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  1. I run LT265/75R16. I wish I had 17.5", but this trailer came with 16's when I got it 15 years ago. I've blown a LOT of tires on this trailer over the years, as many as 8 or 10 in one cross country trip! I usually carry 4-8 spares. Luckily with this trailer, shredded tires do not damage it like it would an RV. The trip to Moab and Baja last May had all the blowouts as a cascading effect likely from a couple of older tires blowing and then beating the adjuoing ones to death which later threw treads due to brusing the carcasses or blowing out due to wires from the steel belts penetrating them and running low and shredding. My original Pressure Pro system had quit working on us and even afer returning it twice they were not able to get it to work. So I had a a newly installed different system on that trip which was total crap and never in 7K miles did pick up all the sensors in one cycle and when I did get low pressures you could not differentiate the very low volume missed sensor beep from a low / blown tire alarm. two times we had two simultations shredded tires by the time we discovered them. One time I probably traveled 100+ miles before knowing I had another. When they shred I can not even feel it, unlike a blowout where I hear it. I ended up buying 6 new tires on that trip and made another 7K mile trip around the country last fall with no issues as all. I have also got the latest Pressure Pro system, but still need to install it.
  2. LOL No way, Rubicon, Moab (or St. George), and Buena Vista in July. You need to drag your Bronco out of retirement one of these days!
  3. Hence my desire to replace my apparently worn out one and for asking to see if any one here has used them. I would think that there has to be some reports good or bad on these. If not here, then perhaps in some trucking forums. Maybe it does not have as good of class of bearings and it will end up loose like the one I have now in 250K miles instead of 550K miles. I could actually live with that and be willing to make that trade for 1/4 the cost since this rig will never see that many more miles the way we use it.
  4. I have a 2000 Volvo VNL 610 with a 12.7L Detroit that we have registered as an RV and use to haul our Early Broncos to various shows and off road events around the country a few times a year. Last fall I was on a trip and had the thermostats go out and could not get the engine up to temp and was freezing with no heat, so I had to make a pit stop in Pittsburgh to my cousins shop where we got those replaced. While we were removing the air intake duct to access the thermostat manifold, my cousin noticed the impeller blades were a bit chewed up on the leading edges and that the bearings had play allowing it to rub the housing. So, I have decided to replace it before it fails. My question is if anyone has any experiance with the cheap new aftermarket units such as this one from JM Turbo : https://attaturbo.com/TURBOCHARGER/Detroit/detroit-turbo-turbocharger I have seen prices range from this $319 up to $1500 for various turbos all said to fit my application. I realize it it likely made in China and may not be a good as an OEM unit, but I guess my thought is that I do not expect or need it to last 500K-1million miles. We've put 75K on this rig since we got it 16 years ago. So, with that said, are these good enough and the best value for my purpose so I can use the additional money for other needed repairs and upgrades? TIA, Drew
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