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  1. Good idea. It was my first thought, but found there is not enough room from the top of the jack to the bottom of the frame to raise it. Thank you for the reply and happy travels.
  2. Thank you. I found I can gain some height by adjusting the 5th wheel (which needs to be done anyway). My concern is driving into areas, off pavement, where the road is not as level or smooth. I do appreciate your response, it makes me confident that the set up is actually done the correct way.
  3. Thank you. I will check to see if I can raise the jack.
  4. I recently purchased a 2017 Keystone Laredo 298 SRL. I have noticed when the rear power jack (Lippert) is in the up position, it is still very low and would easily drag if not on a flat level surface. Any ideas? All help is appreciated. Thanks everyone.
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