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  1. You are awesome, thanks for all the positive feedback and encouragement. We could easily second guess ourselves into analysis paralysis right now. You have brought up some good points and interesting ideas about the selling issues. I have a large amount of craft items, mostly scrapbook that I plan on packaging up into "kits" and offering on Ebay. Those can be easily shipped nationwide during the shutdown. I had an entire craft room that I just packed up and moved when we sold the house 2 years ago since we had not fully decided to FT yet. We live in a small town just outside a larger metro area in NC. I am hoping things will open up that we can have yard sales in 6 weeks to sell the last of the big items and one final estate sale for our furniture. Then there are the car(s). Oh how much stuff we accumulate in 40 years and we have already purged a lot! Some days it gets discouraging then I try and watch the videos of the places we want to go and remind ourselves of why we want (need) to do this. thanks ya'all! abby πŸŒΊπŸ¦‹
  2. I am sure to get the gamut of advice and suggestions, but since everyone is bored I thought I would at least ask: Hubby and I were planning to go full time this spring. After researching and preparing for the past year(+) we were literally in the final stages of going on the road. The final weeks of working, turning in my resignation and waiting for weather warm yard sales to release the last of our stuff. We sold our house 2 years ago and currently renting. Since we don't have a place to store a rig we waited to purchase one until now (in the final stages and ready to buy). Of course all this hit and put our plans on hold. The good part is that we are not stuck out on the road right now, especially as newbies. My heart breaks for some of you struggling to find places to park till this blows over. I know my situation seems small since I have a safe place and don't have to worry about water, supplies or dumping. I pray for all my future fellow RVers. So my question is this. Do you have any advice or info we may not have considered with the current situation? We are still going FT just a bit later than planned. Hopefully just a few months. In the meantime we can make sure we have everything prepped and not rush. I am also figuring out how to sell the last of our stuff online instead of yard sales. Waiting until the stay at home orders have passed and the parks open up again. Then we (all) can go out with renewed appreciation for the freedom we have to see the beauty this country has to offer. We can not wait and it is difficult to put our dreams and plans on hold even longer than we already have. Patience is not my strong suit. Thanks for your feedback and please be kind, we are all here to support and help each other - right? Abby πŸŒΊπŸ¦‹
  3. With fuel prices hitting rock bottom right now that is a bright spot in the midst of this event. To bad we can't fill-er-up and take advantage of it. So it's not even an issue right now. Thanks for everyones input over the past few months. This too shall pass.
  4. Looking for class c on E450, about 29 to 30 foot model. Must have straight kitchen all on one side (no short corner L shaped ones) and not on slide. Overhead bunk, couch and dinette opposite kitchen area. Split dry bath and walk around bed in back. Auto leveling system and large storage basement doors in back. We really like Winebago and Jayco greyhawk. Have a fairly specific floor layout in mind. Would like to have a full awning. No dealers. 45K cash buyer
  5. You will get a much better response if you post some photos or a link to photos posted online.
  6. I did some research into the EFS card andlooks like they offer this so they can guarantee larger "bulk" purchases and get big discounts for their truckers. Its a good offer once you consider the few conditions you have to deal with when fueling up. The only big downside is it does not work for regular gas, only diesel. If they offered it for regular gas every car on the road would have it! Thanks all for your input. I didnt see any secret eye opening ideas that we didnt know about already. Thought I'd ask and see what everyone else does. You just never know. Happy travels y'all!
  7. Sounds like good Sam's membership has a discount at the major truck stops for fuel and this EFS card?
  8. Pardon me, what is EFS fuel card? Everyone has had some great input. Our CC has cash back on gas purchases and there are some other cards specific to a company or franchise with discounts. I was wondering which ones you find to be the best? It would have to be a place you can get gas nationwide right? Like truck stops (flying J) or shell stations. Or is there a gas app that actually pays good discounts. Something you could use on top of looking for the best pump prices.
  9. What are your best tips and ideas for saving on gas / fuel costs? Other than the obvious to just not drive as much. Do you use a membership card? Which one is best? Is buying gas at certain locations or time of the week a benefit? Any suggestions to us for keeping one of our biggest expense down.
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