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  1. I am still working on this. I am on the 2nd Circuit Breaker... and replaced three of the five Plug-ins... I did find another outlet in the basement (added by the previous owner) but it was GFCI which was not tripped so it cannot be on the same circuit... I had to order two more receptacles that just came in... will replace the last two and see if that fixes the problem. If not I guess it will be time to get a professional. Thanks for all your help.
  2. I have an electrical circuit with 4 plug-ins. They are all on one breaker. The breaker did not trip but I lost all power to the plug-ins. So I replaced the circuit breaker (20 amp double breaker). Okay, I plugged the Keurig back into the circuit with the new breaker, and it started powering up. Yippee, looks like it is fixed... Well, about 30 seconds or a minute into warming up the water for coffee the circuit went dead again. The breaker did not trip, but the 4 plugins are completely dead... Kind of at a loss of where to go from here... Do I start replacing plug-in receptacles? or???? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks John Slaughter 913 461 3801
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