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  1. Check out FMCA, I think it's covered in their membership. FMCAssist program
  2. There's a Geico (only) office just up the road from me here, it's been right there for at least 25- years. I'm not in SD though.
  3. Any local bank will work as long as they have a website that you can log into your account, and you have a debit or credit card for your account.
  4. I've had travel trailers since 1960, about every size one could mention. I've downsized several times, now to the perfect trailer for me. I sold my trailer with a slide out and bought a small 21' Jayco which is low to the ground, easy to tow and way less stuff to work on. Most Rv'ers think bigger is better,.... but it's not for me.
  5. You might just head over to the Jayco owners forum, the guys should give you some good info. It could be the sail switch.
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