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  1. Has anyone ever heard of otcmobile.com ??? my friend uses this for her home internet evidently and it's just $80 a month. Thought I'd share. I am actually going to try this for now - to see how it goes.
  2. Yeah - the throttling thing stinks. Your idea of the phone connection is interesting... I didn't think of that. I have an Iphone XR. I may need to research this a bit more.
  3. What newer hotspot are you looking at purchasing? If I purchase a Verizon jetpack hotspot - will it work with Visible? This is interesting, even if they drop it later, it would fit my immediate need for now.
  4. Newbie here - need opinions. We are no where close to full time. We will take 3-6 trips in the summer only for less than a week each. Will be using for tv - NO games. We like to stream Disney+, YouTubeTV, Netflix about 2-4 hours max a day. I am trying to decide if we should go the "streaming" route and if so - which service. Or if we should go the "satellite" route (I don't think I like this route - but might be because I don't know much about it). What do you like? Not like? What service is really the best? Our set up: we have 3 tvs that are cabled up and ready to go if needed. Streaming. I would purchase a hotspot or router which I would pay oop. I don't want to use my phone: - I like the idea that I'll have a back-up internet when needed. - I like the fact that I can drop the line if I don't find it valuable anymore. I know there's a cost to add again with most services - We are Verizon users but not tied to it for this use, but we will not change our phone service so if we change it would be for streaming only - Most of our destinations will be in Ohio but we may also visit Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky (maybe) - 2-4 hours a day - for a length of 3-5 days each trip - This option seems easier (for me) - I like easy. Even if it costs a bit more. Do many people have trouble with connections? - What's the best router and service? Satellite - We literally just dropped DirectTV for YouTube TV and we love it. So not really excited to spend $350+ for equipment plus service - What are all of our options with Satellite? I don't know much. We have had DirectTV and DISH at home in the past (we can't get cable where we live) - What do you like/hate?
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