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  1. I've been using a LE LED rope light. It works perfectly and looks great outdoors under the eaves of the patio overhang. We can sit in the family room and easily see the lights. It's even better sitting outdoors because the rope is long enough to reach across the entire section that faces us with enough to wrap around the sides.
  2. Hi Phil, You've made a nice blog. If you give full attention to your blog contents and proper marketing of the contents to the places. I'm sure you will be able to earn financial support that will be more than enough for full time RVing. Good luck.
  3. Really like this guy speaks about the shower head issue. Water is dripping from shower head or tub spout when the control (handles) is tightly shut off.
  4. You should go with Magnum. I run my home and shop all with my magnum inverter. Like this guy video, shared nice information regarding Magnum inverter.
  5. Not sure which brand that bike rack is. Here you can look at Swagman RV approved 4 bike carrying rack. While on vacation camping at the beach, my family purchased 3 bicycles and wasn't sure how we were going to transport them home. At that time I bought this rack. This rack is durable, sturdy and dependable.
  6. You also make video like this, a video attracts more eye balls and it's easier to consume.
  7. This is a video of DIY Norcold N811 cooling unit replacement. Old footage but shared good information.
  8. I've been using JayLow rooftop mounted kayak rack. Amazing kayak rack adapter. I was not sure if this was going to be easy to use and install and it was so easy. I like how robust it is as well. You will need to buy a SKS lock (extra) if you want to make sure no one steals this from your rooftop, but it's not easy to fuure out how to steal ti, if the person stealing it doesn't know how to remove it.
  9. What is your RV model and what's model number of AC?
  10. This is really an interesting article. Nice family they are living with full of joy in bus.
  11. You can use 4Ucam two digital camera. The system was easy to install and the product seems to made of good quality. I am happy to monitor the cargo inside my toy hauler as wheel as who is behind me before I switch lanes. The parking guides are a plus but just have to get use to how big my trailer is with reference to the lines. Seems to be conservative.
  12. Recently started doing marine installations and I used the Pepwave HD4 LTE W-T, This is a great instructive video It put a bright smile in my face because it's inspired me build network installations of the Pepwave.
  13. At the time this manual is written, the ConnecT 2.0 will work with the Winegard Data Plan, AT&TĀ® and VerizonĀ® Wireless*. Consult your carrier to receive the correct SIM card (Mini/Standard SIM).
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