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  1. Hi, we will be leaving the RV in San Francisco then back to UK 🇬🇧
  2. Thank you all for your input, it has given me lots of information for the trip. We have booked our flight into Orlando for 26th Jan, I hope the weather is good. I'm not sure what the Escapees Co-op is, but I'll look on the website. I have butterflies now (tummy wise) that the idea is becoming a reality! Once again guys, thank you so much for your help 😊😊😊
  3. Hi, we are planning a trip from Florida to California, and of January through to beginning of March. We are both retirees coming from the UK. This will be our first road trip in an RV in the USA, it's a bit daunting to say the least, I personally think we are both quite crazy to even think of doing it-but, travel while you can-one day those trips will be just a fond (or otherwise) memory! As we are both keen amateur photographers I am quite excited about the prospect of taking photos, we like architecture, seascapes, landscapes etc. We are also very social, friendly people and I hope we will make some friends on this trip.) I have worked out that the trip will be approximately 2.510 miles, give or take. We have plenty of time to spend sightseeing in the five weeks of our trip. What I am trying to work out is how much the fuel will cost, where we can stay overnight, what are the best sights to fit into out trip-lots of questions and work to be done. My initial cost for fuel of the RV (an Apollo Pioneer 22-25ft, 6.8L engine, petrol, was a whopping $1800. Seems a lot, I would appreciate any tips for this trip. Thanks
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