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  1. Hello Skeet and all contributors. We will be going full time in 2020. We sold our SoCal house in July (in 3 weeks!) and moved to our NorCal house. This month, we purchased a 5 ver and truck (we call it "Truck-zilla") and will be filling it shortly. We have spent the last year culling down our possessions and plan to donate remaining furnishings to the Paradise fire victims. Then the house goes on the MLS early 2020 and we dive headfirst into full timing! We can't keep the 5 ver on our property and short term storage was a challenge but we sorted it out; mostly by luck as most storage facilities in this area are wait listed. We've joined FMC, Escapees and Passport America and we're researching whether Thousand Trails is a viable option (so many plans; very confusing). We welcome any and all advice!
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