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  1. I dream of being a minimalist, but when I see discounts on beautiful clothes I can't resist shopping. My closets are full of clothes that I don't have time to wear. So, I need to do something about it. I even read various articles on this topic, such as "4 bad reasons to keep clothes that you don't wear". I realized that I should give these clothes to the needy. And the next time I go to the page of my favorite online store where there are dresses deals, I will buy it for my mother, sister, or friend. Because I read that giving gifts is a kind of therapy to get rid of the passion for shopping.
  2. I don't know anyone who doesn't take supplements. It seems to me that the whole world takes supplements/vitamins. But I don't take anything without consulting a doctor. That’s something that should be anyone’s rule. They can be dangerous, you know. There are all kinds of supplements on the market and not all of them can improve your health. You have to read their reviews, like I do on sites like https://femadata.com/vision-support-plus-review/ and do a deep research before making a decision. I’ve heard of many cases when said supplements have done only damage on the long run. So, my advice is to be careful what you take.
  3. I like these kind of video reviews, thank you.
  4. This is interesting, I didn't even know that such a program exists. Thank you for the information. I really gained a lot of extra weight sitting in quarantine. Until mid-July, we were sent to work from home. That's why I spend a lot of time on my laptop sitting in a chair without moving. I really need physical activity in order to solve this problem. I also recently found out that there are some keto supplements that burn extra fat and help in weight loss. You can click here to find out more details about the supplements. And so I want to order these supplements, but first I decided to ask the advice of those who have already had this experience. Please share your impressions.
  5. Oh I don’t see any point to spend so much money on antenna and installation then you can access your favorite channel live on many apps and websites. Why you need to create so many troubles then you have the most popular and completely free of charge websites/apps right in your hand. The only thing you will need is portable Wi-Fi devices or 4G available on your phone. As an option check the following link https://livetv.tube/tnt-ao-vivo-online/ with a multitude of channels. I will list some of the channels so you will understand the seriousness of this website: HBO, Discovery, Animal Planet, Fox, Paramount.
  6. My allergy has appeared recently and only shots relieve these unpleasant symptoms that it gives. Thank you for your comments, I feel a lot of support and that I am not alone in this trouble. And so I have an allergic reaction to flowering plants and every spring I feel very bad and can't do without shots from allergies. The reasons for the appearance of this allergy are unknown to me, as a child I had no problems with it. Moreover, when I took an extensive allergy test in this lab intolerancelab.co.uk, I found out that I have an intolerance to the components that are found in all fast food and canned food. Despite this, I sometimes really want to eat something harmful that is not allowed. Has anyone had the same experience?
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