Kirk, any specific models I should take a gander at? Linda, the TT that I'm currently looking at allows one to camp inside without deploying the tent beds at either end... they can remain closed. Both a small couch and the dinette inside convert to a bed. Would that be acceptable in places like Yellowstone? (That's one of the areas I'd love to go!) Thank you all again! I really appreciate this. Keith
  7. Greetings! I'm new to this forum, and in fact just joined Escapees RV Club... I imagine I'll get my membership number first part of the week. I'm very interested in buying a small TT. I've been looking at the Solaire Expandables online. So here's my question: Years ago when my kids were small we bought an RV. At the time somehow I found a guy online who had an independent consulting service where he'd talk with you on the phone, help figure out some options that might work, and if memory serves would even help you look for something appropriate, review some advertisements, etc. I can't recall if it was a flat fee, or by the hour... but I do recall that it was a big help. I'm wondering if this is still a thing, and more specifically, anyone in the St. Louis area who might do this. I'd prefer to pay a fee for help from someone with no dog in the hunt rather than go to an RV dealer and ask for help. Thanks!
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