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  1. Thanks for all the updated ideas on a walk around bed, sounds like that's the way to go! Lou-thanks for heads up on overhand. Strangely the overhang on the 30ft is the same as that on the 25ft we have been looking at (the extra 5ft is between the wheels) so not too bad.
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions. I know 5 feet is not much of a difference, I guess we're just worried incase any of the National Parks we would like to visit have size restrictions. We'll be using it for a few vacations a year (coming over from Scotland, where we are from) so will not need a lot of storage room as we won't be full time RVing. I think what appeals to us about the 30ft is that it has a separate bedroom at the back with a bed we can walk around. Lots of good ideas above to keep our minds thinking!
  3. We are looking at buying our first RV in about a year's time. We can't quite decide whether to go for a 25ft or 30ft. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. Sounds like good advice Bob, thanks.
  5. Thanks for that. Yes part of the reason that the Cruise America package is attractive to us is that it includes a warranty. I notice that your friends bought from Cruise America-can I ask which size as we're trying to decide whether to go for the C25 or C30. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the helpful replies. We are likely to be in the West/mid West most (Arizona, Utah, Nevada most I would think). We have read hours worth of pros and cons regarding buying ex rentals and feel we are confident that Cruise America offer the best deal for what we are looking for and for our budget, but thanks for the warnings. At least with an ex rental there is a paper trail of servicing etc, which you won't always get with a private buy.
  7. This is our first post here. We live in Scotland but rent an RV in the States every year (have done for past 7 years) and would like to buy one to keep in the States and use as a holiday home. We are going to buy an ex rental from Cruise America but are not sure whether to buy in USA or Canada (from Cruise Canada). Does anyone know of the tax/licence fee advantages/disadvantages of both? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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