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  1. Hello I was hoping to get some help. We have a 2008 jayco jayflight travel trailer. We are plugged in to a hookup. We are currently living in the trailer and the first month or two the heater worked great. But then all of a sudden it stopped. I can hear the fan turn on and it tries to click to turn on the burner but won't start. And it'll keep trying then the fan will turn off. Then back on and start trying to run again but won't. So we stopped trying and have been using a plug in heater. We are still freezing. So I tried just yesterday to get the heater working again and it worked all day, all night and half today. Now it's back to the fan turning on but clicking and wont ignite. I switched propane tanks and nothing. I don't know a lot about travel trailers and I need help. Dumb it down if you can. I'm freezing! Thank you.
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