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  1. Weed is very harmful and I hope that someday teens will understand it. I was shocked when I found out that the most teenagers consume drugs. After I quit smoking, I prefer to lead only a healthy lifestyle. Now I just smoke vape and it's completely safe. Recently I tried to use a liquid with cbd and the effect was very cool. CBD is the most useful and safe drug. So I believe that I have not violated my principles. In addition, I am glad that I stumbled upon this vape shop with the most delicious liquids with cbd oil.
  2. I also don’t understand why they charge so much just to fish for a couple of hours on the shore. In addition they put a lot of restrictions and fees. They give you a small spot where you can fish and if you move one meter on the left or right, you are screwed. I used to go fishing a lot on Lake Barcroft, but I gave up only because they were charging me too much. Instead I go shark fishing in Florida with a groups of 6 persons at least two times per year. The money I pay are the some, but we have got the whole ocean to explore, not a tiny place where fish probably wasn’t seen.
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