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  1. Thanks again for the additional comments and helpful advice. Based on all the comments, it sounds like I should be able to drive the freeways safely in our RV and the extra headache of storing it in KC, Mo can be avoided. And nice to get advice from another Minnesotan. Appreciate it!
  2. Thanks to both for your comments. As I'm just getting used to driving my RV, I am perhaps overly cautious. But I'd rather be safe than in a ditch.
  3. We are brand-new at driving an RV (although we have a lot of experience towing boats) and want to avoid driving it in the snow and ice, so I'm considering driving my RV from northern Minnesota to Kansas City, MO and storing in for a few months until after Christmas. I know KC has bad weather, too, but at least their roads dry off between storms, unlike those in northern Minnesota. What do you other RVers from Canada and northern U.S. do to avoid driving on bad roads? Any experiences would be much appreciated!
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