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  1. Gthomas5

    Road noise

    Thanks Kirk for the product info I’ll check that out also. My idea was to put sound deaden material on the underside, a exterior grade foam insulation, cover it with corrugated plastic then get sound deaden sprayed on by Ziebart. Lol hope it will work, but if it doesn’t I do have a set of ear muffs when I use my air chisel that I can wear on our next long trip
  2. Gthomas5

    Road noise

    Hello, I’m new to the Excapees Club. I have a question for some of the Class C RVer’s. Does your Class C have a lot of noise while driving? Is this a normal thing? And, can anything be done about it? The reason I’m asking is we had recently completed a round trip to Omaha, NE 1300 miles) and it has left my head ringing, worse then the trucks I drive for work. Some background: we have a 2007 Winnebago Access, I use lock bars for the slide out, but the noise we get inside is high enough that we almost need to talk very loud to hear each other. I know road materials (concrete, asphalt), conditions of the road surface, and tires all make a difference but on smooth asphalt roads we still need to talk above normal volume. I’m looking to purchase sound deadening material to apply to the underside but trying to hold that in place is another issue. Any suggestions? Thanks
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