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    WE like to sight see almost anything. Like to dry prospect for gold in the desert , Meeting new friends, Spend summers traveling around our great country, speed winters in the southwest ,Ar, Ca, TX, alot of this country to still see winter or summer. Dwain

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  1. for rent in foothills of yuma, in housing area, space rent is 335.00 month water elec sewer. nice and quite, lot has plenty of room for 2 rvs at a time. north of freeway at fortuna off ramp.oct thu march, after that elec will be charged. cell 619 9931871 Dwain leave message if no answer. Edited just now by Dwain & Debbie
  2. CA S2 from west of El Centro to Jojoba Hills

    we drive that way to and from jojoba hills. we pull with a volvo hdt and 38 ft 5th wheel. there are a couple of steep hill going to aguanaga with turns, down on the s2 going thru the desert . i don,t worry about traffic, is so very little worry about. just got home for the Q and prospecting, on thu.
  3. HDT getogether at the Q

    it looks like we will be in 2 different places in Quartzsite az for the rv show. will post when i know more about locations we will be in la posa blm ltva north .off hwy 95 .go in to dumpsters on right, turn right go south about half mile. will be back in there. or you can call me 619 993 1871 dwain
  4. prospecting in Quartzsite

    i have belonged to gpaa. before. all of the sites i have been to in the west have been worked hard by all the people that belong to gpaa. i usually join the club in quartzsite so I can work on there claims . I also belong to the club out of san diego, they have claims in Q. I use.
  5. prospecting in Quartzsite

    i will be going to quartzsite for the rv show, but i will also be dry washing for gold. looking for folks that dig in the dirt with hope. trying to get a group together. We will see. Dwain
  6. HDT getogether at the Q

    we should arrive around fri the 20th, some friends will be there on wed the 18th we will put a sign out so folk can find them. Dwain
  7. HDT getogether at the Q

    any one can come we don't care what class vehicle you have . it is for a bunch of like minded people . Dwain
  8. HDT getogether at the Q

    A few hdt's are getting together next to the airport runway at the nw end of town, big lot, don't know how much the people charge, but a few friends from heavy trucks and past heavys , and Escapees are going to spend some quality time together , oh don't forget the shopping for the girls, and story telling for the guys. Dwain
  9. all of this post was interesting ,and funny.
  10. TPMS Early Warning Example

    Not all tires are made the same. 5psi dif is nothing tires get hotter when the side walls are flexing, I had a blow out on the tractor, no warning time pressure was fine, then bang then the pressure pro went off.the problem with the pressure monitors is they don't warn you temp rise
  11. Plan now! 57th Escapade, Tucson, AZ

    called the office no hook ups left not even in handicap, they need to post this on the reg site. will be less work for the staff in texas. won't make this one i quess, oh well
  12. Plan now! 57th Escapade, Tucson, AZ

    google says average temp in tucson in march. now elec not go ,i don't care if it is 74 the coach gets to hot in the sun all day to leave my dog in there.....your weather page says it should be 75 right now, we both know it is in the high 80,s
  13. Plan now! 57th Escapade, Tucson, AZ

    not enough info on parking,tried to reg ,and all would let me do is get boondocking, no info on water avalibity /sewer dump, we have a dog so we need elec for the air so the dog will live. average temp in tucson is 84 deg. to hot to leave a dog in all day. need more info about the rally camping in general Dwain
  14. Unexpected/unwanted layover in Kirtland NM

    get a band aid on it ,and get some were you can service all other axles, time to replace the other bearings , i had a very similar bering issue with never lubs this summer, i changed axles to get serviceable bearing. i am in albq if you need any help ,drop me a line if you wish. Dwain
  15. Rv space for rent Yuma

    1 spot for $335.00 Dwain 619 993 1871