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  1. U were a lot nicer then I would have been. My response would have been to run the gennie until quiet time. If he bothered me again before that time, I would have notified the check in people or park rangers. 😡
  2. jc2

    AC Issues have me baffles

    Their were only (3) contacts of which the 1st & 3rd were somewhat brittle, very corroded looking and partially eaten away for some reason. I believe that the discolored plug that u are referring to is in regards to what I originally found last Sept 2018 and subsequently replaced shortly after. It certainly wasn't helping the situation at the time.
  3. jc2

    AC Issues have me baffles

    After arriving back to the KC area, I disassembled the cord reel and found what the problem was. Two of the 3 metal contacts were badly pitted/corroded as was the metal cylinder they were in contact with. Will most likely not replace the electric cord reel with a new one but continue to store it in the electric bay as there has been no problems since wiring directly to the Progressive EMS switch. Thanks everyone for your comments/suggestions.
  4. This is what u need. Any big box store will have. We keep 1-2 on hand. Hand tighten firmly and may have to wrap a rag aound it to loosen with channel lock plyers. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Oatey-1-1-2-in-ABS-PTC-In-Line-Cheater-Vent-39012/100204205
  5. jc2

    AC Issues have me baffles

    Called Newmar and thet show the orig reel that was installed was a Glendining brand so the 1st owner had it replaced for unknown reasons with a Shoreline brand. Was able to find a mobile tech yesterday who responded to the cg we are at and he did remove the reel and install it directly into the Progressive EMS system. He has done this a number of times in the past as the contacts can become pitted and cause various electrical issues. Will run the cord this way until we get back to the KC area then decide if I will have a new cord reel setup installed.
  6. Had a yrly done last Aug and had it checked again this April-2019 with our annual coach/generator service. Mobile tech responded yesterday to the cg we are currently at. He chked the Oasis system then rebooted and every thing fired up and is ok as of this post. The main 50A power cord was wired directly to the Progressive EMS and the cord reel was removed. I had him leave it as I want to see if the contacts in the reel are pitted. Seems to have been a problem for some the past several yrs and can cause different electrical probles,
  7. In addition to my power cord electric giving me fits, the Oasis system gave an error message yesterday as we prepared to leave the cg in upper Michigan. the error message is: Heater Module Fault red led is on. This apparently means the combustion fan has shot craps according to the Oasis tech I talked with. No diesel burner but according to the tech, I can still get hot water for dishes and showers by turning both ac elements on then off when done. This really sucks and is becoming a little annoying. In regards to the cord reel issue, I managed to find a number of past posts in Irv2 where others had similar issues due to the contacts becoming pitted. Seems most either replaced the reels, as they are not repairable or dumped the reel and wired the power cord direct to their ems system and coiled the cord inside the compartment after use.
  8. jc2

    AC Issues have me baffles

    No sir, not at this time. We are currently in the UP of Michigan and will not be in the Kansas City area for a couple of weeks to have it replaced. There are no mobile techs or dealers where we are so that is not helpful as I do not want a fly-by-night person working on the rv. did manage to find several previous posts on Irv2 in addition to what u also found indicating that several people have dad issues with certain brands of cord reels causing electrical issues similar to mine. I also want to check the wire connections within the reel call Newmar this week and find out what the original build sheet shows for reel brand name. We have a Shoreline brand but I have also seen where the Glendining Power Cord reel brand was also used in the 2010 Newmar Dutch Aire. Be interesting to see if the original owner might have had to replace the reel with another while he owned it.
  9. jc2

    AC Issues have me baffles

    Update. We left the CG in Holland, Michigan at 11a this morning. Pryor to turning off the pedestal 50a breaker, I reached in and started to pull out about (3) ft more of power cord from the reel. Heard the transfer switch click and lost ac power to the coach. Quit pulling on the cord and the ac kicked back on at 20 seconds as it should. Me thinks that something(wire connections/brushes/contacts) in the cord reel itself might be the culprit. We are now at a cg close to Mackinac Island for 4 days or so. Plugged in with no problems. I will check the cord reel for loose connections or try and find a mobile rv tech if one is available here. I know my limitations when it comes to electricity. I remember reading a discussion on another forum(?) about cord reels causing electical issues. Now to find which forum.
  10. jc2

    AC Issues have me baffles

    I read your comments with interest on the use of a portable Surgeguard as I originally use one at the pedestal(s) when we first got our rv last August-2018. I do not remember any error codes being shown by it even though the Progressive Dynamics EMS display did. I will be planning to try and check, "again" all ac connections for tightness, including the main breaker panel inside.
  11. jc2

    AC Issues have me baffles

    No I do not have an autoformer. As I understand it, their purpose is to boost ac power to an acceptable level when unacceptable levels are detected. I personally believe there is something within my electrical system that is causing this issue and am intent on finding what it is, period.
  12. jc2

    AC Issues have me baffles

    Our unit has (3) 15K hps of which 1&2 are on L1 and the 3rd is on L2. I watch the amp load pretty close and am well aware that things can add up. It appears that Newmar pretty much split things up pretty good between L1 & L2.
  13. jc2

    AC Issues have me baffles

    I had a new Progressive Dynamic EMS/Surge protection box and Transfer switch put in the last week of Sept 2018 by a friend of mine who was a tech with a Cummins Onan service center for 10+ yrs. Several weeks ago, he looked at everything again and even spent some time on the phone with a tech at Progressive Dynamics. They had him run a number of tests and of course everything worked fine.
  14. Last August 2018, we traded our 2004 Newmar DS Diesel Pusher for a 2010 Newmar Dutch Aire DP. In the following approximate time frame, 8/10/18-10/15/18, we travelled to no less than 8+- cgs, private & state but mainly private and encountered approx. "26" instances where ac power would shutdown for anywhere from 30 seconds-2 minutes. 99% of the time, the Progressive Dynamic hardwired system would show error message of E4, which is Line 1-Low Voltage. About the third week of Sept, I replaced the Progressive Dynamic EMS & the Transfer with new and noticed the 50A plug showed burn marks on one of the prongs and was loose where it went into the rubber plug itself. Headed towards Tx on about 10/15/19 and stopped at the dealer where purchased for a fridge exchange to a Samsung and had them replace the plug. The shutdowns seemed to stop after the plug was replaced with only error messages showing up after as described. Arrived in southern Tx for the winter and only had (2) issues from 10/20/18-4/26/19. The first was error code E2-Open ground and the second was the E4- low voltage-L2. Left and headed back north on approx. 4/27/19 and stopped at 4-5 CG's with no issues until 6/22/19 at which time we had (1) E4 error message. On 6/25/17, we had an incident of no power when we plugged in and ran generator for 2 hrs before trying the pedestal again. This time we had power. Took to an rv shop and had it checked and of course every thing ran fine. The tech talked with Progressives techs and every thing check ok when he ran there tests. On 6/30/19, no power when plugged in at a KOA in Newton, Ia, Tried another newer pedestal (2) hrs later and the power came on in the coach. In Shipshewana, Ind from 7/1/19-7/8/19 and had one incident where the 50A pedestal breaker tripped when I plugged a small vac into the 20A pluin of the pedestal. Reset and everything ran ok. We are at a cg n Holland, Michigan at this time and have had (1) E4 message only. Any rv electronic savvy people have any idea(s) what might be causing this fiasco?
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