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  1. Over the years, I've used MS Office, Scientific Word, LibreOffice, Open Office, Word Perfect, and a couple versions of TEX. LibreOffice is just fine, and seems to do general word processing and etc. well. So far, I've found no need to buy a 'pays' office suite when LibreOffice is available. Good Luck --matt
  2. thank you Lou !! We installed two batteries so there would be enough cranking power (via specs anyhow) to start the generator. So far, the system is working 🙂 --matt
  3. thanks !! I guess that a couple of 100 AH lithium batteries will take even longer
  4. Thanks ... and thanks for the info about the propane detector. --matt
  5. Hi ... My coach uses about 4 watts of stand by power, that is power when all appliances, lights, etc. are turned off, but the 12 volt cutoff relay is still engaged. Is this a typical stand by power usage ?? thanks --matt
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